TRUE CRIME-Theory on Why the Powers That Be Won't End That Duke Rape Travesty

It's time for some True Crime. An acting Baldwin is arrested and it's not the first time.

Hey folks, isn't it time someone put that Duke rape prosecution to rest? I've some ideas on why no one's doing anything to stop this travesty of justice.

Dr. Death, AKA Dr. Kevorkian, soon to be out on parole, soon to kill again. Dear Dr. Kevorkian isn't as noble as many think he is.

Either a pet ferret or a puppy chewed off an infant's toes and no one knows what to charge the neglectful parents with or even which animal did the deed.

Finally, she tried to save her husband's most private part AFTER he was dead. Did you know this was against the law?

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Why Is This Duke Prosecutor Allowed to Continue?

Covered on this Blog during April 2006, Another April 2006, May 2006, Another May 2006 And October 2006 , we once again take a look at that Duke rape case and the amazing developments of the past week.

First was the phenomenal news that the victim gave birth. Which was wrong as originally reported but as facts were ascertained, the story now is that the victim will give birth in February sometime.

Couple of things here. First the time period of the purported birth does fall within a small window of being around nine months from the alleged attack. Subsequent speculation and counting on fingers has the child conceived AFTER the alleged rape, very shortly after, perhaps two weeks after the alleged rape.

Which all means pretty much nothing because rape victims are allowed to have consensual sex and bear children. This whole matter could go to a defense argument that the rape couldn’t have been such a traumatic thing if the victim was back in the saddle so quickly but I’d never buy that argument, indeed I would think it very small.

Of course there’s the possibility that one of the rapists could have fathered the child, which they did not. But a pregnancy so close to an alleged rape does bring that possibility to the fore. The Duke players’ defense team did ask for all of their clients to be tested for paternity, I suppose as a precaution before the trial.

Then comes the blockbuster news that the lab that tested the DNA from the victim had an agreement with Nifong NOT to release the results of their DNA tests.

From NewsObserver.com:
Brian Meehan, director of DNA Security of Burlington, said his lab found DNA from unidentified men in the underwear, pubic hair and rectum of the woman who said she was gang-raped at a lacrosse party in March. Nurses at Duke Hospital collected the samples a few hours after the alleged assault. Meehan said the DNA did not come from Reade Seligmann, David Evans, or Collin Finnerty, who have been charged with rape and sexual assault in the case.

Now as I understand it, the results of that DNA test are considered exculpatory evidence and such evidence should always be turned over to the defense. Common sense here. There is no way the defense could have that DNA available to be tested at a lab of the defense’s choosing. Thus our laws make it mandatory that this evidence be shared with the defense.

It’s very unclear, at least by the lab director and Nifong’s statements, just why the policy of not following the law was their course of action. It could be that they just plain broke the law but they waltzed around the matter.

As this travesty of justice unfolds I find I must shake my head ruefully. If those Lacrosse players are innocent and were part of an election campaign for Nifong, surely there is some method in our justice system to slap and stop runaway prosecutors from such blatant abuse of their power. It could someday be thou or I, perhaps our children, that become victims of this power run amok.

I am reminded of that other prosecutorial travesty, the indictment of Scooter Libby by runaway prosecutor Fitzgerald. This too is a case with no basis in law and is all too evident a ploy meant to damage Bush during election year 2004. The spy was NOT a spy; the source of the leak was NOT the source of the leak; witnesses that should have been called were NOT called.

So here we have two runaway prosecutors indicting innocent people for election victories and yet absolutely no one is doing a thing to stop it.

I think I know why. I also have some warnings about the spineless boobs who won’t put an end to all of this injustice.

First, we do discover that one congress critter HAS filed a request to investigate Nifong’s behavior.

For sure those defense attorneys for the Lacrosse players have been pounding on the local congress critters to do something to stop the endless slamming of their innocent clients. And an investigation by our federal department of justice is the perfect place to start.

Every state, no doubt, has different rules and procedures to reign in prosecutors run amok. Nifong IS an elected D.A. thus it may require a recall vote of some such to pull him back from the brink.

