America's Got Talent 2012 Now Roaring Towards the Finals; A More Diverse Field of Talent As Never Before Found Across the Fruited Plains

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So okay I've watched the so-called "wild card" acts on America's Got Talent 2012-
this past week as of this writing and I'm a bit sick of these judges.

Howard Stern, first, somebody tell Howard that it's time for him to get all those curls out of his hair. He just looks stupid.

Further, he tries to come off as Mr. Wise-Guy Know-It-All and it irritates.

Sharon Osbourne, so okay, she's the lady judge and as such, she's the kindest to the really bad contenders.

Howie Mandel is the goofball, the judge who somehow ends up on the stage performing with some contenders. He's kind of cute.

I don't think I'd be so dismissive of these judges were it not for that absurd thing that happens when comes the time for the judges to make a final choice between the bottom two contenders, a ritual that I'm not sure serves any purpose but to make the judges seem all-important.

Why can't they just take the contenders in the order that America voted for them? What the hell is the purpose of having these silly judges deciding who will go on out of the bottom two in the voting?

But so okay, I'd go along with this if it weren't for that grueling end of show when each judge has to wax on and on and on about why this one is good enough, NO WAIT, that one is better...NO WAIT…"oh this is so painful".

Sheesh Louise, this is one big waste of time. Either stop that silliness completely or tell those judges to stop emoting for the camera. When these excruciating final fifteen minutes go on and on I want to throw something at the television.

Okay, rant now done, I will say that this is a competitive reality show that impresses me more every year what with the talent that somehow shows up every year. I really like that they allow YouTube competition and, indeed, the very cute Jackie Evancho was a YouTube contender.

This year we have a guy whose "talent" consists of being beat up in his balls (Howard Stern was just a tad too creepy in his zeal to also throw some orbs at this guy's crotch), magnificent dancers and/ort dance troupes, an ESP guy that blew my mind, painters and singers and talent of all kinds.

Below the clear pics of contenders are still in the contest.

Tune in to AGT 2012 now because the final rounds are about to begin. For sure tune in to this Blog for updates and snark as required.

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