October 2009

Week Ending Sunday 10/25/09

Her writing professor insisted the Halloween essay should scare him silly but must not exceed 300 words.

Impossible, the protagonist decides.

Yet the second place entry consisted of only three words and the winning entry only two!
We begin with a review of "Cougar Town", a confused mess to rescue "Friends'" star Courteney Cox's waning career. Why it won't work.

On to Project Runway and the Hollywood and Greek outfit could be purchased at Walmart. The women are running away with this thing.

Top Chef Vegas has a cooking relay challenge and this was a hoot. On to a restaurant challenge and the one sent packing didn't even work the kitchen!

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
It could be that the oldest contender left might win this thing.

He's handsome, young enough to get around the dance floor handily, appeals to middle-aged female viewers like myself, has an affable personality and he was proceeded by his equally likeable sister.

I speak of Donny Osmond but we've got the scoop, critiques and praise of all the remaining contenders.

It’s “Dancing With the Stars” all with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
They paid $9,000 each to die. Sweat Lodges Gone Wild.

Speculation as to who might have killed little Somer Thompson…what prompted police to quickly search those landfills?

Thieves steal and eat their catch; thieves wear bras as disguise.

A rant on Dave Letterman, proof that he’s Bill Clinton’s acolyte.

Arrested for being naked in his home? Way more to this story than as originally reported.

Much more in this True Crime post with pictures as entertaining as the text.
Here for the first time, the new car perfect for Government Motors…INC…the CZAR CAR! With picture!

Also, he/she is eight years old and his/her parents let him/her live like the sex he/she was not born to. Is this right or wrong?

Bernie Madoff turns out to be quite the party guy, Obama’s justice department doesn’t trust the local voters, much more.

It’s Halloween. Some of our pets dressed for the occasion. Pics!

All in this week’s THOUGHTS post.


Blog Posts of Note:

Deviled Eggs-the Definitive Way to Prepare These Gems

A Brain Infection? A Medical Odyssey of Sheer Terror.

Those Celebrity Chefs-Who Cooks With Her Boobs and Who Is Disliked by All.

The Harmony Document Database Translations

Rush Limbaugh-What He Does Wrong; What He Does Right

Those Radio Talk Show Hosts-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

It’s a new comedy yet it’s an old one. For Frazier will make the new comedy “Hank” a success or not. A review.

Has “Hell’s Kitchen” jumped the shark? The series had its finale and a winner was announced. But everything has changed from when this cooking competition was in its glory.

Speaking of cooking competition, “Top Chef Vegas” continues on and only a fool hasn’t yet figured out who will win this thing.

And “Project Runway” continues on and it doesn’t look like any of the male designer contenders is going to win this thing. A look into the making of this popular Lifetime series, complete with pics you’ll see nowhere else on the Internet.
Guest writer Michelle regales us with a tale of the purchase of an item that she hopes to never need.

Read all about it in our Guest post this week.
ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” is narrowing down to ten contenders and here’s a review of each contender’s faults, fancies and chances to win.

Four new dances were introduced in the last performance show and there’s a new energy, zest and vibrancy for this.

Find out who’s the clown, who’s the one who will run away with this thing, who’s the unlikely dark horse to win this thing.

All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.
It’s a True Crime post and we’ve got an update on Amanda Knox, charged with murder in Italy as her trial is now ongoing.

Plus the school rule that allows liberals to keep their talking points while throwing common sense out the window. A Delaware 6-year old almost expelled for wanting to eat his pudding and a new “deadly” weapon involving food.

It’s been a bad week for rapists folks, with one killed in the act, literally with his pants down and another caught for the reward.

And tune in for this Husband of the Week Award…the fellow gropes nurse’s breast as the nurse was pushing his wife to the delivery room.

The children in the White House declare war on Fox news.

Paying homage to a great wrestler, an update on the new Czar of Pickles, the quip of the week, gays and game shows, slutty Halloween costumes, a great video, a new prize for Obama, and a serious lament about the situation in Honduras.

All in this weeks THOUGHTS.


Week Ending Sunday 10/11/09


Sure it's kid-oriented formulaic and it's no "Up" but it's an entertaining film that adults and children will quite enjoy.

It will also make a great DVD gift for Christmas and for future reminiscing viewing.

It's "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs".
Dancing With the Stars Begins to take on a personality in this autumn 2009 contest.

Reports on who danced what, who's out, who might win, who definitely won't win, score grids and general gossip/speculation.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
Sue Scheff ran a little business referring troubled teenagers to appropriate programs based on a diagnosed need. Her lawyer John W. Dozier Jr. successfully prosecuted the case to a multi-million dollar settlement.

What you don't know about Google, search engines, laws on free speech and how to defend reputation and business could ruin your life.

These two authors give a compelling narrative on how it came down and how to avoid the same happening to you.
"Get the pretzel salad," my choir member told me after recommending Georgia House for a good but inexpensive dinner out.

I did have the pretzel salad. Also a huge chicken fried steak while husband had blackened catfish with a zesty cajun bite.

The cost of this meal, with plenty of leftovers for future meals and dog, was as big a surprise as the pretzel salad.

Thoughts this week is filled with, eh, thoughts.

Featured this week
…Dancing With the Stars or American Idol at the White House

…What I refuse to believe about that nobel peace prize…some speculation on why this sudden surprise

….My personal rant against Charlie Rangel…I spare him no anger cause Delaware’s not cutting me any slack

…keeping a White House Olympic Office…why?

…Shopping lists and breast cancer…the connection…the scam?

….that hilarious White House Doctor hoax

…Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy a pinup guy…why he’ll regret is someday

….dog poop on air force 1?

….Mike Castle running for senator from Delaware…why he’ll never get my vote
….stimulus money for Saudi Arabia? We’re not making this up.

…The REAL reason why congress won’t put that health care bill online…or Speculation is what we do.

…End with a smile…a town full of lesbians.
This week we have:

-More police bad luck and a correction to my last week bad luck cop story from astute reader.

-Lots of Bad parents stories…the worst is the fellow who drowned his three children going on trial soon, a woman who says her baby was aborted but there’s serious doubt. On to parents who got their sentence for praying instead of getting medical help for their curable daughter, to a real smart one who allowed her child to ride in a box on top of the vane on to a mother who let her 13 year old son actually DRIVE the van.

-Dave Letterman thought he was going to joke this way out of this. Only problem is the guy is a creep and his creepiness is being exposed drip by tortuous drip.

-And those who hastily defended that child rapist Roman Polanski looking stupider by the day. An update on this creep.

-A rape victim ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation..that’s right, the VICTIM.

-He got drunk and killed his identical twin brother. This saddest of stories ends tragically.

-she lived a happening 100 years to get strangled in her nursing home.

Week Ending Sunday 10/4/09

”Dancing With the Stars begins its Autumn run and we’ve got the usual actors, politicians, athletes and other has-beens that will dance, spin, twirl and jump in front of our amazed eyeballs.

This has become quite a popular reality type of series to a point that we now have COMPETING dancing shows, who ever would have thought?

In this post we have a summary of the first two shows of the season, a photo slideshow of all contenders and a fine video remix of the high points and low points of both shows.

Guest writer Michelle gives blood and it’s quite an accomplishment in her life.

Kaitlyn Mae comes to visit Mom-Mom and we’ve got the details, especially that most proud of proud presentation of Kaitlyn Mae, her school’s second KINDERGARTNER STUDENT OF THE WEEK! HERE
We’ve got fashion and cooking in this TV review post. Project Runway is a hit fashion design reality contest now running full speed on Lifetime TV. There’s pics of winning, losing and mediocre fashions plus some critiques, comments on the contenders.

Running now we’ve got Hell’s Kitchen as well as BravoTV’s Top Chef Vegas. We’ve got reviews on the shows, the food and the contenders.

Finally, we follow up on Melissa D’Arabian, winner of this past year’s Next Food Network Star. Her food is cheap to make but read what the real cost is.

All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Maybe you think President Obama’s administration screwed up that Olympic deal. Maybe it was the Chicago Olympic committee that failed him.

I’ve got how it REALLY might have come down and we must pray, now, for our country.

Plus “cash for clunkers” insight, nineteen pound babies, all the czars you could ever want and the Bad Guys of the Week.


Well hey, if Dave Letterman can speculate on the sex life of Sarah Palin’s daughter and baseball players, why can’t I speculate on his? In this True Crime post I posit one reason why the extortionist wanted two MILLION bucks from good ole Dave.

Roman Polanski…from start to finish, let’s review this fine fellow’s history before we go defending this creep. Including, warning now, an actual interview with Polanski that will make you sick. Warning again, graphic with profanity. And why Whoopi Goldberg might lose more than her reputation for calling his crime, falsely, NOT a rape.

