Project Runway All Stars 2012-Casanova, Finally, Goes Home. Are Emilio's Lips Real?

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It's Anthony Ryan and Emilio all the time on this autumn 2012 series of Project Runway All Stars.

Joshua had a few winning looks, or close to them, of late. But he's a drama queen and a bit snarky. In the most recent challenge as of this writing, Joshua designed some kind of weird bikini short set thing and it was ugly. The judges were captivated by the outfit's "bralet" but I thought it looked stupid.

The challenge the week of the Joshua bikini was to make an outfit out of Christmas decorations but to NOT make the outfit look "Christmassy". Emilio (did he have his lips plumped or was he really born that way?) came up with a purple dress he wove from holiday ribbons. It was quite fetching.

The prior week's challenge involved constructing outfits from some kind of modern fabric with a cool esthetic design. Emilio than concocted a billowy orange creation that flowed beautifully on the model.

Uli's design copied by Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan dances around running away with this thing. He creates what looks to me like a direct copy of Uli's design for the outfits made from "unconventional" materials. It is pretty but I note that other contenders noticed the resemblance in design as well.

Casanova, a really dumb name, is gone, and even with that he was a bit beyond his time to go. He had a non-serious mannerism about him and I really hate his name.

Keep following this Blog. There are seven contenders left and we will be honing in on the winners very soon.

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