Big Brother Season 2012 One of the Best Yet. How Long Can Frank Hold Out?

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It's been a wild and whacky week in the Big Brother House. Last I Blogged about the show Britney had been evicted after a strategic move by Dan that will go down as a great act of genius on the Big Brother series.

This past week we had a Head of Household competition that was quite a ride. The contenders had to hang on a device held up by a handle on which they placed their feet. Standing up on this device, the thing was then launched to go round and round to a dizzying pace. Some sort of obstacle came out of nowhere that would have the hanging and revolving contenders smack into it every time it passed them by.

Ian, to his great credit, won the HoH competition.

Then Ian had to go open Pandora's box and after a surprise visit from a former contender all the players had their food supply thrown aside to their great dismay.

Ian then had to put two co-contenders up on the block for eviction. To no one's surprise he nominated Frank for one-"to avenge Britney" as Ian put it. He then nominated Jenn and so there you have it.

We have left: Shane, Frank, Jenn, Ian, Danielle, Dan and Joe. Joe and Frank are now up on the block for eviction.

I'd bet real money that Dan's going to win this. He's too clever by half again. If not Dan, I'd lay money on Frank. Ian can pull in third.

There's hints of a "sho-mance" between Shane and Danielle. I don't believe it for a minute.

We keep on watching and we keep on appreciating the skill of Dan and Ian.

It's will be a nail-biter to the very end.

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