Fashion Star 2012-Buyer's Choice as Field Culled Down to Top Three

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May 15th, 2012, will mark the last episode of NBC's Fashion Star the first fashion show offering on the ABCNBCCBS group since Lifetime's Project Runway.

I've said it on every post I made on this show and let me say it again, this NBC offering is way better than the Runway series though there's room for both.

Fashion Star is set up and presented a bit different than Project Runway. I like Fashion Star's order of events way better than Runway.

First, Fashion Star gets right into the runway part of the show fairly early on. The runway is the highlight of any fashion show, it's why we suffered through the drama queens, the resulting dramatics and boring trips to the fabric store.

Imagine that, a fashion show that has something parading down a runway every ten minutes or so as opposed to, say, just the last fifteen minutes of the show.

The Fashion Show does have a kind of weird setup what with three "mentors" that guide the contenders with their decisions and three buyers who make bids on the fashion offerings of the contenders. Odder, certain of the big upon offerings are up for sale the very next day after the showing, well hell's bells, that's kinda cool.

There is a sort of theme for each episode but it's brief and not quite as overwhelming as the themes on Project Runway.

The most recent episode aired on 5/8/12 had the buyers giving the contenders challenges and assignments and the buyers are pretty important. Contenders who don't receive any offers from the buyers are up for elimination. The mentors can save one of the contenders from elimination after all those without offers are known. After that the buyers choose out of the contenders with no offers who will be sent home.

It's fast paced, dynamic, hip. The models prance down the runway, generally three models for each contender. There's always happening music in the background and the presentation is quick but long enough.

A viewer will not find "fashion forward" or any "avant garde" designs on the Fashion Star runway. The frocks and menswear presented by Fashion Star contenders have to be "hanger ready". For their appearance on the hanger is as important as the clothing image on the model. It's an intriguing but most common sense retail system.

This past episode a field of six contenders was culled down to three. Two of them I'd been predicting all along; one is a complete surprise.

The top three contenders include Kara, Ronnie and Nzimaro. Kara definitely was a sure top three out of the pack. Ronnie remained a bit in the background until he kept putting out fashionable clothing that eclipsed both Orly and Nikki, who both were neck in neck with Ronnie.

Nzmarao, seriously folks, I think they're being nice to him because he's from the Sudan or something. For sure his menswear is masculine, sturdy and assertive. But the designs are quite ordinary and nothing new under the sun.

Still and so, my prediction is that Kara will wiin, Ronnie second and Nzmarao third.

Fashion Show airs its finale tonight, Tues 5/15/12, on NBC at 10pm.  Look for Kara to win and check out this chick's hairstyle.  Cooler than all get out.

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