True Crime-Update on Fine Fellow Who Left Girlfriend on Toilet for Two Years; Much More

Here's a True Crime Update and Easter did not stop the criminals.

We've got stories on the awful person who slaughtered the mountain gorillas and the identity of this person is shocking.

It's okay for a famous steak house to demand that patrons speak English, a cop is charged with rape, a thief hypnotizes his victims, a man whose dog killed his son is arrested and some alleged humans torture a retarded human being to death.

Finally, an update on the lady on the toilet for two years and a lawsuit by a man who got his by a stripper's shoe.

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He Was Supposed to Protect Them!

From AOL.com:
Mountain Gorillas

KINSHASA, Congo (March 19) - A park ranger has been arrested for allegedly masterminding the massacre of endangered mountain guerrillas, conservationists said Wednesday.

Every once in a while, even the wacko environmentalists do good things. Although throw in the hapless United Nations and a country with few laws and even fewer enforcers of those laws and it’s an almost impossible situation. Add a rogue enforcer of the laws who breaks the few laws on the books and it’s amazing that this ruthless and brutal slayer of ten beautiful mountain gorillas was even caught at all.

Honore Mashagiro is a ranger in Congo's Virunga National Park. This park is located on a swath of land between Uganda and Rwanda. It has been a U.N. Heritage site in the late 70’s, not that the U.N. protected the gorillas or anything.

There are only 700 mountain gorillas left on this planet. Seven hundred. That’s not very many. Thus we have one of God’s beautiful creatures about to be extinguished and for knowingly allowing this we would go straight to hell.

It’s not as if these creatures were disappearing due to natural evolution folks. Mountain gorillas are hardy animals that live on tree-filled mountains just fine.

This Mashagiro ruthlessly slaughtered ten of these endangered animals, all to “discourage” his fellow rangers from trying to protect them.

It’s not clear how such a thing would “discourage” other rangers in that one would think such a slaughter would cause an even firmer resolve to protect the animals. So while the notion that the slaughter of the gorillas might cause the rangers to fear for their own safety isn’t mentioned in the linked article, I’ll throw it out there.

As to why this rogue ranger turned so heartlessly on the animals he was paid to protect, this is not clear either from the linked article. Mention is made of loggers who want to tear down the trees so important for the gorillas’ survival. Let me throw out that perhaps Mashagiro was paid by these loggers.

God knows I tout the silliness of liberals and environmental and animal rights wackos are right at the top of my list. But these mountain gorillas are one of God’s creatures just like us and they are struggling to survive. If a disease swept through the species and caused their demise I’d chalk it up to the pains of the natural evolutionary order.

But these magnificent creatures are hardy and healthy and living on only a very, very tiny piece of this earth. It’s not as if humankind would die if the trees from their habitat were to be harvested for the charcoal they would provide.

Give the animals the benefit of the doubt and let them live on their beloved mountains to survive and thrive as nature will decide.

If it comes down to either humans or the mountain gorillas, then let’s talk about it.

Man Who Let Girlfriend Stay on Toilet for Two Years Charged for Crime

Though I’d even made a joking reference to this story about a fine fellow who left his girlfriend on a toilet for two years as possibly NOT being a true crime, on my Blog Post about it HERE, it would turn out that failing to get help for the obviously mentally ill IS a crime.

From CNN.com:
NESS CITY, Kansas (AP) -- A man whose girlfriend authorities say spent nearly two years in a bathroom in their house, sitting on the toilet so long that the seat adhered to her body, has been charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult.

Kory McFarren, 37, was charged Monday in Ness County District Court.

So Kansas evidently has laws against use of our common sense and the law is called “mistreatment of a dependent adult”.

The merits of this “crime” were discussed and debated on an Internet forum or another I chanced to visit and the whole sad, sad story does lend itself to Yuks and diatribes against law enforcement who would arrest the hapless boyfriend Kory just because he had a crazy girlfriend.

Indeed. Because normal people do NOT sit on a toilet for two years and anyone over the age of three with a very basic IQ should know this.

It’s not clear what finally made the fine Kory McFarren call authorities about his girlfriend, Pam Babcock, 35, who had refused to leave Kory’s toilet for so long that her skin had grown ONTO the toilet seat! Whatever caused him to call, Kory admitted that his girlfriend had refused to leave the toilet for almost two years. He fed her and gave her water every day and he says he asked her every day if she was ready to come out of the bathroom.

She never was.

