Thoughts of Horrific Mistakes With Cat Litter and Presidential Speeches; Ladies Tell All on Bachelor; American Idol 09 Continues On and Fashion Critiq

Lots of thoughts of all kinds.

We've got the Good Guy of the Week and a fine Rant. Comments on Obama's lie of an unecessary speech. Amazing how the stock market keeps dropping every time this guy opens his mouth, huh?

Also, tea parties, Gary Condit lies, fine cupcakes and don't miss the WORST thing you can do with cat litter....ever!
On the Bachelor 09 episode aired 2.23.09, the rejectees returned.

Every damn one of them, except Lauren, were too nice to be true.

Good remix with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
American Idol 09 was pre-empted by a lie of a speech by Barack Obama.

The contest plows on but I must ask, just how in the hell are they narrowing down this field to 12? Because it's not clear at all.

With pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
It's time for the annual Fish tongue-in-cheek fashion critique of the Oscars 2009.

We've got categories you've never heard of.

With pics you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day
two moose kissing

Rant on the Bad Guy of the Week


Let’s get two things out of the way here. We have a fine, fine rant and it’s on this week’s Bad Guy of the Week.

I write specifically of Bill Maher.

What a sleazy, hooker-using, pasty-face, smarmy-smiling piece of crap this man is. His value to society is exactly zero, perhaps in the negative.

Last week the annual Hollywood self-important love fest known as The Oscars was held and, which, yes I suffer criticism but I watch always as it is my job to keep my Blogging fingers on the pop culture pulse. Oscar 09 review HERE.

Bill Maher came upon the stage and gave his usual mean dig at religion and religious folks in this country. Now I understand that obviously, OBVIOUSLY, one who does such a thing knows that criticism will be coming his way.

I, however, will approach the matter from a more logical and pragmatic perspective. With, of course, the usual rant words that show my passion and disdain.

Bill Maher

First, so Maher thinks religion is a bunch of nonsense, that virgins giving birth and raising from the dead is the stuff of fiction? Which is not to say that Maher’s disdain is held just for Christians, although the man does not have the testicles to go after the REALLY dangerous religion, Islam.

Folks, what harm do religious people bring to society? Most times, except in the case of Islam, which Maher NEVER mocks, religions preach against those actions considered wrong in any social setting. Most religions preach peace, love, forgiveness…hardly bad stuff. So what’s it hurt that, according to the most mighty, all-knowing and all-merciful Bill Maher, if religious folks believe in myths?

There are pics everywhere of Maher with a hooker on his arm. Here’s a guy evidently with no morals.

So he must mock those who have morals.

For if you wanted to locate an adulterer back in the mid-90’s, you would have to have always looked for the people defending Bill Clinton.

Like tends to defend and associate with like. And religious people are definitely NOTHING like Bill Maher.

Stopping For A Grin-EXERCISE

The only reason I would take up walking
is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.
I have to walk early in the morning,before my brain figures out what I'm doing.
joined a health club last year,spent about 400 bucks.
Haven't lost a pound. Apparently you have to go there?
*********************************************************************** Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.
*********************************************************************** I do have flabby thighs, but fortunately my stomach covers them.
*********************************************************************** The advantage of exercising every day is so when you die, they'll say,
'Well, he looks good doesn't he?'
*********************************************************************** If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a small country.
***********************************************************************I know I got a lot of exercise the last few years . just getting over the hill.
*********************************************************************** We all get heavier as we get older, because there's a lot more information in our heads. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Every time I start thinking too much about how I look, I just find a Happy Hour and by the time I leave, I look just fine.

Quip of the Week

QUIP header

Sometimes my quips, those cute little things that slip out during our normal lives, are “maybe you hadda be there” moments.

Thus the quip and subsequent misunderstanding during my choir practice the other night might be just such a moment. But it left me laughing out loud and unable to sing for almost five minutes.

A choir member, who is also a cantor (one of those fine people who lead chants during mass), was explaining to the choir director why she would not be able to cantor, as scheduled on the published list, on Good Friday. She was, as she had been telling said choir director for several weeks and so many times that we all practically knew her itinerary, going on a trip to Italy during the upcoming holy season.

“I won’t be able to cantor on Good Friday,” she explained patiently to the choir director, “nor Easter” she inserted quickly lest the choir director remove her from cantoring duties on Good Friday and schedule her for Easter Sunday instead.

Heh. Only the words “Nor Easter” reverberated around the room. Some choir members, not following the sequence of events as closely, wondered how on earth this choir member knew that there would be a Noreaster on Good Friday leaving her unable to sing. Noreasters, for those readers not on the east coast, are vicious rain or snow storms that come in from the Atlantic with a fury, always heading north and to the east and given the moniker of “noreaster” after that ominous path.

Other choir members asked right out loud if this choir member was reading the Farmer’s Almanac or something and still other choir members said that late winter/early spring was an unusual time for noreasters at any rate.

As yon reader can see, as is my hope, the misunderstanding blossomed into a grand festival of verbal confusion that had me laughing so hard that tears burned me eyeballs.

Well, maybe you hadda be there.

What Happened to the Great Arrest of the Chandra Levy Murderer

The REAL murderer is pictured below.

Gary Condit

And just as soon as the announcement came out that an arrest of Chandra’s murderer was imminent, I got on every forum I knew and agreed to give my last dollar if anybody but Condit ever got convicted for the murder of Chandra Levy.

On all the planet, besides the cheering Palestinians and Osama Bin Laden, no one benefited more out of the attacks of 9-11 than Gary Condit.

Absolutely no one can pinpoint Condit’s whereabouts on the afternoon Chandra went missing. Why? This was a congress critter. Staff and such keep constant track of these guys. There was a whole passel of incriminating evidence on Condit but hey, he got one free murder. Luckily his constituency kicked him out. His wife was a zombie basketcase, by the way.

I thought maybe a DC prosecutor was going to pull a stunt like that Boulder, Colorado joke did for John Ramsey when she brought in a child pervert back into this country that fizzled to nothing except the pervert was unleashed on our children here in America, we should thank her.

A little money in the palm, prosecutors too can be purchased.

The Joint Session Speech, AKA the Photo-op State of the Union Speech

Actually it wasn’t the year for President Obama to give a State of the Union speech but this is a photo-op president and he couldn’t bear to pass it by.

SOTU 09 Montage

I didn’t listen but I followed the live thread on FreeRepublic. I can’t stand to watch that man and I will be as rude to him as his followers were to George W. Bush for what goes around, comes around.
My husband has lost almost $30K of his 401K because of this clown, so I’ve earned the right to be bitter, I paid for it with the money he sweated for all his life. And now with him recovering from a brain infection and me from a heart bypass, when we NEED the money the most, Barack Obama decides to rob the treasury, and people like me and husband.

During the speech, he promised everything, that would cost trillions of dollars, then promised to cut the deficit. The average American does not know what the deficit is, especially not an Obama voter. It sounds good but means nothing. The deficit he would be cutting in half was caused by his joke of a treasury-robbing so-called stimulus bill at any rate.

Michelle Obama, who is a lovely and fashionable woman, astounded with a sleeveless dress worn in mid-February. Well hey, I understand hot flashes very well so I’ll not criticize.