Duke Rape Investigation LogoWhatever the rules and regulations, there’s no reason our congress critters can’t grow a pair and beat the drums to stop the travesty of persecuting innocent civilians for crimes, all based on flimsy evidence and now based on just plain lies and hidden evidence. So finally one congress critter demands a federal Department of Justice investigation into Nifong but why did he wait so long? Those boys are having their lives ruined NOW. Not to mention the attorney fees they must be racking up.

Which is not to absolve those dumb kids of being stupid. I am just sorry, but calling for a stripper at these parties is dumb and a bit mean. How would those boys like it if they’d phoned for a stripper and their sisters or mothers showed up to give the show? For older voyeurs of the art of the exotic dance, how about their daughters showed up to strip for them? It’s demeaning to women although don’t even bother arguing with me. I know it goes on and my concern means pretty much nothing. Those young boys surely never thought such an awful thing could happen but hey, maybe adolescents, young, dumb and full of come, forgive my language, will have learned a thing or two.

Moving on, I am beyond angry that citizens of this country are allowed to be so unfairly prosecuted while the many institutions and elected congress critters of this country sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

I’m pretty sure I know why both Nifong and Fitzgerald have been allowed to continue their very unfair cases while those that certainly can stop it, have not.

It’s the cowards way out.

For at some point both of these runaway prosecutors are going to have to have an actual trial. Those who can stop the continuance of unfair investigations and charges choose to sit back and let the prosecutors hang themselves. This way no one risks alienating a voter or two and if a few innocent citizens find themselves in a nightmare they cannot escape, well hey, we’re talking VOTES here.

Those prosecutors will either continue on to a trial or at some point they’ll choose to stop the circus and call it a day. If they call the trial off, well right there they’ll be admitting de facto that there’s a reason for this action. If the reason is lack of evidence or unreliable witnesses, so be it. Then the citizens who suffered through the pain of the long drawn-out ordeal can sue the bejeesus out of the prosecutors and/or local government. In the case these prosecutors schedule an actual trial, well at this point all the cards will be on the table and the likes of Nifong will have to present his case and win or lose.

These jokes of prosecutions CAN be stopped but no one’s willing to take the risk. Those that can put an end to the nonsense don’t want to risk, hey, taking a stand against total injustice or anything. So they sit on their hands and wait for the prosecutor to stand or fall because in the end the truth will out.

Couple of things wrong with this logic. First, innocent citizens should not have their lives disrupted and their names sullied that someone can win a damn election. Not to state the obvious or anything.

Second, please remember that OJ jury. It’s dangerous to assume that bogus cases won’t go to trial and that innocent citizens will be exonerated by a jury. Suppose Nifong does the stupid and chooses to hold a trial for those charged Duke players? Suppose, recalling again the OJ jury, they are found guilty? Then we’ll have innocent citizens prosecuted and jailed for a crime based on a trumped up and illegal investigation.

Fitzgerald and Nifong CAN be stopped and stopped before more damage to our justice system is done. Cowards capable of putting an end to it should take a damn stand and should do so NOW.

But it’s okay, folks. It’s only you and I and/or our children being used as election pawns. Next time it might be one of your loved ones used for election insurance.

Baby’s Toes Chewed Off. Was It the Puppy or the Ferret?

This is a most unbelievable story and yet it happened.

Two parents awake to find their baby’s toes have been chewed off. They took the child to the hospital but the child’s toes cannot be reattached.

From Azcentral.com:
BOSSIER CITY, La. - A puppy chewed off four of a baby girl's toes next to her sleeping parents, who were then booked on charges of child desertion and criminal negligence, police said Monday.

Mary Shannon Hansche, 22, and Christopher Wayne Hansche, 26, told police they woke to the baby's cries, found her mangled foot and took her to the hospital early Sunday.

Police said that they were sleeping on a mattress and that the month-old girl was in an infant seat beside them when the 6-week-old pit bull began chewing on her toes.

The parents have been charged with child neglect and the baby and their other child have been removed from the home.

Go with me here, a baby would surely be screaming as a dog methodically chews off its toes. Four toes are missing on this baby so it’s not like this was a quick bite and run. Also, the dog alleged to have done the deed is but a puppy, barely weaned. It would certainly take a puppy a while to chew off four toes. It’s also alleged the puppy might have been trying to nurse on the baby’s toes. Which, if true, would have taken at least some span of time.