Elizabeth Smart testifies to her tormenter’s mental capacity, a cat horribly treated but rescued from a nightmare, poop and the swimming pool and much more.



TV-Dance With Stars; Cougar Town,True Crime, Thoughts, Fiction-In Time for Halloween

Her writing professor insisted the Halloween essay should scare him silly but must not exceed 300 words.

Impossible, the protagonist decides.

Yet the second place entry consisted of only three words and the winning entry only two!
We begin with a review of "Cougar Town", a confused mess to rescue "Friends'" star Courteney Cox's waning career. Why it won't work.

On to Project Runway and the Hollywood and Greek outfit could be purchased at Walmart. The women are running away with this thing.

Top Chef Vegas has a cooking relay challenge and this was a hoot. On to a restaurant challenge and the one sent packing didn't even work the kitchen!

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
It could be that the oldest contender left might win this thing.

He's handsome, young enough to get around the dance floor handily, appeals to middle-aged female viewers like myself, has an affable personality and he was proceeded by his equally likeable sister.

I speak of Donny Osmond but we've got the scoop, critiques and praise of all the remaining contenders.

It’s “Dancing With the Stars” all with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
They paid $9,000 each to die. Sweat Lodges Gone Wild.

Speculation as to who might have killed little Somer Thompson…what prompted police to quickly search those landfills?

Thieves steal and eat their catch; thieves wear bras as disguise.

A rant on Dave Letterman, proof that he’s Bill Clinton’s acolyte.

Arrested for being naked in his home? Way more to this story than as originally reported.

Much more in this True Crime post with pictures as entertaining as the text.
Here for the first time, the new car perfect for Government Motors…INC…the CZAR CAR! With picture!

Also, he/she is eight years old and his/her parents let him/her live like the sex he/she was not born to. Is this right or wrong?

Bernie Madoff turns out to be quite the party guy, Obama’s justice department doesn’t trust the local voters, much more.

It’s Halloween. Some of our pets dressed for the occasion. Pics!

All in this week’s THOUGHTS post.

Pic of the Day
Kitten tells cat not to cry

Castro and Nagin…What a Pair

Of course there is no greater expert on hurricanes than the fine, fine Ray Nagin, and goodness New Orleans is a lesson in how to properly evacuate your public.

I have an entire Blog devoted to Hurricane Katrina that this entire sorry episode be documented for granddaughter Kaitlyn before they change the history books.

Ray Nagin will become the first mayor in 50 years to make an official visit to Cuba when the leader of New Orleans travels there with a delegation of officials for a disaster preparedness exchange.

New Orleans is serving as a living laboratory for techniques on emergency preparedness and response, including implementing plans that include assistance for residents who are unable to leave the city.

They love Castro, don’t they in this administration?

And speaking of murderous dictators…
Anita Dunn, fine, fine woman, is enamored of Mao T’se Tung, murderer of over 70 million of his countrymen and who demanded young girls be delivered to him for his sexual pleasuring.

Anita Dunn, White House Communication Director.

Obama really knows how to pick them don’t he?

This Seems So Wrong Somehow

When I first read this story I went a bit ballistic. Come on! Kids as young as 8, even younger, don’t know such as gender roles.

I was also bent in that this kid’s parents, or so I thought, allowed their son to have a sex change operation.

Josie Romero loves the colour pink, braiding her hair and having her fingernails painted.
But life has not always been easy for this sweet and charming eight-year-old, who was born in the body of a boy.

Well no they didn’t.

I’m hoping that the law didn’t allow physicians to operate and remove this kid’s penis, a permanent thing as yon reader would understand.

I don’t know what the law is on this matter but as I read the article, young Josie will be getting hormones that will slow down puberty and at some point, so the article hints, will get a sex change operation. I’m thinking this won’t happen until Joseph is of legal age but the article does not state this.

Is it wrong for these parents to allow this little boy to become so ostentatiously a little girl?

Then I wonder, well could they stop him if they wanted to?

Then I think of my precious granddaughter Kaitlyn Mae and one thing everyone says about Kaitlyn is that she is all female.

Husband has a nephew and the comparison between that nephew, around the same age as Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn, is obvious.

Nephew Matthew and Granddaughter Kaitlyn are examples of their sexes, both in terms of personal preferences, behaviors, games they play, even stuff they each read.

So I allow that even children so young are somehow programmed by nature towards a certain disposition/natural order of things.

I don’t have the answers as yon reader might expect from me. This little girl/boy, well I just don’t know.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

ACORN Caught In More Lies

As I understand it the recent removal of funding from ACORN as a result of Fox News doing their damn job and filming this fine group helping a “pimp” and a “prostitute” bring in child sex slaves, by congress, is about to run out.

ACORN is scheduled to re-funded effective 11/1/09.

Another tape surfaces and now we have all the lies of this group revealed in all their bloody glory.

Here’s the tape, for posterity and Kaitlyn Mae after the liberals change her history books.

Pay attention to what congress critters vote to give this group of perverts more money.

Just for Smiles

This is why Man’s Best Friend sometimes hate their owners.

Bernie Madoff-Quite a Guy!

Well this is intriguing. Turns out that Bernie Madoff had an office of cocaine and topless dancers.

From NY
New additions to a lawsuit against the jailed Ponzi schemer charge that he presided over an office so fueled by the drug that it was known as the "North Pole."

What’s even more interesting is how that fine, fine innocent wife of his said she knew nothing, nada. Also his fine, fine sons.

Yeah right. Topless women running around and cocaine falling like snow and nobody noticed a thing.

Black Folk Too Dumb To Vote Properly Per Obama Justice Department

Never mind what the damn voters want. The Obama justice department says they must identify party affiliation because…well hey, I’m guessing they want the Democrats to win but that’s just a hunch. Insert wink here.

From the Newmedia
Voters in the small North Carolina city of Kinston decided overwhelmingly last year to do away with the party affiliation of candidates in local elections, but the Obama administration recently overruled the electorate and decided that equal rights for black voters cannot be achieved without the Democratic Party.

New Cars for Obama to Sell

It was during my morning exercise routine that a flash of genius came to me. It is the perfect new car for Government Motors-headed by Barack Obama-CEO and Dictator!


Right after this genius of an idea I came across a pic of a real Obama car so I included it.

Government Motors should not use this idea of the CZAR CAR without obtaining my permission and copyright.

Ending With a Smile

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Paying $9,000 to Die

Neither of the strange death instances listed below are, as of yet, technically crimes, although the sweat lodge deaths are being treated as a homicide according to local investigators.

Three people died while in a “sweat lodge” ceremony in Arizona.

I used to share a ride to work with a woman who was half Native-American and she went to a sweat lodge ceremony every year. She described it to me as very cleansing, an experience that brought her close to God.

These three folks who died may, or may not, now be closer to God but seriously, there’s something just not right about this story.

Besides the three people who died, nearly two dozen people were in need of hospital treatment. There were over 50 people crowded inside this little tent thing about three feet high at its highest point.

As I understand they put hot rocks on a fire and everyone sits inside and, eh, sweats.

So go with me here, three people sitting inside of this little thing and obviously they’re hurting. They hurt enough to die, right? Now we hear two dozen other people had to be hospitalized and go with me again, but they were probably hurting too?

I mean when I get very hot I really suffer. This could be just me, I understand but I find it hard to believe that three people died in such an awful situation and they didn’t feel that something was wrong.

And the fellow who arranged this thing charged these folks upwards from $9,000 for this ceremony although I suppose they could get a refund or something.

The following story isn’t quite so nefarious sounding but it is odd. It seems that there was a marathon in Detroit and three people dropped dead during the run, HERE.
DETROIT — Autopsies were planned Monday a day after three half-marathoners collapsed during the Detroit marathon and died, organizers said.

Now just as soon as I read this story I figured somebody was out on the streets of Detroit killing people in this marathon, maybe a nut, somebody with a grudge against runners, who knows.

But no, folks, a man 65 years old, another fellow of a tender 36 years of age and a really young man of only 26 years go on, all of them dead!

The autopsy revealed that the runners died of natural causes but…well I’m just so surprised.
Autopsies were inconclusive Monday on the bodies of Rick Brown, 65, of Marietta, Ohio; Daniel Langdon, 36, of Laingsburg in central Michigan; and Jonathan Fenlon, 26, of Waterford, northwest of Detroit. The Wayne County medical examiner has requested toxicology tests.

Pignapping-They Stole the Pig, Slaughtered It and Ate It

This is really a sad story.
Corpus Christi police arrested an Abilene man Friday. Officers also have questioned a Calallen man who said he took a Calallen FFA student’s pig, slaughtered it and ate it. That man has yet to be arrested.

The kid is raising a pig at the local college and four smart alecs steal the pig. Sure enough the cops get a tip and upon entry to the alleged pignapper’s house they find pieces of chopped up pig in the house.

