True Crime Update 7/18/06

True Crime Update-Once More-PATSY Ramsey Killed Jonbenet. To think different is to confess to naivete. Also, Columbine and Kervorkian

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+----------------- Bizarre Science Trivia -----------------+

  • A diamond will not dissolve in acid. The only thing that can destroy it is intense heat.

  • A lump of pure gold the size of a matchbox can be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court.

  • Absolutely pure gold is so soft that it can be molded with the hands.

  • An ounce of gold can be stretched into a wire 50 miles long.

  • Natural gas has no odor. The smell is added artificially so that leaks can be detected.

  • Sea water, loaded with mineral salts, weighs about a pound and a half more per cubit foot than fresh water at the same temperature.

  • The Chinese were using aluminum to make things as early as 300 AD Western civilization didn't rediscover aluminum until 1827.

  • The largest hailstone ever recorded was 17.5 inches in diameter - bigger than a basketball.

  • The most abundant metal in the Earth's crust is aluminum.

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    Jessica Lunsford and John Couey Update

    Below, my three earliest posts on the Jessica Lunsford case.

    Jessica Lunsford was a pretty little girl who lived in a mobile home park with her grandparents. Across the way lived child predator John Couey. And oh what a lovely bunch Couey and his sister were.

    John Couey was high on crack when he went into Jessica's mobile home and simply took a sleepy and confused Jessica out of her bedroom.

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    God knows what horrors the child faced before Couey buried the child, possibly while she was still alive, behind his mobile home.

    Now we are to understand that John Couey's confession will NOT be admissible in court. Which her father, Mark Lunsford, asserts is not a problem and he also states that the police knew this would be a problem.

    I must wonder why the Florida investigators didn't get an attorney for Couey before they got that confession. Although Jessica did disappear before her body and murderer were caught and Couey could have confessed during the frantic search for the child when this constitutional nicety was overlooked.

    Mark Lunsford was on the Nancy Grace show on 7/11/06. I know that Mark and/or several of his friends read this Blog and have sent me some excoriating emails. Because in the earliest days when Jessica went missing I speculated, as I am wont to do, on the possible involvement of either Jessica's grandparents on her Dad in her disappearance. For all of the excoriating emails to this humble Blogger, I'm betting the investigators trying to locate the then still-missing Jessica were ALSO looking to a possible close family connection.
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    For now I will remark on how impressed I am by how Mark Lunsford has taken up his daughter's cause and was instrumental in getting "Jessica's Law" passed in many states. Impressive way to turn a tragedy into a mission.

    As for John Couey, the assurances by all involved is that the man will go to jail, if not death row, even without the inadmissible confession. Allegedly there is enough physical and circumstantial evidence to hang the man right in the court room.

    We sure hope so. I can't think of any greater dread than to have John Couey walking the streets a free man ever again.

    Where Is Jessica Lunsford?
    Jessica Lunsford Update
    A New Horror for Jessica Lunsford.

    More Jonbenet Ramsey

    Received the following email in my Ebox:
    I have recently become more interested in this case, after watching the E. True Hollywood story on Jon Benet. The burning question that I have is this. Why am I, and a handful of others, the only people who think that gardner Brian Scott is creepy and weird and deserves not only a second look, but a third, fourth and fifth look?
    Right now, I am just asking this of everyone and hoping anyone will listen.
    Thank you.

    Folks, I'll not say it again. Jonbenet was killed by Patsy Ramsey. Anyone who believes that outrageous story about a man coming into the Ramsey house in the dead of night, tramping all the hell over the place, once while carrying a body, then hiding Jonbenet's body in a distant room in the house, well to believe this is to confess to a naiveté I don't believe most adults possess. Not to mention that tome of a ransom note, evidently written while this murderer was traipsing all over the Ramsey house.

    Put on your common sense hat, folks. Murderers do not do this. Oh sure, there's been occasions when a child is abducted from a home by a perp who did walk right on in and walk off with the child. Jessica Lunsford's story comes to mind.