Daddy Clinton Spanks Obama and His Constant Crisis

God knows I never thought I’d see the day that Bill Clinton would be viewed as the sane one. But ole Bill was right on with his chastisement of President Obama and his constant talking down of the economy. In a recent speech he used the word “crisis” 26 times!

So here’s the vid of Clinton’s rebuke and hey, Obama did sound a bit more upbeat in his ersatz SOTU speech.

Good Guy of the Week

Good Guy Header

The libs, as always, get on the soapbox and say something over and over and then, of course, it must be true!

So Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, gave the GOP rebuttal speech for Obama’s photo-op SOTU speech. The lib pundits all lamented how lame Jindal was.

He most certainly was not! Jindal did a fine job.

Understand, not that libs understand this sort of thing, that Jindal didn’t have Nancy Pelosi as a jack-in-the-box backdrop jumping up and clapping at every utterance like she did for The Messiah. It was just him, looking very handsome and sober and his words were fine and true.
This is the nation that cast off the scourge of slavery, overcame the Great Depression, prevailed in two World Wars, won the struggle for civil rights, defeated the Soviet menace, and responded with determined courage to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The American spirit has triumphed over almost every form of adversity known to man — and the American spirit will triumph again.
--Governor Bobby Jindal

Tea Parties Across the Fruited Plains

Many Americans are sick of Obama and I predict there will be many more in the days to come. The Messiah is riding the wave of his recent election but give it time, even the libs will look at their 401K’s or notice the stock market dropping. Yes, even the libs won’t want to pay for their neighbor’s house and the rosy glow of the election will fade to nauseating gray. Hope and Change won’t seem so nice soon enough.

There are “tea parties” planned in many cities in protest of Obama and his policies so allow this Blogger to advertise them and provide a link for more information. The Lamestream won’t cover them, of course, but with the Internet and Talk Radio maybe we can get the word out.

teaparty logo


The Great Cat Litter Mistake

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We have a ramp that leads from our smallish deck to the backyard. We put it there for a little dog that had problems handling the steps. But as we figured, a ramp leading into the house is a good thing, right?

Only in winter that ramp gets slick and one morning I slipped and fell and a)not a good thing for a woman my age and b)we really need a handrail as I decided whilst laying on the ground glad that I didn’t fracture a hip or worse.

Until then, dawn broke over my marble head. CAT LITTER!

I would put an empty coffee can filled with cat litter on the deck table and on frosty mornings, boom, I could then throw the stuff on the ramp and walk down with the traction cat litter provides.


Except most cat litter nowadays is “clumping” stuff and that’s when the nightmare began.

The first time I used the cat litter it worked as planned. The litter provided me traction and I safely walked down the ramp.

The following day the weather was not cold but very damp. I walked down the ramp with full confidence and fell on my butt with more force than ever.

Clumping cat litter, it would seem, gets like pure mud when wet.

Further, the cat litter tended to roll down to the bottom of the ramp and covered the ground around the end of the ramp. Leaves and such blew over top and again I slipped and slid and this time I couldn’t see where the muddy clumps from hell were.

For several days I climbed down from the deck without use of the ramp at all as the muddy cat litter was still on the deck ramp and this stuff is not easy to get rid of save perhaps a full-force hosing down. Said hose being disconnected as this is winter. I could climb down off of the deck edge easy enough but getting back up required me to hoist my considerable girth upwards but hey, I did it.

The clumping cat litter then dried with the late February winds and I figured I could finally scrape the stuff off and be rid of it forever.


Only clumping cat litter dries harder than cement and even with the steel-bristled brush of the grill I couldn’t get it off the deck ramp. I tried using a broom, heh, thinking the litter would crumble and sweep away. Only the clumps got mangled in the bristles of the broom and one broom into the trash.

Some way, somehow, I am going to get this stuff off of my deck ramp. I had to manually pick it up from around the bottom of the ramp, leaves stuck in and all. Still there’s a bunch down there.

Because if it gets wet again, which has happened, once again we have a slippery mud slide.

Consider this a warning and public service from your friendly Blogger whose brainstorms are not always so good.

Some Nostalgia

old woolworths menu

 Posted by Hello

6 Out of Top 12 Named

Definitely in the Top 12:

Alexis Grace
Danny Gokey
Michael Sarver
Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Allison Iraheta

Montage top 3 second round top 36

There is one more round in the top 36 and three more contenders from that final group will be voted into the top twelve.

Now what’s wrong with this picture?

I was chastised by a Freeper in my last American Idol post that it was wrong to indicate that those not voted into the top three in their round would be “going home”.

I advised that no less than Ryan Seacrest himself would say that same thing when doing that faux drama thing he does…drumroll, melodramatic pause…then “Joe, tonight you will be going home.”

What’s wrong with this picture is that three rounds of 12 with three contenders voted to the top 12 in each…only adds up to NINE in the top twelve. Which makes it a top 9 when you think about it.

The other three slots will be filled via so-called “wildcard” slots. There’s even a link to “wildcard” photos in the official American Idol site but as of now it goes nowhere, obviously.

It’s not at all clear just who chooses the wildcard contenders but my Freeper scolder was right. The ones who were not one of the top three are not, necessarily, “going home”.

They could, perhaps by being voted fourth in each of the three top 36 rounds or by appointment by the judges, go on to be in the top 12 but it’s not clear just how or on what criteria. At least not to me.

I think the contenders voted in so far are good ones. Although there was one contender, pictured above and included in the remix below, who I thought for sure would get the nod. Megan Corkrey had a tattooed arm, was absolutely beautiful, cool, hip, young and happening. Kris Allen, who I considered lackluster, beat her out for one of the top three spots.

Finally, Brooke White, a contender from last year, played her newest song. It was a great listen and suited her voice and style perfectly.

A montage of the top three in round 2 below, with a couple of surprises along with my wise commentary below.

The Ladies Tell All and Jason’s Ex-Wife-Where Is She Now?

Coming up tomorrow-3/2/09, Jason supposedly chooses his next wife. Rumors fly that he will first choose Melissa than throw her overboard for Molly. This makes no sense at all and then there’s the scuttlebutt that DeAnna will appear to muck things up.

First, God Bless the Internet because there’s been lots of info out there about Jason’s ex-wife and, we must assume, little Ty’s mother.

Beginning here we discover that Jason’s ex-wife is now known as Hilary Madison Wynn. Before that she had another name and, assuming again, once she was known as Mrs. Mesnick.

Fathers across the fruited plains have custody and are raising their children, save in the hearts of our big city ghettos. It’s not unusual and for a female to give custody of her child, especially a male child, to his father. Such action is way more common than one might think.

Still, one has to stop and consider just why Hillary gave up her son. Although in the series Jason makes it very clear that he’s NOT looking for a replacement mother for Ty. Evidently Hillary is very much in her son’s life, as she should be.

Jason Mesnick's wife

Below, a video featuring Hillary as a character in a music performance by a rock band.

Last week’s show, 2/23/09, was a “ladies’ night”. This is a night, they have them every year, when the women who contended so for Jason’s heart all get together on stage to discuss the series. The two finalists are NOT on the show as this show is meant to gin up interest in the finale so can’t have either Molly or Melissa on and possibly reveal the final outcome. As always the host will hone in on the two to three contenders who made it closest to the top and discuss any outstanding things that might have happened.

