American Idol 2012 Hometown Visit, Finale This Week. Judges Demand Jessica Win.

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So Phillip Phillips is the new American Idol, God Bless this young man, I wish him luck.

It's been another good year for this very successful Fox series.

I do grouse from time to time but for all the imitation singing reality shows, none has had quite the impact on American culture as has American Idol.

I'd written on an America's Got Talent review that these talent reality shows were, with the passage of time, finding their niches in terms of talent attracted.

These past few years, and as is the case with Jessica Sanchez-runner up American Idol 2012 , we have a generation of young people who have grown up with American Idol. Thus the winners are increasingly younger, like Jessica and Jordin Sparks before her.

I suppose that a Jessica or Jordin knew they were singers at an early age. They probably lived their pre-adolescent and early adolescent years watching American Idol, dreaming of the day that they too would sing upon that stage, artfully costumed, backed by professional singers and a first class band, surrounded by an astounding set, all to showcase their beautiful vocals.

The age to audition for AI is 16. The Jessicas and Jordins likely recruited support from their families through the years, promises to take them to the city of auditions for the year they will be eligible to take their try in front of the AI judges.

Thus American Idol will cull the best singers, those who grew up waiting for their chance to win the prize. The Jordins and Jessicas won't be breathlessly waiting for X Factor to come to a nearby town.

Other singing competitions such as The Voice or the X Factor will be the realm of the older singers or of singers whose preferred genre is one not as mainstream as American Idol. A rapper, for example, will not last long into the top ten on American Idol. But the X Factor seems to encourage the musical genres on the edges of American mainstream. The Voice will be the catch basin for all singing talent that doesn't keyhole into the top two.

Even as I type the premiere of yet another musical talent reality show is set to premiere in a fortnight: Duets. Likely there will be others. Using a popular term of this era, likely they will all "evolve" to talent shows for preferred musical genres or singer age groups.

America's Got Talent had a couple of winners that were singers. Those winners were mostly out of the mainstream of American Idol talent. Jackie Evancho was only 6 years old when she sang on AGT and a few other singing winners were considerably older than either Jessica or Jordin.

AGT grows increasingly popular through the years as the talent show for talent not, ahem, normally considered "talent". I think of a recent contender, accepted and moved on by the AGT judges, whose claim to fame as it were is the ability to have his reproductive parts beaten on by cinder blocks, wooden boards or even kicked by human feet.

Congratulations to Phillip and know that someday, like Kelly Clarkson you might be the celebrity partner on Duets or Clay Aikin you will contend to be the next Celebrity Apprentice. For celebrity today is just having a known face, generally a televised one.

To me American Idol will always be the beginning of the concept of equal opportunity for the talented. A Liza Minnelli would have been ejected from AI first round. Then, once upon a time, many of the singers of questionable talent made their fame based on their parents.

Dear Lord, has anybody heard Lisa Presley sing?

I rest my case.
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