This is because the woman was not in her right mind. People in their right mind get OFF of the toilet when they’re done.

Kory McFarren knew this. For his own personal reasons he preferred that his girlfriend NOT leave her toilet perch. Maybe he liked having her there, how convenient. When he needed someone to talk to he could just go into the bathroom (we must assume the fine Kory had another bathroom somewhere) and sit and talk to his girlfriend. When tired or ready to watch the big game, he just left, boom, her right on the toilet where she’d be there next time he needed some company.

I’d read arguments that it wasn’t fair to blame the fine Kory for his crazy girlfriend but thank God Kansas had a law against this sort of thing.

Common sense should be, eh…common. In some cases common sense has to be legislated. This case is one reason why.

No Death Penalty for Demanding Customers Order in English

First, below, a smile about why the pathetic, lifeless bureaucrats have nothing else to do but sue us for our signs and insistence on speaking our native tongue:
After an exhaustive review of the research literature, here’s the final word on nutrition and health:

1. Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.

2. Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.

3. Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.

4. Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.

5. Germans drink beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.

CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you, but the Government is trying to correct the problem.

Okay, after the yuks, let’s visit the story.

From World Net Daily.com:
Gene Steaks Sign

A Philadelphia restaurant has been cleared of a discrimination complaint triggered by the owner's sign telling patrons, "This is America. When ordering, please speak English."

"This is a great victory," owner Joey Vento told WND today after the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations ruled his sign could stay in the window of Gino's Steaks South Philadelphia landmark store.

Not that the so-called Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations don’t have better things to do but there you have it.

Yes the lifeless bureaucrats on this vaunted commission ruled that Joey Vento, in his own PRIVATE business, a business that the city of Philadelphia does NOT contribute one dime to its operations, a business that the city of Philadelphia likely collects plenty of taxes from…well now Joey Vento can demand that his customers speak English and not go to jail, be driven out of business, or be given the death penalty for his reasonable request.

What would have happened if this fine commission formed for God knows what reason but to give a bunch of talentless losers important jobs had ruled that Joey Vento MUST take down his sign, that he must accept all orders for cheesesteaks in any language his customers choose?

Would Mr. Vento have had to hire translators of every language on the planet lest a Watusi from deepest Africa desire a cheesesteak and could not communicate his great need for one? And if so, would the city of Philadelphia pay for the hiring of these many translators required for Joey Vento to sell his cheesesteaks? Thus would every other business in Philadephia also require teams of translators to accommodate persons requiring products but with no knowledge of our native language?

The mind boggles.

Simple Minded Woman Tortured to Death

Two adults, three teenagers and a 12-year old boy were charged with the death of Dorothy Dixon.

From Google.com:
ALTON, Ill. (AP) — Banished to the basement, the 29-year-old mother with a childlike mind and another baby on the way had little more than a thin rug and a mattress to call her own on the chilly concrete floor.

Dorothy Dixon ate what she could forage from the refrigerator upstairs, where prosecutors say housemates used her for target practice with BBs, burned her with a glue gun and doused her with scalding liquid that peeled away her skin.

Just when you’ve seen the worst mankind has to offer along comes a bunch like this fine crew.

As best as can be determined, a whole bunch of various and sundry people lived in this house. Dorothy Dixon received a monthly social security disability check and it was for this money that Dixon lived with this fine bunch of would-be humans. They cashed her social security check, tortured the simple minded woman, and eventually killed her.

Thief Hypnotizes Victims Into Giving Up the Cash in the Till

I have serious doubts about the veracity of this story.

Although even as I typed this post Fox and Friends had a hypnotist on its morning show. That hypnotist gave a demonstration of a hypnotism on a young lady and it worked. Or it seemed to, who knows?

The Fox and Friends hypnotist did state that it wouldn’t be all that easy for such a thief to operate in that those cashiers and bank tellers weren’t “prepped” to be hypnotized. And yet…evidently it’s working!

From BBC.com:
Hypnotist thief

Police in Italy have issued footage of a man who is suspected of hypnotising supermarket checkout staff to hand over money from their cash registers.
In every case, the last thing staff reportedly remember is the thief leaning over and saying: "Look into my eyes", before finding the till empty.

This is quite the scam if it’s true. I’m still skeptical and think that perhaps this man’s “victims” were part of the scam.

Police Officer Charged With Rape of Victim He Was Supposed to Protect

It’s always jarring to discover that a member of the police force charged with protecting us has also assaulted a victim.