Jillian was the focus of attention, of course, as she was in the top three and got sent home from New Zealand. These ladies are always gracious, rarely expressing the curse words they’d like to utter or displaying the middle-digit they’d like to display. Jillian said she agreed with Jason’s contention that they would never be more than “friends”. Heh. Well ain’t it that way everywhere? Just as soon as the word “friend” is mentioned we all know it’s over. I’m thinking Jason and Jillian will likely never speak again what with her being in Canada and everything.

Montage Bachelor episode 2/23/09

Jason, of course, too came out to answer questions from the ladies and I’ve got to say that Jason has class and does appear to speak forthrightly and honestly. He responded to queries about why he didn’t choose widow Stephanie, a fan favorite as Greg Harrison described her, with a truthful “I just didn’t see her as my wife.”

I liked Stephanie as well but I see her with someone older than Jason. Stephanie is 34 and she belongs with a 40+ business man as I see it.

Below, a remix of Bachelor’s Ladies’ Night of 2/23/09 along with my text commentary in the appropriate frame.

-MONTAGE 2.23.09

PS-I don’t believe that bit about Molly replacing a previously chosen Melissa but as they always do, the finale of this series is supposed to be “the most shocking ever.”


Fashion Awards-Oscars 2009

I like to watch the annual Oscar self-important love fest and like most Americans who tune into the televised ceremony, I saw but a few of the movies commemorated.

Unlike their own fine selves, I have more of a hold on reality than most of those pea-brained actors and actresses. Hey, I love to watch the fashion and might smirk at the silly acceptance speeches.

They’re ENTERTAINERS, for God’s sakes! It’s an honorable occupation, yes it is, but it’s not a mighty political summit and the actors are not intellectual giants. I understand this.

Every year the viewing audience of the Academy Awards gets smaller and there are several factors causing this. To include the fact that the entire thing is too damn long. It really should only last an hour and a half-tops. In addition, America simply does not want to hear these ENTERTAINERS get on what is a big soap box and give us their political views. Note that in recent years there’s very little of this sort of thing because once it happens Middle America, yea these people who carry this country on their backs whilst raising the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow, tends to tune it out the following year.

The only incident that kind of raised my hackles this year was the appearance of the smarmy, self-important Bill Maher who, as he always does with misguided pride, poked fun at religion. Maher made my BAD GUY OF THE WEEK list and was the subject of my weekly RANT HERE.

With no further ado, below my annual fashion awards for the 2009 Academy Awards.

Oscars 09 fashion montage 1

oscars 09 fashion montage 2

fashion montage oscar 09 3

oscars 09 fashion montage 4

oscars 09 fashion montage 5

oscars 09 fashion montage 6

A Brain Infection? A Medical Journey Surpassed by Few

A Medical Odyssey to a Quadruple Heart Bypass

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February 2009

W/E Saturday 2/21/09
Puppies take a number

Finally there IS a bureau for missing socks.

Plus, longest ear hair record, Michelle and Obama escape the boredom of the White House, and a peaceful Muslim who "removed" his wife's head.

Many more thoughts of the week, political, funny, sad and satirical.

Bachelor 09 Jason has two to choose from.

He has not met the parents of one and gives lackluster kisses to the other.

Could DeAnna really come back into his life?

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

We continue following American Idol 09 even this early in the competition when no one's paying attention.

We've updates on who's hot, who's not, and who's just outrageous.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Blog Posts of Note:

Deviled Eggs-the Definitive Way to Prepare These Gems

A Brain Infection? A Medical Odyssey of Sheer Terror.

Those Celebrity Chefs-Who Cooks With Her Boobs and Who Is Disliked by All.

The Harmony Document Database Translations

Rush Limbaugh-What He Does Wrong; What He Does Right

Those Radio Talk Show Hosts-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Why were there ten dead baby possums in the yard? A heart patient deals with the terror

No, It's Nowhere NEAR as Bad As When Jimmah Carter was Prez...Everything you need to know about the WORST President ever.


W/e Saturday 2/7/09
guy with piercings looks like tackle box

blue jays and cardinals campaign

W/e Saturday 2/7/09
So the Grammys for 2009 have been handed out and now's the time for my own fine and unique fashion awards for same.

Plus a cooking show overlooked but amongst the best…TOP CHEF.

Dancing With the Stars 09 Dancers Announced.

Amidst talks of stimulus bills that are robberies of the treasury, we go to signs of spring, odes to missing socks, the prettiest handwriting in the world and much more.
The Bachelor 09-Jason, continues on his quest for true love.

The favorite bachelorette as I see it has parents who refuse to participate in this bastardization of true love.

No surprise as to who was sent home.
Hollywood rounds continue on for American Idol 2009 and some real surprises sent packing and some real drubs remain.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Blog Posts of Note:

Deviled Eggs-the Definitive Way to Prepare These Gems

A Brain Infection? A Medical Odyssey of Sheer Terror.

Those Celebrity Chefs-Who Cooks With Her Boobs and Who Is Disliked by All.

The Harmony Document Database Translations

Rush Limbaugh-What He Does Wrong; What He Does Right

Those Radio Talk Show Hosts-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Why were there ten dead baby possums in the yard? A heart patient deals with the terror

No, It's Nowhere NEAR as Bad As When Jimmah Carter was Prez...Everything you need to know about the WORST President ever.


If you thought SuperBowl 2009 was the greatest ever, you'll love our exclusive video of the action plus some vid of the great halftime show.

Also, tax dodgers and why we all should just refuse to pay our taxes, damn it!

Finally, Jonbenet case reopened? I've got an interesting hunch why.

Many more thoughts from The Wise I.

It was the last episode before going on to the home towns of the final contenders.

Jason, amidst tears and sobs, sent home what I thought was his best match.

And a rumor about the outcome of this year's show that will shock you.

It's the mid-winter fill time before the final top 15 start American Idol 09 anew.

Some video and pics you'll see nowhere else on the Internet. Plus my guesses as to who to keep a close eye on.

Finally, guest writer Michelle tells of her murdering cat and a stage mother’s travails.


Blog Posts of Note:

Deviled Eggs-the Definitive Way to Prepare These Gems

A Brain Infection? A Medical Odyssey of Sheer Terror.

Those Celebrity Chefs-Who Cooks With Her Boobs and Who Is Disliked by All.

The Harmony Document Database Translations

Rush Limbaugh-What He Does Wrong; What He Does Right

Those Radio Talk Show Hosts-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Why were there ten dead baby possums in the yard? A heart patient deals with the terror

No, It's Nowhere NEAR as Bad As When Jimmah Carter was Prez...Everything you need to know about the WORST President ever.

W/E saturday 1/31/09

Bachelor Jason swiftly moved the competition from nine to five during this past week's episode-1/26/09.

Four of the would-be Jason brides were obnoxious, so much so that Jason sent home one more than necessary.

Finally, why won't Stephanie kiss Jason? We've got the possible reason here.

With pics and video compilations you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

The judges missed a dirty word the new Miss America uttered during her song in the talent competition. We have it, on tape!

Review of Fox's new "Lie to Me". Guy gets paid big bucks for doing what we all do every day in the course of our humble lives.

A pic of a genuine Jack Bauer lookalike and he's a member of my family.

Finally, my own fashion awards for the SAG awards.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

American Idol 09 moves through New York, Jacksonville, Puerto Rico and Salt Lake City in this review of the pre-season tryouts.

