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Marie Osmond Faints-Was It Real?

Marie Osmond’s sudden faint while on stage surprised every one. As these things do, heh, tend to do.

The following day ABC’s hit dancing series, “Dancing With the Stars”, got some publicity as wise pundit hosts announced the shocking fall and, in some cases, had medico guest stars who would tell us why such odd faints happen and how we can avoid them. Women and minorities especially hard hit.

There was one medico on some pundit show or another yesterday angrily denying that anyone can simply “not breathe”, as Marie contended happened to her. “Breathing is an automatic thing” as I paraphrase the medico pundit.

I, of course and as expected, have experience on the matter. Although in conclusion I might leave yon reader as much in the dark as ever.

My daughter, as a baby and up to five years of age, fainted regularly and much in the same fashion as Marie Osmond. She too had MRI’s and all manner of medical tests, just as Marie contends. Those tests showed nothing wrong, again, just as Marie Osmond contends her medical tests reflected the same lack of information.

In due course, myself and daughter’s babysitter eventually learned to live with the sudden and scary fainting. We had, through experience, learned when Melissa was about to faint and we’d quickly find a safe place for the child to fall down with no harm.

Which brings me to question one because Marie Osmond contended that this fainting often happens when she gets short of breath. I wonder why she didn’t sit down immediately or warn somebody to watch her lest she faint and fall.

Because Melissa too fainted when she couldn’t catch her breath so here’s a raspberry to that wise TV medico who said breathing was automatic and that Marie’s contention that she could “not breathe” was absurd. Melissa’s inability to breathe was caused by a bout of serious crying. She would do that thing that children do when very distraught…she would begin a strong cry that would start out with a scream. Then there would be silence for a few moments as the child let that first wail loose and held her breath until a gasp would have a normal child taking in some air to begin the cry again with the accompanying noise and renewed fervor. Only Melissa never made that gasp. She’d make her initial cry noise and silence ensued until the child crumbled up and fell to the floor in a faint.

Always, immediately after the faint, she’d regain consciousness. Her body did, as the TV medico stated, automatically begin to breathe and the new rush of air to her deflated lungs brought her back to reality. At that point Melissa would continue crying just like any other child who did not faint in between. The thing to note here is that Melissa did faint before her automatic breathing reflex kicked in so that medico’s derision that such a thing isn’t possible is just plain wrong. The medico was right about breathing being an automatic thing, however.

So if I happened to see Melissa get hurt in some way that would have her start with a gigantic scream I knew to immediately put her down on the ground even while her mouth was open wide much like that famous painting of mad people. Her mouth would be open as if crying but no sound came forth.

Now Marie Osmond is NOT a child, ahem. Melissa’s fainting episodes began as a baby and continued until she was about five years of age. After that early childhood, she never fainted again. Melissa’s pediatrician assured me that fainting like Melissa’s was not all that unusual and children usually outgrow it. The pediatrician was right. I think it very odd that an adult would continue fainting her entire life. Still, I suppose it’s possible.

Also, as I’ve mentioned above, you would think that after a lifetime of fainting that generally follows such breath-struggling episodes as Marie described (and as I explained, the action upon that causes such fainting episodes is generally discerned from experience) that she would know enough to get somewhere safe because a loss of consciousness is a serious thing, no matter how brief it might be.

I watched Marie’s fall from the faint and boom, she fell pretty solid.

In fact, below is a video of what will become one of this seasons “Dancing With the Stars” famous scenes.

Below, a video of Marie’s dance performance on that same night.

Okay, so on with the critique and comments.

First, in the last two weeks the order has varied somewhat but for the most part, the three highest dancers have been Mel the Spice Girl, Sabrina the Cheetah Girl and Cameron the soap star fellow.