I mean what…these fellows were so hungry that had to steal this kid’s pig that he’d raised with hopes of winning a scholarship?

Somebody donated a new pig for the kid but seriously, those guys must have thought they were too cute by half. Their mothers must be so proud of them.

The Balloon Boy Hoax

It’s official. The mother of the so-called “Balloon Boy” admitted to authorities that the whole balloon incident was a deliberately planned hoax planned and put into place by her own pathetic self and that nut of a husband.
DENVER — The mother of the 6-year-old boy once feared missing inside a runaway helium balloon admitted the whole saga was a hoax, according to court documents released Friday.

Mayumi Heene told sheriff's deputies that she and her husband Richard "knew all along that Falcon was hiding in the residence" in Fort Collins, according to an affidavit used to get a search warrant for the home.

Last I heard the Dad, who denies all charges so I’m thinking his poor long-suffering wife was probably told she’d go down with her nutcase husband if she didn’t fess up, might face charges punishable by up to six years in the slammer.

I hope that somebody took a long hard look at those boys in that nuthouse. I don’t, as in this article, necessarily think the boys should be boom, just removed from their home.
Does Richard Heene actually have to put Falcon in the balloon before Colorado takes those kids away?

We've had enough of this couple, who thought it would be fun to fool the country into believing their 6-year-old son was in that runaway balloon - a hoax that had us all holding our breath.

I do think it would be wise to have a professional spend some time with those poor boys because the big clue was that little boy throwing up twice under innocent media questioning.

I’d ordinarily throw a snarky barb at the media’s compliance in this matter but hey, a little kid stuck in a balloon flying above the clouds, that IS a news story.

It’s enough of a news story that more than just Fox news covered it. Heh.

Man Arrested for Being Naked In His Own Home

There’s a bit of confusion about this story as told by
The woman told police it was 8:40 a.m. when she was walking her son to school along a path between houses. She said they first spotted Williamson naked in an open door in the car port of his home.
She also told police that Williamson then walked across the house to a large window, facing the way she was walking.

Fox originally presented this story, video of same below, as a property rights story. Fox even called up this pervert and you’d think he was Jesus Christ come again.

First, I got a garage. The thing has a great big old door. Now if I’m standing in this garage, without clothes, well technically I AM, please note, in my own house.

All sorts of school children walk by my house and lookit, standing there, naked, just hanging around minding my own business in my own damn garage you gonna arrest me?

See, the fellow never mentioned that while he had been spotted naked in his house, oddly, often in front of big windows that face the public street, in the case where he finally got arrested he was standing naked in HIS CARPORT!

Now Obama really has a case against Fox because they packaged this story as if this was just a guy running down the hallway to the shower without bother of clothing when it was nothing like this. This is a guy who considers it a real hoot to time his period of nudity at exactly the same time someone is walking by. He also likes to hang out in his carport naked now why is this?

Like my husband says …the devil is in the details.

Somer Thompson’s Body Found in Landfill-somer thompson

I first heard that 7 year old Somer Thompson was missing via a morning Fox show on Wednesday-10/21/09. A press conference was being televised. Somer’s mother was featured during this press conference. She was sobbing and begging for the return of Somer.

It was the prior Monday when Somer was walking home with her sister and twin brother from a mile-long trek from school. She got into some sort of tiff with one of her siblings then skipped ahead and out of sight of her sister.

Somer was never seen again.

On Thursday, her body was found.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - Authorities searched two landfills for a body in connection with missing north Florida girl Somer Thompson . Officials say they found the body of a small child in a landfill in the Chesser Island landfill in Folkston Georgia, but have not yet positively identified the remains.

First, this was absolutely some terrific police work. At times perhaps I don’t congratulate police department for difficult investigations and this was one very difficult investigation.

The police figured that whoever might have brought harm to Somer would likely have thrown her body into a trash receptacle. The police then traced down trash pickup times and landfills of delivery. In the case of Somer’s neighborhood, it seems trash is taken to two local landfills although I’m not at all clear why or how this works.

For now and in the usual manner of these investigations, police sources are mum as to possible suspects. Which leaves Bloggers such as me with nothing to do but speculate. I think it’s very telling how quickly the police honed in on the trash angle. After all there’s always woods and stuff around SOMEWHERE. Except to dump a body in the woods, especially in an area filled with apartments and housing developments like the area around Somer’s house, you’d probably need a car to port and dump a body somewhere in the outskirts of the area.

So I figure the cops got someone without a car in their sights. Now I could be wrong as I’m speculating here, folks, just speculating.

If an adolescent school kid, also walking home from school on that day Somer disappeared, somehow saw Somer skipping along by herself, for example, and that adolescent did harm to Somer and needed to get rid of her body afterwards, the likely and easiest disposal method would be, I’m thinking the local dumpsters.

Apartment complexes always have those dumpsters in the parking lots and if this adolescent lived in such an apartment he or she would likely know trash pickup times and days. A teenaged boy would probably be real knowledgeable about this sort of thing, perhaps himself charged with dumping the family trash.

Somer’s siblings would likely know other school kids who walk the same route home after school and soon enough the police would be questioning all so named.

My guess for now, based on pure speculation and likely to be wrong as it is to be right, is that Somer met her sad fate at the hands of some weird and troubled adolescent also walking home from school that day.

20 Year Old VA Tech Student Missing

Note that the police in this missing student incident are NOT searching in landfills. Or at least it’s not being reported that way and given the circumstances, searching landfills might not be the way to go to find missing Morgan Harrington.

Morgan Harrington , as best as I can compile from the dearth of news about her, went somewhere during a concert she was at with some friends and never met up with her friends again.
Police searched Tuesday for a Virginia Tech student who hasn't been seen since she was separated from her friends at a Metallica concert Saturday.

Morgan Dana Harrington, 20, was last seen near the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville. Her parents said they talk to her every day and her disappearance is very out of character.

What’s very nefarious about Harrington’s disappearance is that her cell phone and ID were found. This young woman would not have left willingly to go anywhere without these items. Also, oddly, the battery had been removed from her cell phone. I can’t imagine what this means except as an attempt to hide any calls she made from investigators. Still it would only require a new battery to access that information, right?

There is a $100,000 reward offered for information leading to Morgan’s disappearance.

Dave Letterman Sex Video Might Be Revealed

TALK-SHOW host David Letterman has been recorded on tape having sex with a female staff member - and he is worried that the footage will eventually be leaked, it's reported today.

Seems like the best dish on that awful smarmy Dave Letterman comes from the British or Austrailian press.

I knew there was way more to this story than met my lying eyeballs. Recall when this story first broke Letterman was eliciting sympathy from the public with his sob about being blackmailed, how his wife was angry with him, (duh), how he “had sex” (never “made love”, “Had affairs”…something a little less cold) with some staffers, how sorry he was.

I cannot stand Dave Letterman and now I dislike him even more. Even though, technically, HE is the victim of the crime.

First, ole Dave left out a whole lot of details with his sob story. Like how one of his staffers was over twenty years younger than him and how he kept up that relationship even after he married his wife and mother of his son. Or how the fellow blackmailing Dave was the victim of Dave’s deceit in that it was HIS live-in girlfriend who continued with the affair with Dave. Now we have that little matter of the sex tape because evidently ole Dave is such a horny stud dude that he pulled his pants down most anywhere, forgetting about such as surveillance cameras that were likely NOT in Dave’s dressing room or other private places where a loving couple would likely engage in intimacy. I suspect that ole Dave would drop his drawers, much like his hero Bill Clinton, and demand oral sex on a whim and once he did so in front of a video camera.


I really dislike Dave and his nastiness to Sarah Palin and yes, I like Sarah Palin but couple of things here. The “Top Ten List” he gave below about Sarah Palin was put on air a full seven months after the damn election but skuzzy Dave couldn’t leave the woman be. And let’s not forget his fine, fine joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter, who did have a baby out of wedlock, like that’s never happened anywhere in America before and for sure is the stuff of yuks regarding baseball players and getting knocked up.

He’s a bad, rude man this Dave Letterman and I hope his wife leaves him and I hope he loses his job and I hope he gets a lesson in humility.

May the fleas of a thousand cames infest his armpits.

Below, yuks on Sarah Palin by Dave Letterman, such a fine, fine man, so very funny.
10. Visited New York landmarks she normally only sees from Alaska

9. Laughed at all the crazy-looking foreigners entering the U.N.

8. Made moose jerky on Rachael Ray

7. Keyed Tina Fey's car

6. After a wink and a nod, ended up with a kilo of crack

5. Made coat out of New York City rat pelts

4. Sat in for Kelly Ripa. Regis couldn't tell the difference.

3. Finally met one of those Jewish people Mel Gibson's always talking about

2. Bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her "slutty flight attendant" look

1. Especially enjoyed not appearing on Letterman

Fellow Happens to Fall Out of 17th Floor Window at UN Buildingu

All I have is this little blurb but hey, if no other Blogger covers it, at least I did on this Blog read by two to three people every day.