We've got dancers and comedians and why are they trying out for American Idol?

With pics and video compilations you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Against all common sense, the President of the U.S. goes against a talk show host of all things! Rush Limbaugh fights back. Obama…he's got big problems with a stimulus package which stimulates nothing but the Democratic party big donors. We are not fooled.

Meanwhile the Republicans nominated a fine African-American to lead its party so watch the GOP move. Last week they voted en masse against that stimulus this.

And the REAL cause of that airplane wreck on the Potomac. We've got pics of the culprits.


Blog Posts of Note:

Deviled Eggs-the Definitive Way to Prepare These Gems

A Brain Infection? A Medical Odyssey of Sheer Terror.

Those Celebrity Chefs-Who Cooks With Her Boobs and Who Is Disliked by All.

The Harmony Document Database Translations

Rush Limbaugh-What He Does Wrong; What He Does Right

Those Radio Talk Show Hosts-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Why were there ten dead baby possums in the yard? A heart patient deals with the terror

No, It's Nowhere NEAR as Bad As When Jimmah Carter was Prez...Everything you need to know about the WORST President ever.

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Thoughts of Beheading Muslims and Longest Ear Hair?; Bachelors and Old Girlfriends, American Idol 09\

Finally there IS a bureau for missing socks.

Plus, longest ear hair record, Michelle and Obama escape the boredom of the White House, and a peaceful Muslim who "removed" his wife's head.

Many more thoughts of the week, political, funny, sad and satirical.

Bachelor 09 Jason has two to choose from.

He has not met the parents of one and gives lackluster kisses to the other.

Could DeAnna really come back into his life?

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

We continue following American Idol 09 even this early in the competition when no one's paying attention.

We've updates on who's hot, who's not, and who's just outrageous.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day
zebra in the woodpile

President Obama Must Be So Proud

For one thing, he beat out Jesus in a recent poll:

Americans named President Obama as their No. 1 hero, followed by Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King, in a new Harris poll.

Obama As Savior

And he got his so-called “stimulation” package passed, kudos to him.

Finally, President Obama managed to drive the stock market down to below 7500, he must be so proud of himself.

This guy spent most of last week going out into the world, promising kitchens and better jobs than McDonald’s to promote his stimulus package. He talked down the economy so much that my ears began to burn. In my day leaders were the folks who cheered on the masses. To have a President using his bully pulpit to use the word “crisis” 24 times in a nationally televised speech just shocks me all to hell.

How about that mortgage relief package? Screw all of you who paid your mortgage on time. Screw my daughter, who didn’t go out and buy a house she couldn’t afford. Screw us all save the ones, including Obama’s lady friend who wanted him to give her a kitchen, who bought a house without a job, without the ability to pay for it, without naught but a wish and a prayer.

If you did the right thing, you get nothing.

All the deadbeats? They get a free house.

All hail Obama, our Messiah and Savior.

Speaking of Obama

So he and lovely first lady Michelle decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For this little snippet I had every intention of maybe giving the First Couple a pat on the back. Although by me they could have just as easily dined in D.C. and saved the cost of flying Air Force 1 to Chicago when this country’s in such an economic crisis, which The Messiah himself told us 24 times in a recent speech.

But I bent over backwards to stop jeering this guy who has done not one thing of worth so far as I can see and I have to say it now because he and his buddies in congress will soon be shutting me and all other dissenters down. So I thought, so okay, he and Michelle are setting an example for the sad state of the black family of this day.

For the vast majority of single mothers are black women and hey, if the First Couple can make a public display of the joys of love and couplehood, maybe those single mothers will start to demand that those babies’ daddy marry them and be a proper family.

Studies show that the crime rate, in proportion to the population, is the same amongst whites and blacks. Once you factor in the single parent household factor, the crime rate for blacks rises greatly. It would seem that fathers are very much needed to give children a well-rounded childhood. Duh.

But then Obama decides to give all the deadbeats in this country free houses so all bets are off. I think it was in the poorest of taste for Obama and Michelle to take off on a jet to Chicago just to have dinner out. They live in the damn White House for God’s sakes, with the best chefs in the world at their call. If they really just wanted a quiet evening alone why all the publicity, the photo-ops?

Michelle and Barack on Valentines Day

Oh, and you know the famous mother of the Octuplets? It would turn out that HER home is in default. So she’ll get a bail out too.

Quip of the Week

A wise, funny, thoughtful or all-of-the-above quick quip that shook my funny bone and required sharing with yon readers.

The originator could come from the most ordinary around me who carry this country on our backs whilst raising the citizens and solders of tomorrow. Or the source of the quip might be the celebrated or the political, but not likely.

There were two blessed days this past week. One had husband and I going to a doctor’s appointment that involved no human beings! Specifically the appointment was for the dog.

The discussions turned to different dogs and their level of viciousness by breed. This discussions came about because our own beloved hound, a Belgian Malinois, was attacked TWICE by two little dingbat breeds while she walked peacefully upon a public street. Both attacking dogs were loose and came out onto the street and attacked Jo-Ann, that was all properly leashed, haltered and tethered to her owner, which would be me.

One was a deranged cocker which lost an eyeball from the encounter. Come on folks, a cocker takes on a big Belgian Malinois, beloved dog of police departments across the fruited plains? The other dog was, you should smile, a freaking little Pomeranian. Well the Pom did live but it was touch and go for a while. Yeah, a Pomeranian takes on a Belgian Malinois, go figure that one.

The Vet remarks how cockers were, by his experience and hey, he is a Vet, a vicious kind of breed. Little dogs, he lamented, were often the worse. Daschunds, we all agreed, tended to be nasty little beasts, our own fine selves once owning one, a fine fellow but he’d show his teeth to anyone beyond his owners.

“Chihuahuas,” the Vet said, cautioning me not to put this on my Blog and tell no one he said it, “they’re like canine piranha.”

So don’t tell anyone I told you but this week’s Quip of the Week goes to my Vet for that picture I can’t get out of my mind of a tank full of Chihuahua piranhas.

Insert smirk here.

Record Holder for Longest Ear Hair

from the Telegraph:

Longest ear hair

We all should be famous for something.

You Might Be a Taliban If…

Playing up on Jeff Foxworthy’s famous joke:

1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to
2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you
can't afford shoes.
3. You have more wives than teeth.
4. You wipe your butt with your bare left hand, but consider bacon
5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.
6. You can't think of anyone you HAVEN'T declared Jihad against.
7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives
in your clothing.
8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.
9. You've often uttered the phrase, 'I love what you've done with your cave.'
10. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least one.
11. You bathe at least monthly whether necessary or not.
12. You have a crush on your neighbor's goat.

Which remind me of my favorite song, inspired by President Obama’s pronunciation of the word TALIBAN…



Come Mr. Taliban, tally me bananas…

Daylight come and me wanna go home”

Teaching How Peaceful Muslims Can Be

This story is horrific on so many levels. First, “Mo” (we wonder what that name is short for) Hassan and his wife started a TV stations known as “Bridges”. Its purpose was to teach us infidels how Muslim is such a peaceful religion.

Second, Aasiya had just obtained a protection order against ole Mo the Friday before he removed her head.

