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Who woulda thunk?

The second in command at the FBI. Nice to know the FBI can keep confidences.

I was deep into the liberal thing during the Nixon years and at the time I thought the man should have been booted out on his ear.

Now, years later and as the scales fall from my eyes, I realize that William Jefferson Clinton and his shenanigans made Nixon look like a piker.

From the Washington Post:
The Washington Post today confirmed that W. Mark Felt, a former number-two official at the FBI, was "Deep Throat," the secretive source who provided information that helped unravel the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s and contributed to the resignation of president Richard M. Nixon.
The confirmation came from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the two Washington Post reporters who broke the Watergate story, and their former top editor, Benjamin C. Bradlee. The three spoke after Felt's family and Vanity Fair magazine identified the 91-year-old Felt, now a retiree in California, as the long-anonymous source who provided crucial guidance for some of the newspaper's groundbreaking Watergate stories.

Ohio Tragedy
What would possess an 18 year old, on the day of his high school graduation party, to kill his grandparents, visiting friends, sister then turn the gun on himself?

The shooter’s sister survived. Soon enough the truth will come out. I think it’s possible this kid was not going to graduate and this was his desperate way to avoid the humiliation of the truth.

It’s only a matter of contacting the school if this is correct so soon enough we’ll know.

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio -- Hours after a party to celebrate his pending high school graduation, an 18-year-old is believed to have shot and killed his grandparents, his mother and two family friends before killing himself, the sheriff said on Monday.

Logan County Sheriff Michael Henry said he did not know if authorities would ever know why Scott Moody committed the shootings early Sunday morning, "but we're going to try."

Arthur Andersen’s Weird Accounting Practices Okay by the Supremes
Okay so the supreme court didn’t come out and condone the practice of destroying client documents as practiced by the formerly celebrated accounting firm of Arthua Andersen.

Especially when those documents implicate said client in illegal accounting practices in an attempt to defraud stockholders.


Which also means that Arthur Andersen itself knew what was going on at Enron. By the way, Dick Cheney never worked at Enron.

The supremes DID throw out an earlier conviction of the accounting firm for reasons that are not at all clear to me. It’s not clear if prosecutors will re-try Arthur Andersen.

I hope so because I’d like to hire these guys to do my income taxes.

Andersen officials were convicted in June 2002 of obstruction of justice over the massive document destruction relating to its work for Enron, the energy services giant which a year before was facing a government probe of its complex finances.

The government likened Andersen's actions to "shredding its smoking guns." Deputy Solicitor General David Dreeben told the court, "It is the equivalent of sending someone to a crime scene, and wiping up the evidence before police get there with the yellow tape."

President Bush’s Press Conference

I heard it with my own ears and two things about this rather mundane presidential press conference stand out.

By the way, please note that the congress critters are still on recess while the President is back at work. Remember this next time the Dem nasties point it out when Bush is in Crawford as they caterwaul that the man is always on vacation.

First, a reporter asked a question about the upcoming Egyptian elections and why they are not as honest as Mubarak promised. My ears perked up. For didn’t The Wise I write just such a post about why fair Egyptian elections WOULDN’T happen no mind the promises made to Bush. The Fly on the Wall told me, and he was right!
PART 1-Condi and BUSH HERE

Also, I’m glad Bush bashed that Amnesty International report calling Guantanamo Bay a “Gulag”. Amnesty International is what’s left of the sagging American Communism Party and nothing they say should be listened to.

Hey, if America doesn’t commit a crime, why the thugs of thieves of the world will just frigging make it up.

From the AP:
WASHINGTON - President Bush called a human rights report "absurd" for criticizing the United States' detention of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and said Tuesday the allegations were made by "people who hate America."
"It's absurd. It's an absurd allegation. The United States is a country that promotes freedom around the world," Bush said of the Amnesty International report that compared Guantanamo to a Soviet-era gulag.

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The Suits At the Grocery
I knew as soon as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot that something was up.

For there were "suits" everywhere.

I began the shopping expedition already annoyed. The suits, actually human men dressed in, well, suits, were blocking three parking spaces closer to the store than where I was finally able to park the Jeep.

More suits as I grabbed a cart and more suits inside the store.

As for the store, my goodness it was a splendiferous thing! Every orange, apple and banana in the produce section was stacked so neatly and geometrically I thought they were plastic.

