True Crime-OJ? Trenton Duckett Alive? Winkler, Luna Update

Time for a True Crime Update and we've some new crimes and updates to old ones.

Jonathan Luna, a Baltimore prosecutor, was found dead in a Pennsylvania pond. His body was riddle with knife wounds. Was it a suicide?

And could Trenton Duckett still be alive?

A severely handicapped girl, confined to a nursing home, ends up pregnant. How? Another man found guilty of abusing his daughter, only she's not his daughter?

Anna Nicole's problems continues and what's going on in the Winkler case?

A fine Foolish Felon rounds up the week's entry.

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  • SEAGULL MANAGER. A manager, who flies in, makes a lot of noise, Craps on everything, and then leaves.

  • SITCOMs. Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. What Yuppies turn into when they have children and one of them stops Working to stay home with the kids or start a "home business".

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  •  Posted by Hello

    Could Trenton Duckett Still Be Alive?

    Melinda Duckett is the young woman whose two year old son Trenton allegedly disappeared from his crib. Melinda was immediately put under suspicion by the investigating authorities. In a botched attempt to clear her name, Melinda appeared on the Nancy Grace show. A few days later Melinda took her own life.

    There was a resultant flap over Melinda's suicide and the supposed fault of Nancy Grace. Which was much ado over nothing in that Melinda's story about Trenton's disappearance made no sense and besides, the woman agreed to appear on the show. If Nancy Grace, who I don't personally like all that much, but if Nancy Grace grilled Melinda over her missing son, well seems to me like Grace was just doing her job.

    This story was covered on this Blog HERE ,HERE and HERE.

    Out of the blue, authorities, STILL searching for missing Trenton Duckett, reported that the child might be alive!

    From AOL.com:
    "He could still be alive, and we need people to start looking for him and stop assuming he's passed away and that we're not looking for him,"

    Melinda/Trenton Duckett Montage

    Could this be another Mark Karr? Because the belief that Trenton might be alive is based on the testimony of a Wendy's restaurant worker who testified to the following, From CNN.com:
    She said she first saw the mother and son come through the drive-through around 11:30 a.m. on August 27, and remembered asking Melinda Duckett what her son's name was.

    Melinda Duckett came back through the drive-through about 30 minutes later, the woman told police, but this time she was alone.

    "We believe that it was possible during this time that she may have left that Wendy's and actually met someone to hand Trenton off to another person to take," Pogue said.

    Phone records also show Melinda Duckett was in the area of the Wendy's restaurant, police said.

    This is really weird.

    First, after all this time this person comes forward with this information? Although reports are that this new witness passed a lie detector test. Also, investigators reported at a press conference this past week that Melinda was a very methodical planner and presented a scenario that had Melinda buying food for Trenton's new caregivers, whoever they are. Finally, phone records indicate that Melinda was in the area of that particular Wendy's restaurant at the date and time the witness reported Melinda went through the drive-through.

    Except...who on earth would Melinda give Trenton to, just like that? Would Melinda take her own life for fear of being caught, as is assumed, if Trenton were alive and well somewhere? Also, Melinda allegedly got rid of all of Trenton's toys and bedding very shortly after Trenton disappeared. It's not likely she handed these items over to Trenton's new caretakers in that all of these items were at Melinda's home when she reported his disappearance right out of his crib. At that point Melinda was being closely watched and I believe many of Trenton's toys and other items were found in a dumpster.

    I understand that authorities have to put out the alarm to be on the lookout for Trenton, at least based on the new witness report. But I seriously have doubts that Trenton is still alive. It would be wonderful if he were but too many things here don't add up.

    What that witness reported could very well have happened. The witness said that Melinda passed through the Wendy's drive-through two times. During the first pass, Trenton was in the car with his mother. During the second drive through, Trenton was not in the car. The time differences between the two pass-throughs was not all that long to allow Melinda to effect a murder and get rid of a body as investigators deduce, so now investigators consider there's a possibility that Melinda gave Trenton to someone during the interim between driving through the Wendy's drive-through the first and second time.

    I believe the witness could be reporting the incident exactly as it happened. But instead of Trenton being handed off to another caregiver, it's entirely possible Melinda, being such a good planner and everything, took Trenton somewhere, shot him and hid his body at a pre-planned burial spot, then returned to the Wendy's drive-through just to insure there was a witness to cover her whereabouts during that period.

    If my theory above is wrong than the alternative is that Melinda DID hand Trenton off to someone. I just find it hard to believe that whoever has Trenton, and it's not Trenton's grandparents or real father, wouldn't have come forward by now.

