True Crime-Missing Georgia Hiker Murdered, Suspect in Custody; Horrific Dognapper Arrested

It's a True Crime post and the missing Georgia hiker is dead; her alleged killer in custody; more on Titiana the tiger.

Another banned from mall, this time for taking pictures, a two year old beaten to death by three adults, youth arrested for horrific dog-napping, and he agreed to donate sperm; court says he does not have to pay support.

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Soon, Malls All Over the World Will Have No Customers

Recently this Blog featured a True Crime post featuring a most ordinary fellow who misplaced his car in a mall parking lot, HERE. Mall security guards phoned the police on this middle-aged guy and a huge flap ensued that resulted in this guy being banned from that mall for life. He was accused of sneaking around and eyeballing cars to steal although the guy was just trying to find his own car. Which WAS on the mall parking lot making us wonder what kind of car thief brings his OWN car along?

Now, this time in England, we have another mall with security guards from hell.

From the Daily Mail:
couple were banned for life from a shopping centre - because they were taking photos of their beloved grandchildren.

Kim and Trevor Sparshott were ordered to stop taking photos because they were causing a security threat.

banned for life from mall for taking pics couple

They were thrown out of the centre after they took out a camera to snap the look on the youngsters' faces when they turned up unexpectedly.

I must suppose that taking pictures in a mall is a terrorist activity, as alleged in this incident.

I must wonder where the hell our common sense went.

Yea though I am still the official Keeper of the Common Sense, sometimes it’s one difficult job. But hell, somebody’s got to do it.

Sperm Donor Does Not Have to Pay Child Support

Joel McKiernan and Ivonne Ferguson were once a couple. They dated and at one point they were intimate. The relationship waned but Ivonne asked Joel for one last favor before they each went their separate ways.

Evidently the two made a provable pact of some kind that would have Joel donating sperm (it’s not clear just how this sperm was donated) for Ivonne. For her part Ivonne would never sue Joel for child support and he would never be allowed visitation rights to any children born from the transaction.

It would turn out that Ivonne gave birth to twin boys from Joel’s kind donation. At some point Ivonne changed her mind and sued Joel for ongoing child support and back support. The case wended its way through Pennsylvania courts.

Evidently, although it’s not clear in the linked article, there was some sort of verifiable documentation regarding this deal because the Supreme court in Pennsylvania upheld the terms of the agreement. IE Joel will NOT have to pay child support per the terms of the agreement.

This case had major implications, at least according to the attorneys defending Joel, in that sperm donations are made all the time, generally anonymously and via fertility clinics. Female egg donations are often made in the same manner. Had Joel been forced to pay this child support despite the agreement it would set a precedent that would risk all anonymous sperm donors at risk for a lifetime obligation for what we assume is but a kindness to the infertile.

From NBC10.com:
HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A woman who promised a sperm donor he would not have to pay child support cannot renege on the deal, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled.

The 3-2 decision overturns lower court rulings under which Joel L. McKiernan had been paying up to $1,500 a month to support twin boys born in August 1994 to Ivonne V. Ferguson, his former girlfriend and co-worker.

It’s not clear if this case will be, or even if it CAN be, appealed further. My first thought on the matter, however, was HOW STUPID IS THIS JOEL GUY?

I mean…yeah, this duo had been a couple. So she asks for just a few of his sperm and he…what a nice guy.

Parents, tell your sons. Maybe the concept of a kind sperm donation might seem a small thing at the time, perhaps Joel didn’t know that sperm, when combined with an egg, become actual living human beings.


Fine Tiger Taunters Make Pact, Hire Geragos

We covered the compelling story of Tatiana the tiger HERE on this Blog.

For three fine fellows had a few beers on Christmas day and decided to have some fun with a great big ole tiger right around closing time at the San Francisco Zoo.

Tatiana Tiger montage

Now we learn that the two fellows who survived Tatiana’s attack made a pact that they would not discuss the details of the attack with anyone. They also hired Mark Geragos and here’s a fellow that knows an ambulance when he sees one and does not hesitate to chase it forever and ever.

From the NY Post:
January 6, 2008 -- Two brothers who survived a Christmas Day mauling by a ferocious killer tiger at the San Francisco Zoo made a pact to clam up while riding an ambulance to the hospital - frustrating city lawyers and police, it was reported yesterday.

Hey, those guys are under no obligation to discuss the attack with anyone as despicable and heartless as that decision may be. Unless they are being charged with a crime, which, per Fox and Friends this very morning, they will NOT be, there’s no rule that says they gotta talk.

Further, they are going to sue the zoo, this is not rocket science.

Scuttlebutt has it that these fellows were flinging rocks at Tatiana in her pit via sling shot. Nice guys, fine fellows. Their parents must be so proud of them.

That San Francisco zoo deserves to be sued frankly. First, no video cameras were working. Second, right at closing time absolutely no zoo official was anywhere around. Third, the height of that wall enclosing Tatiana has grown and shrunk depending on what zoo official you talk to.

The director of the San Francisco zoo brings in, hold your breath folks, over $300 grand a year. And what a shabby zoo he runs for those kind of bucks.

A magnificent animal is dead, dead because three punks decided flinging rocks at a caged tiger on Christmas day would be a hoot. One of those punks died as a result so score one for Tatiana.

It’s really one of life’s bitter facts that these guys will actually make money on the death of Tatiana and let’s not forget about the lovely Mark Geragos who should be ashamed of himself.

HERE’s a site with fine photos of Tatiana by a camera bug who evidently loved Tatiana.

Stabs Roommate and Chokes Police Dog

This time, the magnificent animal won.