    But we're talking circular staircases, little girls alive in their bedroom then dead in a distant basement, and undigested pineapple in the child's stomach that the Ramseys claim they had no idea about although pineapple and a knife was found on the Ramsey table.

    Nope. And Patsy ain't going to heaven to join her angel of a daughter.

    Below, the absolutely way that murder came down and plenty of Internet people are clicking in.

    It's not rocket science.

    Read it and Know How it Happened

    Odd Realtor Murder

    Sarah Walker was the realtor in charge for an open house. Somehow she ended up stabbed 27 times and dead in that same model home.

    There's a few oddities about this story. Several months ago Walker had phoned police regarding two attacks on her. Both involved head injuries and in either case she professed not to remember what happened. In one instance she said her credit cards were stolen.

    Walker has a 3 year old child who is described in the article as once having been in the custody of her husband. Which means, I must conclude, that the child is no longer in the custody of her husband so Walker herself must have custody of the child.

    It's a scenario frought with possibilities. Of course the ex-husband is being looked at closely.

    Sarah WalkerHow could someone have come in and committed such a brutal murder without detection? If it was a random house-hunter, wouldn't the possibility of interuption have been a factor. Or could an ex-husband, familiar with the ways of realtors and aware that house-hunters don't normally arrive at an open house until the advertised hour while the realtor must arrive early for preparations, have taken advantage of an opportunity? The very fact that this ex-husband ONCE had custody of the child and evidently no longer does, well this provides a motive.

    This case is still unfolding. In fact, on the link below there is supposedly an interview with Walker's ex-husband. Who is evidently out and defending himself.

    With Walker dead, wouldn't the ex=husband regain custody of the child? Something to think about.

    Gtom CBS11TV.com:
    (CBS 11 News) McKINNEY Police say the real estate representative found murdered Saturday afternoon suffered a brutal death. A police officer says 40-year-old Sarah Anne Walker was stabbed 27 times, but fought for her life.

    What On Earth Is Going On In Arizona?

    I chanced to watch Nancy Grace on 7/11/06 when the 11 month spree of some sort of serial killings and rapes appears to be continuing unfettered.

    It was all confusing as the fellow on the show kept mum on a lot of issues. The summary of it all is that there's someone, or SOMEBODIES, out and about in Phoenix, Arizona and there's dead animals, dead people, and attacked women.

    The Nancy Grace guest waltzed all around whether all the shootings (he mentioned 34 shootings on the show though the article below says 13), were related.

    Whatever the case, there's serious problems in Arizona. From what I could deduce from the Nancy Grace guest, an investigator from Arizona currently working the case, it is believed that there are TWO people involved in the rampage.

    Goodness, the D.C. sniper attracted national attention and here we've got, possibly, some deadly duo out killing animals, innocent people and there's been attacks against women that are believed to be part of this crime spree. It's all a bit confusing right now but true crime buffs so far are the only ones taking notice.

    From the Arizona Republic:
    Police fear shootings are work of 3rd Valley predator

    A woman and a man were shot 20 minutes apart early Saturday, victims of what police say may be a third series of possibly related violent crimes in the Valley.

    The woman, who was shot in the back of the head, was listed in good condition late Saturday. She was shot near 44th Street and Devonshire Avenue. No information about the man, who was shot at in the 5000 block of East Van Buren Street, was available.

    Police are investigating the attacks as the latest two of 13 possibly related shootings in Phoenix since May 2. Five occurred within the first eight days in July, and attacks have escalated over the weekends.

    Police say there is no evidence to connect these shootings to other series of violence: 25 possibly related shootings of people and animals; and 19 sexual assaults, robberies, kidnappings and homicides attributed to the "Baseline Rapist."

    Stupid Criminal Alert

    Mark Woolam is 43 years old. One night he got drunk and decided to do some robbing. He tried to break into three stores. Frustrated, he even rammed his truck into the front of one targeted store but could not break the door.

    THEN the guy tries to make a getaway only he goes the wrong damn way on the Interstate. So he does what? He decides to turn around and ends up in a ditch.

    Woolam has already served time for robbery and back he will go. Several things this stellar robber should know: only burglarize when sober, know how to break a lock WITHOUT a truck, and most important, GET DIRECTIONS!

