True Crime-Much More on the Toilet Lady and Her Fine Boyfriend

Time for a True Crime and we've got old ones and new ones.

I've been reviewing "The Bachelor" series this year but here's a story of a fellow who was ALMOST on that show only he turned out to be charged with serial rapes.

We've got lots of updates on the lady stuck on the toilet, her fine boyfriend who left her there for two years and some scoop on both of these rather odd folk.

Also, Mumia to get a new trial, that cop killer so many liberals seem to love. Plus some Philadelphia boys attack and cause death of a citizen for their amusement, update on the little girl left to die as her parents prayed and hey, how about that D.B. Cooper story? Did they really find the guy's parachute?

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Fine Bachelor Fellow Scores Two Out of Three

Bachelor rapist

Here’s a True Crime that will really raise your hackles. For here’s a fine fellow, wealthy, handsome, named by People Magazine as “Bachelor of the Year” and also ALMOST a star in the reality series “The Bachelor”.

Only Gary Zerola, hey, no wonder the guy’s a bachelor. For he doesn’t have to marry a woman. If he wants a little, hey, he just rapes her!

What’s really unnerving is that for the last two trials this fine, fine fellow, who females across the fruited plains keep accusing of rape for no reason at all, it’s a conspiracy of the highest order, has been found not guilty.

But not to worry friends. Gary, who is above the law and a woman’s firm “no”, once took off on a junket to Florida to see a football game, this against the terms of his probation, and he RAPED ANOTHER WOMAN while there!

From the Boston Herald:
For the second time in two months, a Boston attorney popularized by People magazine for his dusky looks and can-do attitude has been acquitted of sexually assaulting a teenage admirer.

Gary Zerola, whose 2001 “Most Eligible Bachelor” nod in People and advocacy for foster care helped make him a finalist for the premiere season of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” was found not guilty this afternoon by a Suffolk Superior Court jury.

From USA Today:
In the 2004 case, Zerola stands accused of repeatedly raping a woman in his apartment.

In 2006, a woman told police that after the two went out on their first date, she went back to his apartment to use the bathroom. She said that after she turned down Zerola's sexual advances, he ripped off her dress and underwear, slammed her head against the wall and refused to let her leave.

The woman dialed 911 on her cell phone and police tracked the call to Zerola's apartment using a GPS system.

While awaiting trial in those two attacks, Zerola violated the conditions of his bail and flew to Florida this past fall to see the New England Patriots play the Miami Dolphins.

Evidently prosecutors are doing something wrong in trying this guy but it must be noted that this fine, fine fella is a defense attorney himself.

So there’s one more upcoming trial and let us hope that they finally nail this guy. Because while I understand the presumption of innocence, THREE women up and accused this guy of rape? I softly suggest there are probably plenty of others out there who didn’t bother with the charge.

Everyone who thinks this fine, handsome fellow innocent please raise their hand.

And the sound of crickets fills the air.

Cop Stages Illegal Search to Look Like a Break In

We like to keep track of news reports of rogue cops, the sorts who use their tazer a little too quickly or step all over our constitutional rights.

It seems that Atlanta, Georgia had an incident involving a botched drug raid that resulted in the death of a 94-year-old woman. As a result, as I presume, there’s been closer scrutiny of that city’s narcotics squad.

From AJC.com:
A 23-year Atlanta Police Department veteran pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiring to violate civil rights by searching a private residence without a warrant, federal prosecutors said.

Wilbert Stallings, 44, of Conyers, a sergeant in the department's narcotics unit, faces up to 10 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. A sentencing date wasn't immediately set.

This fine, proud police sergeant, Stallings, had on this detail one of the officers involved in the death of the elderly woman from the botched drug raid.

Which is why we must keep a jaundiced eye on those us little people give power to because it’s incidents like the above that cause the death of innocents.

Prayers for Madeline

From Jsonline:
Madeline Neuman

Children don't often die like this in the United States.

But on Sunday in the Town of Weston, near Wausau, 11-year-old Madeline Kara Neumann died of diabetic ketoacidosis, a treatable though serious condition of type 1 diabetes in which acid builds up in the blood.

This is NOT a True Crime story.

For the state of Wisconsin, where young Madeline died from an illness easily cured in this Year of Our Lord, 2008, has a statute that states specifically that parents cannot be arrested for abuse or neglect if the reason for death is solely because they relied on prayer instead of seeking medical help.

So there you have it.

And you know what? When all is said and done, yes when all is said and done and the tears are shed, I suppose we must allow parents to avoid medical intervention if it is against their religion.

Although….children are innocents. No one will ever know what Madeline would have wanted.

Unusual Twist to the Usual “Teacher Has Sex With Student” Riff

From the LeavenworthTimes:
A Leavenworth man is accused of having unlawful sexual relations with high school students while working as a substitute teacher.