There were all sorts of food offerings, combinations and permutations that I'd never seen before in this store although I shopped there faithfully every week.

In produce there were carefully packaged containers of "skewered" fruit. A strawberry, pineapple chunk, perhaps different chunks of melon, were all speared on wooden sticks to make an attractive, already prepared, peeled and prepped, fruit package.

The salad bar featured entries of the most exotic sort that had never before chanced to sit proudly below the plastic salad shield. There was hummus, two kinds of tossed leaf salad, Italian tomatoes and tomatoes with goat cheese and mozzarella. I was, indeed, impressed.

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Back in the deli and meat sections, the suits were still in abundance.

I'd deduced, duh, that they were in the store for some sort of headquarters' "checkup". Thus I was required to listen in.

In no time at all I overheard the bakery manager spout proudly that her section bought in $20,000 a month and no one at the store was worried about the new Safeway.

Ah, I thought. Living in this happening and growing area of ocean front Delaware, of course there would be new grocery stores to sit proudly next to the four thousand huge hardware emporiums already built and open to accommodate new homeowner's with lures of no sales tax. Indeed many Merrylanders, only thirty miles down the road, hop up into Delaware for purchases less the 5% Merryland tacks on. But don't tell Nanny Minner as she will have them arrested.

I spend approximately $8,000 a year at the grocers. And this is just for feeding basically two people. Families of any size must spend an even bigger fortune, I surmise.

Is there any other vendor to which we pay such huge amounts of our disposable income as the grocer? I'm not talking banks or loan companies. I speak of vendors out to sell us goods in the competitive market place.

I have always thought that the vendor to which I pay so much during the year should treat me right and not do me dirty.

It was inevitable the one of the suits would come into my immediate surround.

"You should speak to the customers," I whispered.

The suit looked at me with some surprise and alleged that he HAD been speaking to customers.

Actually I gave the grocery a good recommendation because for the most part THIS grocery was, all things considered, a fine one by my experience.

Later on ten thousand little complaints filled my mind. The suit is long gone and next week the grocery will no doubt return to its more normal, but perfectly fine, state.

So I'll list my grocery complaints here.

Why must one have a CPA to purchase the weekly groceries?

For it surely seems that way each week as I traverse the dangerous aisles of the grocer, checking price per unit, coupons in hand both manufacturer and store, sales then upon, and quality of product desired. Then there's the matter of the "bonus points" that all things being equal could be a factor.

After thirty years of shopping for groceries I have discovered that a frequently used item can vary in price that may change by sometimes 300 percent. The key is to figure out how to buy said item at its lowest possible price and purchase enough to last until the next time the product can be purchased at the same reduced price. This with the grocer making it as difficult as possible because, hey, they want to sell it to you at the highest possible price.

Coffee, in my case, is a good example.

First question now is brand loyalty. Which I have none for coffee. For other products, yes. Each consumer must decide if brand loyalty is sufficient to pay a higher price. Often it is. In the case of coffee, no brand loyalty , for me, is required. In the case of coffee I will, however, not reduce the level to the store's brand. The store's brand is almost always of the lowest quality in any product. Unless my purchase required is not an integral part of the recipe, such as canned tomatoes in soup, or not a standalone product for which a brand name is preferred, such as cleaning ammonia, then I avoid store brands at all costs. Besides, one can almost always get a name brand at store brand price by using coupons combined with sales at the most opportune time.

There's fifteen sizes of coffee. Some are on sale. Some merely offer "extra points". The store brand coffee often has a confusing sign warning me, the shopper, that this brand here is the cheapest. The sign offers a series of arithmetic calculations designed to show me how if you buy this store brand at this size that even with the name brand on sale, the store brand coffee is still the best deal.

In my grocery, every item purchased is assigned a certain amount of points. After so many points are accumulated a large cash coupon, honored only by THIS grocer, is awarded. I have received these cash coupons of ten dollars off my next grocery order. It's very nice and the system does garner a certain store loyalty I would think.

If the suit had time and inclination to hear my lament I would have waxed on about how it seems almost a game between seller and buyer as a savvy consumer navigates the aisles, to be bombarded by signs and cajoled by handsome displays.

But then I suppose it is a game of sorts. Those that spend a bit of time studying the system will spend way less than those who tend to just pull it off the shelf.