By the way, an AP report, AP being the newspaper of record for Islam in this country, couldn’t bear to report such an act as “decapitation” or “beheading”. Oh no. Those words, well they have a sort of violent edge to them. Instead AP publishes a picture of the couple, stating that this was Aasiya before the very fine and peaceful Mo “removed her head”.

Story HERE

Hassan removed her head

Finally, Relief for Those Who Have Lost Their Socks

In last week’s “thoughts” post HERE, I lamented the disappearance, at the FIRST WASHING, of a brand new sock, part of a pair that cost me eleven bucks.

I apologized to my missing sock for any insult I may have given it.

A reader provided me with the following information. I had no idea there really was a Bureau for Missing Socks.

Bureau of Missing Socks

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Jason Sends Canadian Packing. What About DeAnna?

I saw DeAnna Pappas on Access Hollywood. She was interviewed by Mario of “Dancing With the Stars” fame. She was very coy about what transpires between her and Jason in the upcoming episode of The Bachelor.

I suspect the reappearance of a contrite and regretful DeAnna, who chose snowboarder Jessie over the reserved and more conventional Jason in this past year’s “Bachelorette” series, to be a very scripted event. It’s the sort of story line that would appeal to us females who watch this show. If myself was Jason I’d slap DeAnna back to the caveman era and tell her to take her snowboard and go home. But-a)I am not Jason and b)I’m not even a man.

Of course Jessie was a bad choice but I don’t know, this show is so scripted that who knows whether the choice of Jessie was part of the script as DeAnna had no preference of the eligible males who were her choices, much like Brad Womack who rejected DeAnna as this whole saga began, or if DeAnna really lost her mind and chose a bowtie-wearing, snowboarding comedian over a serious provider like Jason.

In fact, the way I see how this series comes down, all of the contenders are introduced to the Bachelor/Bachelorette long before that premiere episode where they drive up in a limousine. The object of affection gets to know the contenders and comes up with a list, from best choice to worst choice. At this time a script writer comes in and working with the Bachelor(ette) uses his or her impressions of the contenders and writes a storyline that works on eliminating each contender, based on the aforementioned list, with a dramatic scene that captures the Bachelor(ette)’s impression of the contenders.

Likely Jason Mesnick thought that Megan and Erica were trouble-makers and were low on his “likely” list. Thus a storyline incorporating a feud between these two was scripted into the series. The script had Jason keeping Megan around way longer than anyone thought should be given her alleged nasty disposition. The viewer then sits in the TV bleachers across the fruited plains and lament that Jason doesn’t boot either Erica or Megan off…boot off BOTH so thinks the viewer, and interest in the program is maintained. The advertisers are happy that with each scripted drama, more viewers tune in.

Bachelor montage 2.16.09

It’s called capitalism, it’s mostly fiction, it takes our mind off of Obama, who is single-handedly destroying capitalism, he must be so proud of himself as the stock market falls with the joy of his inauguration and first days in office.

What’s interesting about this Bachelor series is how Jason constantly complains about not meeting Melissa’s parents, how important this is in order for him to establish a relationship with a firm future. Yet he keeps her around.

This is an interesting development. As I recall, Brad Womack actually allowed the show to contact DeAnna’s father before that series’ finale. Womack ended up refusing anyone offered during his stint as Bachelor, such was the quality of his fine self. But he had evidently considered DeAnna before backing out at the end, considered her so much as to allow the show to contact her parents.

Thus I must imagine that should Jason choose Melissa as his beloved one, and I think he will, that he can contact Melissa’s parents for the finale. Although Jason argues that he could not make any kind of commitment to Melissa without meeting her parents first.

I think this is scripted into the show. The viewer is sitting on pins and needles wondering if Jason will kick Melissa off for the refusal of her parents to meet with him. The script, as I envision it, will have Jason agreeing to marry Melissa IF her parents agree to meet with him. Melissa’s parents, now calm as their daughter is no longer a piece of meat on an auction block, will meet with Jason…AND the audience.

It’s a script that keeps viewer attention and that’s the plan.

As for this DeAnna thing…nothing to it as I argue. DeAnna didn’t want Jason when she was Bachelorette and she likely doesn’t want him now. In fact, I don’t think DeAnna ever wanted snowboarder Jessie, frankly. As I understand it DeAnna has her own Lifetime show and more than likely DeAnna is all for DeAnna.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Coming up, the Girls Tell All show and Jason’s folks get to meet Melissa and Molly.

This is one viewer who is still intrigued. But I know the script.


Below, Jason speaks on his mind on the three finalists.

American Idol 2009 Nine Eliminated and Already I’m Wrong

I was contacted by a rep from Disney and given this link to include on my Blog. It is a pic slideshow from the American Idol show at Disney World so enjoy.

Below is a list of contenders that I thought would make the top 12. Below the list I’ve included some pics with commentary as to why I thought they would move into the top of the line for American Idol 2009.

This past week, on 2/18/09, only three of the twelve stayed on. I was right about Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey. Michael Sarver was voted to remain. My notes on this fellow was that he had no “star quality”. Evidently the voters disagreed with me.

I thought for sure Tatiana Nicole from Puerto Rico would stay as she’d been so controversial and caught so much attention.

I still have some others in the running so on to my list and pics.

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro-sent home 2/18/09…wrong
Alexis Grace
Danny Gokey
Lil Rounds
Nick Mitchell
Scott MacIntyre
Jasmine Murray
Kai Kalama
Nathaniel Marshall
Ricky Braddy-sent home 2/18/09…wrong

top females AI 2009 my choice

Mitchell, Macintyre, Gokey

Kalamma, Marshall, Raddy

Michael top three 2.17.09

A Brain Infection? A Medical Journey Surpassed by Few

A Medical Odyssey to a Quadruple Heart Bypass

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Thoughts About Socks, American Idol, The Bachelor, Grammys 09- Most Unique Fashion Awards

So the Grammys for 2009 have been handed out and now's the time for my own fine and unique fashion awards for same.

Plus a cooking show overlooked but amongst the best…TOP CHEF.

Dancing With the Stars 09 Dancers Announced.

Amidst talks of stimulus bills that are robberies of the treasury, we go to signs of spring, odes to missing socks, the prettiest handwriting in the world and much more.
The Bachelor 09-Jason, continues on his quest for true love.

The favorite bachelorette as I see it has parents who refuse to participate in this bastardization of true love.

No surprise as to who was sent home.
Hollywood rounds continue on for American Idol 2009 and some real surprises sent packing and some real drubs remain.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day
penguins with baby

Ok, We’re Not Kidding Here…WHERE ARE THE SOCKS?

I am a person quite comfortable in a chill. I almost never wear a coat, even in the winter. I have hot flashes that could heat a small house. My only blanket is a thin affair with a wide weave that allows the cool air easy passage through its bulk.

My feet, as most of us I suspect, are a whole different matter. Socks are very important as cold feet are uncomfortable always.

Thus sockwear is quite important in the choosing. My fat calves don’t help the matter any either.

So I purchase some socks at the local outlet store, pretty things with silver weaves throughout as decoration. Only when I put the things on, the silvery thread tightens up so much that my leg is strangled, if such a thing can happen to a leg.

Back to the drawing board and Walmart has socks, of course, quite cheap and labeled as being for ladies with fat calves. I think this may just the ticket.