Mohamed A. Dirshe, 26, has been charged with three counts of unlawful sexual relations and three counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor for illicit purposes, all felonies, according to court records.

First, this fine man’s first name is …well note his first name yourself, yon reader.

Second, his victims were young, adolescent BOYS.

Nowhere in sight is the vaunted teachers’ union.

Sueppel Murder Update

The tragic story of the Sueppel family was breaking news during my last True Crime post on this Blog HERE.

In the above linked post I had very little information on this crime save that four young children and their mother were found dead in their home, evidently bludgeoned to death with a blunt object. The fine father, who is burning in hell in agony even as yon reader digests this missive, was found dead in his vehicle miles away. In this update, a picture of that family and those precious babies now cradled in the arms of Jesus, may He comfort them in their new heavenly home.
From CBSnews.com:
Sueppel family

(CBS/AP) Five members of an Iowa City family found dead in their home were beaten to death, autopsy results released Wednesday revealed.

Sheryl Sueppel, 42, and her four children died from blunt force trauma to their upper torsos and heads, Iowa City police said.

According to a suicide tome Steven Sueppel left behind, he killed his family because he knew of his intent to kill himself. He felt like it would be cruel to allow his wife and adopted children to live what with his fine self gone and everything.

The fine Steven Sueppel, a criminal thief and now a murderer, deserves not one whit of sympathy although I’ll allow that he might have been a little nuts.

Still, one of those precious babies was found in a downstairs room where he had evidently run to avoid death by baseball bat.

This brave man, even though he was planning this murder, didn’t bother to go get a gun to kill his family. Instead he bludgeoned them to death in the most horrific death imaginable.

Fine Cop Killer Abu-Jamal Mumia to Get New Penalty Hearing

Abu-Jamal Mumia is, well look at the paragraph excerpted below. He is referred to as a “celebrity death row inmate”.

From Yahoo.com:
PHILADELPHIA - A federal appeals court has ordered a new penalty hearing for celebrity death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal (moo-MEE'-ah AH'-boo jah-MAHL').

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says Abu-Jamal's conviction for the 1981 murder of a Philadelphia police officer should stand. But it says he should get a new sentencing hearing because of flawed jury instructions.

You gotta love liberals. For surely there are millions, indeed even BILLIONS, of people across this planet who need the love, affection and assistance this piece of human garbage Mumia gets from the deluded.

Mumia cold-bloodedly murdered a police officer, father of several young children, for stopping his brother on a traffic charge. Yet the liberals on this planet continue to claim the fine Abu-Jamal is innocent even though he’s been convicted fair and square by a jury and the evidence against him was overwhelming to even those with just a modicum of common sense.

Hey, if we can let that raping bachelor in a story up thread go free as a result of a jury’s verdict, so too should this fine Mumia fellow pay for his crime.

It looks like Mumia is going to get a new penalty hearing and the result might be that he does NOT get the death penalty.

Whatever the case, look for the loving liberals to continue whoring for this murderer with no rhyme or reason to their logic.

HERE to Help out the Mumia Cause

Mumia book cover


Toilet Woman Updates

The story of the woman who was, literally, stuck to a toilet seat by her skin, was covered on this Blog HERE and HERE.

This is a story that captivated the country and was covered by the hard news cable channels as well as the “soft, pop” news shows such as Nancy Grace.

The country scratched its collective head as to how what appeared to be a perfectly sane male, could have failed to seek help for Babcock, the toilet lady for over two years. Speculation abounded.

So we have a couple of updates. The major update is the following tidbit.

From Foxnews.com:
NESS CITY, Kan. — A man whose girlfriend sat on a toilet for so long that the seat adhered to her body has been arrested in a separate case.

Authorities say Kory McFarren was arrested Sunday for alleged lewd and lascivious behavior. He allegedly exposed himself to a neighbor's teenage daughter and her friends. He spent the night in jail before posting bond.

Let the record show that Kory McFarren, who, for whatever oddball reason, failed to get help for his mentally distraught girlfriend whose skin had adhered to the toilet seat in his home, is evidently a bit of a pervert.

I also chanced to hear an interview with a relative of the hapless Babcock on a Nancy Grace episode. There’s something not quite right with this Babcock family.

For Pam Babcock has refused any access to her now hospitalized self to any member of her family. The Nancy Grace interview alluded to incidents of past familial abuse of Babcock and her refusal to see her family at a time when it would seem most of us would need our family most is most telling.

It’s the story that never ends.

Could Obama Have Fomented This Crime?

I’m just sayin’ …

Four black youths attack a white man in a Philadelphia subway terminal. While the attack didn’t cause the man’s death, the man died later of a heart attack caused by the stress of the attack.

