True Crime Update 2/1/08

A second True Crime post for this week.

Cesar Laurean murders one of our marines, buries her in his backyard, and is now gallivanting around Mexico unmolested. Thank Greta Van Sustern for tracking this fellow down as obviously our military is too busy.

The fine lady who microwaved her baby goes to trial, Drew Peterson on Ebay and a new TV show proving it pays to murder your wives, the latest on missing Brianna Denison, Cyril Wecht accused of malfeasance, and that illegal alien busy engaging in civil disobedience when her smarmy butt needs to be booted back to Cuba.

Plus a fellow arrested for two homicides and you have got to see the pic of this perp. You will not believe your lying eyeballs.

Quote of the Day our kids a conscience

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”Provisional” Mexican Arrest Warrant Finally Authorized for Lauterbach Killer

What the article linked to below fails to note is that the obtaining of a provisional arrest warrant, whatever “provisional” means, was caused no doubt by the meddling of Mark Fuhrman on behalf of Fox’s Greta Van Sustern show.

In fact, just last night, 1/30/08, I chanced to watch Greta and the story detailed by Fuhrman, who was IN Mexico at the time, was shocking.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) -- Six days after Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean was tracked to a town in Mexico, a Mexican court issued an arrest warrant Monday for the alleged killer, the U.S. Embassy said.

Marie Lauterbach, missing pregnant marine

The provisional warrant authorizes Mexican police to follow leads and to arrest the 21-year-old Laurean -- who's accused of killing pregnant Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and burying her in the back yard of his North Carolina home.

It would seem that absolutely NOTHING had been done to capture Laurean although the man murdered a United States Marine, burned her pregnant body and buried her in his backyard, then took off for his home country of Mexico. Not to mention that Laurean himself is a Marine.

Silly me, I’d think the military would be all over this.

Well sure the fine country of Mexico, run by the most corrupt police force on the planet, doesn’t like to send Americans who’ve made it south of the border back home because, heh, Mexico has such fine morals that they can’t bear the thought of a human being getting the death penalty or even more than fifty years in jail, for any reason. No doubt the corrupt Mexican police are protecting themselves and think how much bribe money an American criminal on the lam can bring in? Think serial rapist Andrew Luster.

In fact, that Dog bounty hunter was also on Greta last night and he provided a background of getting criminals back from Mexico that boggled this American’s law abiding sensibilities all to hell.

Mark Fuhrman interviewed all of Laurean’s relatives and hell yeah they saw the guy. He had been here and he had been there and as Fuhrman elucidated, it appears that Laurean is making quite a show of himself and, as Fuhrman figures, WANTS law authorities to know he’s there in Guadalajara. The concept is that if everyone goes looking for Laurean in Guadalajara then he can run off to more remote parts of Mexico for a life of freedom from American jails.

It would seem that this so-called “provisional” arrest warrant was NOT issued until the Fox people and Mark Fuhrman actually went to Mexico and began asking around. You read this right, not one single American of any stature had even bothered to ask Cesar Laurean’s relatives a few questions although they all happily answered questions for Fox news. It was only AFTER Fuhrman’s questioning that an arrest warrant was issued!

I’m still trying to digest American having a marine killed, burned and buried whilst the perp runs off to Mexico and the USA DOESN’T DO A THING TO CATCH THE GUY! God help us if we ever get in a war with Mexico. They’d wipe out our marines in a few minutes with no questions asked.

Also, while there is a reward offered for information leading to the arrest of Cesar Laurean, according to Mark Fuhrman this money is of little temptation to Laurean’s relatives. First, the police in Mexico are so corrupt that none of Laurean’s relatives believe that they would ever see a cent. Second, it would seem that while those tiny hovels in Guadalajara look like a ghetto to the average American, Laurean’s Mexican family is quite affluent by Mexican standards. A reward of ten thousand dollars, the last amount I heard, is like about twenty bucks to us.

Gotta love Mexico, huh? Better, why is the United States allowing this travesty of justice to continue on with the death of a marine in the balance?

Drew Peterson’s Novel Ways to Raise Money

Speaking of a travesty of justice, why hone in on Mexico? For in our fine state of Illinois it would seem that the police can murder their wives with impunity and no problem, she’s dead in a dry bathtub, covered with cuts, bruises and blood, hell it had to be an accident, right?

Now Drew Peterson’s current wife, Stacey Peterson, is missing and we get to watch this clown flip us all the finger as he volunteers for dating contests and now we understand that Drew Peterson wants to go on the new Fox reality show, “Moment of Truth”. This show hooks up contestants to a lie detector and…well Drew Peterson hooked up to a lie detector would be quite interesting. I doubt the man will pass any kind of legit lie detector test but by now I think he’s just looking for money. My sense of truth, justice and the American way tells me that at some point Peterson’s time will be up. Even the Illinois police are smarting by how this fellow made them look so foolish.