From UK News of the World:
A British nuclear expert has plunged to his death from the 17th floor of a United Nations HQ, just as top-level talks with Iran began.
The 47-year-old official, only identified so far as Timothy H, toppled about 120ft from the UN's building in the Austrian capital yesterday.

He is believed to have been a member of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation and was due to take part in the UN-Iran discussions starting today.

Now how likely is that we go falling out of a 17th story window? It’s not like this happened at a Christmas party or something when a bit too much of the bubbly had the fellow sticking his head out the window for air.

This is a nuclear weapons expert and this happened just as talks were to gear up over Iran and nukes.

He fell out of the window, folks! At the UN building!

Where’s the outrage?

Caught Wearing Black Bra on Face As Disguise

Serious folks. This fellow could not afford a proper mask like three of his co-thieves had and he had to wear a bra on his face.


DAYTON, Ohio, Oct. 20 (UPI) -- Police in Ohio said a man suspected of armed robbery with three others wore a black bra to disguise his face during the crime.

These four guys got caught after robbing a victim of ten bucks but way I figure, first thing, get this guy a proper mask!

Teachers Gone Bad

This teacher got ten years for having sex with four teenage boys.

This teacher really takes the cake. He is facing charges of allowing a seven-year-old girl to see him naked. His defense is that he did it at the girl’s request.
A former Dixie High School teacher awaiting trial on sexual battery charges now faces new sex-related charges. According to the Deseret News, court records show that 63-year old, Ronald Sherman faces charges in Iron County for allowing a seven-year old girl to see him naked. He told investigators it was at the girl’s request. Records indicate that Sherman now faces new charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and lewdness involving a child. Sherman already is accused of inappropriately touching students in his Dixie High ceramics class in 2007. He resigned from teaching and has pleaded not guilty to sexual battery charges in Washington County.

These people are teaching our kids folks! And now they’re blaming our kids for requesting they go naked, has he no shame?

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A Halloween Party of the Scribes

The last time I signed up for a writing class, five people in the class ended up married, including myself. Here I am in yet another writing class and now assigned to write a non-fiction love story so there is no question that I should write about this love story.
It may sound like fiction but even so, it is true, albeit slightly hilarious and greatly coincidental. But this comes later.
My last writing class was two years ago. The course title was "Creative Writing: Creating Characters." There were some characters in this class all right. The biggest character being the instructor himself.
"This is crap!" Melvin Swann screamed, immediately after reading my essay aloud to the class. I ran out of the class in tears.

"He is the meanest sunovabitch on this planet is what he is," I alternately sobbed and screamed to my boyfriend, Jack. "He makes fun of all our writing, he calls us names, he tells us we are talentless hacks! I mean...Jesus....that's what we are there learn how to write. Apparently he doesn't want to teach us."
"Maybe that's what he's doing," Jack said quietly.
"Explain this please. He is teaching us to write by telling us we can't write? If I want to teach you how to fly an airplane, I should tell you you can't fly a plane?" I swiveled from facing Jack to face my computer screen. I most needed to call up Word Perfect and spend my vitriol with the word processor.
"Writing isn't like flying an airplane, Sher. Writing is a very creative activity. Conventional instruction methods won't work. Maybe this is how the creative juices are unleashed."
Jack said this to my spine.
I pounded the keys and watched my verbal rage march across the screen.

I started writing when I was five years old. I wrote a poem for my mother's birthday. She sent it in to our local newspaper. They published it! It's the last thing I have ever had published.
And that's not for want of trying by this, my twenty-eighth year of life. I had written poems that would make Byron blush. I had written essays that Buckley would envy. I had written short stories that would scare Stephen King. The editors did not agree nor did my Creative Writing instructor, apparently.

"The problem tend to be wordy. You want to tell the reader everything. Sometimes I get exasperated that you'll never get to the point."
Jack was tossing a salad while reciting this lecture. As if he was even the slightest bit interested in my hopes and dreams. Guy was thirty years old, never married and showing no such inclination. He seemed content to drift along on life's river. I loved him with all my heart but had accepted that marriage would come, if at all, when Jack decided. Meanwhile, I was going to be a writer, mostly because, well, I like to write so much.
"I don't understand that, Jack Schneider. I don't understand that at all.
People that like to READ like to READ. So why mince on words? I'm not saying to get ridiculous, although some have accused James Michener of this. I'm just saying what the hell is this obsession with word count?"
Jack sighed, rested his salad weary arms at his side, and gazed at my indignant self.
"Everyone in the world is competing for the reader's eye. Brevity, as they say, is the soul of wit."
I turned from Jack's speech and fumed. Now he could go ahead and use a stupid cliche that I had learned to avoid in Writing 101. For myself, I was going to write and I was going to write my way. If I couldn't write my way, then why write at all?

"Mr. Swann has some interesting ideas for Halloween, I hear."

I pulled my sweater tight against me to ward off an early autumn chill. Taking a quick drag of my cigarette, I turned to the voice that brought me gossip.
Carey Albrecht loomed from the shadow to the light of the street light. As he appeared, he lit a cigarette and took a long drag.
What a dork, I thought. Always he wore those cardigan sweaters, the kinds with a V-neck to expose a conservative tie and an tiny alligator on the chest. His look shouted nerdy prep to anyone with vision.
"Okay, I'm game," I said to my smoking partner. "What'd you hear?"

"First I heard...on Halloween, all the students have to come to class in costume. Only we have to put our costume on in class and behind a screen. Then we have to read a list of adjectives that describes our costume. Only adjectives. Heard it counts as one test grade and the more people that guess your costume the higher your grade."
Okay, I thought, this was do-able. I knew adjectives. I blew a smoke ring in the air, signaling by smokers' agreement to continue.
"Then, I heard you have to write a story describing the costume you would wear that would be the exact opposite of your normal personality."
Again, I thought, this was do-able.
"Finally....and I heard all this from one of his last year students...he is going to have us all enter a writing contest. And he is going to be the judge! " Carey took another drag of his cigarette to leave me considering this revelation. After a ostentatious exhalation of smoke, Carey offered more.
"What we have to do....we have to write a poem, essay or short story. And it has to scare him. And I heard it can't be more than 300 words."
I took a long drag on my cigarette and looked up to the dark sky. 300 words? I couldn't write a sentence in less than 300 words. Yet I am supposed to write something that scares the scary Melvin Swann?

Within the next ten minutes, several more students came out to join us in a smoke. Within one minute of this, conversations of writing Halloween exercises designed to thrill, chill and embarrass punctuated the night air.
"I think a poem. I would try a short but scary poem." I couldn't believe these words from Buck Walinsky whose stature suits his name very well. The guy looked like he was a football fullback. Yet here he stood, deciding to write a short, terse poem that would scare Mr. Swann.
"Well, I wouldn't get myself too involved in any decision making here," Linda Devon said while simultaneously flossing her teeth with her long black fingernails. "We don't know Swann's going to do the same thing this year."
A swath of blonde hair blew into my face at the cusp of a wind gust. I swatted it away because it sure didn't belong to me.
"I think the ideas are wonderful and will definitely make better writers of us all."
We all turned to look at this insect with blonde hair to discover it was only Sharon Shelle, a real Valley Girl only now living clear across country in Baltimore, Md.
How 'bout you Wayne? Got any ideas?"
Wayne Gruen threw his cigarette to the ground and self-consciously chased it across the sidewalk for shoe-smashing. And just as he always did, he responded directly to the surface below his feet.
"I...I don't know. I will have to think about it."
I threw my own cigarette to the ground for smashing. Why this guy got it into his head that he should be a writer I would never know. I think a writer has to be a forceful person, a person not afraid to lie and vent his/her own spleen for the reader's consumption. Wayne couldn't look anyone straight in the eye.
"So Berthe, what you think? Think you can scare Swann?"
Berthe Myers leaned against the lamp pole and paused in thought. "I can only do the best I can. I don't expect to win, anyhow."
And now here again was another forceful personality that expected to be a writer.

"Three hundred stupid words. You know how few words that is?"
Jack shooed our cat Wilamena off the bed and prepared to rest his weary bones. He didn't seem to care at all about word counts.
"I have no idea how many words are 300. I guess that it is not many?"
"Jack, maybe a recipe is 300 words. How can I scare someone with the same amount of words as a recipe?"
"How many words are in 'The Raven'?"
I yanked my robe off angrily, then stopped to consider. Darn, I didn't think "The Raven" had all that many words now that I thought of it. But what the heck, did Jack think I was Edgar Sherry Poe?
I pulled the covers down and slid next to Jack. He pulled me in his arms.
"You worry so much about your writing, Sher," Jack whispered softly into my hair, "and I know it's important to you. But it can't be the focus of your entire life."
Writing wasn't the focus of my entire life. First, there was Jack right here and holding me tight, whom I loved dearly but I was not loved by him enough to discuss marriage. Then there was my job, which I didn't particularly like, but then who does? Then...then...then there was my writing.
I just wrote all the time and the truth is, I rarely submitted anything for publication. The truth is, I just didn't have time to work a full time job as Office Manager for a busy retail chain, write, and then market what I wrote. But I was only 28, I had often reasoned. Time to write and learn and learn while writing. Then, maybe I could finally start that book.