From Boston.com:
ROCKLAND— An illegal alien from Brazil who allegedly stabbed his roommate, then choked a police dog while fleeing in the woods, was ordered held without bail on Wednesday.

Julian Teixeira Demoura, 42, of 808 Market St., was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, defacing property, two counts of mistreating a police dog, cruelty to an animal, resisting arrest, giving a false name to a police officer and domestic assault and battery.

This fine fellow Julian Demoura ran from police when they responded to a call after he stabbed his roommate. The police sicced one police dog, Boyar, after this illegal immigrant. Demoura kicked and beat the dog then strangled it by wrapping a rod in a shirt, throwing it around the dog’s neck, and tightening it until the dog passed out.

Another police dog was summoned and sicced on this fine fellow. This time Demoura beat that dog, Zar, over the head with a lawn mower. Zar bit the hell out of the illegal creep, yay for Zar.

Boyar survived and is expected to return to work after some rest and recuperation. Demoura faces several charges for his treatment of the dogs and best of all, he is going to be sent home to Brazil because just why do we need people like this in our country?

Hiker’s Body Found; Alleged Murderer in Custody

I chanced to watch the press conference given by the Georgia police Monday night, 1/7/08. The press conference was held to announce that the body of Meredith Emerson had been found. Over the past weekend it was widely reported that the fine Gary Hilton was being questioned as he was the last one alleged to have been seen with Meredith.

From AJC.com:
graduate of the University of Georgia, grew up in Longmont. Colo., at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Her parents, Susan and Dave Emerson, flew in Wednesday from Longmont to join the search.

Emerson and Hilton, Hilton killed Emerson?

Little is known about Hilton. He was convicted of two felonies รข€” one for the possession and distribution of marijuana, another for theft by taking. According to public records, his last known address was on 11th Street in Atlanta in 1999.

This Hilton guy sounds like some sort of homeless n’er-do-well. It’s been reported that Hilton had a dog with him and Meredith too had her dog, Ella, along for the hike.

Sadly it seems that Meredith was likely exchanging some canine conversation with Hilton. A likely scenario was that Meredith mentioned that she and Ella would be hiking and Gary Hilton, whose mother would be so proud of him, took advantage of knowing that Meredith would be alone in an isolated environment. We must assume that Hilton told police where to find her body.

Beyond that, the press conference was a waste of time. The guy doing all the talking would comment on nothing, even on the charges on Hilton.

We’ll be watching this case.

Three Adults Charged With Beating 2-Year-Old to Death

Just three days after Christmas, when young Maxwell should have been busy playing with his new toys and still filled with the excitement of the holiday, little Maxwell Eyer was pronounced dead.

The court records allege that three fine folks were involved in the beating of young Maxwell about the head with a blunt object. Two of these fine people whose mothers would be so proud of them, were Maxwell’s biological parents. One was the girlfriend of Maxwell’s father.

From KSDK.com:
KSDK - Prosecutors in Madison County, Illinois, filed first-degree murder charges Friday against the parents of two-year-old Maxwell Eyer, of Alton, and a woman who is the girlfriend of Max's father.

Maxwell Eyer killed by 3 adults

Charges were filed against Max's mother, Linsey Eyer, 24, of Alton; Max's father, Johnny Garcia, 23, of East Alton; and Jeanine Lansdon, 26, of East Alton

It would seem that innocent Maxwell didn’t die such an easy death. It’s also not at all clear how this whole thing came down, but THREE people, all adults, were charged as participants in Maxwell’s death. As best as I can figure, Maxwell’s mother evidently beat the child bad enough to kill him, while his father and his girlfriend did nothing to get help for the child even though they knew what happened.

Fine folks. Tragic. A beautiful child, now loved and cherished by Jesus.

Dog Tortured, Held For Ransom

Just when you think it’s as bad as it can get, it gets worse.

Bill Whiting’s dog, Edna, got out of the house on Halloween, somehow opening the door left open for trick or treaters.

Whiting put out flyers for the dog, putting his cell number on them for contact.

From WRAL.com:
PHILADELPHIA — A telephone call at midnight normally would have awoken Bill Whiting, but he hadn't been sleeping much since his dog disappeared. He picked up the phone and couldn't believe what he heard.

Whiting and his missing dog

Children were demanding $600 or else they would kill Edna, his beloved beagle mix. Whiting listened in horror to what sounded like the jingle of Edna's collar, and an animal yelping in pain. He agreed to pay the ransom.

Two fine youngsters, whose parents must be so proud of them, phoned up Whiting, torturing him with the sound of his dog’s yelps of pain and jiggles of the dog collar.

The children demanded a ransom which Whiting agreed to pay. A few days later these fine kids phoned back on Whiting’s land line and informed him to forget about it, his dog is dead. Whiting says his land line number was only on the dog’s collar, not on the flyers he put out to help find the missing pup.

Now a fine 15-year old has been arrested for this crime. Folks, this kid wasn’t arrested based on air. They’ve got something on this kid and he should be so proud of himself.

Edna has never been found and it appears that these kids did, indeed, kill the dog.

Their parents are so proud of their brave boy, killing a little dog and everything.

Her family was on holiday at an exclusive Portuguese resort. Madeleine McCann's parents were both physicians and in addition, they have two twins younger than Madeleine.

While Maddie's parents dined out at a nearby resort restaurant, with children believed to be soundly asleep, Madeleine McCann somehow disappeared. She was discovered missing upon a routine check of the McCann suite by her parents.

It took a few months but eventually the suspicion that Madeleine's parents might have had something to do with her disappearance was leaked by both the Portuguese and British police.

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