    Anna Nicole Weirdness Continues

    I've already stated my reasons for believing the investigation into the strange death of Anna Nicole Smith's son directly in her hospital room, should continue. This case tends to cause snorts across the fruited plains, as do most stories about this publicity hound who married a geriatric and very sick old man then inherited millions when he died. Anna Nicole even ended up testifying before this country's Supreme Court, accompanied by snickers.

    I still think there's something very nefarious about the death of her healthy twenty-something son, who ended up dead in Anna's Bahaman hospital room where she'd recently gave birth to a baby girl.

    Some fellow here in America claims the baby to be his child and Anna denies this. Anna suddenly ups and marries her long-time hanger-on attorney, Howard K. Stern, and publicly declared HIM to be the father of her baby girl. Anna Nicole refuses to allow a paternity test and since she is currently in the Bahamas, she can't be forced to allow it.

    However, IF Anna Nicole can be forced from her home she can be denied protection by Bahaman authorities and it's very evident that Anna wants very much to stay in the Bahamas where she's protected from intrusive American investigation. A person without a permanent address can be denied extradition protection in the Bahamas. It seems that Anna's landlord is desperately trying to evict her.

    Now we understand that Anna has not paid her electricity bill!

    Interestingly, Anna's landlord is yet another attorney friend of hers, a Ben Thompson. Allegedly Anna told Thompson that HE was the father of her baby girl. Thompson then informed Anna that he had a vasectomy a few years ago so, go with me here, could not have fathered Anna's baby.

    So why on earth is Anna declaring half the men on the planet to be the father of her daughter yet denying a chance for a paternity test to the one man who alleges he is the father, photographer Larry Birkhead?

    I still say Anna Nicole Smith needs to be asked some serious questions.

    From TMZ.com:
    As we first reported; last Monday, Ben Thompson, her former fling who owns the home, turned off the power after Anna refused to pay for staying there. Anna's lawyers went ballistic and the power company gave her a reprieve. But Ben meant business and the lights are now officially off.

    We're told Anna is still inside the house, and it worked to her benefit. Get this. The police showed up yesterday to serve her with a second eviction notice -- and couldn't get in because the electric gate wouldn't budge!

    Confusion As to How the Victim Was His "Daughter"

    This is a strange case and by all published accounts his victim was "raised as his daughter". Just why and how he was raising this child as his daughter is not at all clear but Eviele Seuseu was found guilty of raping and abusing this young girl for many years. His abuse was discovered when the victim, at age 12, showed up at a hospital EIGHT months pregnant!

    Seuseu lived with his parents, as did his young victim. So why didn't his parents notice the abuse? Why did Seuseu's parents even have custody of the child?

    My concern here is that this young girl was in some sort of foster parent program and the authorities never discovered this ongoing bit of heinousness in their investigation. Somebody's keeping mum about this victim's relationship to the Seuseus and I ask, could that somebody be child protection authorities who didn't do their job?

    From a Google True Crime group, attributed to SF Gate:

    (10-31) 13:45 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- A jury today found Eviele Seuseu guilty of raping and sexually abusing a girl he had raised as his daughter, San Francisco prosecutors said.

    The 39-year-old San Francisco man was convicted of continuous sexual abuse, as well as multiple counts of sexual assaulting a child under the age of 14 and perpetrating lewd acts on a child. He faces a maximum of 60 years in prison when he is sentenced Dec. 1, according to the office of District Attorney Kamala Harris.

    The Spin on Mary Winkler Begins

    Mary Winkler shot her minister husband Matthew early one morning. First reported on this Blog here, Mary then leaned over and whispered to her dying husband that she loved him then left him to die in agony as she rounded up their daughters and headed off in the car that created a nationwide manhunt.

    Finally Winkler was found and she has been indicted in the death of her husband. It has been speculated ever since that Matthew Winkler was an abuser of Mary although nothing came out amongst the early reports about Matthew's death. All that ever was reported was that Matthew Winkler was very angry by his wife's being fleeced in one of those Nigerian email scams.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    With Mary's trial coming up soon, suddenly Mary Winkler's family is out and about declaring that Mary Winkler was the subject of continual abuse by Matthew Winkler. I myself saw Winkler's attorneys recently on Greta. They told Greta Van Sustern that it was time to tell Mary's side of the story.

    Sure. Time to taint the jury pool by defense attorney spin.
    From ABCNEWS.com:
    In an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America," Winkler's family said she killed her husband because she was abused.

    "Physical, mental, verbal," said Clark Freeman, Winkler's father. "I don't know how she took it. She's a stronger individual than I am."