Well they worked fine. Problem is they only last through about three washings then the heels and toes have big holes and a hole is a sock is not much better than not wearing a sock at all. For a while I put a smaller sock, ie NOT a knee-high, over the holes but how dumb is this?

It was time for me to spend some bucks on something so important. The Vermont Country Store is a catalogue which sells old-fashioned kind of stuff. I had a coupon for free shipping. Featured prominently on its pages, alongside items such as “Evening in Paris” perfume, were knee-high socks, “all genuine warm wool”, for ladies with fat calves.

The things were on “sale” at $11.00 a pair if you purchased them two at a time. Damn. The Walmart socks were two bucks a pair but, of course, there was that problem with the holes.

I figured, buy about four pair of these things. They sure looked comfortable and warm and my experience with this retailer had been positive in the past. Plus there was my free shipping offer. I figured the cost of shipping socks couldn’t be all that high but free is always good.

Sure enough the socks are great. At times I sit and revel in the feel of comfort and warmth, and I smirk. With care these socks could last me a couple of years. Heck, I only wear the things in the winter. They sure are made well, that’s easy to ascertain by the feel of the soft wool and the perfect construction.

First laundry comes along and I figure it’s time to see how well they fare in the washer.

Out of the dryer…ONE SOCK!!!!

I search the dryer, the hamper, the nooks and crannies of the laundry room. One of my damn $11.00 socks is missing and hey, I’m not laughing anymore.

I never mistreated that sock. In fact, as indicated above, I complimented the thing for its softness, the luxurious feel. I even bragged to husband about the magnificent socks.

And it runs away from home at the first laundry?

There is no justice folks. I now make a public plea for my sock to come home. I am so sorry for any insult I have made on you.

Six Fingered Child

Six fingers on kid

My daughter was the first to point out this most interesting story to me. She also sent me the link, where I got the above pic. HERE.

I don’t know why I am intrigued by this story except that I have, in my longish life, had very many six, seven and even eight-toed cats. They are quite common and the common wisdom is that the anomaly is a result of inbreeding.

In fact one of my current cats has six toes. She’s also deathly afraid of the new bedspread, as covered HERE. I don’t know if there is a connection to the toes and the rather weird bedspread phobia.

Further, I don’t know if the child with the many fingers is the result of inbreeding or not.

Like I asked my daughter, could this kid be his own grandpa?

Saving Katie Couric

This past week perky Katie Couric had some great “gets” as they call it in her business. She had an entire show where she had complete access to many of the Grammy 2009 nominees. This was a couple of days BEFORE the big show.

I watched it and I like to puke over that woman’s interview style.

I recall when Couric got the big title of anchor of CBS news what, two years ago? Many thought she’d never succeed and here CBS had given this vapid creature millions of dollars of pay and the liberals complain about CEO’s bonuses. At least the CEO’s actually WORK instead of, say, looking cute and asking vapid questions.

After the Grammy special, there was Katie Couric interviewing none other than “Sully”, the hero captain of the plane that he guided to land in the Hudson River. THIS was the “get” of all time.

I recall that Katie was the first to land an interview with Sarah Palin and it was perky Katie who supposedly brought Palin down.

Which she did no such thing but according to the libs, if you say something long enough, it becomes the truth.

So I tip my hat to Ms. Couric. I was one of the naysayers who thought she’d never succeed.

But I’d point out, softly, that even Pat Fish would succeed and be worth millions if I had all the world getting me access to the best interviews of the day.

I’m just sayin’.

Hints of Spring

I do my morning exercise routine at 8 in the am, come snow, rain or shine. As indicated above, given my warm knee socks, I don’t get cold although I’ll admit this winter’s been a cold one, global warming notwithstanding.

Part of the joy of the morning routine is listening to the bird fellows. February marks the beginning, however slight, of the switchover to spring.

It was late January that I HEARD the first American robin. Husband and I have a contest over who sees the first robin and it’s usually in January that one of these birds will be spotted. In my case I could hear the bird’s sharp bark from a bare tree somewhere directly above my head. Husband didn’t buy this as a first observation but I’ve got well-trained ears, damn it.

baby rabbit in clover

At any rate, this morning, 2/12/09, I laid my eyeballs on the first robin and he was a handsome fellow indeed. Robins are notorious early nesters and I swear this guy seemed to regard my yard as a real possible territory for his fine self. Soon I suspect he will be shouting from the tree tops to passing female robins that right down here is the finest territory, all established and void of challenging male robins. Said female will fall for his line as females of all species often do.

And if the first robin sighting doesn’t do it, consider that fine bird singer, the redwing blackbird. This is another bird that is amongst the first out and about and looking for a territory that he may entice female redwing blackbirds to join him.

He can’t sing worth a hoot. But he belts out that hoarse “onk-la-ree” call as if he was the next American Idol. I laid eyeballs on this fellow too and he seems to think my yard would also make a fine territory for him and his future mate.

In pursuit of further signs of spring I took a tour of the fallow and brown front-yard gardens. Which were, as is the norm, still brown and fallow this mid-February. Except for the azaleas! The azaleas in the front porch garden sported promising leafage that again promised beautiful bloom to come.

azaleas in bloom

It Finally Happened…the Dog Got a Squirrel

….and folks, it wasn’t pretty.

I do give the squirrel-rodents plenty of warning before I slide the deck door to open and unleash the anxious dog after those bushy-tailed thieves who munch sunflower quite happily from my bird feeders, seed not meant for them but since when has a squirrel-rodent ever been fair? All squirrel-rodents are Democrats.

I have seen the squirrels go UNDER the big privacy fence separating my yard from neighbor. I’ve seen them go from ground level and up OVER the roof to the other side of our garden shed. I’ve seen them rather stupidly come DOWN from a safe tree to run across the yard and over the fence to the opposite neighboring yard.

This little squirrel-rodent didn’t make just such an attempt. For the dog, who has had her last dog nerve plucked over these squirrel-rodents who insist on coming inside of HER yard, caught the youngster.

This squirrel-rodent will NOT grow into an adult to reproduce and populate the world with little squirrel-rodents who can’t get away from a snarling dog, even WITH advance warning!

It’s Darwin’s law. At work. Here in a little swampy backyard in southern Delaware.

May the bushy-tailed thief rest in peace.

There came to be as a result of this backyard drama, a lesson learned. For I had pondered NOT getting dog her rabies shots this year.

Now I didn’t give the notion all that much thought as I am a responsible dog owner. But it did cross my mind that poor dog NEVER leaves our property, all of her exercise consisting of walking in circles in our backyard, some ball games in that same backyard with the owner, and some time on our front porch. Which is because loose dogs in our neighborhood attacked her properly leashed and saddled self when I use to walk her upon the neighborhood roads.

So where’s she going to get rabies if no loose dogs will attack her?

I did hear Jo-Ann let loose with a yip of pain as she shook that squirrel back and forth in her mouth like she does so joyfully with her toys. Evidently this Darwinian squirrel-rodent WAS attempting to save itself and I don’t know, perhaps bit Jo-Ann, or maybe scratched. The last I saw of the poor dead creature before I pitchforked it over the back fence it was nowhere near alive so whatever defense it had made it had to be pitiful.

And Jo-Ann didn’t have any scratches or such on her. Point being that even though the dog never leaves our property, danger can, and DOES, come to HER.

We will be getting her the three year rabies shot next Thursday.

