Bachelor Pad 2012-Three Couples Left and a Bunch of Neurotics They Are

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Actually after the most recent showing as of this writing, there are only TWO couples left. Before the recent showing that featured trivia contests and the most godawful singing ever.

The final two couples up for the big quarter million dollar prize include Sarah Newlon and Chris Bukowski, along with Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson.
Chris and Sarah

The Rachel/Nick pairing is an unusual one in that no one much heard a peep out of Nick Peterson throughout this series and Rachel's been on a big boo-hoo since her beloved Michael got booted out.

I will never ever understand what prompted producers to have the Bachelor Pad Contenders participate in a karaoke contest.

One would assume that the act of singing in a contest or on a stage of any sort that the contender would have, eh, some singing talent. Not a single one of those entrants could sing a note except possibly Rachel and that was a stretch.
Ed and Jaclyn Sent Home

It was painful to hear.

I'm not at all sure how the prize is awarded in this contest. I must assume the money is given to the "couple" who make it to the finals.

And a "jury" of evicted contenders will vote the winner, as these sorts of shows usually go.


I see Chris and Sarah as the better contenders of these two teams. BUT Chris has made a lot of the females in the Pad angry with his rejections and pseudo-love that he might lose the win for what is perceived as his arrogant ways.

It will be an interesting finale and we'll be watching the show for the result. Join this Blog to get the inside snark and scoop as soon as it happens.

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