Since I've always felt that spending more on something is not an honorable act, I dare to try and decipher the system.

I bet none of those suits knows how to beat their own system.

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Speaking of Grocery Stores

This web site of the week emulates the hit movie of a similar name. In honor of the Miscellany pst, it seemed a fitting finale to today’s Blog entries.

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Kaitlyn Learns to Think Outside the Box

Baby girl needs to learn one very important fact of life. Indeed it is a fact of life here in America and Kaitlyn is an American child, like the picture says, since birth.

For the ones who succeed, besides those who inherited their wealth which is arguably NOT success, are those with a mind able to see beyond the obvious.

This is how I ended up with Kaitlyn's chair on my head.

It's just a foam affair, a thick piece of that ubiquitous cushiony stuff that can be cut and molded into any shape. Kaitlyn has such a chair, cut artfully from thick foam and covered with a pretty floral cover.

I figured Kaitlyn only saw this small chair as a piece of furniture. Myself thought it would make a fine hat.

Baby blue eyes grew wide and puzzled at the sight of the chair on my head. The chair, small enough for the 18 month old to sit in, was light enough to perch on Grandmother's head in a fine fashion and by me it was a perfect example of thinking outside the box.

A circumspect Kaitlyn stood before me, regarding her chair on my head and considering what to make of this.

She didn't smile, she didn't cry. She just stood and studied her Grandmother who was then wearing Kaitlyn's chair on her head. In due course Kaitlyn demanded that I put the chair on HER head.

Well it was certainly light enough for Kaitlyn to wear as a hat and indeed she did. At first she had difficulty getting the chair to remain stable but soon enough she figured out just how to position the object so that it wouldn't wobble and fall off. With practice she managed to situate the chair just so and soon Kaitlyn was prancing across the room with her chair on her head, an action she considered, in a baby manner, to be way cool.

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Now I'm not sure if Kaitlyn learned any lessons from Grandmother's actions. For all I know she might become an obsessed adult who insists on wearing furniture on her head.

But for sure I could see that Baby Girl understood that her chair was in an odd place on Grandmother's head. After awhile the notion intrigued her and hey, it's what thinking outside the box is all about.

True Crime Update-Idaho Murders,Lunsford,Jackson,Spector; Quotables;Comments

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DATE-Tuesday, 5/31/05

Hope You Had a Happy Holiday

Which I'm thinking the United States did because pretty much nothing happened across the fruited plains.

Europe, however, is another matter.

For the voters of France rejected the vaunted European Union. A Union I know little about but I've done some research.

The EU is basically a trade association. It's not meant to be a government, per se, but rather a union of countries that all agree on, well just what the hell is Parmesan cheese, who can rightfully claim the title and just because it's bleu cheese doesn't mean it's Roquefort.

Important stuff.

The Wise I understands that the corrupt Jacques Chirac, President of France, is very mad at the voters for rejecting the EU constitution.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

from the BBC
French voters have overwhelmingly rejected the European Union's proposed constitution in a key referendum.
Almost 55% of people voted "No", with 45% in favour. Turnout was high, at about 70%.

There was also a multiple murder in Ohio, with a brother shooting his entire family. One sister survived. More on this tomorrow.

Finally, this notice passed my Ebox. To all Texas Conservatives, it seemed timely to post this that you all vote an end to liberals across the land.
Dear Austin Friends,

Please tell all your friends to vote FOR Jennifer Kim and AGAINST Margo Clarke in the Austin city council run-off. Early voting is NOW and it ends June 7th:

Saturday, June 11th is the last day to vote and people must vote at their local precincts on that day.
We are going to STOP Margot Clarke, leader of Austin's FAR Left - that I am sure of - but we need your help. Send this email to ALL your Austin friends. Here is a list of the early voting locations. Call Robert Morrow at 306-1510 or email at Morrow321@aol.com to volunteer.
Tell you friends to get to the polls and vote NOW for Jennifer Kim.HERE

We are going to send a MESSAGE to Austin's FAR Left that they don't run this town even though they think they do.

TV Events of Note

CBS: Tuesday, May 31 10:00 PM
Talk, Newsmagazine

True Story
A man wanted for murder pretends to be a reporter for the New York Times.

Original Air Date: May 31, 2005


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The Idah Murders
As of this writing, the horrific crime in Idaho where two adults and a teenager were bound and bludgeoned to death, is still unsolved. Two children who had been present at the house at the time of the murders, are still missing.