The So-Called Fairness Doctrine, Ulterior Motives and Freedom of Speech

The “fairness doctrine” is a law enacted in the late 1930’s which required users of public air waves to insure that equal time is given to all points of view, liberal, conservative and in-between. The law was repealed in the early 80’s I believe because what with cable, plentiful newspapers, and now the Internet, anyone who needs a point of view they prefer can find it easy enough.

The liberals want to bring back this “fairness doctrine”, perhaps with another name. It’s one of my greatest fears. Soon they will shut down this humble Blogger that nobody even reads.

It’s like the FIRST amendment in our Bill of Rights, that pesky Freedom of Speech.

Debbie Stabinow, some senator from somewhere, is behind a force trying to shut down right wing radio talk show hosts, thereby killing air time for anyone who would dare to go against their fine liberal dogma which would have liberals telling us how to think, what and when to worship, how to spend our money and with this new “stimulus” (heh) package, when we should live and die.

Not that Debbie’s husband was part of Air America, a liberal radio talk show failure has anything to do with her mission because folks, liberals are mean, teeny, tiny jealous people who love to tell you how to live because their lives are so small and void of joy. It would turn out, to no normal person’s surprise, that Americans DON’T tune in to liberal radio talk show because why get gloom and doom when life can be difficult enough?

President Obama, for example, NEVER expresses any optimism about America, about how resilient we are, how we’ve come through so much and came out strong. I have never seen a so-called leader behave like this guy. All he does is tell us that the sky is falling if we don’t vote for his theft of the American treasury and how we are doomed, oh joyless life, we are doomed. The guy depresses me every time he opens his mouth.

It’s not like the libs don’t already have the presidency, the House and the Senate. Can’t they let us pathetic right wing morons have our radio talk shows and leave us alone?

So I make a prediction. Take away our right to Free Speech and what Nixon called the “silent majority” will take to the streets. I mean can’t they leave us the hell alone? They’ve already won everything. Let them govern the way they want. All’s fair in love in war and as Obama likes to point out, they won.

Do they have to take away our harmless radio talk shows? Well yeah. Because liberals are mean unhappy people. They love gloom and doom. They sure don’t want us conservatives laughing at a Rush Limbaugh imitation. Joy is the enemy.

We WILL be silenced. The Messiah has ordained.

The Best Handwriting in the World

There really was, once upon a time, a national contest for the best handwriting in America. A young girl won who had a very nice handwriting that was perfectly in line with the Palmer method, evidently the benchmark of cursive script.

As it would turn out, my own fine self has the best handwriting in the world. I won by virtue of a contest on this Blog, entered only by me, and judged by me.

Below a pic of my beautiful handwriting, a talent which gets me nothing, earns me no Olympic medals and hey, I wouldn’t have won that handwriting contest more than likely for my script does not follow any rules, that’s for sure.

So congratulate me when you get a chance.

prettiest handwriting in the world sample

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American Idol 2009-Down to 36

I consider the Hollywood rounds the most boring part of this competition. I understand that this early airing of the contest is just to try and gin up early interest; that the serious attention comes when the Top 15 are announced.

Still, the vignettes from the tryouts in the cities are interesting in that there are the goofs and wackos. It’s always fun to try and spot those who might win or come in the top five. The judges will from time to time during these early tryouts, get crazy and funny.

The Hollywood rounds are confusing and the viewer has not yet formed any particular passionate allegiance to the contenders. The show makes an attempt to be dramatic but the coy ways the judges announce who goes home, who continues on…it gets old and stale after a while.

Still and so, as a fine reviewer of the medium, it is my job to follow such things and so I shall. Below, the names of the top 36.

Arianna Afsar
Kris Allen
Felicia Barton *
Kendall Beard
Ann Marie Boskovich
Ricky Braddy
Matt Breitzke
Casey Carlson
Megan Corkrey
Tatiana Del Toro
Anoop Desai
Stephen Fowler
Matt Giraud
Danny Gokey
Alexis Grace
Mishavonna Henson
Allison Iraheta
Junot Joyner
Kai Kalama
Brent Keith
Adam Lambert
Jessica Langseth
Scott MacIntyre
Nathaniel Marshall
Kristen McNamara
Nick Mitchell
Jasmine Murray
Jorge Nunez
Lil Rounds
Michael Sarver
Von Smith
Jackie Tohn
Taylor Vaifanua
Jeanine Vailes
Alexander Wagner-Trugman
Stevie Wright

As a refresher, the names, in no particular order, of the prior seven winners of the title of American Idol.
Ruben Studdard
Kelly Clarkson
Taylor Hicks
David Cook
Fantasia Barrino
Carrie Underwood
Jordin Sparks

Now on to some of this year’s contenders, their pic and the clip of their initial tryout, who I think bring something extra to the competition.

When I first saw Alexis Grace, this year’s obligatory single mother although I think she said she has intentions of marrying her baby daddy, I thought she had that “star quality”. At the Hollywood rounds, she dyed some of her hair pink.

Alexis Grace
Alexis Grace AI 09

The most outstanding thing about Kai Katama is that I consider him to be the handsomest of all the male contenders in this year’s contest. A good looking guy who sings well…we haven’t had that on this competition for as long as I can remember.

Kai Katama
Kai Katama AI 09

Scott Macintyre is also a pretty guy but more than that, he is legally blind. Now as I understand it he can see but his sight is comparable to looking at the world through a soda straw.

I think Scott has a chance to haul in the sympathy vote with his singing and looks.

Scott Macintyre
Scott Macintyre AI 09

Jasmine Murray is the required youngster in the competition. She is the next Jordin Sparks. For her youth, age 17, singing talent and beauty, I think Jasmine will end up in the top five. She might win, we shall see.

Jasmine Murray
Jasmine Murray AI 09

Frankly I don’t think Nicholas Mitchell has a chance to win this competition. In fact, I am surprised he made it this far.

For Mr. Mitchell hasn’t decided if he wants to be a comic or a singer. So for his audition (watch the clip of his audition below for a sample of his hijinks) and during Hollywood week, he couldn’t keep it serious.

Intriguingly, the judges kept pushing him through. I figure maybe Nicholas could be another Sanjaya type, a fellow who appeals to the goofs amongst us out here in la-la land. If nothing else, he brings us comic relief.

Nicholas Mitchell
Nicholas Mitchell AI 09

Lil Rounds is married with a couple of kids. She is perfectly normal in terms of lifestyle. She has an outstanding voice and that star quality which can carry her to all sorts of heights. Lil is like Fantasia, only way more classy.

Lil Rounds
Lil rounds AI 09

Three Left to Win Bachelor Jason

I did a search on the name Mesnick and it would turn out that Jason
IS Jewish.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, wink, wink.

The only reason I even cared is an incident with Naomi’s father during the episode of The Bachelor aired on 2/9/09 in which Jason visited the families and home towns of the final four contenders: Naomi, Melissa, Jillian and Molly.

Naomi’s father launched into a sermon from the mount about how we all must love Jesus. Now this scene was so obviously inserted and the language about loving Jesus, along with Jason’s wry comment during a solo camera vignette that Naomi’s father sure loved Jesus, that I concluded, as the show obviously wanted me to do, that Jason is Jewish.

