True Crime-Update 3 big cases: Rowan Ford, Lisa Stebic, Stacey Peterson

New items on three big crimes this past week.

First, the rape and death of 9 year old Rowan Ford by two of the biggest (in one case, literally) losers on the planet. Will they get the death penalty like they gave to young Rowan?

Cop Drew Peterson keeps losing wives and it seems as if someone in Illinois is helping him get away with it. Now they're exhuming his third wife's body and new stories on the marriage of Stacey and Drew.

Finally, the fine state of Illinois where cops evidently get free murders are finally interviewing Lisa Stebic's children. What took them so long? Could the many missing wives of Drew Peterson, another Illinois suspicious husband, have embarrassed them to action?

Plus OJ updates, Dick Cheney's "crime", and the murder of that so-called "realtor to the stars".

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May Rowan Ford Rest In Peace; May Her Killers Get the Death Penalty

The disappearance of Rowan Ford was first reported on this Blog HERE.

rowan ford nine years old missing

David Spears' picture should be under any number of words to include "loser", "zero" and "waste of air". His friend, Chris Collings is also a fine fellow. This duo must be so proud of themselves, goodness, a powerful pair indeed. Together they kidnapped, brutally raped and strangled a 9-year-old girl with a cord. When they arrive together in hell I'm sure they'll be greeted warmly by others of their ilk.

If David Spears' ever hoped to amount to anything he certainly wasn't aided by that light-brained fool of a mother. As I reported on the link above, David's mother, at David's request, promptly got in her car and drove over to her son's house at one in the morning to lend him her vehicle. Don't all mothers do this? David is married to Rowan's mother and little Rowan was being watched by that awful excuse for a human being, David Spears. We must assume, although she is stupid yon ladies and gems, that Spears' mother knew that Rowan should be home but if nothing else, her wonderful son took off in her car and left her alone in his home for five and a half hours until he finally returned home.

Now this stepgrandmother, who should be given the death penalty along with her fine son if I had my way...did SHE check and see if the little girl was home? Well yes, perhaps her son lied to her and said Rowan wasn't home for the evening but when Rowan's mother arrived home surely the truth came out.

I suspect it was David's mother who spilled the beans on her son but I wonder two things a)what mother drives over to her son's house to lend him her car at 1 am in the morning, leaving her alone for five hours? And b) David was not charged with kidnapping like his fine friend because David is, technically, the legal guardian of the child. Lucifer himself would have made a better guardian.

But get a load of this comment by the stupidest woman ever to give birth on this planet since the beginning of time :From NOLA.com:
"He's my one and only," Myrna Spears said about her son, choking back tears. "He's all torn up. He really did love her."


Ladies and gems...Myrna Spears' name should be under the word IDIOT. If that dumb broad hadn't lent her "one and only" (what fool would call such a precious son her one and only right after learning what had been done to little Rowan?) a car that allowed him to gallivanting all over the place that he may rape and kill a little girl and goodness it took a few hours to bury her after all...well maybe Rowan would be alive today.

Hey, Myrna...goodness, all the little children of the world should be loved so much as David Spears...LOSER, ZERO, WASTE OF AIR, loved Rowan. I don't know, maybe the very intelligent Myrna thinks rape and murder of young children to be some sort of unusual expression of great love.

Colleen Spears, Rowan Ford's Mom

Collings Myspace page.
Dave Spears Myspace page.

Rowan Ford's killers

David Spears' estimated weight at 370 POUNDS!

The charges against this fine pair. Warning, very graphic.

Finish School Killing

I did not know that Finland had the third highest gun ownership per capita in the world. Of course the Drive-by media has to include this tidbit in the story of this troubled kid and protégé of Eric Harris, one of the fine fellows burning in hell as you read.

From Reuters.com:
TUUSULA, Finland (Reuters) - Seven children and a head teacher were killed when a pupil opened fire at a school in southern Finland on Wednesday, hours after he posted a video on YouTube foreshadowing a massacre there.

The kid put up a video on YouTube before his massacre. Was there ever a world before YouTube?

The Stacy Peterson Saga Continues

There’s a wealth of information on this case at THIS link.

Two new developments since the last post on this case, a case that is of great interest in that the fine Drew Peterson, sergeant in the Bolingbrook police department in Illinois and a fellow whose wives either end up dead or missing entirely too much. One development is that an order has been made to exhume the body of his third wife and a second development is the plan to search bodies of water for the body of Stacy.

