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Top Five Predictions

The theme for American Idol- this past week (3/28/12) was songs from the contenders' Idols. It was an intriguing episode with some surprises. The elimination night was also a surprise in that a couple of those who landed in the final three were a bit shocking. But maybe that's just me.

Stevie Nicks, who seems to be everywhere any more and doesn't sing nowhere near as good as she used to, was the mentor for the night.

Colton sang a Christian song and right there I'm impressed. It was by a group called Lifehouse, titled "Everything".

Skylar's Idol was no surprise. She sang Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" and my notes indicate "she's got momentum".

Heejun, this year's Chinese comedian (doesn't AI have one every year?), sang "A Song for You", and he did a great job of it.
Cutie Hollie, I dunno, she sang Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel" and I really don't think that was such a good idea. I think she did a pretty good job of it but nowhere near as good as Carrie. The general rule of thumb is to avoid, if possible, certain singers and their signature song. Whitney's "I Will Always Love You" is one, if following that rule, to avoid. Not even the best contender of all will likely sing it as well as Whitney.

So too with Carrie Underwood with an added disadvantage that she's a more recent singing star who was also an American Idol.

I'm thinking Hollie probably spent a lot of her life singing that song and dreaming of the day when she'd sing it on stage. I think that was a dream that misled her." id="Player_6dded4df-10d8-471f-9cf3-afa54ea25657"  WIDTH="600px" HEIGHT="200px">">" id="Player_6dded4df-10d8-471f-9cf3-afa54ea25657" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" name="Player_6dded4df-10d8-471f-9cf3-afa54ea25657" allowscriptaccess="always"  type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align="middle" height="200px" width="600px">

So okay, I really hated Deandre's song, "Sometimes I Cry" by his Idol, Eric Benet. I don't know Eric Benet probably because, well I don't like that kind of constant falsetto in a song. If Deandre were to be judged by how well he imitated his Idol's song genre I imagine he'd get a higher score from me. As it was, meh….just not a joy to my ears.

Jessica, a beloved of the judges, sang Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams". It was okay. I'm not that fond of Jessica though I'm sure she'll make the top five, more on this later.

Phillip Phillips sang a Johnny Lang song, "Still Raining". Phillip is a rocker, no doubt about it. And he's good at it, no doubt about it. Will America vote him in as the next Idol? On that, there's some doubt. Remember Daughtry.

Joshua is a fellow who I watch with great interest. I think this is the year for a great black male singer though I base this on naught but a hunch. Joshua, he goes up and down, he's great and not so great. For this song I think Joshua tried to add too many voice effects. Still, he's got talent and he's got a great voice.

Elise was a real surprise this night as she belted out Led Zepplein's "Whole Lot of Love". Sheesh, who'd have thought that Elise, once needing saving by the judges and since always hovering near the bottom, had such a voice in her? She did a great job of it, yes she did.

So Hollie, Skylar and Heejun were in the bottom three with Heejun getting the boot off. I was not so surprised by Hollie as her song choice, along with the fact that everyone else did so wonderfully with their chosen genre, was not a good one. Skylar really surprised me.

Skylar is great at her genre, really great. She's fighting the fact that last year had TWO country stars make the top two and it might not be the year for one so obviously country as Skylar. Still, she's got a great voice and performs her music well. I suppose Skylar will be removed sooner than I'd originally envisioned.

My predictions for the top five:

Finally, let's re-visit the matter of Randy's neckware.  Last week he wore some kind of light thing look like a kid made it.  Here he wears ropes of beads that look like candy strung on a string.  What's up with that?

American Idol performance rounds air on Fox, Wednesdays and elimination on Thursdays. 
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