    From PJSTAR.com:
    Police are still sorting evidence from Woolam's apparent attempt to break into a NAPA auto parts store in downtown Henry and a different Read Bros. location, Young said. The man rammed the NAPA store's door with the Read Bros. truck but was foiled by a steel bar across the entry, the chief said.

    "He's going to have additional charges" for that, Young said.

    Woolam has burglary convictions in McDonough and Fulton counties that have led to prison time. Young said he could face revocation of parole by the Illinois Department of Corrections.

    The Truth About the Columbine Killers

    There's been a flurry of interest of late re the likes of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the infamous Columbine killers.

    Popular sentiment at the time, and even now, was that these boys reacted to bullying and mistreatment from high school jocks. As a result of a recent in-depth study by the FBI, it turns out that this duo's motives were much more than this simple and knee-jerk summation.

    Indeed it was Harris' plan to set off three explosives at the school. Had these home-made bombs gone off some 600 people would have been killed. The pair even rigged up a bomb to go off on the OUTSIDE so that even people who thought they were safe from the carnage would also be killed. These two only carried guns so they could shoot those who might escape the bombs.

    Eric Harris was the psychopath of the pair. Dylan Klebold was more of a depressed loser. Harris' idol was the Oklahome bomber, Tim McVey, and, indeed, the original plan was to perform their dastardly deed on the anniversary of that bombing.

    Below, some excerpts from Harris' web site.

    The Slate article linked below has an excellent article on the new information now compiled and known about this horrific event.

    From Slate.com:
    YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? Cuuuuuuuuhntryyyyyyyyyy music!!! . . .

    "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? People who say that wrestling is real!! . . .

    "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? People who use the same word over and over again! . . . Read a f---in book or two, increase your vo-cab-u-lary f*ck*ng idiots."

    "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? STUPID PEOPLE!!! Why must so many people be so stupid!!? . . . YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? When people mispronounce words! and they dont even know it to, like acrosT, or eXspreso, pacific (specific), or 2 pAck. learn to speak correctly you morons.


    Hate Crime? Call It Murder!

    I'm a little suspicious here. This fellow, a convicted rapist who had already served a maximum term, stabbed a woman and confessed that he killed her because she was white.

    Not that it matters why he killed her but such an assertion in a confession almost seems calculating. Aren't there plenty of other white women on the planet for Grant to murder? Why just this one?

    Grant was convicted of second degree murder and possession of a weapon by the jury on his case. He was charged with "murder as a hate crime". Which, go with me here, murder is handily a hate crime so why bother with the emotion?

    The concept of "hate crime" is a gift of the liberals who think everything is ruled by emotions. Thus we should know just WHY somebody attacked, robbed, or murdered another human being.

    I wonder what Grant would have been charged with had their not been that silly hate crime law on the books. Who knows, maybe even FIRST degree murder. But hey, if the murder is because of hate, well let's have a little compassion here for God's sake.

    From the Washington Post:
    Homeless MurdererWHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- A homeless convicted rapist who told police he stabbed a woman to death because she was white was convicted Tuesday of murder as a hate crime.

    Jurors found Phillip Grant guilty of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

    Grant, who is black, had admitted killing Concetta Russo-Carriero, 56, last June in a mall parking garage.

    Mother Helps Son Commit Sex Crimes

    There are just no words. No words at all. This woman's son attacked as many as 18 boys and two girls. With a little help from his mother, who helped assure parents that her son was only 13 and she even brought him false homework!

    Yes, the nut has been arrested. May this paragon of motherhood spend many years behind bars.

    From Denverpost.com:
    Arapahoe County - A 32-year-old man accused of masquerading as a teenager so he could sexually assault children had help with his alleged sham thanks to the deceit of his mother, authorities say.
    Prosecutors say Soldad McGhee, 54, introduced her son, Zuri-Kye McGhee, to other parents and led them to believe he was as young as 13.

    In August, The Denver Post contacted Soldad McGhee, who said she believed he was innocent of the charges against him in New Mexico. And she wanted to believe he was innocent of the new charges.

