True Crime Update 4/25/06

Duke Update, the Keystone Aruban Arrest, Castrations for Pay and Is Lack of a Penis a Good Defense for Indecent Exposure?
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Castration. But Where Are the Victims?

Seems a small township in North Carolina had a thriving S&M business that included, get this, castration.

The problem is, there are as of this writing, no "victims". This threesome living on the outskirts of Waynesville, a small town in the mountains of North Carolina, are alleged to have performed castrations on six, possibly more, "consenting" patients.

While these fine fellows have been arrested, I don't know how the case can go forward without the victims. And if the victims come forth or are located, are they really victims?

The men say all of the patients volunteered to undergo the procedure. Only one of the S&M trio has any medical experience and this consists of only a brief stint in a veterans hospital, probably sweeping floors.

Not to state the obvious here, but those fellows who volunteered for this procedure (and I do believe they volunteered, I doubt this trio pulled men off the street and performed castrations on them) are obviously troubled souls.

It's a degrading form of capitalism, ladies and gems. Greatly tormented males resorted to castration by this trio of fellows willing to do it, likely for a fee.

From Shoutwire.com:
Master Rick CastratorAuthorities say they performed castrations and other types of genital surgeries on at least six people. Detectives searching the home found bloody scalpels, syringes, and prosthetic testicles in a room the men referred to as "the dungeon."

Officers confiscated a video camera apparently used to record the procedures, as well as scores of CDs and computer files. They also seized a Tupperware container from the kitchen freezer holding what appeared to be human testicles.

Mary Winkler and A Troubled Life?

Mary Winkler shot and killed her minister husband on March 22. Some more tidbits are coming out about this crime.

My two previous posts on this crime are below.
First Entwistle Post
Entwistle Timeline

From the Jane Genova web site we learn two things. One that Mary Winkler had a troubled life before she even married her husband. Although the "trouble" depicted is a long estrangement from her father, hardly so unusual. Another interesting note from the same web site is the fact that Matthew Winkler was previously a youth minister at another nearby town. Speculation abounds as to why he left that position.

Mary Winkler's attorney confirms that his firm is investigating this prior history of the Winklers and claims to have "corroborating evidence".

Check out Genova's web site. She had an interview with Mary Winkler's attorney and while as of yet nothing earth-shattering has been revealed, there's plenty of innuendo.
It's coming out in bits and pieces that Mary Winkler's life was not the perfect one she presented in Selmer, Tennessee.

The Duke Rape Allegations-It’s Just Too Confusing

Duke Rape Investigation LogoI’ve read everything possible on the Duke rape allegations and can make no sense of it. The Wise I has arrived at two conclusions, more on this later. For now, readers are directed to earlier posts on this subject below for background.

First Post
Second Post

Below is a list of bits and pieces of information thrust into the public radar by prosecutors and defense attorneys. Make of them what you may:

  • One of the accused lacrosse players had been arrested for anti-gay slurs in D.C.
  • The second stripper had been arrested for embezzlement of $25,000 from her former employer.
  • The victim herself too has a police record for assault on a police officer when she tried to run him down with a cab she had stolen.
  • Both indicted lacrosse players allegedly come from a monied background.
  • Race-baiter Jesse Jackson has given the victim a full scholarship to college
  • The victim reported that $2,000 was missing from her purse.
  • The victim claimed the rapists used fake names.
  • A police officer responding to a call at a grocery parking lot reported the victim was passed out drunk.
  • Of course there’s the DNA test with nary a match.
  • How about that Duke lacrosse player’s awful email, covered in one of the above linked posts?
  • A cab driver has shown up who verifies transporting one of the accused the night of the alleged rape.
  • Pictures taken before the alleged rape show the victim had bruises on her body when she arrived at the home.
  • One of the accused, Finnerty, was allegedly eating at a Mexican restaurant when the attack supposedly occurred.
  • The other accused, Seligmann, has receipts that he wasn’t even on the property during the alleged rape.
  • More pictures show the victim was missing fingernails BEFORE the time of the alleged attack.

    And two of the most recent news items at the time of this writing:
  • The second stripper is seeking PR assistance to make the most of her sudden fame.
  • The victim chose her alleged attackers from a photo album with ONLY players on the lacrosse team to choose from. In other words, a few oddball pics were not thrown in as is normally done.

    I do not have a clue what is the truth in this mess but I do have two iron-clad conclusions.

    I find it easy to believe that the victim initially made a bogus rape charge. I find it very hard to believe that after all the public criticism and leaks that she is staying with her story. This with the aid of the prosecutor. In other words, her story is true as I see it or she’s being guided and encouraged by somebody who is keeping her strong during it all. If her story is false is what I’m saying here.