And let’s not forget that fine alleged attorney of Peterson who, it’s been said, is behind his client’s eager but legally dangerous attempts to keep his name in the news and get money while doing so.

Pic from

And now, if hasn’t gotten strange enough, we’ve got Drew Peterson selling stuff on EBAY!

From Chicago
Thought the hoopla surrounding Drew Peterson was bound to die down? You probably haven't looked on eBay, where online auctions to purchase Peterson-related paraphernalia have begun.

Would-be buyers have their choice of Peterson's old window frames, the Dec. 3 issue of People magazine with Peterson on the cover, and several of the weekly tabloids that include Peterson in their coverage. Starting price: 99 cents. Shipping and handling not included.

Check Out This Double Murderer

Yon readers will know, from the pic below and also at the link provided, that I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! Those slippers are to die for.

Allentown police had suspected William Torres of dealing drugs in the city. But an undercover narcotics investigation yielded much more, and resulted in Torres, 21, being charged early Saturday with two counts of homicide.

charged with murder check out pic

Police said Torres, whose last known address was 436 Turner St., Allentown, gunned down two men at Fourth and Allen streets last month. According to court documents, Torres admitted killing the men.

Woman Uses Craigslist to Hire Killer of Lover’s Wife

The Butte County Sheriff's Office has announced the arrest of a Michigan woman who allegedly used the Internet to arrange a hit on a female Butte County employee.
According to a press release from the Sacramento office of the FBI, 48-year-old Ann Marie, of Rockford, Mich., had an online relationship with the husband of her intended victim, then met the Oroville man in Reno in 2005 for a romantic encounter. She also reportedly came to Butte County last May to spend time with him.

So she met this fine fellow online, then she met him in person and damn, this is a woman with serious romantic intentions. Because via Craigslist, this woman wanted to hire someone to hire her lover, a fine man who cheats on his wife and a catch any woman would desire.

So far the husband is in the clear but you gotta wonder.

”Civil Disobedience” From Illegal Aliens?

Okay, so I pack up everything and I move to France. Then I get all noble, even though I am not a French citizen and let’s not forget that I chose to live in France without bother of their laws as regards non-citizens.

Then I engage in and encourage a form of “civil disobedience” much like the civil rights activists and Martin Luther King of my youth.

Somebody tell that creep Marta Roque that she needs to go back to her home country and come into this country LEGALLY! Then she should pursue an American citizenship and only then does she have the right to get out and protest our laws, this illegal skank.

From Radio Netherlands:
Santa Clara#Santa Clara, Cuba] Cuban dissident Marta Beatriz Roque has told the AFP news agency that prominent Cuban dissident Jorge Luis García Pérez has been arrested for civil disobedience. Mr Garcia, better known as Antunez, was arrested outside his house in the town of Placetas after attending an opposition meeting. He has been transferred to the provincial capital Santa Clara. Antunez was released from jail last year after serving 17 years for distributing what the authorities call hostile propaganda. Cuban dissident groups say that nearly 300 political prisoners are being held by the authorities.

Microwave Baby Trial Begins in Ohio

She admits she was drunk as a skunk but she says she had nothing to do with her baby’s death. The one month old baby was, however, very dead and until this fine mother allegedly got up to give the child a bottle, the baby had been healthy.

Arnold killed baby in microwave

DAYTON, Ohio — Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a woman accused of killing her 1-month-old daughter by burning the child in a microwave oven.

If convicted of aggravated murder, China Arnold, 27, could face the death penalty.

Police investigators believe Arnold killed 1-month-old Paris Talley by putting her in a microwave at her Dayton home in 2005. Coroner's officials said the baby suffered high-heat internal injuries and had no external burns. They have ruled out scalding water, open flame or other possible causes of death that could have damaged the skin.

The baby had severe internal organ burn damage but no external burn damage. Prosecutors believe she microwaved the baby.

Don’t believe that bit about the death penalty. This poor baby, may Jesus hold her in His loving arms, was only one month away from a completely legal murder. For our law allows a mother to pierce an unborn baby’s skull up until a live birth so what’s one month difference matter?

Criminal Case on San Fran Tiger Case Closed

Well sure those fine boys, whose parents must be so proud of them, were drunk as skunks on Christmas day and they likely did taunt Titiana the San Francisco Zoo’s Siberian tiger. But did they break any laws? And if they did, can it be proved>

From Mercury
Thirty-five days after declaring the San Francisco Zoo a crime scene, police on Tuesday suspended their investigation of the Christmas Day tiger mauling that left a 17-year-old San Jose resident dead and two friends injured.

