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  • Memorial Day Fiction

  • Fiction Story Header with Excerpt

    Just in time for the holiday, here's a Fiction entry titled "A Memorial Day Service for a Soldier Who Never Served".

    The protagonist returns to the home of her former fiance, a fiance she thought died in military action.

    Only her investigation reveals her former fiance was not killed in war time action and indeed, had never reported for military duty!

    So why did his mother throw a memorial service every year in his honor? A service attended by all the townspeople. They too think something's suspicious about the hometown hero's heroism.


  • Red Calling

  • She wanted a man just like her favorite bird-the cardinal.

    Her wish was granted.

    So why is she fleeing far away to the west coast?


  • From Chaucer’s Women

  • We may be breaking the law, but the intellectual property is mine. It’s fiction but hey it’s blisteringly political.

    The story involves a prominent politician and was part of a larger book of such short stories.

    Check it out and see if you can guess who it is And the famous incident it details. Hint: Younger folks might not get it but the more mature will recognize it immediately.


  • The Dems Fire Santa Claus

  • It's silly, it's satirical, it's a bit sweet. The Fish tradition is for the mistress to compose an annual missive in which one of the many pets get into some mischief on Christmas Eve.

    This year, a calico with a bad reputation managed to get Santa Claus fired.

    Although, and this is the sweet part, it's all the fault of the Democrats.

    Who, as they always do, overplayed their hand.


  • An Easter Story?

  • This is a very short story but is designed to make the reader think. For the tale encompasses how our annual celebration COULD have come about. Not to mention the origin of the greatest invention of all time.

    Read it and allow your intellectual curiosity to be piqued.


  • What is Hell Really Like?

  • Fiction doesn't do all that well on this site but I'm sticking to my guns. Besides, out there somewhere there might be a student of the scribe. And since I do teach a writing class, well below is a short story I wrote that employs one of the most difficult things a writer can do. Which is, specifically, to describe a smell in prose.

    Okay, besides the would-be writing lesson, the story is appropriate because it's a New Year's story and if I do say so myself, quite clever.

    For Hell might be very different than you'd expect


  • The Syndrome

  • Time for some fiction. Carve out some lunch time to read this little Sci-Fi type tale called The Syndrome.

    Which many of yon readers, I assert, are afflicted with right this minute.

    Check in to find out your future.

    It's not good.

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  • The Fattest Prom Queen

  • It's fiction but this piece won many prizes and was featured on many web sites.

    So I thought I'd post it on my own Blog.

    For "The Fattest Prom Queen" is a compelling tale, filled with twists, turns and a surprising ending that will leave you in thought.


  • Easter Fiction

  • In honor of the Easter Holiday we have some fiction.

    The protagonist accidentally shot another hunter and in desperation he buried the body in a shallow grave.

    So how did the same body show up in his wife's childhood home's old well many years later?

  • The Ghost of Independence Day

  • It's a fiction piece but appropos for the holiday.

    Enjoy "The Ghost of Independence Day".

    The protagonist had some bad crab. Could this John Soldier be real?

  • The Bird Fathers

  • In keeping with the bird theme, here's some fiction.

    It's "The Bird Fathers". Who work much harder at their job than human fathers.
  • The Video Game

  • Time for some smashing fiction.

    It's "The Video Game" , a little bit of Science fiction for those so inclined.
    Image hosted by

    Who are these minds without bodies and why are they trying to get INTO the video game?

  • Autumn Joy

  • It was a contest winner. It's a mystery Fiction piece about bees, plants and murder.
    Image hosted by

    Check in for "Autumn Joy" and be prepared for its shocking ending.

  • Permission to Laugh

  • Image hosted by

    Time for some Fiction.

    In view of the recent tragedy and the sadness of the 9-11 anniversary, we have an appropriately named short story-"Permission to Laugh".

    Yon reader DOES have permission to laugh because hey, squirrels in that attic and chocolate decadence is funny stuff.

  • Halloween-Just Hanging Around

  • Image hosted by

    It's Halloween!

    And we've got some smashing Halloween fiction plus a Halloween poem by one of the Delaware members of my Delaware writing class.

    Join us for spooky, funny and scary.

  • A Calico Cat Visits the Troops

  • It's a tradition around here in Serendipity Shore to compose a Christmas story involving the pets.

    Seems Santa wanted to visit the troops in Iraq but desperately needed an animal in camouflage to lead the sleigh.

    Enter one calico cat named Lucy.

  • Re-Constructing Christmas

  • Image hosted by

    Time for some Christmas Fiction.

    We have "The Re-Construction of Christmas". A story of love and the destruction of preconceived notions.

  • A New Year’s Eve Double Date

  • Time for some New Year's Fiction.

    She's sworn off men. Forever.

    Then she meets two of them on a spooky ski lift of all places.

    She must decide who's the good guy and who's the criminal.

  • The Best Short Story Ever Written

  • Today, the best short story ever written.

    Now I can hear your sighs of disbelief.

    Male or female, you will love this short story by a little girl who takes care of her cats more than the world ever cared for her.

    Winner of many writing contests.

    Just the story, folks.

    It's that good.
  • The Screaming Angels

  • Here's a bit of Fiction that might amuse.

    It's "The Screaming Angels", a rock band that got it's unusual name from an accident, a coma and a comical recovery.
  • The Best Valentine’s Gift

  • Image hosted by

    He was a very loving husband but practical to a fault.

    So what happens when he finally gives his beloved a gift of rubies she so desires?

    It saves her life is all.
  • A Community of Stalkers

  • Time for a bit of Fiction.

    In "A Community of Stalkers" read about an ideal residential community that somehow lost its way.

    And how an entire community of stalkers created an atmosphere of fear and disdain.

  • Burnt Cookies

  • Image hosted by

    Time for a little Fiction.

    It's a short sweet piece called "Burnt Cookies".

    Husband gives his wife containers of "dried tears", "ugly brides", and "stark springs".

    Wife is determined to match the poetic and soulful gifts for their next anniversary.

    And she does.


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