"Jack, in a few years, I'd really like to try writing as , and I'm serious here, a career. I mean like stay home and write and make enough money from writing to, you know, stay home and write. That's why I'm so serious about it. Some people go to night school to get a Master's Degree or a doctorate. I go to learn all I can about writing. You don't have to believe it will ever happen, but you have no right to denigrate this which happens to be very important to me. I mean, I don't know if I'll ever really do it...on a professional level I mean....but I don't want to walk away from it either. That's why I keep on writing and taking night courses and trying to learn. This is my...."
The sound of soft snores ended my soliloquy. Not only did Jack Schneider not want to marry me, he didn't want me to be a writer either.

"This instructor is so mean, Laura. He rants and raves and tells us to develop thicker skins. He says he's doing us a 'favor' by 'toughening' us to constant rejection. All he's doing to me is scaring me out of my mind. I'm not going to quit the class though, leastwise not until after Halloween. I hear he has some interesting writing exercises planned."
"Yeah? Like what?"
My best friend and confidante stuffed a french fry in her mouth after this short inquisition. I took the cue and recited the rumors about hiding behind screens, adjectives and scary writing tasks.
"An adjective? Ain't that like a describing word? Like 'bad'...that's an adjective?"
"Yes, Laura, 'bad' is an adjective. Only I can't imagine using the word 'bad' to describe your costume. It's supposed to be adjectives that are germane to the costume."
Just before stuffing another french fry into her mouth, Laura wisecracked, "Germane? Ain't that one of them red flowers?"

She was impossible. If sarcasm ever becomes a valuable commodity, Laura will be wealthy. We formed an unusual friendship, she and I who were almost twenty years apart in age. There are some that have accused my own self of considerable sarcasm. I bonded with Laura the night we met at a nearby disco and spent the evening making fun of all the men. Such activities as dancing were usually entered in with the intention of meeting a potential male partner, and generally for more than just dancing. But the night I met up with Laura, I was delighted to find a partner in the art of the nasty word. Laura was better at sarcasm than me, and mainly because she could usually do it in less than 300 words.
Laura Williams had been married four times. In addition, she boasted over five live-in boyfriends.
"Men are like a bus. You miss one, stick around, another one will come along."
Amazingly, this Laura witticism did hold true. At least for her.
She wasn't an especially pretty woman, although she was attractive, well-groomed and very witty. With all her marvelous wit, Laura had never written a word in her life and I doubted she had read all that many. And while she listened politely to my writing woes, she thought writing was a rather stupid occupation.
"Why sit behind a computer and type out your life? Why not go out and live it?" was how Laura use to phrase it.
"Are you seriously suggesting that no one in the world should write anything, Laura?" I would respond, serious at the moment but not too committed in converting Laura. If writers depended on Laura for their living, there would truly be no need for them.
"Nah. I guess not. There's a need for books and stuff, I guess. I read Cosmopolitan sometimes, but that's about it. I get antsy sitting around trying to read. I don't know how people do it."
I was smiling in muse at the hopeless Laura when the very real sound of her voice intruded my thoughts.
"So what's got you all worked up? have to use some adjectives. Don't writers always use adjectives? Ain't adjectives a regular tool of the trade, so to speak?"
I had to chuckle at the question as Laura phrased. And actually the adjectives did not concern me. It was that darn 300 word thing. I explained my worry to Laura.
"Gee. 300 words sounds like a book to me. You telling me that ain't enough words?"

I finished off my coffee, wiped my lips, and regarded this Laura person who would think 300 words was a book.
"I bet I could scare your teacher in less than 300 words."
I looked again, this time in a squint at the Laura across from me and my current lunch companion. You know, I bet she could scare Swann in less than 300 words. If Swann thought we were a bunch of illiterates, he ought to meet up with Laura who had such disdain of his craft. I'm sure that would scare him.
"Oh Laura. You just don't understand. It's a writing thing. I shouldn't expect you to get it."
Laura threw a half-eaten french fry to her plate.
"I'm not an idiot, Sherry Bellmain. I respect that you're trying to be a writer. It's just that I will never be one of your customers, if you get my drift. I bet I'm smarter than most of those would-be writers in your class too. Sometimes I wonder that people become writers as substitute for a real life."
Now I was getting annoyed. I really hated that people thought nothing of making fun of writers. Not that the same people would make fun of Stephen King or Alex Hailey or Leon Uris or just anyone that's making a lot of bucks for people with no real life. But a fledgling writer? Even though we may someday be the ones making the dough, we are free
sport for the mocking predators.
"I think I have a real life, thank you Laura. I have a job and a boyfriend...."
"Speaking of boyfriends....has Jack asked you to marry him yet?"
Laura's sudden change of subject shocked me to comfort. Now we were on a more familiar area of our friendship. Laura and I both often discussed the men in our lives and I greatly valued her input.
"We don't discuss it, Laura. We just do not discuss it."
"Do you want to get married?" Laura asked, taking a bite of hamburger now that her french fries were gone.

"By the time I'm thirty, I would like to be in some sort of relationship that would be heading toward a permanent commitment, yes," I intelligently responded.
Laura opened her eyes wide as if a mental lightbulb were switched to "On". Being that she had a wad of food in her mouth, she had to wave her hamburger in the air to indicate I should wait until said food was swallowed to hear the brainstorm.
"No wonder you're so worried about 300 words. Like I said, I don't know how many words this is but I know you just said a whole bunch of unnecessary words to tell me that you want to get married. Jesus, Sherry, do you write as long as you talk sometimes?"
Not that Laura would ever know, but she was right. I guess I did write as long as I talked.
We had both finished our lunches, and I was ready for some fresh air and a much needed cigarette. After paying the bill and gathering our parcels, Laura and I took a nicotine stroll around the block.
"Are any of these writers in your class married?"
"God, Laura. There are 28 students in the class. The only ones I know even a little are the smokers. And then because it's only civil to talk when in someone's company and sharing a smoke."
"So tell me about the ones you know."
This request allowed me to launch into an interesting narrative about Carey Albrecht, the pompous prep person and Wayne Gruen who spoke to the ground and Buck Walinsky who played football and wrote poetry. Then I had to describe the females. There was Berthe Myers who was half french and half jewish and with no self-confidence. And Linda Devon who painted her nails black, rode a Harley-Davidson and wrote beautiful poetry. And I couldn't forget Sharon Shell, blonde, vapid and an aspiring romance writer.

We had gone through three cigarettes by the time I finished my narration. I also further described the Halloween writing exercises as rumored to me by Carey Albrecht. Besides the 300 word scary thing, there was the screen thing and also the costume in opposition to our real personalities. Laura and I had walked around the block three times before the class characters were described and the writing exercises re-visited with appropriate angst. I also informed Laura that none of my scribe smoking buddies were married, such important information having already been gleaned at the smoking pole.

"You know what you need?" Laura asked as we walked toward our cars to end our lunch date. "You all need me to join that class."
I didn't quite guffaw at this notion, but I had to stifle a giggle.
"Sure, Laura, we all need you in our writing class. You who has never written a word and read only several more than this."
"I'm serious. I listened to you describe these people and it's like...instantaneous....I got this flash. These people need me! Plus, I think I could help with those writing exercises. Is it too late for me to sign up?"
I just smiled and sighed at this thought. I told Laura I had no idea if it was too late and that she was a nut.

It was only two days later that I realized just what a nut she was. I was standing by the lamp post for one last smoke before class begun. Immediately behind me I heard the screech of tires and jumped to avoid pedestrian death. Before my heart could recover, Laura's Trans Am pulled up to my side.
"Hey, I signed up for that writers' class today. They told me I could if the teacher agreed. I called Mr. Swann myself and he said he would love for me to come along."
After shouting this to me from her car's passenger window, she pulled her Trans-Am away from the curb to swing into a nearby and more permanent parking spot. I watched her, mouth agape, as she rushed across the parking lot, complete with a briefcase!

Before I could ask the million questions rolling around in my mind, several of the other students joined us under the lamp post and for one pre-class smoke.
"Christ I got my period today and I'm crampy and grouchy as hell. Did you get that story outline done?"