Don’t go thinking we’ve heard the last of this case. It’s now on the very honest and decent attorney Mark Geragos to sue the pants off the San Francisco Zoo that he and his clients can make millions off of their bad behavior.

We’ll be hearing more about this about a year from now.

DNA Match Made on Missing Brianna Denison

It seems another student in the area where Brianna Denison went missing was assaulted recently. Now we understand that DNA collected from that earlier assault and DNA collected from somewhere in the vicinity of where Brianna was sleeping the night she went missing is a match. Thus, if they find this guy, he will have two crimes against him.

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Police say a positive DNA link has been established between the abduction of a college student from a Reno home last week and a December sexual assault of another student who lived a few blocks away.

Brianna Dennison missing

Reno police commander Ron Holladay says investigators think the same unidentified white male in his 30s is responsible for the earlier assault and for the Jan. 20 kidnapping of 19-year-old Brianna Denison.

The first student who was kidnapped was released by this abductor. We have to believe, based on blood found on Brianna’s pillow and the fact that there’s been no contact from her, that Brianna might not have been so lucky.

Here’s a fellow roaming those streets, abducting females from their own homes apparently. Now we have a dead female and they’ve got to catch this guy. Goodness knows how that blood got on the pillow but it does not bode well.

Cyril Wecht Indicted for Using His Public Paid Position for Profit

I dislike Cyril Wecht intensely.

I think for the right money, Wecht will conduct an autopsy with any conclusion that people with the money want.

One of the things Wecht is accused of is “donating” unclaimed cadavers to a local university so he can use their space for his own private autopsy business.

This is the second time this fellow’s been charged. I don’t believe he’s as innocent as the pure-driven snow, no I don’t. They’ve got the goods on this opportunist living high on the taxpayer dime.

From the NY
PITTSBURGH — By his own count, Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, one of the nation’s foremost forensic pathologists, has testified in more than 1,000 civil and criminal trials in his 46-year career, and opined on thousands more on television, on radio and in print.

But now, for the second time in his life, Dr. Wecht is the accused.

Fine Men Rape Young Girl on Way to School

Actually I only honed in on this True Crime after a visit to a true crime forum that I occasionally visit. For this crime was listed with the appropriate link. Some male commenter, probably a pervert or some such, launched into an invective about this teenaged girl, that she probably had consensual sex with these good looking fellows right before the start of the school day, that we all should remember Crystal Magnum of Mike Nifong fame.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 16-year-old girl was abducted as she walked to school on Thursday and raped by four men, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

rape trio Jacksonville

Three of the four men accused were arrested and charged with kidnapping and armed sexual battery.

Which brings me to my point that this kind of attitude is another result of runaway prosecutors like Mike Nifong. For women are regularly raped in this country and believe it or not, it’s very rare for a woman to make a false rape accusation. Yes, of course it happens. But in this day of DNA and specialized rape tests, it’s not that easy for a girl to point a finger at a consensual sex partner and scream rape.

Not that common sense shouldn’t dictate that dear Lord does anybody with one brain cell really think that this 16 year old girl decided, la-di-da, to engage in multiple intercourse with these handsome, evidently very rich and intelligent fellows, FOUR OF THEM?

Thank God the investigators don’t think the kid’s lying. They’ve got three of them and are looking for the fourth.
Lisa Montgomery-Killed a Mother-to-Be and Stole Her Baby from Her Womb
She met her prey at a meeting for dog breed aficionados. Bobbie Jo Stinnet was 8 months pregnant. She was strangled and her baby was taken from her womb.

Because for sure this most unusual crime, replete with twists, turns, curves and bends involving dog shows, internet chat boards, strange cousins, dead dogs, and fake pregnancies, will be the true crime trial of the decade.

Because if Lisa Montgomery is not crazy then she certainly behaved as if she were.

This post begins the story of Bobbie Jo Stinnet and Lisa Montgomery.

Right after this crime which shook the nation, this Blog became a focal point of discussion about this amazing case. At some point Bobbie Jo's AND Lisa Montgomery's husband actually posted to this blog. This link to a post with many intriguing comments about this crime.

We continue on HERE following this case.

In Late September 2007 the Montgomery case goes to trial. Intriguing updates here.

More Montgomery trial updates HERE.

Defense Claims Lisa's Childhood Sexual Abuse Made Her Insane.

Jury recommends death penalty for Lisa Montgomery

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