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From KREM.com

Reward offered for missing Idaho children
06:05 PM PDT on Saturday, May 21, 2005

From KING Staff and Wire Reports

Wolfinger said investigators believe the killings were not random acts of violence and are now convinced the children were in the house when the violence took place.

Kootenai County Coroner Dr. Robert West told Spokane, Wash., television reporters that preliminary toxicology results indicated the presence of "illicit drugs" in the two adults, but not in the 13-year-old. West did not elaborate on what types of drugs were found.

Authorities have received pledges of more than $70,000 for a reward fund and will work through the Secret Witness program in Spokane, Wash., to offer payments for useful information and tips, he added.

Later in the week, the investigators announce that no blood from the two children was found at the murder scene. The investigators now plainly feel that the two children are alive.

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho May 26, 2005 - Preliminary DNA tests showed no traces of the blood of two missing children in the home where three other people were slain, raising hopes that Dylan and Shasta Groene are still alive, officials said Thursday.

Only the blood of the three murder victims the missing children's mother and older brother and the mother's boyfriend was found at the scene, according to initial analysis by the FBI.

"There is no indication that any of the blood is from the children," Kootenai County Sheriff's Capt. Ben Wolfinger said. "It bolsters our feeling the children are alive and we'll recover them and bring them home."

So what do the investigators know that they are not telling us?

Because I’m convinced they’re on to something. The hype and hoopla to locate the missing children is nearly mute. I am reminded of the Runaway Bride and how the publicity didn’t let up until the Bride, ahem, turned herself in.

The father of the two children and victim Slade Groene, Steve Groene, earlier in the crime investigation, showed up for interviews on Greta and Geraldo. Groene admitted that he failed “some portions” of his lie detector test and the reports are that he has no alibi for the night of the crime.

The police, however, say firmly that Steve Groene is not a suspect, or person of interest, in this crime.

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So what’s going on here?

Here’s what we know so far:

Brenda Groene and Steve Groene were divorced. Brenda had custody of their youngest three children out of five, Slade, 13, one of the victims, and the two missing children, Shasta and Dylan.

On the day of the murders, Sunday, May 15, 2005, Brenda and her live-in boyfriend, Mark McKenzie, held a barbecue at their house. One of the attendees, Robert Lutner, was missing and sought by authorities. Lutner turned himself in and took a polygraph test. He was cleared of being a suspect in the crime.

All other attendees at that barbecue have been contacted, according to the authorities. Not much else is known about who was at the barbecue fest that day and so far none has come forward for a few minutes of fame on Greta.

The bodies were discovered that following Monday evening, 5/16/05 when a neighbor reported strange silence from the house when he knocked several times to pay Slade for mowing his lawn that prior Saturday.

Within a day it became known that the two younger children lived in the house and an Amber alert was put out.

We know the victims were bound and gagged and were killed by a forceful beating by a blunt object. We know the investigators are searching a nearby landfill, presumably for a murder weapon.

Early on it was mentioned several times that Steve Groene lived with his ex mother-in-law. That factoid has been left off later reports so I’m not sure this is a fact right now. But it’s pretty important if true.

Steve and Brenda has fights over visitation and police have acknowledged that both Brenda Groene and Mark McKenzie tested positive for illegal drugs but Slade did not. Steve Grone admitted he’d argued with his ex-wife the Friday before over having the children for the weekend.

Now I must speculate.

No alibi for the night of the crime and failed parts of the lie detector test? This has Steve Groene as perpetrator all over it. Yet the investigators say Groene is not a suspect. Also, in order for Steve Groene to be guilty, he would have to have murdered his own son in a horrific manner. This is difficult to believe though stranger things have happened.

The police seem very nonchalant about the missing children. Searches have been called off though there seems to be an attempt to look like they’re searching.

Strange. All very strange.

There’s also the matter of Groene having NO alibi for the night of the murders and what on earth happened with that polygraph? Also, the heretofore very vocal Steve Groene has since clammed and lawyered up.

How odd is it that Steve Groene would be living with his ex mother-in-law? How often does that happen?

I also note we’ve yet to see this “grandmother” come on TV and plead for her grandchildren’s lives.

I think Shasta and Dylan are with her.

I don’t know where. They may be in Canada for all we know.