Some interesting facts…Stacy was only 17 when she met Peterson. He is over 20 years older than her. Stacy and Drew have a daughter named Lacey, the same name as another wife who went missing in California. Lacey Peterson was nine months pregnant when her husband Scott decided that murder was way easier than divorce.

The corpse of the third wife of Drew Peterson, Kathleen Savio, is set to be exhumed soon. Tents and digging equipment are in place.

They are now searching various water sources for Stacy’s body. As I heard it, Illinois’ ponds and rivers freeze early in the winter and if there’s a body in any water source near the Petersons it would be prudent to start looking now.

Stebic Children Testify

Goodness the police in the state of Illinois are under a lot of scrutiny of late. And rightfully so!

This Stebic case has been ongoing since April of this year when 37 year old Lisa Stebic disappeared. She left her children behind and the fine Craig Stebic has been uncooperative with police and would NOT allow his children to be interviewed by the police.

From the Chicago Tribune:
The family of a missing Plainfield woman said her children testified before a grand jury Wednesday afternoon, though they did not know what the interviews revealed.

It’s been puzzling me, and evidently Stebic’s family, as to why the investigators haven’t been able to interview Lisa Stebic’s children, who were the last to see her alive. Although this week those children were interviewed in front of a grand jury.

Let’s see…It’s now November. Lisa Stebic disappeared in April. It took almost seven months to make this happen? Wouldn’t logic dictate that in seven months a young child’s memory would get blurry? Especially since these same children remained in the custody of their father who likely tried to , eh, change their memories to his benefit.

I’m sure the lackluster prosecutor in this case would tell me that these things take time but just let me throw this out there. ANOTHER Illinois woman goes missing. In fact, as I understand it, Bolingbrook is not that far from Plainfield. Now this other woman gone missing, again with a very suspect spouse and again going through a nasty divorce like Stebic, with this woman we find out that her police sergeant husband has a prior wife who allegedly drowned in a bathtub by ACCIDENT!

All of a sudden…all of a sudden ladies and gems, all of a sudden, right out of nowhere and with the glare of national publicity square on Illinois and with America wondering if Illinois wouldn’t be a great place to murder your wife what with ex-wives drowning in dry bathtubs and children allowed to live unbothered by questions with the man who may have killed their mother…all of a sudden, boom, this week in fact, those Stebic children are finally brought before a grand jury and questioned.

My, what a coincidence how quick that prosecution could move when it really started to look bad on Illinois police and prosecutors.

Craig Stebic and Drew Peterson…hey, once upon a time they were happy guys. They got to get rid of their wives, boom, no problem. It’s not as if the state of Illinois was going to do anything about it.

Those two fine men should have gotten together and planned this better. Because it’s only the sudden publicity of all these Illinois wives disappearing that is making those paid to investigate and prosecute murders actually do their job.

I got a new state motto for Illinois…”Come to beautiful Illinois and avoid that nasty divorce. Kill the bitch in our state and we’ll look the other way.”

Puppy Theft in Progress

This fellow got caught in the act of stealing puppies. From his fluid movements, it appears that he knows his way around the place very well.

Impeach Him, Throw Him in Jail, and Throw Away the Damn Key

There was not damn representative in that House who had any intention of impeaching Dick Cheney, particularly based on a resolution by nut case Dennis Kucinich.

The pubbies did throw a curve ball to that stupid plan which was a waste of taxpayer money and the Democrats do love to waste taxpayer money with very dumb resolutions and endless go-nowhere investigations.

Dick Cheney with evil look on face

From Redstate.com:
Today, Republican members in the House blocked the efforts of the Democratic “leadership” to kill a Dennis Kucinich sponsored resolution to impeach Vice President Cheney. (Linked via Drudge). As a result this Republican manuevering, the House will proceed with a vote on his impeachment.

This maneuver was quite clever. The Democrat plan as perceived by nut case Kucinich was to get it out there that Dick Cheney, for the crime of doing his job of Vice-President, should be impeached. Then a vote would be taken to table the motion as such a motion was anticipated by the Democrats from the pubbies. Then all the Dems could vote to NOT table the motion because they knew the pubbies would vote to table the motion.

Boom, no impeachment vote would be taken, the Dems would look like they were doing their job for their kookoid base, and the ladies at the beauty parlor would view a sound byte that Dick Cheney had been up for impeachment and wonder what on earth he did.