Linda Devon had rode in on her Harley, parked the thing with great roaring, and loped across the lot, lighting her cigarette while en route.
Before I could respond to Linda regarding my outline, I was distracted with greetings and introductions of Carey, Berthe, Sharon, Buck and Wayne to Laura and they to her. Conversation then focused on our short story project.
"I'm writing a love story that takes place in ancient Greece. My protagonist is thought to be Greek goddess by everyone around her. She is so lovely and soft but also very mortal. You'll have to read the story to find out how it all turns out."
Sharon the Valley Girl described her story thus while both Laura and myself avoided any wisecracks. My arched eyebrows sent a body message that would roughly be interpreted as "fat chance I will read the story."
"I'm writing a story about an attorney that starts out very poor but is so successful that he becomes very wealthy and very busy. He has everything but can't find a woman to love him just for himself."
I sent another arched eyebrow to Laura at this story line by Carey Albrecht, tiny alligator man.
Carey, the perpetual prep, then slapped Buck Walinsky on the back and asked him what his story was about.
"I got an idea that takes place in medieval times. The protag is a court jester. Only the jester learns to read, a practice forbidden by his sort, and wishes to become a wise man, the kind that decide the fates," Buck said, then his voice faded. "I don't know...I'm still working on it."
"How about you, Sherry?" Sharon of greek mythology asked. "Got any ideas yet?"

I was afraid someone would ask this. The assignment was to write a short story with a strong protagonist. We were learning character building after all.
"I'm thinking about a story with a female protag who loves this guy but can't get the guy to commit. So she leaves him because she just gives up. Only the guy decides he really loves her and tries to get her back."
I was pretty vague about my story line and in the description it sounded pretty lame. I had, in fact, spent the better part of the prior evening outlining a plot that involved three protagonists that end up being their own antagonists. There was also several sub-plots that would all lead to a surprising end.
Laura responded by raising her eyebrows to me to say "*I* will definitely read this story. Is the antagonist named Jack Schneider?'
I ignored her eyebrow talk. She had no clue that my story was complex and sub-plotted enough to amaze even the skeptical Melvin Swann.
"Well, they say 'write what you know', so I'm thinking about a story of a little girl raised by a band of outlaw bikers." All eyes turned, understandably, in amazement, to Linda Devon who just described possibly the most unbelievable of plots.
"So, Wayne, what about you?"
Somebody at the lamp post asked this question of the reticent Wayne who responded by looking at the ground below him.
"I thinking of a story about a guy who sends in a novel manuscript to a publisher over the Internet. The publisher loves it but the writer is too shy to have it published. I think....well, I can think of some good tension in this....," Wayne's voice trailed off as at least I wondered about a publisher chasing after an unknown writer.
"My story's a little like that!" the unconfident Berthe exclaimed to Wayne who continued to regard the earth.

"Only in my story, the writer gets published and is excited until she realizes all the public speaking she has to do. She begs the publisher to return her manuscript, but she has already signed over the rights and it gets published. So the writer decides not to promote the book, but it is a big success and...," Berthe blew a hair from her lip with a billow of smoke and stopped her talk. Suddenly, it appeared, Berthe realized that she was, well, sort of speaking in public.
"Well, since this is my first night here, looks like I've got some catching up to do. Goodness, I guess I better think of my plot," Laura said while snuffing her cigarette with a vengeance. Of all of the group, only I could realize the humor in this statement.
"Two minutes to class, guys," Carey Albrecht called out to his rear as he headed inside. Smoking group individuals gathered their materials and took last puffs. Before I could begin my trek to the building, Laura grabbed my sweater.
"Sher," she stage whispered as she pulled my best cardigan hopelessly from its original shape. "Come here."
"Laura, I don't have time to come here. Class starts in a minute and besides I'm royally miffed at this little joke."
"Sherry, listen to me a minute! I was right!" Laura's whispering held so many exclamation points that I had to tune in.
"These people. They need my help. There's three couples here alone that ought to be in love and planning marriage. and Jack, I think I could help you and Jack."
With less than forty-five seconds left till class, I tried to understand this woman who has had four husbands and many would-be's all of a sudden becoming a professional matchmaker.
"Listen, Sher. I know I'm no winner. But this past year alone, I matched up two people on my job and my brother-in-law who is an unemployed bum. I tell you, I got the touch. I thought of it the other day when you were describing those guys. Now I know I was right."
There were about a thousand questions on my mind re Laura's mind, but I pulled my sweater loose and rushed to class.

"Okay, we've been in this class three weeks. We have a new student tonight. Folks, meet Mrs. Laura Williams." Mr. Swann opened with this and the class greeted Mrs. Laura Williams politely.
"While we have a little talent in this class, Mrs. Williams, we could always use more. Since you seemed so determined to join this class, I hope that foretells the writing we will read from your own mind."
Laura flashed her famous smile and wiggled in her seat.
"I'm very good at adjectives, Mr. Swann....and thank you."
Even mean Mr. Swann had no response to this Laura who excelled at adjectives.
"Okay scribes. Listen up! In three weeks, it will be Halloween. And I have planned some excellent writing exercises that will challenge even the best of you."
I wiggled in my seat along with Laura, who I could have spit upon for having the audacity to come to my writing class to play some kind of match-maker. Still I couldn't help but wonder how she could help with my Jack situation.
"Ten adjectives! That's it! So pick ten good adjectives and hope they're good enough to have the class guess your costume."
The loud voice of Melvin Swann pierced my ears and tore my thoughts away from my Jack boyfriend who avoided matrimony.
Oh boy, I thought, more word limits. And only ten. But with good enough adjectives, I could probably do it.
Laura was smiling in joy over the request for adjectives.
"So, Mrs. Williams, you can finally get to use all your adjectives," Mr. Swann said to Laura as he walked around her desk as if examining a bug.
"How about asshole, Mr. Swann? Is asshole an adjective?"
Swann stopped at this strange question and answered quite seriously. "No, Mrs. Williams, asshole is not an adjective."
"Well, that's too bad, because that's the only word you'd need behind that screen and everybody would know it was you."
The whole class hooted at this. Mr. Swann surprised us all and laughed along.

The rest of the session went like this, with Laura openly bantering and Mr. Swann rejoindering with zeal. The class served as audience and provided appropriate laughter.

"I just can't believe she joined my writing class. You know how I love Laura, but she can't write. What...does everyone in the world think writing is so stupid that just anyone can waltz into a writing class?"
Jack and I were sitting on the porch and listening to crickets while I ranted about the word-obsessed Melvin Swann and the outrageous Laura Williams. As the conversation often did, it came round to the 300 word problem.
"I sat down and wrote a paragraph. It was an honest to God paragraph that I would use to start a scary story. Only the opening paragraph was 343 words and I had only described the scenery!"
Jack chuckled at this. He did think my 300 word problem was a joke didn't he?
Perhaps it was just the sound of Jack's chuckle that set me off. The chuckle sounded like a cackle. Or maybe it was the sudden sense of peacefulness that overcame me as we sat together on the porch of the tiny rented house. It seemed so perfect and yet there was no permanence.
The man didn't want to marry me and he thought writing a joke. I knew then that we had no future and strings would have to be broken.
I didn't yell or scream or in any way indicate my anger. I simply got up from the porch swing, went into our bedroom, and began packing my clothes. It was time for this writer to go out and get a real life.
"Sherry what are you doing? Why are you packing?" Jack followed me into the bedroom to ascertain my miff. He pulled away from my packing chore and pulled me into his arms.
"Aw, come on, Sherry, I'm sorry I laughed," Jack said into my hair. I held my body stiff as a board.

Jack gave up on affection and dropped his arms from around me. He ran his fingers distractedly through his hair and paced the room. I returned to my packing.
"It's just this 300 word thing has you so upset. I can't imagine anyone getting upset over such a thing. When I went to school, everyone loved it when the teacher limited the page count. But I tell you what, Sherry. If you calm down, I will help you write a REAL scary story. In fact, since you've been talking about it so much, I sat down and tried to come up with something scary in a few words and I had some great ideas. I was afraid to mention it because you might be insulted that me, a mere stock clerk, would dare to help you write. But now you tell me about Laura and it doesn't seem so stupid any more."
I continued to pack with dogged determination. It wasn't about the 300 words but I couldn't explain that to Jack. I was afraid to mention the words yet I didn't want to continue on this way. How weird that I, who could vomit verbally as well as almost anyone, could find no words to approach this unapproachable subject. My fear was no doubt predicated upon the fact that when I first met Jack, he was just emerging from a relationship that didn't last because, to hear Jack tell it, she wanted a commitment and he wasn't ready. For myself, I had just broken up with a boyfriend of over three years because he headed out of town when I mentioned marriage. This entire relationship of Jack and Sherry had a foundation formed from fear of marriage.
So I couldn't say what I wanted to say to Jack. But, then again, I considered, let me get this bag packed.
Just before I walked out the door, I turned and looked at the perplexed Jack.
"Jack, I can finally say what I was so afraid to say because it doesn't matter any more. I can't lose you because of what I am going to say because I have already lost you."
I had set my suitcase down for this narrative, but still paused from fear. After a deep sigh, I plowed on.

