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Saddam's Trial-Let the Festivities Begin

Auxiliary Blog Post
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Second montage of "YOU NAMED IT WHAT?"
Okay, we love Martha's Apprentice series.

So too are we smitten with The Donald's version.

Here's a TV Review and heads up on this year 4 of "The Apprentice".
Time for a Fishgiggle.

It's true stories of doctors/patients and the humor that can only come from such unique human interaction.



It Was a Hoot

It began with a bang. And ended with a whimper.

Saddam's trial will continue on 11/28/05. The Judge gave Saddam's attorney 45 days to make his case.

Saddam did, however, give us a preview of what's to come.

Beginning with his efforts to pontificate from behind his bars. He even REFUSED TO GIVE HIS NAME!


Well we know it.

Some of the background I read on this trial was that two sets of Judges and prosecutors were picked and trained. In case the original ones are KILLED!

The Judge's, Attorney General were well-trained for the trial. The practice even included dealing with the potential machinations of Saddam to imitate Slobodan Milovesek in that joke going on for two years at the Hague.

But an international tribunal.


Not going to happen with this Saddam trial. The Iraqis mean business. They built a brand new court house and prepared many months.

This is a trial ran by a fledgling government to bring a son of a camel dictator to justice. All the other sons of camels dictators in the Mideast should watch this trial intently.

Their day is coming. Their citizens are watching this trial as well.

From Reuters:

Saddam Hussein trial opens in Baghdad
BAGHDAD, Oct 19 (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein's trial for crimes against humanity started in Baghdad on Wednesday.

Reporters in the courtroom said proceedings started shortly after noon (0900 GMT). Initial reporting restrictions meant no details were immediately available.

Saddam has been charged with crimes against humanity over the deaths of more than 140 Shi'ite Muslim men after a group of young Shi'ites tried to assassinate him near Dujail, a town about 60 km (35 miles) north of Baghdad, in 1982.

Together with seven others, all members of his once-feared Baath Party, Saddam faces a five-judge panel from Iraq's Special Tribunal, a court established by U.S. authorities in December 2003 to try the leaders of the overthrown regime.

Image hosted by


New York Times-Does Not Want Despot to Get a Fair Trial

Mean, mean, mean spirited.

Defending the thugs, thieves, dictators and despots across the planet.

As they are paid to do.

When are we going to get an AMERICAN newspaper as the "paper of record"?

What we have is a narrow sectarian government, still struggling to come up with a nationally inclusive constitution, that is conducting what looks like a show trial, borrowing noxious elements of Baathist law to speed the way toward an early and politically popular execution.


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