    Freeman says the abuse became more apparent the last three years of Winkler and Matt's marriage.

    Now it's entirely possible that Matthew Winkler abused his wife. Allegations are that Mary Winkler often had marks on her body hidden by scarves or makeup. But go with me here, Mary Winkler shot her husband in the head as he was sleeping! I don't care how much the man supposedly abused Mary, he wasn't doing anything but sleeping when she shot him in cold blood. And why did she lean over her husband's suffering body and whisper in his ear that she loved him if he was such an abuser?

    Mary Winkler was evidently not chained to that house. She could have left Matthew Winkler at any time, but she could have left that house particularly on the day she shot him as he lie sleeping, because that's exactly what she did! The woman left him to die in agony, the last sounds he heard being his children being herded into a car by their mother as she ran to escape her crime.

    I am very skeptical of this story. Sure, early on it was whispered that perhaps Matthew Winkler was an abuser for surely a wife would not kill her spouse so cold-bloodedly because she resented his anger over her mishandling of funds. Early on it was also whispered that Mary Winkler was not the brightest bulb in the box.

    Now, as Mary's trial looms, her family suddenly "remembers" strange marks on Mary's body, her aloof behavior, their concerns at the time? Well why in the hell didn't THEY rescue their beloved from her abuse?

    Mary Winkler's only shot in hell of getting off on this matter is to paint Matthew Winkler as a heinous abuser. It would seem that Mary's attorneys finally have their ducks in a row and all talking points handed out.

    This man was killed in such a horrific manner. And now his murderer's only hope of avoiding the consequences of her crime is to paint the victim as a horrific abuser.

    The Winkler children will likely be instrumental witnesses in this trial. If there was so much abuse going on in that house, surely the children saw something, right? The Winkler children are currently in the custody of their PATERNAL grandparents. That's right, the PARENTS of that awful abusive man.

    This is going to be an interesting trial.

    Nurse's Aid Rapes "Profoundly Brain-Damaged Patient"

    Let us begin here with the deep question as to just why it was noticed by no one that this severely brain-damaged women was seven months pregnant until she was, well, seven months pregnant? Go with me here, this 23 year old obviously ovulated regularly. And if she ovulated regularly then she should have had regular menses. Someone had to deal with her monthly menses. Yet for seven months no one at this facility noticed...well, no monthly menses?

    So okay, perhaps in the busyness of taking care of patients this fact got overlooked although they have charts and things I would think. But a patient seven months pregnant would surely be noticed if for nothing else but the pregnant belly, no?

    A 19 year old nurses aide plead guilty to raping this retarded woman. Not that he had a chance of not pleading guilty as he evidently didn't have enough sense to use a condom and these days, determining paternity is a fairly simple thing.

    Almost as bad as the crime of having employees who sexually assault patients placed in the care of these people is the crime of allowing a pregnancy to advance to a seven month stage without anyone having a single clue. I must wonder how much this nursing home was PAID to supposedly care for this patient.

    From the Chicago Tribune:
    A former nurse's aide for a Bloomingdale nursing home pleaded guilty Wednesday to raping a profoundly brain-damaged resident who later gave birth to a daughter.

    Reynaldo Brucal, 19, faces 6 to 30 years in prison at sentencing for assaulting the 23-year-old woman, who suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot walk or communicate. She was 7 months' pregnant before staffers at the Alden Village Health Facility for Children and Young Adults noticed in June 2005. Police were called after doctors confirmed the pregnancy.

    OJ's "Confession" Aborted

    I must be the only person in America who thought OJ's book, "If I Did It ...", SHOULD have been published.

    First, the man has so many financial judgments against him that it seemed to me that the estates of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson surely would have benefited by the few book sales this nonsense book would have garnered.

    For I don't think that the aisles would be stampeded by hoards of readers anxious to buy that thing but there would likely be a few buyers.

    Besides the revenue that the estates of his victims would have gained, I really think OJ's silly book, essentially a confession folks, don't tell me not, would be a fine addition to history.

    I will never understand how that OJ jury managed to let this man go free or more, why the entire African-American community across the nation cheered when this cold-blooded murderer got a free pass. At the time of OJ's trial I was working at a hospital located in a predominantly black area of Baltimore city. I'll never forget the rousing cheer that went up when OJ was pronounced "not guilty". Further, I don't think a single one of those cheering at this travesty of justice thought the man was innocent either.

    I suppose on some level OJ's victory over those evidence-implanting, "N"-word-using, investigators was viewed as a collective black victory against the dirty tactics of police against African-Americans of times past.