Two scenarios come to my mind as to the identity of the Idaho murderers.

Either Steve Groene, Steve Groene AND his ex mother-in-law, or just the ex mother-in-law, hired someone to murder Brenda Groene and Mark McKenzie.

The manner of the murders does not suggest a fit of rage. It takes time and power to tie and bound three people. It’s also likely, what with Mark McKenzie being a big fellow and the necessity of subduing three people, that there was more than one murderer.

For when a son-in-law lives with an ex mother-in-law, there’s a mother that is very, very angry with her daughter. Brenda Groene does have a drug problem. Could this be enough for a mother to hire people to kill her and her boyfriend? Because it’s possible that Slade was murdered because he’d identified the perps.

Or could Steve Groene have hired someone to kill his ex wife and her boyfriend. Again, with Slade the teenager also a victim because of his most unfortunate timing of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps the murderer(s) blindfolded the younger children and their lives were spared.

The Groenes do have two older sons but one is incarcerated. Could the son who is not incarcerated have arranged the deed in order to save his younger siblings?

Soon enough they’re going to find those children. Who I still say are with their grandmother.

And the mystery of this strange crime will be solved.

Below is a link to a true crime buff who went out to the murder site and took some pics. Check it out.

Jessica Lunsford Documents Released

The alleged murderer, John Couey, says he kept Jessica alive in a closet in his bedroom for four days. Indeed, Couey states that his brother-in-law was once inside the room while Jessica was in the closet. Jessica’s blood was found on Couey’s bed.

Still, investigators are waffling on this story and it’s no wonder. John Couey is a frail man and usually under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both. How could this man have kept Jessica silent for four entire days? How could he have bound and gagged her entire body to leave her unable to kick, bump her head or otherwise make noise to alert others to her presence? Once with another human being in the room?

Or could John Couey have killed Jessica the first night or shortly thereafter, and hid her DEAD body in his closet? Yes, the coroner ruled that Jessica COULD have been buried alive but couldn’t she also have been smothered under the same forensic evidence?

Not to mention that Florida DA allowing Couey’s lowlife “room-mates” walk so easily. Sure, they all denied knowing Jessica was in the trailerl.

It’s so much more believable that Jessica was hidden in the mobile home before being thrown into a shallow grave outside of the trailer, if she was already dead. Dead people make no noise.

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Brooksville, Florida - New court documents have been released in the Jessica Lunsford murder case. We now get a better idea of the case building again John Couey, the man who admitted to killing a 9-year-old Citrus County girl.

The State Attorney released more than 1,400 documents in the murder case building against sex offender John Couey. He’s accused of killing Jessica Lunsford.

The little girl was reported missing in February. After exhaustive searches by family, volunteers and detectives, her body was found within in sight of her home. Jessica's body was placed in a garbage bag and buried outside the mobile home where Couey had been living with relatives.

The documents include:

Pictures of the mobile home and shovel spotted on the ground outside, near the makeshift grave where Jessica was buried.

Witness statements that claim Couey kept Jessica alive for four days, although detectives do not confirm that was the case.

Family members tell investigators Couey had a history of sexually assaulting young girls.

The case may not go to trial until next year.

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Another Florida Child Crime but One With a “Happy” Ending
She was only 8 when a “friend” of her godmother, with whom she was staying, allegedly raped and dumped her, still alive, in a nearby landfill.

Check out that quote at the end by the godmother. The child was found alive no thanks to her “friend”.

Florida girl found buried alive in landfill
Police: 17-year-old suspect confessed, will be charged as adult
Sunday, May 22, 2005 Posted: 10:24 PM EDT (0224 GMT)

(CNN) -- Police found an 8-year-old Florida girl buried alive with minor injuries in an abandoned landfill Sunday morning, hours after she was reported abducted, according to officials in Lake Worth.

Authorities detained a suspect, identified as 17-year-old Milagro Cunningham, whom they said the girl identified as her attacker.

Searchers found the girl inside a yellow recycling bin, which was inside a 30-foot dumpster.

Boland said the suspect lived with the girl's godmother, whom she was visiting, just a few blocks from the landfill.

The girl had been staying at the home only a short time. The relationship between the suspect and the godmother was not immediately known.

Cunningham called in a false abduction report before 4 a.m. ET, describing the girl's alleged abductors and the car they supposedly drove, Lake Worth Police Chief William Smith said.