The scuttlebutt is that it would turn out that Obama WAS in Pennsylvania the day of this random attack from those four youths who SHOULD have been in school. The victim was a very meek white man, both for real and from all outward appearances.

The four fine youths needed some “amusement”.

The unspoken question is…could these four fellas have been in the company of a “typical white person” and decided to prove Obama’s theory?

From Philly.com:
Sean Conroy killed in Philadelphia

The four teenagers who ambushed Sean Patrick Conroy in a subway concourse Wednesday chose their victim at random and attacked him for no other purpose than to amuse themselves, police said yesterday.

"He just happened to be walking in front of them and they picked him out," said Homicide Lt. Melvin Williams.

We’re not accusing the fine Obama as being complicit in this assault but it could well be offered as proof that words have consequences. What with Obama’s fine Pastor Wright and his “typical white people” remarks…this man is no leader, much less presidential material.

Was the Parachute D.B. Cooper’s?

The discovery of a discolored parachute on a farm in northern Washington state has fans of the infamous airplane hijacker D.B. Cooper entranced.

In 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked an airplane, forced the pilots to fly back to an airport, ordered the delivery of $200,000 in unmarked twenty dollar bills plus four parachutes to the airplane. Cooper allowed the commercial passengers to disembark then ordered the pilots to fly the plane wherever he chose. Eventually Cooper exited the airplane while it was in the air, via parachute one must assume.

Cooper has never been found, although some of those marked twenty dollar bills were found by a young child many years later.

I am keeping up with this story as many speculate that the parachute found in that farmer’s field DOES seem to match the parachute delivered to the hijacked plane.

D.B. Cooper is a rare breed, a rogue criminal that, with passage of time and ageing of the myth, is a bad guy all the good guys hope got away with the crime.

Wikipedia’s Entry on Cooper HERE


She was a child beauty. She had a bright and vibrant future in front of her. Who robbed this child of her happy life? Could a stranger really have negotiated the twisting stairs in dead of night, all the while writing ransom novels and carrying Jonbenet's body three stories down? All this while never waking either Jonbenet's sleeping parents or her brother?

Or did someone nearer and dearer to Jonbenet accidentally kill the child?

Posted soon after Patsy Ramsey's death, this post speculates on the woman and her culpability in the death of her child.

Here's a rant on the "48 Hours" interview with John Ramsey re the fraud known as Mark Karr. The post illustrates how deftly Ramsey pees upon our feet whilst telling us that it's raining.

This post was composed as an email to a true crime group before Blogs were all the rage. It was composed about a year after Jonbenet's death and it includes my theory of how the crime came down. Since these many almost ten years, I stand by my theory.

This post includes book reviews of two Jonbenet theme true crime books. One is "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" by Lawrence Shiller and the other is "Jonbenet" by Detective Steve Thomas.

So the stupid Colorado prosecutor imports pervert John Mark Karr, spending taxpayer money as we need more child molesters in this country. All based on the nonsense lies foisted upon us by John and Patsy Ramsey.

1 comment:

Most Eligible Bachelor = SERIAL RAPIST said...

Most Eligible Bachelor=SERIAL RAPIST
Over a DOZEN women claim to have been raped by Gary Zerola. He needs to be stopped.

4 rape victims of Gary Zerola testified under oath about what happened to them. I have heard of at least 3 other victims that came forward and told police similar stories. Below are blogs about 5 other victims of Gary Zerola. So far that is 12 women who all claim they were victims of Gary Zerola. There are many many more blogs posted by other victims of Zerola. Think about it. He is clearly a serial rapist and needs to be put away.

"4 years ago Gary Z managed to gain the trust of my family through business ties he has with my father and then drugged and raped my sister as soon as he had a minute alone with her. Luckily he never got his hands on me. This loser behind being put away is the best news I've ever heard! I can only hope that his fellow inmates teach him what it feels like to be manhandled."
Boston Herald

"a similar situation happened to me with gary, but i never reported it, and i was also 18 years old."
-a girl
Boston Herald

"Gary Zerola raped two friends of mine about 9 years ago. The last thing they remember was Gary buying them drinks at West St. Bar. They woke up naked next to Gary in the morning. Gary made sure he put enough drugs in their drinks so they wouldn't remember how they got there. They do know that they were raped. Neither of them had ever blacked out before in their lives. Read the blogs on Gary Zerola.... other's have similar stories"
- Florida International University Beacon

you'll get what's coming to you
Apr. 2, 2008 at 10:35 PM
these girls are absolutely telling the truth. how do i know? i'm in the same boat. i hope gary is miserable and tainted for the rest of his life, just like the girls he abused.
-Boston Magazine

"Boston magazine has found reference in court documents to prosecutors' allegations of a fourth incident, involving a young woman who claims her friends had to whisk her away from Zerola after he allegedly drugged her, though no charges were ever brought."
-Boston Magazine