TV-Review-"Dance Wars-Bruno and Carrie Ann"; Guest Writer and Diablo

It's a new dance contest sponsored by the judges of "Dancing With Celebrities"-"Dance War-Bruno vs Carrie Ann". We've got a review plus pics and videos you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Plus guest writer Michelle regales us with devilish games and devilish dogs and cats.

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Pic of Jerry Dahmer

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Dance War Logo

”Dance War” 2008-ABC Gives the Dance One More Try

I quite enjoy dance shows as yon exasperated reader might know. Thus I immediately noted the advent of this new ABC dance show series featuring Bruno and Carrie Ann of “Dancing With Celebrities” fame. Way I figure, Fox makes its killing on “American Idol”, ABC goes after the dance competitions.

ABC’s web site for the series

Montage of Carrie Ann and Bruno of Dance War

So Bruno and Carrie Ann travel the country looking for talented folk who can sing AND dance. Makes sense. “American Idol” does the singing, “Dancing With Celebrities” does the dancing…this venue requires both talents.

It’s not clear whether this is going to be a viewer vote reality series. No mention was made of it on the premiere show airing Monday, 1/8/08.

The host of this series is the ill-tempered Drew Lachey. Drew won a “Dancing With Celebrities” contest, the year before last if I recall correctly. I recall Drew’s childish tantrum when, as a guest on the Dance/Celebs the year following his win he groused that the judges kept calling this the best year ever. Drew felt that those comments, really just typical judge comments, belittled the competition the year he won. Such a child.

The show is scheduled to last for six weeks.

After touring several cities, which this year included New York, home of Broadway, and Austin, 30 finalists were picked for the chance to go to Hollywood. This show copies “American Idol’s” style so much it’s almost embarrassing.

Once in Hollywood, the top 30 were further groomed and trained. They performed in a group dance number at which point Carrie Ann and Bruno picked their top 14.

I’m still not sure how this show is going to come down but I will continue to watch. Below some videos for yon reader edification.

Video below is introduction of the top 14 finalists in this year’s contest.

Below, a remix of the top 30 group dance combined with the first group dance of the top 14.

“Dance War” 2008 Contenders


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Drivel: Bump

Alone, I typed away on the keyboard. Well, mostly alone. The dog slept at my feet, and the cat was around somewhere and of course the fishtank lit up the living room. I killed another axe-wielding goat and dodged an arrow from a blue woman in tattered clothing. Ah, peace. Just me, the animals, and a relaxing game of Diablo . The game's music played quietly in the background, the goats bleated as they died, and the women screamed and turned into vapor. Some of my best moments are spent this way.

Then I heard a sound which didn't come from the game. A chilling sound, one which I shouldn't hear in alaHouse when I'm alone.

The sound of the toilet seat.

Our toilet seats are always down.

Toilet seats which are down don't make noise.

I froze, and the goats and blue women in Diablo beat on my motionless character. I strained my ears to hear any other sounds from the bathroom. Was there someone here? Would a burglar stop to pee?

Diableo graphic with words from piece

The dog continued to sleep at my feet. I frowned at him and a goat bleated. No further sounds from the bathroom . . .

I got up, leaving my character to his online fate, and cautiously approached the nearest bathroom. The dog followed me.

Upon the toilet seat, tail curled delicately around her front feet, sat Kona. My mysterious noise was just the cat jumping onto the (closed) toilet. "Meow," she said. Then, "rrt, rrt, rrt, rrt." It's an odd noise, that one. It's the sound she makes when a butterfly floats past her window, or a spider crawls up the wall past her reach. I think of it as a plea for the would-be lunch to come closer.

This time, she's directing it at Bounty.

I think she's finally grown into the cat she can be. She's discovered Garfield's secret: that dogs are *fun* to annoy. Trouble is, Bounty doesn't annoy. He accepts what Kona does as playtime and he's always willing to play. This one was no exception and as I returned to my besieged character, the dog and cat began a game of Chase Me.

Sometimes I wonder what those games entail, and I think they play more serious ones when I'm gone. Wednesday when I came home from work, I found both animals locked in the computer room. Kona was in the window and Bounty was barking to be let out of the room. How had the door closed? What had they been doing in there all day?

Perhaps they'd spent the afternoon having a relaxing game of Diablo.

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