Project Runway 2012-Who's "Liked", Who's Not, Designer Critiques With Some Snark

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It was a challenge sponsored by Lord & Taylor and the designer contenders did a great job. And so Project Runway 2012 moves along, the contenders thrill or disappoint.

Christopher won the challenge with his simple yet sophisticated top and skirt, pictured below.

Below here is the texture of the fabric Christopher used on his top. Christopher somehow makes the fabric "textured" in a fashion that's trendy and very original.

The judges loved Fabio's submission, below.

They carried on in rapture over the exquisite asymmetrical hem. "This is a difficult type of design that's hard to do with flair and finesse, the judges praised Fabio.

One of the bottom three was Gunnar, his design below.

I thought Gunnar had one of the prettier designs actually. The judges went on a rant over Gunnar's repetition of the same design, at least as they see it.

This happens at least once every Project Runway season. One of the design contenders begins to repeat the same design with just subtle changes. The judges get angry and pull that design contender down to the bottom tier. The offending contender is then warned that he or she needs to get more original.

I'm still leaning toward Ven winning this thing but Christopher, as of this writing, seems to have pulled ahead.

Amongst the females, keep and eye out on Melissa.

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