    Which confused me because OJ Simpson was no fervent member of the African-American community who cheered him on. The man lived in the ritzy white enclave of Brentwood, California. Further, he was married to a very white woman.

    At any rate, I think that OJ's book would close the chapter on that pathetic story and it would close it with a thud. The children of the future have plenty of documentation on the actual OJ crime, mostly from the prosecution and investigative point of view. With publication of the OJ book, there would be a record of OJ's ersatz "confession". It completes the record of the crime as I see it.

    But Fox gave up on the idea and I'm thinking Fox did this because frankly I don't think OJ's book would have sold all that many. It's pure economics is what I'm saying here.

    From BBC.com:
    Rupert Murdoch's media companies have cancelled plans for a controversial book by OJ Simpson and a televised interview with him.

    The book and programme If I Did It, in which Mr Simpson describes how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend, had caused public outrage.

    Arrested for Shooting Feral Cats

    Feral cats are a problem yon ladies and gems. And know here now that no one loves cats more than my own four-cat-owning self.

    Hell, DOMESTIC CATS are a problem. For while I love my pets, I also love the bird critters who brighten my days with their beauty and song. Cats, by their God-given nature and through no fault of their own, prey on the birds and most time they do not even eat their kill.

    So I personally have no major issues with the crime of animal cruelty described below, although I don't think I'd have the courage to shoot innocent kitty cats.

    From Chron.com:
    - Ornithologist Jim Stevenson won't say how many feral cats he has shot since he moved to Galveston a decade ago but acknowledges "it's a lot fewer than the number of birds I've saved."

    Stevenson, 53, is charged with animal cruelty in the shooting death of a cat near the San Luis Pass Bridge at the far west end of Galveston Island on Nov. 8.

    Stevenson doesn't admit to that offense but has stated in a posting on an Internet birders' Web site that he shot as many as 24 cats with a .22-caliber rifle on his property in the first year he lived on the island.

    New Book Argues Luna's Death NOT a Suicide

    On December 2, 2003, at around 11:30 pm, Baltimore Assistant U.S. District Attorney Jonathan Luna left his downtown office and made a strange and circuitous route to Pennsylvania. Before he left he made several unusual trips back and forth to his house and along his weird route to Pennsylvania he even stopped at an ATM, all duly recorded and showing a calm and solitary Luna making a most normal cash withdrawal.

    At 5:30 am the following morning his body was found dead in a shallow Pennsylvania creek. Jonathan Luna had been under investigation by the Feds for a missing $36,000 unaccounted for in a case he was investigating.

    More details on Luna's route to Pennsylvania from Baltimore can be found on either of the original Blog post HERE or HERE.

    For I think Jonathan Luna committed suicide but many might consider that a stretch. Luna officially died from drowning but the man had been cut with over 36 shallow knife cuts. A very odd suicide but by clicking the link above, I make my case to be believed or not.

     Posted by Hello

    I recently received an email from a reader that asserts that Jonathan Luna's death was definitely NOT a suicide, as I argue. According to Yardbird.com, Luna suffered many defensive wounds to his hands and his scrotum had been cut as well.
    Baltimore Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Luna, found murdered off the Pennsylvania Turnpike on December 4, 2003, suffered wounds including stabs to his back, a witness recounts in the new edition of The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna.

    IF the assertion as described on the web site above is true, than my description of Luna's death as a suicide is suspect. However, I am not at all pleased with the documentation included in this book. The woman who allegedly "sewed Jonathan up" for his funeral is the source for the assertions of defensive cuts to Luna's hands as well as his scrotum. While I asserted in my scenario that Luna's cuts were caused by his own frenzied self in a desperate attempt to commit suicide. I'll state right here that I don't think Luna would cut up his hands and his own scrotum in that attempt.

    However, many folks, including the Maryland office of the FBI itself, think that Luna committed suicide. Also, not one shred of forensic evidence beyond that which would be expected, was found in Luna's car. Go on. If some crazy was in that car cutting up Luna's hands and scrotum surely there would be some DNA proof of such an unwanted passenger.

    For now, I'll provide the link and let the reader decide.

    TV Thief Returns to Claim Remote for Stolen Television

    Proving once again that guys just can't live without their beloved remote, here we have a television thief who managed to steal a TV but alas, he didn't get the remote that went with it.

    From Yahoo.com:
    PARIS, Nov 15 (Reuters Life!) - What's a television without its remote control? Not much, decided a thief in southwestern France who returned to the home from which he had just stolen a TV to pick up the remote control -- and was arrested.

    When he returned to get the remote, alert neighbors reported this activity to the local police and the thief was caught red-handed.

    More True Crime Updates HERE

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