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Daily Update:

It's Official! Iraqi Votes YEA on New Constitution!

Rosa Parks, a true Civil Rights Heroine, dies.

Blogosphere challenge, what question would YOU ask Harriette Miers?

My Plame/Rove Indictment predictions
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Iraqi Constitution Officially Passed

A 63% turnout. Should such a turnout ever occur here in the United States of America we'd all be beyond impressed. Add to that the long lines, the purple fingers, the chance of being killed by the sons of camels terrorists, heck, Americans would never do that.

And they certainly took their time verifying it. There had been some lame attempt to spin it that there was fraud. Nope. Didn't happen.

From The Guardian:

Iraq's landmark constitution was adopted by a majority of voters during the country's Oct. 15 referendum, as Sunni Arab opponents failed to muster enough support to defeat it, election officials said Tuesday.

Results released by the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq showed that Sunni Arabs, who had sharply opposed the draft document, failed to produce the two-thirds ``no'' vote they would have needed in at least three of Iraq's 18 provinces to defeat it.

Nationwide, 78.59 percent voted for the charter while 21.41 percent voted against, the commission said. The charter required a simple majority nationwide with the provision that if two-thirds of the voters in any three provinces rejected it, the constitution would be defeated.


Rosa Parks Died at Age 92

I was a young teenaged lass, dewy-eyed and fresh-faced, when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. Sparking the Civil Rights movement of the mid-60's, a movement that I was very much a part of.

I look around in my middle years and wondered what the hell happened. We've professional racist and briber Jesse Jackson. Add Al Sharpton, a fellow already sued for liable and defeated. IF lies were flies Al would be full of maggots.

What happened to the REAL leaders of the Civil Rights movement? Why didn't the replacements for Martin Luther King, et al, become leaders for African-Americans who would lead them to a destiny of full enjoyment and advantage this country has to offer when unfettered by racial considerations that don't matter? Why did "leaders" such as Nagin in New Orleans and traitor Cynthia McKinney rise to the leadership posts when they are bought, paid for, and ready to keep black Americans down for the preciousness of their votes?

Ah, stop asking Pat. It's went to hell in a hand basket. I marched along with them, I fought with my bigoted father, I admired the nonviolent forms of protest and the effectiveness of leadership and action with a plan.

I've nothing but disgust with what they've conjured up as their leadership in this era of our Lord, 2005.

Yet the REAL black leaders in this country, Condaleeza, Colin Powell, Clarence Thompson, blacks who worked hard and rose to remarkable levels of leadership, are vilified as Uncle Toms.

Speaking of Uncle Toms, Maryland's Lt. Governor Michael Steele announced his plan to run for senate. He's the next "Uncle Tom" on the horizon. Already Schumer's people have illegally accessed Steele's credit record.

They will soon be all over Steele.

Thank you, Mrs. Parks. I recognize your defiance as proud, real and righteous.

Would that your successors had your moral compass.

Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks has died, Local 4 has learned.

Parks, 92, reportedly died around 7 p.m. Monday at St. John Hospital on Detroit's east side.

Parks' refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Ala., in 1955 landed her in jail and sparked a bus boycott that is considered the start of the modern civil rights movement. The bus is on display at the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn.

Parks, was born on Feb. 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Ala. She lived in Detroit.
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Blogosphere Challenge on Miers

The challenge across the Blogosphere is to come up with THE question a Blogger, such as myself, would ask Miers were Bloggers given the opportunity.

I will submit my question into the fray.

My question:

Ms. Miers,

Much has been said about a "living constitution", a notion based on the concept that our founding fathers could not have predicted the changes in communication, technology and medicine in such a fashion that would have their document reflect the thorny issues these advances have raised.

Thus the constitution should be viewed as merely a rough guideline, or so goes the thinking, with living, breathing Judges charged with interpreting that rough guideline into today's medical and technological circumstances.

Do you agree with this notion? Please expand on why or why not you view our constitution as a "living constitution".

The answer I'd want to hear, for what it's worth, is a simple statement that the founding fathers DID build provisions into the constitution to deal with change. They made them tight and difficult, but they're there. Thus there is no need to have unelected Judges essentially making law, human Judges that can be paid to change history, bribed, or just plain wrong. If there's a need for a change in the constitution as crafted by the founding fathers, do it in the manner provided for by the founding fathers.


Predictions on Wilson/Plame Leak

Should yon reader suppose The Wise I has not kept up to snuff on the Plame/Wilson affair, I say pshaw.

I have almost every word written on the subject and have suffered Chris Matthews spitting all over the place in his glee that he may soon replace Tim Russert and the glory of the Watergate era will descend again upon him.

Today's the day it's speculated that Fitzgerald will hand down indictments if, indeed, there are indictments. At the least his commission runs out by the end of this week so he will have to do SOMETHING. He must either ask for an extension, hand down indictments, or close up shop quietly and walk away.

I will make my predictions now that yon reader does not think I am a coward. I may be wrong but common sense will be my guide. Not that common sense ever swayed the Moonbats or anything.

There will be NO indictments of either Rove, Cheney, Libby or Miller.

I predict Fitzgerald will close up shop with NO indictments and NO report.

Second option, Joe Wilson and wife Plame will be charged with Treason. Not likely but somebody paid that man to lie, somebody sent him to Niger. Also, some bigwigs at the NY Times will be brought up for either treason, perjury or obstruction of justice.

There. My prediction.

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