So where were the parents as their baby screamed in agony?

Now yet another mystery to the equation. It turns out these folks also have a pet ferret and some think it was the ferret that chewed off the baby’s toes. From my reading I learn that ferrets are natural chewers and that it was far more likely the family’s pet ferret bit off those toes than a little puppy only trying to nurse.

From the Shreveporttimes:
Which animal did it -- the puppy or the ferret?

That's the question puzzling residents of a Bossier City neighborhood.

"I just don't believe a 3-pound, 6-week-old puppy bit the toes off of that precious baby. I think that ferret did it," neighbor Linda Edwards said.

Nearly a week after reports that the puppy gnawed off four of the the month-old girl's toes while her parents slept, some neighbors and animal control officials now think the family's pet ferret may be the more likely suspect.

Whether it was the ferret of the puppy that did the actual deed, it was the parents who did not adequately supervise their children.

Such an unnecessary tragedy.

Alleged Assisted Suicide Advocate, Kevorkian, to be Paroled

From Forbes.com:
Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian will be paroled in June, state Corrections spokesman Leo Lalonde said Wednesday.

Dr. Kevorkian montage

Jack Kervorkian is no advocate of suffering people and I’m weary of people defending this pervert. He has a slew of questionable assisted suicides in his past and he has drawn a fine collection of death pictures that are just plain eerie.

There’s been reports that several people who ole Jack helped die were not terminal and one or two were mentally ill. Also, subsequent investigation into Kevorkian has revealed this fine doctor has a real “thing” for death. See, he LIKES to watch people die.

So the man sets himself up as some sort of savior of the tortured and hey, a good PR spin machine can convince the world that Jack the Ripper was the savior of downtrodden prostitutes.

I’m not debating the merits of death by choice here. Sure, I’ve got an opinion, that’s no surprise. I am stating right here and now that Jack Kevorkian is NOT the man carrying the banner for the cause.

As a result of a recent online discussion I’ve decided that I’m going to compile a complete post on this fine perverted doctor of death, complete with links. I don’t have it ready now but wanted to put the public on notice that Dr. Death will soon walk amongst the free, along around June 2007 or so.

Soon I’ll have a complete post, including the good doctor’s death drawings and links to his questionable assisted suicides.

Kevorkian pees on the feet of the well-intentioned and tells them it’s raining.

Acting Baldwin Brother Arrested for Car Theft

From TMZ.com:
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Daniel Baldwin was arrested Tuesday in Santa Monica, Calif., after allegedly stealing a car.

Daniel Baldwin We're told the owner of the car called OnStar, reporting the car stolen, and a rep from OnStar in turn called the Santa Monica P.D. to report the theft. Cops found the car at a local motel and saw Baldwin getting inside the vehicle.

He’s the brother of more famous Alec Baldwin and this fellow has a serious drug problem.

This is Daniel Baldwin’s second arrest for possession of drugs and now he’s charged with stealing a car.

They Called It Their “Joystick”

From Ananova.com, we learn that a German woman chopped off her dead husband’s penis, wrapped it in foil, and took it home as a souvenir.

Seems the couple called Mr. Heinrich’s manhood their “joystick”. “It was his best asset and gave me so much pleasure,” Uta Heinrich explained.

Turns out this sort of thing is against the law, defacing the dead or some such.

More amusing is just the notion that anyone would even consider such a thing. I bet that dead husband would much prefer to go to heaven with his manhood along.

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Zonie said...

I bet the Louisiana couple were sleeping off drugs.

Anonymous said...

You can add Ronnie Earl to the list of prosecutors abusing their power where Fitzgerald and Niffong sit. Ronnie Earle indicted Tom Delay so that the Marxist Democrats could steal a seat in congress and so that the the media could paint Republicans as being corrupt. Ironic that the law which Delay was indicted on is the unconstitutional campaign finance reform laws that take away our freedom of speech. Delay didn't even "violate" that unconstitutional monstrosity. This is injustice and the evil behind all this injustice and criminalizing of Republicans is the Democrat party.