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Oh my goodness things got so complicated since I wrote about the current ongoing Big Brother 2012-

We've had Janelle evicted and she really does not like Boogie. Which is not much mind because Boogie got himself booted after being nominated by HoH, Shane.

The most jarring BB 2012 episode of all was the most recent one as of this writing, Weds, 8/29/12. My goodness Ian already had a power of veto via his luck with the so-called "Pandora's Box". Frank was HofH and he nominated Dan and Danielle for eviction.

Along the way to trying to win the power of veto, Frank piled up a slew of "punishments", which included an avocado bath and regular showers of fish chum. It was a bit painful to watch.

Dan too received a punishment as he struggled for a power of veto he so desperately needed and which Jenn won. Dan was assigned some time in what Big Brother calls a "solitary dance party" which is more commonly known as solitary confinement.

After Dan's time was up he acted strangely and called a meeting of all members of the Big Brother household. Dan then proceeded to excoriate poor sweet Danielle, telling her he knows what she did and he'll not soon forget. Danielle showed a look of shock and outrage as she had no idea what Dan was talking about.

Turns out that Dan was lying and it was all part of his diabolical plan to not only remove himself from nomination for eviction, but to also put another contender of great challenge on the block.

So after this strange accusation to Danielle, Dan then went to Frank and teamed up with him. "No one will ever expect us to be aligned," was how Dan phrased it.

Dan then revealed to Danielle that Frank was going to urge Jenn to use the power of veto she'd just one on DAN. Jenn explained her action on a solo camera vignette that she agreed to go along with Frank's plan because the series is narrowing down on contenders and it was time for her to get some partners to help her to the end.

Dan explained to Danielle that he had the sympathy of the entire BB House and while Jenn was removing him from nomination for eviction he'd staged that whole shouting session just so she could get that sympathy.

Frank then put Britney up for eviction. Last night as of this writing, Britney was evicted.

It was a moment of strategic genius in the Big Brother House. We'll see soon enough what happens to Britney.

Meanwhile, keep checking this Blog for updates, snark and complaints. Also kudos to the players if they deserve it.

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