Only the pubbies decided to vote along with the Dems to NOT table the motion, which would mean the kooks would have to justify their reasons for wanting to impeach a lawfully elected, TWICE, Vice-President and suffer all the news glare along with that debate. The ladies at the beauty parlor would hear the whole story is what I’m saying here.

Heh. Well it was cuter than all get out watching the Dems scramble to CHANGE their votes to TABLING the motion because, dear Lord, they only wanted to waste our taxpayer money instead of really doing the people’s business in America’s House of Commons. Goodness they didn’t want to have explain their very obvious attempt to manipulate public opinion.

Bless the pubbies for growing a pair.

George Wallace Shooter Released from Jail

It happened in Laurel, Maryland and I was a mere 22 years of age. I look at my birth state of Merryland today and wonder what happened.

From WBAL.com:
HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- A Maryland prison system spokesman said the man who shot and wounded Alabama Gov. George Wallace in 1972 during a presidential campaign stop has been released.

For Maryland was considered a major state in the nomination of George Wallace as the Democratic contender for President. The south had been solidly in favor of the nomination of this Alabama governor who once stood in front of a door of a college preventing a black from entering its segregated portals. Maryland was, at the time, part southern and part northern.

Arthur Bremer

The demographic of Maryland has since changed greatly. At the time I disliked George Wallace with a vengeance. The sight of him blocking a black youth from entering a college will be forever etched in my mind. For Wallace and his supporters at the time (which included my own father) would be the very FIRST to condemn this young man should he resort to a life of crime for want of a decent education.

It was my first lesson in the hypocrisy human beings can immerse themselves in.

I was a Democrat at the time. This was the first time I turned against that party. The second time I walked away for good was when Bill Clinton turned our country’s sacred oval office into his own personal bedroom.

I’ll never go back.

OJ Simpson…Heh

Lord I’d love to see this asshole who made such a mockery of our justice system be thrown in jail.

Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman should be, right now, finalizing their plans for the Thanksgiving holiday and beginning the preparations for the Christmas holidays soon to come. Perhaps this would be the first Christmas for one of Ron’s children. Instead, thanks to an asshole with a knife and a jury without a brain, this man walks our country unfettered.

Which is fine, folks, perfectly fine. OJ went through our justice system and I accept the verdict. He could have, go with me here, retired to a quiet life on his protected $40,000 grand a MONTH NFL retirement…that’s a MONTH folks, we could all live on that just fine, right?

But oh no. This asshole has to go around carrying guns and arranging fake robberies and in general sticking his ugly mug in America’s face and you know, I think we’re sick of him.

Last week his indictment for that joke of a robbery took place and hey, it’s not just me. Seems no one really wants this man around.

OJ Simpson during Las Vegas hearings

From KPHO.com:
LAS VEGAS -- O.J. Simpson may have a hard time finding a place to stay in Las Vegas this week. It appears Simpson has worn out his welcome at several hotels.

The Review-Journal reported that the MGM, Mirage, Harrah's and the Palms prefer that Simpson go elsewhere.

I recall that Steak joint that didn’t want OJ. I quite like it when OJ gets the snub for while he fooled twelve idiots on a jury, he isn’t fooling us folks with something besides air between our ears.

As an aside, I wonder what those idiots on his criminal trial jury feel after all these years. For none of them has gotten rich on any books about the trial, heh, not that any of them could write a word.

But now that jury will be forever known as the twelve idiots that didn’t understand the meaning of the word “reason” or “logic”.


Lisa Montgomery-Killed a Mother-to-Be and Stole Her Baby from Her Womb
She met her prey at a meeting for dog breed aficionados. Bobbie Jo Stinnet was 8 months pregnant. She was strangled and her baby was taken from her womb.

Because for sure this most unusual crime, replete with twists, turns, curves and bends involving dog shows, internet chat boards, strange cousins, dead dogs, and fake pregnancies, will be the true crime trial of the decade.

Because if Lisa Montgomery is not crazy then she certainly behaved as if she were.

This post begins the story of Bobbie Jo Stinnet and Lisa Montgomery.

Right after this crime which shook the nation, this Blog became a focal point of discussion about this amazing case. At some point Bobbie Jo's AND Lisa Montgomery's husband actually posted to this blog. This link to a post with many intriguing comments about this crime.

We continue on HERE following this case.

In Late September 2007 the Montgomery case goes to trial. Intriguing updates here.

More Montgomery trial updates HERE.

Defense Claims Lisa's Childhood Sexual Abuse Made Her Insane.

Jury recommends death penalty for Lisa Montgomery

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