    There is also, with all the defense leaks and trying of the case in the public arena, one critical half an hour that has NOT been accounted for. There are no pictures, the second stripper says she doesn’t know what happened…nada, nothing, a big blank for the time span from midnight to 12:30. None of the defense spin has explained that half an hour.

    Two conclusions for now: 1)the defense attorneys for this lacrosse team is doing one bang-up job getting information out to the public about this case. They are on the job whether their clients are innocent or guilty. Every day a new prosecution argument is revealed and every day the defense team’s PR breaks it down to nothing. And example would be the fact that the two accused players DID have scrapes and scratches on their torso. Right behind this leak the defense comes out with pooh-poohing the meaning as might be interpreted by this fact by pointing out that lacrosse is a sport played with an exposed torso and such scratches are common on players of the sport.

    Finally, my major conclusion: If this prosecutor IS dealing with a trumped up case and IS continuing ahead to prosecute innocent people for benefit of an upcoming election, my faith in the justice system in this country will be forever marred. I am just silly enough to believe that there are plenty of real criminals out there that for a prosecutor to waste public funds and money going after the innocent, well I’m going to be really mad is what I’m saying here.

    Let us not forget, however, that these lovely lacrosse players do have a very murky history. There’s that awful email and the attack on a homosexual in D.C. Not to mention the la-di-da hiring of a stripper for a team party. Don’t tell me they all do it. Maybe they do. But they damn well shouldn’t and it’s about time public disapproval come down heavily for this boorish behavior.

    We’ll keep following the case.

    Guy Without Penis Arrested for Public Masturbation

    First, the arrestee is 81 years old. Second, he decided to represent himself during trial for public exposure. Third, he said he has itchy skin and he was only trying to relieve an itch. Fourth, he testified that he had no penis.

    Well this feisty geriatric does have a penis but got to admit, it's a different defense.

    From Shoutwire.com:
    Joseph "Donald" Scordato offered a rare defense when Ridgewood police charged him with masturbating in public.

    "That's not possible," the 81-year-old man told police after his arrest in September. "I don't have a penis."

    Fake Sextuplets

    It's not clear whether faking the impending birth of sextuplets is a crime though soliciting donations on the fakery isn't very nice.

    Which is what happened to this couple from Missouri. They perpetrated the fraud up to giving an interview with a local reporter and showing a nursery ready for the six babies just as soon as they come home from the hospital.

    The wife, pictured below and wow she looks mighty pregnant to me, alleges that she kept her husband in the dark. Wethinks she's trying to protect him. Kris Everson recently lost his job and it's not clear why. His co-workers were amongst the generous contributors to the Everson sextuplet fund.

    The lengths some people go to fool people and take their money.

    From MSNBC.com:
    Fake Sextuplets Pregnancy GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. - A woman who lied about having sextuplets - allegedly to cash in on neighbors' generous donations of money and gifts - said her husband believed for months that she was pregnant.

    Arrest in Aruba

    Right from the start I didn't think the vaunted new arrest in the Natalee Holloway case meant a damn thing.

    I'd seen the Keystone Kop Chief Dompig recently out and about and looking as inept as the police department he leads.

    Folks, Natalee Holloway's case will never be solved no matter how many fake arrests they make down there on that godforsaken island. It won't be solved because somebody's been paid off. It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Below is a list of posts I've made on the subject just for giggles and grins.

    June 2005
    June 2005
    June 2005
    August 2005
    November 2005
    March 2006

    And from CNN.com:
    ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) -- An announcement that police made an arrest in the disappearance of teenager Natalee Holloway left many islanders wondering Sunday who the suspect is -- and whether the arrest marked a real breakthrough in the almost year-old case.

    Aruban authorities would only say late Saturday that the person arrested is 19 years old and has the initials "G.V.C." In Aruba, when an arrest is announced, officials usually release only a suspect's initials, and not a full name.

    The bigger story in the Aruban story is that Dompig has been removed from the case (FINALLY!) and new investigators are looking into the story.

    I don't believe a word of it and am convinced that the recent flurry of activity in the Holloway case is just Aruba trying to keep those American tourist dollars pouring in.

    I suspect, though they'll never admit it, that Aruban tourism has dropped greatly. No there's been no great organized backlash of Americans to boycott Aruba. More I think it's a quiet thing. The bigger thing here is where will those young graduating Americans go for THIS year's graduation celebration trip?


    June's coming up and Aruba needs the teenagers to come back. So suddenly there's new activity on the case that we stupid Americans believe that Aruba really intends to do something about this crime.

    So now they arrest some dude who probably had nothing to do with it. We remember the black dudes the Aruban cops arrested based on Vandersloot lies. What a crazy justice system, instead of just questioning people they arrest them!

    All of this sudden Aruban investigative activity is a show for us American idiots that we send our children once again to the land of the Keystones for their graduating fun.

    I suspect many American teenagers will go to other ports of exotic call and avoid the Aruba island like the plague.

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