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”Dancing With the Stars” Episode Aired 11/12/07-Cameron Sent Home

In the episode aired 11/12/07 the viewers learned that Marie Osmond’s father had passed away the prior week. Marie informed us that her Dad lived 90 wonderful years so while the end of a life, the passing of an era, is sad and melancholy, it isn’t as if a young man was denied a lifetime is what I’m saying here. His daughter Marie said the same thing.

Yet Marie looked at the camera and told the American viewing public that one of her father’s last wishes was that she win the Fall 2007 ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” competition.

Well now, how could we vote her off knowing this?

Although with the help of my handy-dandy Excel spreadsheet I discover that so far in this contest, the final five contenders, in terms of judge-awarded points, falls as follows:

Highest points to date
1-Mel B.

Marie, since 10/15/07, has received a total of 171 points with Cameron, who was sent home on elimination night 11/13/07, at 180 points. That’s a difference of nine points between them and by me that’s a significant spread in a contest with a mere point often the difference between contenders.

montage of top five dancing with stars episode aired 11.12.07

Yes I understand that these are judge points and not definitive except perhaps to influence the voting viewers with expert critiques. But season after season judges’ commentary, and in this case, actual points awarded, generally follow the votes of the viewers save exceptional cases.

Marie Osmond, hey, I like her. I think she does a wonderful job, she is in her late 40’s if I’ve got that right, and she’s competing against a bunch of 30 something very healthy contenders. It’s also very noticeable, at least to this rather dedicated viewer, that Marie has lost a lot of weight during this contest. But Lord that woman has played to the audience’s kindness week after week, along with Jane Seymour, also one of the elder contenders. Seymour lost her mother earlier in the series and this fact likely kept her around longer than she deserved.

Cameron Mathison the soap star was sent home this past week and this is no surprise. Cameron was a pretty good dancer with a muscular chest and forearms that he had no problem displaying week after week. Cameron is very obviously a heterosexual and I’ll never be convinced that heterosexual males will ever be great dancers although I’m not sure about Mario Puzo from the past. Helio is a race car driver from Brazil and hey, I’m not sure about him either. Helio is, however, the best male dancer out of this year’s offerings and he’s hanging in there. I’m not sure he’ll beat Mel B of the Spice Girls as she’s right up there just inches from the winner’s circle.

I don’t think Marie’s going to last much longer in this series although who knows, Jennie Garth is about to be sent home and Marie could inch her out another week.

Here’s my idea. It seems that each season’s series of this reality show there is entered an older fellow or female. These older folks can’t compete with the younger ones and it doesn’t seem fair. Although, heh, I do understand that these stars enter this thing for exposure and expect to be sent home right quick. But a Wayne Newton and the mailman from Cheers can’t possibly win against a Mario Puzo or Kelly Monoco.

I say spin this reality series off. It obviously is a viewers’ winner for ABC as they promote every ABC show they can every week. Have an “under 40” series and an “over 40” series.

There’s lots of old ladies like me who would love to see Marie Osmond or Jane Seymour win. These two contenders did a great job but how could they possibly beat Mel B or even Sabrina of the Cheetah girls who should still be a contender?

If ABC takes my idea I want credit for it. We shall see.

Top Ten Stars In ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" Fall 2007
Mel B-Spice Girl
Mark Cuban-Internet Entrepreneur-sent home 10/22/07
Marie Osmond-Singer
Jane Seymour-Actress
Wayne Newton-Las Vegas Entertainer-sent home 10/8/07
Helio Castroneves-Race car driver
Jennie Garth-Actress
Cameron Mathison-Soap Star-sent home 11/12/07
Floyd Mayweather-Boxer-sent home 10/15/07
Sabrina Bryan-Cheetah Girls-sent home 10/29/07

montage of misc. from dance with stars episode aired 11.12.07

Below, a remix of all FIVE of the dancers with the names and dance being performed on the screen.


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”The Bachelor” Episode Aired 11/12/07…Re-Visiting the Rejects

The final two contenders are scheduled to visit Brad’s home on the show scheduled for Monday 11/19/07. The show this past week was interesting if you had been following the show.

Hillary, the RN who carried on so bad when Brad sent her home I wanted to smack her silly, seemed more in control of her fine self, thank God. What’s the deal here, ladies and gems? A bunch of women sign on to a reality show that would allow one fellow to pick and choose who he keeps hanging around and who he sends home. The lure is a bachelor fellow who would be considered a good catch in the world of romance.

But when he doesn’t give you a rose, ladies…get a grip! Out of 25 ladies he’s going to, over the span of the show, deny roses to 24 of you!

lady in rose sobs for use in Bachelor

Montage of final four contenders for Brad womack on episode aired 10/29/07

Brad’s twin brother was featured on the show on this review night but I’ll never get his assertion that if the ladies couldn’t tell him from his identical twin brother than they never really knew Brad. I think that’s a crock. Chad, Brad’s twin brother, dressed in the same clothes as his brother and imitated his mannerisms. Identical twins are human clones, nothing less. They are IDENTICAL! Their parents and those close to identical twins have difficulty telling them apart. To expect a bunch of young women who have little time with the bachelor to suddenly become tuned in to one identical twin over another, especially with the effort made to intentionally pretend to be the twin, is a bit unrealistic.

Also, one audience member questioned Bettina if it bothered her to be “intimate” with Brad knowing that she was sandwiched between nights of being “intimate” with two other girls. Bettina answered, simply and succinctly, that it was very difficult.

Well duh.

I understand that a man choosing a future wife would, logically, be intimate with she who might be his choice.

But that bit about this series really, really sucks.

For if Brad chooses, say, DeAnna over Jenni, DeAnna will spend the rest of her life knowing Brad slept with Jenni and Bettina, and herself, as if they were pieces of meat.

Brad can hold it over DeAnna’s head that Bettina and Jenni were better at sex than her and gosh that bothers me.

But it’s not my problem, eh?

I just get to watch.

montage of pics from bachelor episode aired 11.12.07

Final dozen contenders-"The Bachelor" Fall 2007
McCarten-sent home 10/15/07
Bettina-sent home 11/5/07
Estefania-(Stephy) -sent home 10/15/07
Kristy-sent home 10/22/07
Lindsey-sent home 10/8/07
Mallory-send home 10/1/07
Erin-sent home 10/1/07
Jessica-sent home
Sheena-sent home 10/29/07
Michelle-sent home 10/1/07
Sarah-sent home 10/8/07
Hillary-sent home 10/22/07
Jade-sent home 10/15/07
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Fox’s “Next Great American Band” Episode Aired 11/9/07

Below is a video of the top eight bands in this contest, compiled and remixed courtesy of yours truly. I’ll not say much more beyond, watch the video and see if any band, or the entirety of the talent, lures yon reader to watch this reality show airing on Fox on Friday nights.

I will mention that the most horrific of the top ten, that godawful girls’ band Rocket, and The Muggs, both with terrible lead singers, were sent home.

Top Ten Bands in Fox’s “The Next Great American Band” Fall 2007
Six Wire
Tres Bien!
Franklin Bridge
The Clark Brothers
Light of Doom
Dot, Dot, Dot
Cliff Wagner and the old number 7
The Muggs-sent home 11/9/07
Rocket-sent home-11/9/07
Denver and the Mile high orchestra

Below, a remix of the top 8 bands for the 2007 title of “The Next Great American Band”

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