The episode aired on Monday 10/22/07 featured the Rumba and the Samba. Marie Osmond’s rendition of the Samba was lackluster and, in fact, the only dance performance that stands out in my mind that evening was Sabrina’s. In fact, I am convinced that Sabrina is going to win this thing.

montage of male dancers from episode aired 10.22.07 plus Jenni Garth

Montage of female from Dance With Stars episode aired 10.22.07

I have one more wise comment as regards the episode aired this night. Last week Mel the Spice Girl came in the bottom two. Now Mel does not deserve this as she is certainly part of the top tier in the remaining contenders. The judges even yelled their dismay last week when it was announced that Mel and her partner shared the bottom two with Floyd Mayweather, who was sent home.

Mel the Spice Girl did a fine job with her Samba on the evening of 10/22/07 but it wasn’t all that. Yet to hear the judges go on and on you’d think she’d just danced the dance of the gods.

Frankly I think the judges set this up to give Mel a boost lest she either end up in the bottom two, which she does not deserve, or even being sent home, which she definitely does not deserve.

One final question…I could swear I heard one of Mel’s Spice Girl buddies make some snide comment that Mel needs to remain a contender in this dance contest show because so long as she remains she won’t be with them.

Hey, I thought it was a snide comment and further, I’ve noted her partner does not seem to like her at all.

Perhaps I’m imagining things but for now my sense is that Mel the Spice Girl is not so nice.

Top Ten Stars In ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" Fall 2007
Mel B-Spice Girl
Mark Cuban-Internet Entrepreneur-sent home 10/22/07
Marie Osmond-Singer
Jane Seymour-Actress
Wayne Newton-Las Vegas Entertainer-sent home 10/8/07
Helio Castroneves-Race car driver
Jennie Garth-Actress
Cameron Mathison-Soap Star
Floyd Mayweather-Boxer-sent home 10/15/07
Sabrina Bryan-Cheetah Girls

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Marie Osmond Faints

”The Bachelor” Brad Womack Narrows the Field to Four

The episode aired Monday 10/22/07 was a bit boring for this series that young woman adore in their dream of a Knight in Shining Armor. Which is why contender Hillary’s breakdown was probably hyped as if Britney Spears herself exposed her crotch again, right on the show.

Hillary was eliminated on this evening and I was surprised. I thought she’d be a great wife for Brad, heh, but I suppose Brad disagreed.

Still and so, her meltdown was no big deal but a vignette of same was shown as a trailer leading into the show and Hillary’s sobbing body was shown as a tease throughout the show that the audience does not turn the knob and miss this drama.

Frankly I wanted to slap the girl silly. Hey, you don’t voluntarily agree to join in a contest along with 24 other woman hoping to catch one guy’s eye and start boohooing when he sends you packing. It’s part of the territory.

montage from The Bachelor aired 10.22.07

montage from The Bachelor episode aired 10/22/07

Kristy was also sent home that night and the four contenders left will all welcome Brad Womack into their homes and introduce him to their families.

The four left include DeAnna, Bettinna, Jenni, and Sheena.

For now I’m sticking with Jenni as Brad’s choice as he does seem to be hot for her and gives her passionate kisses whenever he can. Sheena is also a possibility. She is the youngest of those left but Brad said his twin brother really liked her and identical twins tend to think alike.

Tune in the next episode when the four final contenders bring Bachelor Brad Womack home.

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Final dozen contenders-"The Bachelor" Fall 2007
McCarten-sent home 10/15/07
Estefania-(Stephy) -sent home 10/15/07
Kristy-sent home 10/22/07
Lindsey-sent home 10/8/07
Mallory-send home 10/1/07
Erin-sent home 10/1/07
Jessica-sent home
Michelle-sent home 10/1/07
Sarah-sent home 10/8/07
Hillary-sent home 10/22/07
Jade-sent home 10/15/07

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Concerned in St. Pete said...

I found your blog when doing a google search for my own child's problem with fainting. He is 14 months old and does exactly the same thing...starts to cry and, if he's distraught enough, he can't get his breath after the first cry and he faints, only to revive after a few seconds.

What is this condition called?!

Anyone out there know?

Concerned in St. Pete