"I can't live forever like this. I want to get married yet I could never say this because I was too afraid I would lose you. Now I've decided to take your cliche bull by the horns, do the saying, and leave."
I picked up my suitcase at the end of this speech, turned with purpose, walked to my car and drove away. I headed directly to Laura's house.

Even before my knuckles first hit the door I could hear the laughter.
"Sherry! Goodness, this is a surprise. Come in."
I tentatively walked into Laura's small rancher, afraid of the laughing sources. I was as surprised to see Buck, Linda, Carey, Berthe , Wayne and Sharon all in Laura's living room, as Laura was to see me.
"Come on, have a seat," Laura commanded as she took my coat.
I was really in no mood for a crowd tonight, but then I couldn't turn around and return to Jack either.
"We were all just practicing our skits for the Halloween exercises. I never knew there were so many adjectives in this world. We talked a bit about our buddy Swanson, too," Laura updated me as the smoking crowd laughed at the reference to Swanson.
"I already have my essay ready. Had to cut off about 200 words to get it within word limit, but I thought it was scary."
Sharon of the Valley offered this and scared the hell out of me who hadn't even started the thing.
For the next half hour the group discussed, laughed, whined and complained about Halloween writing exercises, word counts and weird writing instructors. I tried to join in with enthusiasm, but Jack was on my mind. Laura sensed my distance and shooed off the crowd.
"Before you tell me about what happened between you and Jack, I just want to tell you that I fixed them up and you have to admit it was perfect."
"Fixed who up?"
"The couples. Linda and Buck. Both of them looking like something they ain't. What do you writers call that?"
"Illusion, " I answered mechanically.

"Yeah...that. Anyways, Sharon and Carey...come on, they're perfect. Valley Girl meets Izod Man. Sounds like...what do you writers call weird stuff that ain't true?"
"Science Fiction," I answered more mechanically.
"Yeah...that. And Berthe and Wayne. He stares at the ground and she apologizes for being on it. You writers got a name for that?"
I was now quite tired of the match-making and shifted in discomfort.
"Okay, Sherry. Let me get you a cognac and you tell me about Jack."
It was the same old story and I re-iterated to Laura.
"You two are too different," Laura stated at one conversation pause. "You need someone more like you...someone with the same interests. See how I matched those people up and it was always based on their personality similarities. Now, I know you love Jack, honey, and I don't mean to make light of it."
Laura patted my thigh and pulled me up from the couch. As she led me into her spare bedroom, she made a promise.
"Just as soon as I can, honey, I am going to find you a man. You think a woman that had all the boyfriends and husband as I've had ain't learned a thing or two? I always marry men opposite of me! Next guy I meet, gonna be just like me. And I'm gonna look for the same for you."
I was now quite sleepy from crying and talking. I had no time to ponder a man just like me. Then neither one of us could make it in under 300 words and I didn't know how that would help matters.

The night of the Halloween Party for the Scribes, as it had come to be called, had finally arrived. I was living with Laura while making arrangements to find my own place. My conversations with Jack were brief and mostly concerned our mutual finance concerns. Jack never mentioned my parting speech and I knew I had been right. Laura went about her business of finding a man for me.

I did managed to write something scary in under 300 words but I thought it sounded stupid. It didn't matter because I wasn't going to do any better than a C in this course anyway. Not only would I never be married, I decided I would never be a writer either.
The writing exercises were creative, and even fun. Rory Martin got behind the screen and donned a sheep outfit. One of his ten adjectives was "ewe-like" which caused Mr. Swann to go into a tirade about the questionability of this being an adjective and did he know how stupid that sounded when spoken rather than being read?
The class was about falling out of their chairs with laughter at this.
Then Carey Albrecht said the character he would be that was the exact opposite of his REAL personality would be a Nerd, with a capital N. The class was silent to ponder just what Carey thought he was.
The Mr. Swann announced that he had read the scary submissions and was ready to announce a winner.
"There were no Pulitzers in the submissions," Mr. Swann said as he sat on the edge of his desk with a sheaf of papers in his hand.
"What I think you will find really surprising, was the first place submission was only two words."
Heads turned and whispers buzzed. Two words? What two words could scare Melvin Swann and have him announce them first place.
"What's even more surprising," Mr. Swann went on in spite of the turmoil, "is the second place prize was for a submission containing only three words."
Of course, the class was abuzz with this. I just held my chin with my open palm and placed my elbow on the desk. I knew for sure that I hadn't won with my fake letter from the IRS and a proposed audit. My submission was exactly 300 words and then I had to use every contraction I knew. Still, two words and three words? I was most interested in this.
"The second place winner was submitted by Sherry Bellmaine," Mr. Swann soberly announced and I almost didn't realize that he meant me. My chin fell off my hand when dawn broke.
Mr. Swann rattled a paper importantly and proceeded to read my alleged submission and second-place winner:

"I Saw You" Mr. Swann read with an ominous pause on each word.
The class remained quiet for five seconds after the reading, then sent whispers into the air. All around me were soft congratulations at this genius of mine. I didn't know whether to deny or accept, so I remained mute. I didn't write those words, although, I thought them quite effective in their ability to convey fear in their vagueness. Brevity could also be the soul of fear, I thought with Jack's cliche.
"And first place," Mr. Swann then announced importantly. He rattled the paper , cleared his throat, and pushed his glasses up his nose.
"The words that scared me the most...a submission of only two words. And the author is none other than our latecomer, Laura Williams!"
If my chin had fallen from its hand-holder at my winning entry, it was now on the floor with this revelation. Laura wrote the winning entry? And it was only two words?
"Marry Me," Mr. Swann read aloud, the lowered his glasses to regard the class over their frames. "It is signed, Laura Williams."
The class laughed for a full five minutes. Even I had to smile. Woman was a dingbat, that was sure. Yet, hey, those two words did seem to scare quite a few men including my own estranged Jack.
"Now here's two words that are going to scare you, Mrs. Williams," Mr. Swann said in his loudest tenor. He walked around Laura's desk as if looking at the same bug of Laura's first night in the class. After several revolutions, he bent over and shouted into Laura's ear:
"I accept!"
Here is where the pandemonium began, because persons named Berthe, Linda, Carey, Wayne, Buck and Sharon all jumped up to announce recent or not-to-distant engagements. There were even some happy dances going on, with Laura leading the pack.

"See, Sherry, I told you I was a match-maker. I even picked a husband for myself!" Laura shouted to the writing class, then gave Mr. Swann such a long kiss that even the most obtuse knew their little charade was NOT a joke.
There was more going on in my head than had a right to be there. Where on earth had my three word entry come from? And what is with Laura the matchmaker marrying this writing teacher who had to be her exact opposite when she expressed adherence to the "like-as-like" principle of mating? And why on earth was everyone in this class getting married except me?
And before I could sort any of it out, what with the dancing and kissing and flashing of engagement rings, Jack ran into the class.
"Sherry, I'm sorry I'm late...but I had a flat tire." Jack ran across the room and knelt down before me and amidst all the revelers.
"Did you win?" he asked.
"Did I win? mean you wrote the three words...'I Saw You'?"
"Sher, I didn't want to make you mad, but I wanted to show how much I loved you and how much I cared about your writing. So I stuck my thing in the envelope before you came over to pick it up. I'd thought you'd win so you wouldn't be mad. You didn't win?"
Jack bowed his head at the admission. I couldn't believe any of this night and still the class danced and hooted.
Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.
"I was saving this as a surprise. It's another wonderful piece of writing in just a few words so I knew you would like it."
I was unfolding the paper, when Jack stopped my actions.
"Sherry," he said softly, "before you read this, I just want to say that I guarantee that it will make you happier than any two words you will ever read. At least I think it will."
I opened the paper and read the words: "Marry Me". The note was signed 'Jack Schneider'.
I laughed and cried and danced a few dances myself. If Laura followed her own advice, she'd be marrying this Jack Schneider who had the same two words as she.

Only she was too busy kissing the weird Melvin Swann so I just smiled at the coincidence and kissed my own Jack Schneider, husband-to-be.

It's been two years now and everyone that got so strangely engaged is still married, even Laura and Melvin. So this is my submission of a love story for "Creative Writing: Plot Development" only I didn't have to develop a plot. And I bought the thing in at a little under 7000 words!

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Former Child Star Now Over 50 Runs Away With “Dancing With the Stars”

Dancing With the Stars Web Site

Natalie Coughlin was sent home by the audience on the Dancing With the Stars episode aired 10/20/09. I don’t know why but what I do know is that there is often a steady expulsion of pretty female model types at the beginning of this reality series until the really bad male dancers start to get the boot.