From MSNBC.com:
NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. - A New Rochelle police sergeant on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to raping a 17-year-old girl who said he attacked her hours after first responding to a domestic call.

Sgt. David Rodriguez, a nine-year veteran, was arraigned on a first-degree rape charge before New Rochelle City Judge Preston Scher and posted $25,000 bail.

Couple of notable things about this case. This Sgt. Rodriguez is the husband of a local TV News anchor, Darlene Rodriguez. The Rodriguez’ assert that the charge of rape was made because of police department rancor against Darlene’s TV station, locally Channel 4.

Sgt. Rodriguez is accused of going to a domestic abuse victim’s home right AFTER he got off duty. He then raped her, a 17 year old female who had first contacted the police earlier in the weekend to report her boyfriend for domestic assault. The following Monday the 17 year old went down to the DA’s office to have the charges dropped against her fine, abusive boyfriend. A very common scenario, sadly.

It’s not stipulated in the linked article, but it is assumed that Sgt. Rodriguez knew the young woman’s address and he went to her house after work and assaulted her.

New Rochelle police held a press conference and stated adamantly that they feel that the charges against Rodriguez were justified.

I’m thinking the police department and the DA wouldn’t do such a risky thing as falsely charging a police officer of rape just because they are mad at his wife’s TV station.

Darlene Rodriguez is, God Bless Her, is standing by her fine man.

”But He’s Already Lost His Son!”

Zach King was a precious child of Jesus, a 7 year old who should today be running, playing and learning to read.

Instead he is dead. He is dead because Zach was attacked by his own pet dog, a pit bull that had been tied to a pole in the family’s basement for whatever reason. Because the dog had been tied on a short leash all day, left unable to relieve itself outside and forced to wallow in its own mess, the dog was angry and restless.

Comes a happy little 7 year old to release his beloved dog. With one ruthless bite to little Zach’s neck, the child was dead.

Zach’s father shot and killed the pit bull. Zachary Sr.’s defense attorneys argued that Zach’s father had suffered enough what with losing his son and everything.


A child has the right to expect reasonable protection from a parent. Children are often helpless. For sure they are young, inexperienced and in need of guidance.

This dog had a reputation of attacking other people, SEVEN according to the article, as is too often the case with pet pit bulls. It’s not clear why the dog was heartlessly tethered as it was but add to Zachary Sr.’s crime abuse of animals.

From WCCO.com:
Zach King killed by family pit bull

Wednesday was a very emotional day for a Minneapolis father.

In a Hennepin County courtroom, Zachary King Senior described how the family dog mauled his son to death.

The family's pit bull bit 7-year old Zach King Junior on the neck last August.

His father now faces a second degree manslaughter charge for allegedly not doing more to prevent the attack.


Man Sues Lap Dancer Who Hit Him in Face With Shoe

I must suppose that this fine fellow has a right to sue the lap dancer who hit him in the face with her platform shoes. Anybody can sue anybody for anything, after all.

From Foxnews.com
NEW YORK — A businessman claims in a lawsuit that he was injured when a stripper giving him a lap dance swiveled and smacked him in the face with the heel of her shoe.

Stephen Chang, a securities trader, said in court papers filed Friday that he was at the Hot Lap Dance Club near Madison Square Garden and was getting a paid lap dance when the accident occurred early Nov. 2, 2007.

Still, you’d think this guy would have a modicum of pride. Imagine having to testify about this incident in court. How proud his family will be!

FOCUS ON Natalee Holloway
In May of 2005, Natalee Holloway, a recent graduate just barely of age, joined some of her school mates on a much-anticipated graduation trip to the island paradise of Aruba.

Came the time to fly back home, Natalee was nowhere to be found.

The last time Natalee was seen she was leaving with three locals, one Deepak Kalpoe and his brother Satish. Also along was Joran Vandersloot, a local kid known to frequent Aruba's night spots trolling for pretty American girls.

For two and a half year the Aruban and Dutch investigators fooled around with this case, "arresting" many suspects, including those three Aruban brats, then letting them go.

Suddenly, in November of 2007 Joran and the Kalpoe brothers are arrested. An announcement by Aruban authorities came with news of the arrests that "new and incriminating" evidence had been found.

Will justice ever come for Natalee Holloway?

Below a list of links of stories on this Blog since Natalee first went missing.

First post about Natalee's disappearance from an Internet newsgroup
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More on the Joran confession.
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