    "I still would like to believe the good in my son," she said.

    Turns out Dr. Kevorkian Doesn't Advocate Assisted Suicide ...for HIMSELF!

    I recall the liberals waxing on and on about the mighty Jack Kevorkian, savior of the pained destitute and willing assistant to end their lives of pain.

    Only Kervorkian turned out to be a real death freak who had pictures of dead people, crucifixes and all manner of weird stuff in his abode. Turns out the good Death Doctor was peeing on all of our feet and telling us it was raining. The fellow got his rocks off killing people yet he was hailed as the hero of our era.

    Now that the nut is in jail with his own failing health...well, well now, seems the Death Doctor really only wants to kill OTHER people. Yeah, he's got some mumbly logic but he, Doctor Death, go peaceful into that good night and good riddance.

    From Yahoo.com:
    DETROIT - Jack Kevorkian, whose failing health may deny him a chance to be paroled, said he still believes in assisted suicide but would not choose it for himself.

    "Remember that I did not advocate assisted suicide," Kevorkian, 78, said in a written response to questions from The Detroit News published Thursday. "I only advocated that a person should have the right to have the option if he or she, in sound mind, needed and desired it while in irremedial pain and suffering and terminal."

    Ken Lay Thumbs His Nose At Us and Ups and Dies

    I don't for a minute believe how conveniently this lying thief died. And for the record, his assertion that as Chief Executive Officer of Enron he knew nothing about the finances or balance sheet of the company he was paid to lead, is bullshit. No CEO could make that claim and remain CEO of anything. CEO's know what's going on with the financials.

    Plenty of conspiracy theories abound about Lay and hey, I'll join in. By me the man figured out how to sell off his bogus Enron stock and he too figured out how to hide the money he had.

    It's all damn convenient.

    Congrats Ken for fooling the world and bilking your dedicated employees of their life savings. You will rot in hell.

    From PBS.org Lehrer Report:
    Enron's fall dissolved Lay's money
    Ken LayJIM LEHRER: You have been on this story from the very beginning, Kurt. Where did all the money go? Where did all the Ken Lay money go?

    KURT EICHENWALD: You know, people want to think it was spent. People want to think it was -- it was, you know frittered away on -- on a lot of things. I mean, the man lived very well -- very well, but the vast majority of his money -- and he had some $400 million before this all started -- the vast majority of his money went up in smoke. It -- it went with the collapse of
    Enron. He had massive investments in this company. And when it went down, there, his -- his surviving stake in the company was worth nothing.

    JIM LEHRER: He had all the stock, and the stock was -- was worthless, and so that meant all his holdings were worthless, yes. Yes. Yes.


    JIM LEHRER: Yes.

    KURT EICHENWALD: And, so, in -- in the end, in the end, he had, you know -- and -- and -- when he started, he had about $100 million in liabilities and about $400 million in stock -- worth of stock. Well, at the end, he was, as, famously, everyone knows, he was selling shares to Enron, using that cash to meet some of his liabilities, paying things down, but the value of his -- of his assets was rapidly disappearing. In the end, he ends up the -- the -- he -- basically, his estate ends up being broke.

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    Anonymous said...

    your thoughts on the Colorado case involving the mother who supposedly helped her son molest more than 18 children is just that your thoughts, though no doubt entitled, you don't know this woman. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty not vice versa, am I wrong? I know this woman, and it's not within her character to do nothing more than take care of her family, and for this she is being made an example of. true she may have rented him a place paid his bills, even gave him rides, no different then my mom's done for me when I moved out, no different then others parents have done for them. can't say I can honestly recall my mom asking what I was gonna do @ the places she dropped me off to, no different then soldad may have been doing for her son, merely thinking she's dropping off her kid, not eventually being charged with being an accomplice, simply loving her son, and for this now she's being made an example of

    Anonymous said...

    Not rocket science that Patsy Ramsey killed her child, huh? News today of a confession from a Georgia man living in Thailand. I don't know how you know-it-alls can live with yourselves, really.