I’ll be honest here and know that some of my best friends are Jews, that I had been suspicious as Jason has a Jewish nose if ever one existed. But beyond that I didn’t think it much mattered. I figured Jason knew the level of his Jewishness, he likely knew the religious affiliation of the females contending for his heart. He could make his choice based on whether he thought a clash of faiths might be a problem with the female who captured his heart. Well hell, maybe some of the female finalists are Jewish, I don’t know.

But that bit with Naomi’s father and his very obvious statement that one must love Jesus, well it was a read-between-the-lines moment but obviously Naomi’s father had a problem with Jason’s Jewishness.

Naomi was sent home that same night and I don’t blame Jason. If she’s got an anti-semite father I would think this would make an inter-faith marriage all the more difficult.

I didn’t much like Naomi at any rate. I think she’s too young for Jason at age 24. Her family is too kookie for me to comprehend, witness the dead bird funeral, and that spiteful father of hers is a real turn-off.

montage from Bachelor aired 2/9/09

montage from Bachelor aired 2/9/09

montage from the Bachelor aired 2/9/09

The other interesting event this past week is Melissa’s parents who refused to appear on camera for this series.

So Melissa had to introduce Jason to some of her friends, hardly the same thing.

Melissa said her parents were very “private”, a rare and refreshing thing in this day of Youtube and Myspace. I suspect they don’t like this method of meeting a mate and didn’t want to be a part of it.

In fact I’m not sure how I’d feel about being part of such a thing should my daughter ever decide to participate in such a public and potentially humiliating endeavor of that which should be so personal. Since this is very unlikely ever, I didn’t give it all that much thought. Those young ladies chose to do this, they are all adult, I’m sure that despite the weeping and teeth-gnashing, they know that only one can win the thing. I seriously doubt that all that much deep true love happens as the show is unfolding. Perhaps later, after the Bachelor or Bachelorette chooses the finalist but I’m not convinced the contenders aren’t there just to have a CHANCE to date the series’ star.

But Melissa’s parents didn’t participate in the show and people with principals, what a concept.

I do think this will hurt Melissa in the end but who knows? No doubt should Jason consider Melissa his life’s love he will eventually meet Melissa’s parents.

Jillian’s Canadian family seemed almost normal. Molly’s family started out normal but then there was the weird thing with the hats.

Below, a clip remix of the show. Check out the kisses and you decide who Jason REALLY likes.

Grammys 2009 Annual Fish Fashion Awards/Review

Just for giggles and memory, here’s a link to last year’s Grammy fashion awards as compiled by The Wise I.

My DVR did something weird while taping this show. Thus I lost about half the program but no fear, I found some pics and had enough of my own to present my fantastic fashion awards as is my wont.

Since I missed quite a bit of the show, about half due to either strange sounds like aliens speaking or a voice repeating over and over that I’ve got the Spanish speaking broadcast of this show and to get English I should hit some button. I rebooted that hellacious cable box from Comcast (this is the THIRD one, folks…where do they make these things…Kenya?) and was able to get part of the show on DVR.

So I have a few comments gleaned from that which the cable box from hell plus the little kitchen TV allowed me to see of the award show.

First, Al Gore, sheesh will this guy ever go away? He won the best speaking album award for his alleged book “Earth in the Balance”, that book nonsense about global warming, the scam to end all scams. Gore won a Nobel prize too, yeah right, life is fair folks. I gotta complain now before the Fairness Doctrine shuts us all up who dare to critique these icons of intellectualism.

Also in my pitiful notes is a comment about Justin Timberlake and his poor excuse for a sense of humor. Something about a “general” store that was not funny. I also note that the band Coldplay seemed void of talent to this admittedly older woman. Hey, they won lots of awards so what do I know? Except that one part where some guy sat and tapped out some godawful song on a tinny piano was boring as all get out.

Finally, one of my favorite songs, “Stay”, by Sugarland, won a major award so all was not lost.

Beyond that, below my tongue-in-cheek fashion awards and below that, a short video obtained from Comcast’s pathetic excuse for a DVR cable box of the few highlights of this year’s show.

Grammy 09 pic montage

montage 1 from grammys 09

montage from 2009 grammy awards

montage 3 from 2009 grammy awards

Dancers on “Dancing With the Stars” 2009 Announced

This hit ABC series is scheduled to premier on 3/9/09. I do have a separate Blog set up for critiquing this reality series that I quite enjoy, HERE.

This year there are some unique changes. First, we have two couples competing on the series, Ty Murray and Jewel AND Chuck Wicks and Julianna Hough. Hough was a professional dancer on this series so I guess she will be the same while her husband, Chuck Wicks will be a contender.

Also, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff, who are newly engaged, will be working together as professional dancers for this year’s contest.

There’s something for us boobs out here in la-la land, something called “Design a Dance”. I imagine we’ll hear more about this as the contest unfolds.

Finally, this year we will have something called a “dance-off”. This is featured on another dancing show, Bruno and Carrie Ann’s show I believe. This rule requires that the two bottom dancers as voted by the audience will have to “dance off” and the judges will pick one to be eliminated. Although I reserve the right to be wrong about this and will catch up on the new rules in due course.

With no further ado, the 2009 “Dancing With the Stars” contenders:

-Ty Murray
-Belinda Carlisle-lead singer Go-Go's
-David Alan Grier-Actor
-Shawn Johnson-17 years old...olympic gold medal winner
-Lil Kim-rapper, singer and actress
-Gilles Marini-Actor
-Steve-o-MTV Star
-Nancy O'Dell-TV hostess..."Access America"
-Denise Richards-Actress-married to a Sheen
-Lawrence Taylor-NY Giants football Hall of Famer
-Chuck Wicks-singer and songwriter
-Steve Wozniak-Apple computer wiz

Top Chef 2009

Bravo’s Top Chef cooking competition is not quite as homey as Food Network’s “Next Food Network Star”. For one thing, the contenders are generally well-trained and experienced chefs or graduates of fancy cooking schools. The Food Network Star is more apt to be a master of macaroni and cheese than Fois Gras.

Still I find this contest moves quickly along and I enjoy watching the new show each week. The show begins with something called a “quickfire” challenge. Usually some famous chef I never heard of is the judge of this short contest. This past week the quickfire challenge was to make something new and unique with eggs.

montage final five top chef 2009

The winner of this challenge is, in the early stages of the contest, immune from elimination after the major challenge later in the show. Later in the contest, the winner of the quickfire challenge gets some special advantage in the major challenge, like being able to pick a key ingredient over the others or first choice at choosing a partner if the challenge so requires.

Carla won the quickfire challenge with the eggs. While the other contenders made everything from soup to nuts with the simple egg, Carla made green eggs and ham (think Dr. Seuss) and won praises from the famous chef I never heard of.

The contest is now down to four finalists and the entire contest will be moving to Puerto Rico. My favorite is Carla. Carla is someone I’d quite enjoy spending an afternoon with and hey, I’d eat her cooking. She used to be a model than went to cooking school. She’s quirky, smart and pleasant as all get out. Rather strange looking too, but in a pleasant way. Her smile lights the evening sky.

Stephan, it would seem, is likely destined to win but I will always love Carla.

The semi-finals of this contest from Puerto Rico begins this coming Weds. Night at 10 pm-2/18/09. First run episodes of each contest airs on Weds. Nights at 10 pm.

Tune in for the semi-finals and finals and tell me if Carla isn’t a sweetie.
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