"That is bogus," Smith said. "It did not occur."

But authorities said the teen had several inconsistencies in his story and they kept him close at hand during the search.

Eventually, the girl was found alive in a nearby abandoned landfill, her body stuffed in a recycle bin and buried beneath a heap of concrete and stones. She is still recovering in a hospital.

Authorities said the girl was able to name her attacker shortly after being found.

She also asked for a pastor to "thank God for saving her life," according to the girl's godmother.

Alleged Murderer Waits It Out on Crane

While also snarling traffic on an oft-traveled highway. This past Saturday, in the early hours of the morn, Carl Edward Roland, 41, finally accepted a cup of water from the cops. At which point he got thoroughly stun-gunned into total submission.

Murder Suspects Waits It Out on Crane Posted by Hello

Phil Spector
Trial is upcoming soon. Spector is charged in the shooting death of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson at his Alhambra mansion in early 2003. He has pleaded not guilty and is free on $1 million bail.

Get a load of his hair!

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Jackson Defense Rests Its Case
Closing arguments next week. Case may go to jury next Friday, June 3, 2005.

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Let Us Not Forget Those Nominees Who Withdrew in Disgust

"The centrist 'deal' dishonors the Constitution, ignores an election, and forgets four nominees who withdrew their names as a result of Democrat obstruction...Miguel Estrada, Carolyn Kuhl, Claude Allen and Charles Pickering. It abandons nominees Saad and Myers, as well as Kavenaugh and Haynes. It leaves open the possibility of Supreme Court filibusters. It is an unprincipled horse trade of 6 up for 6 or more down."

- Former Senate judiciary staffer Manny Miranda

How Criminals Get Free to Kill Again
"Tony Pope went to prison for bludgeoning his girlfriend to death with an iron skillet and was back out on the streets five years later despite a warning from a friend of the victim. . . . The board did not listen. On a 4-0 vote, (a Tennessee parole board) released Pope after he had served one-third of his 15-year sentence. . . . Earlier this month, Pope was charged with killing his wife with a hammer; strangling his 13-year-old stepdaughter; and fatally dropped and punched his 5-week-old son."
Associated Press, 5/18/05

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”Independent” Investigation Into Tom Delay
Travis County (Texas) District Attorney Ronnie Earle, who denies partisan motives for his investigation of a political group founded by Republican leader Tom DeLay, was the featured speaker last week at a Democratic fund-raiser where he spoke directly about the congressman."

Houston Chronicle, 5/18/05

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On the Apprentice
…from Blogcritics
Comments: Just as it should be... Donald picked the right one!!!

And look out boys...Kindra just might be the best ever!!! :)

On The Bachelor
…from Blogcritics
Great job, Patfish. Really enjoyed your thoughts on The Bachelor. I think you\'ve summed up the finale of every reality show where a guy or girl has to make the \"agonizing\" choice of picking a girl or guy for... what? No one knows! That\'s the best part.

I was going to ask when the first gay show of this variety was going to arrive... but I\'m pretty sure Bravo did it.

[I can see how that last bit might be seen as a joke as Bravo is sometimes referred to as the Gay Channel, but I am in fact being serious.

And What Blog Isn’t Mostly Rhetoric?
You are so misguided. Your blog is all rhetoric. I am a Conservative myself - but the thing with you guys is that you are all full of rhetoric!! How about arming your rhetoric with some relevant data. Throwing insults and ad hominem attacks is meaningless and I think that is what is wrong with the conservative voices, though well meaning!

Commenters Blog Link included in comment.
Posted by Ray Arvand to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 5/20/2005 01:33:12 PM

Comment on The Syndrome

Thank you for this wonderful story. =) Strange way it turned out... but still,pretty original. Good work. =)

Posted by Anonymous to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 5/19/2005 10:57:12 AM

On Carnivorous Plants
Note the commenters user name ;)
It might sound odd, but there's something really cool about having carnivorous plants in the house. They can also look/smell quite nice too.

Not to mention they help keep down the flies!

Posted by hungryflytrap to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 5/19/2005 10:56:37 AM



To Those Who Serve; Week Just Passed; AI Update with Links from 12 left to Winner!

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Hammid Karzai, that dashing man in the brocade cape, paid a visit to the US this week. Poppies, of all things, were greatly discussed during this visit.

Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, also paid a visit to America this week. President Bush announced one thing about Israel while Mr. Abbas came out with a
whole nother story.

The Democrats promised not to filibuster but on the following day?

They filibustered John Bolton!
Why did the Supreme Court get involved with fashion?

And the Supremes will soon be deciding how we handle our children’s health.
Remember Fallujah?
Jay Leno testifies in the Michael Jackson case.

The Defense Rests in the Michael Jackson Case.

Man Comes Up With Odd Way to Elude Police

Runaway Bride Indicted.

Summary of Idaho Murders.

Update on Idaho Murders.

Police Believe Children Alive.


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American Idol 2005-Final Notes, Thoughts and Opinions

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And so, after weeks of hype, the 2005 competition for the new American Idol is a fait accompli.

The competition has been ongoing for a few years now and I am reminded of my thoughts the year of the series’ premiere.

We are living in a world that gets fair-ER every year.

Only some people simply can’t handle a fair world.

This is not to say that there are never shenanigans with the voting or, say, a female judge gets it on with a male contestant.

Only the judges on American Idol don’t decide the winner. A factoid that has eluded rival networks. One such rival network wasting an hour’s time on a horrific revelation that AI Judge Paula Abdul had a romantic affair with a former contestant. What was the point? Paula doesn’t decide the winner and both participants in the love interlude were of adult age.

It took no time for the whole seamy revelation to become a subject of ridicule, what with Paula’s kiss-and-tell former amour having a new CD in the works and the network airing the expose standing to benefit from attacking a rival.

Technology, via the Internet, cell phones, satellites and all manner of modern froufrou have made it easier for instant communication and broadcast of opinions. Any idiot can have a Blog and any idiot can spout an opinion. Just like the idiot moi is doing right now.

So who says that there are only a certain subset of people who can succeed in certain genres? Such as singing, just throwing it out there.

I am reminded of Liza Minelli, an ugly has-been, daughter of a superstar, bride of questionable males. Does Liza sing better than, say, Carrie Underwood?

Yet some, those who can’t handle complete fairness, eschew American Idol as mindless hype and the winners naught but amateurs, unworthy of their “questionable” fame.

For sure the American Idol series is a fine example of hype gone wild. Fox certainly has honed on promoting this contest to include even showcasing their horrible entrants.

This is bad because …?

The channel on the TV set allows the discontent to flip on by. The browser on the computer goes backwards and forwards. No one is forced to participate in this new freedom of choice.

Still they grouse.

Around my house it is husband’s job to be curmudgeon of all things pop culture. And he does a fine job of it. By his logic, would-be singer superstars should have to suffer for their craft. Only those who tool around with songs and music their entire life should succeed in the business. American Idol bypasses that whole aspect and curmudgeon husband disdains the entire process.

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The contestants who make their way up on this series suffer for their craft. They are born with a wonderful voice, a God-given talent we cannot control. Still and so, they must find the place for tryouts, they must sweat and beg, they must stand in long lines. The worst are winnowed out. Those with talent who hung in there move on.

The jealous cry “UNFAIR”. There was no such opportunity for musicians of yore. Thus there should never be such opportunities for singers today.

Under the old system we got Liza Minelli.

The 2005 American Idol series produced two very fine singers. Husband harrumphed that they were no better than karaoke singers. Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood had star presence and wonderful voices. They took advantage of an opportunity available and the American public made the choice.

Pretty Carrie Underwood won the final title but the top twelve are not done and forgotten. They all had a chance of exposure that talented singers before them never had. They took advantage of it and suffered through to the top.

They too suffered for their craft is what I’m saying here.

Myself, a Blogger who would logically think this way, thinks American Idol is an amazing concept and yes, I know many people vote for their favorite contestant four of five thousand times. In the end, this year and all years before for the series, the best really did win. Notice the many new “fair” contests that have sprung from the concept.

The Apprentice comes to mind. There are others, The Contender, Survivor ordeals, The Bachelor. They’ll come and they’ll go but get used to it. God Bless America for the marketplace will ALWAYS win.

No more will your parentage, connections, or wealth insure ascent of the talentless to a fame and fortune they do not deserve.

It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Says this Blogger, who, I must add, can write as well as most pundits now gracing the pages of the editorials.

I too choose to “compete” in a fair-er forum.