Now Tom Delay did get sent home, and Ashley Hamilton so some males were sent packing. Delay left for an injury, for the record, however.

But come on, Michael Irving, a nice fellow but he dances like the dogs in the musical “CATS”. In a version of this musical I saw, the dogs wore big clunky boxes on their feet when they danced and this describes Irving to a T.

Then there’s Louie, a clown, a joker, who takes to doing acrobat instead of serious dance moves and yet both of these fellows are still around while Natalie, who scored a respectable 22 points for her Paso Doble, got sent packing?

Now Michael and Louie didn’t dance badly on this performance night. Michael received his highest score yet for his Paso Doble and he sure does look good without all that clothing covering his muscular chest. Michael and his partner got their highest score ever, 21 points.

Louie and his partner performed an Argentine Tango and Louie decided to get serious. Louie Vito was the most improved for this night and he got 22 points for his performance.

Aaron Carter is a fellow who consistently tends to land in the bottom three. Which is unfair because Aaron is a very good dancer. Aaron and his partner danced an Argentine Tango scored 24 points and all of the judges loved their performance.

Mya is the one to beat for this series. She and her partner danced a smashing Argentine Tango and got 27 points. Mya consistently receives scores in the upper 20’s out of a possible 30.

Mark Dacascos gave a dark and deep performance with the Paso Doble. Len said he delivered passion and performance with the dance. Mark might end up in the top three in this performance. Mark received 26 points for the dance.

Melissa danced a terrific Charleston last week and this week she danced an Argentine Tango. The judges said she was out of step and Melissa ended up in the bottom three this week. Melissa and her partner got 23 points for the performance.

Joanna had a bit of bad luck in that her partner Derek came down with the flu and she had to perform with a different partner. At one point in Kelly’s performance her partner stumbled and they almost fell. The team still got a handy 24 points for the Paso Doble.

Kelly Osbourne danced a Paso Doble to her father Ozzy’s song and this was a new dimension. Kelly is a dark horse to win this thing. She and her partner got 24 points for their performance.

Finally Donny Osmond, former child star, member of The Osmonds and currently starring in Vegas with his sister, a former contender in “Dancing With the Stars” herself. Donny is dashing on that dance floor, very debonair and though he’s one of the oldes contenders, if not, by now, the OLDEST, it’s quite possible Donny could win this thing.

Donny and his partner got 29 points for a smashing Argentine Tango.

Below is a montage of some of the more exceptional dance performances featured on “Dancing With the Stars” episode aired 10/20/09, compiled by me and spliced with my own fine commentary, a little over a minute in length.

Cougar Town-A Bigger Zero Than Obama

ABC Web Site for This Series.
After being out of the dating game for so long, Jules Cobb is finally putting herself back on the market. But starting over isn’t easy when your running your own real estate business, your two best friends are each other’s best frenemies, your son is embarrassed by everything you say and do and your ex-husband still drinks his morning coffee in your kitchen. Yes, Jules is a mother to the world, but now she’s finally putting herself first. Well, at least she’s trying. And with a little help from her friends she’s discovering it’s never too late to live like a twenty-something, even if you’re forty-something. Welcome to the world of crazy parties, hot boyfriends, and free limo rides. But be careful, side effects include: embarrassing photos, late night food comas, and all day hangovers.

Courteney Cox. I can imagine the scenario now.

The ABC exec gives a skeptical look to Courteney Cox’s agent.

“I don’t know, Bob. Courteney was great on “Friends” but what’s she done since? “

“That’s just the point, Sam. She’s done not much of anything since. Which is why this show will pull all the old “Friends” fans in, just to see her again.”

Bob hoped his plea would work. If he doesn’t push through this project for Courteney she will likely fade from sight. He’s got to get her this series.

“Yeah, but she’s like…middle-aged, right? You don’t think this will backfire?”

“She’s a beautiful middle-age in the series, Bob. A lot of the former “Friends” fans are right about Courteney’s age now. They’ll tune in for the memory and they’ll stay for the modern, upbeat story line.”

Bob continued to scratch his head, reading the story line. Sam felt a cold sweat wash over him.

“Cougars, Sam. It’s perfect. Middle-age women going after younger men…it’s part of that modern day …,” Bob looked to the ceiling for the proper words. “…that modern women’s lib thing. Why can’t women have younger guys? Older men go after younger women all the time. This is a perfect role for Courteney. And we have a cool storyline including the guys as well.”

“I don’t know, Bob. Her ex-husband hangs around? The husbands of her friends are all involved in Courteney’s character’s life? You think this will attract male viewers?”

Bob jumped from his chair, now very exasperated. “It’s got everything, Sam. It’s got women bonding, it’s got men bonding, it’s got a modern-day mother-son relationship, adolescent angst. It’s got a pretty middle-aged divorcee struggling to build a new life for herself. She gets into a relationship with a handsome young dude, she becomes a mentor for her young assistant, she provides a good female role model for her teenage son, she cares enough for the man she was married to for so many years to help him move on with his life. She’s pretty and still sexy enough to be easy on the eyes. We even have a love interest built in with her recently divorced male neighbor that we’ll be able to build up to a huge finale as they eventually fall in love. Courteney’s a known commodity from her many years on “Friends”. I’m telling you, Sam, this series is a winner.”

And so we have ABC’s “Cougar Town” and it’s everything to everyone and ends up being a confused mess, not funny, hokey, silly, not believable, stereotypical, dumb and won’t last much past six weeks, if that long.

It’s exactly as I described in my little fictional scene above. For Courteney Cox needs- quick- some exposure before she’s forgotten in the Hollywood scene. Courteney’s former sidekick, Jennifer Aniston, does get an acting role once in a while, as she also seems to constantly get caught topless and there’s also that Brad Pitt thing.

Courteney has not much of nothing going on.

And so we have Cougar Town. As if this mangled attempt to create a comedy series by waving a finger in the air will bring Courteney Cox back from an actresses’ living dead.

It won’t work.

Top Chef Vegas-the Restaurant Wars

There were some weird challenges on the Top Chef Vegas episode aired 10/21/09. The quickfire challenge had something called tag team cooking.

Two teams were formed of four contenders per team. Each team would have a member spend ten minutes in the process of preparing a dish. The first member would get the ingredients, the second would prep the food, the third would continue the cooking and the fourth would finish the dish and plate the dish.

The blue team included Jennifer, the unbeatable Kevin, Lauren and Mike. The red team included the Volt brothers, Robin and Eli. The blue team won ten thousand dollars for winning the quickfire challenge and they let the money ride in hopes of doubling it for the elimination challenge.

The elimination challenge consisted of having the same teams each plan a menu and run a restaurant, serve a dinner service, provide d├ęcor and get it all done with $1,500 for food and restaurant supplies.

There was some drama what with the senior Chef of the contenders, Robin, on the team with Eli and the Chef brothers and the usual fussiness the chefs seems to have with Robin.

The red team won the elimination challenge. The blue team winner of the quickfire lost their ten thousand dollars. The red team’s Michael won the prize for the best meal and it was time for somebody to be eliminated.

It must be said now that Robin is not long for this series. She does, for now, provide some interesting and very scripted drama in her “role” as the oldest chef-contender who gets on the last nerve of the younger Top Chef contenders.

But it was Laurean who got sent home this week and it was mostly because Laurean did a lousy job in her charge of running the front of the restaurant of the red team.

Robin does make a few great dishes and these mostly dessert entrees have carried her through.

Look for Robin to go home soon and look, again and as predicted before, for Kevin to win this thing.

”Project Runway” 2009 Winner Will Likely Be Female

The female designers left include Gordana, Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea. The male designers left include Logan and Christopher.

Logan and Christopher constantly seem to end up in the bottom three and Gordana flirts with elimination as well. But maybe it’s the woman’s totally unkempt hair that makes her seem like a loser to me.

The fashion challenge this week had each designer assigned a locale somewhere on this planet. They then were to design and create an outfit that would best represent a female living, visiting or hanging around this assigned locale.

Rest assured that Georgetown, Delaware was not one of the locales assigned. The happening, hip locales included Santa Fe, Aspen, Palm Beach, New York, Saint Tropez, Hollywood and Greece.

Christopher designed the ugliest look for a hip Santa Fe female I’ve ever seen and Nicholas came up with something supposed to represent Greece but looked like a frock I could buy at a Target drug store.

Logan came up with a Hollywood design that looked a little more upscale, maybe a J.C. Penny’s outfit. All of the remaining fellows came in the bottom three with Nicholas finally getting the boot off the show he so deserved.

Carol Hannah, Gordana and Irinia came in the top three while Althea scored enough to be held over to the next competition.

With further verbiage, pics below with more snarky commentary on each pic.

A Brain Infection? A Medical Journey Surpassed by Few

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