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October 2006

Week Ending 10/21/06

This Week- “Dancing With the Stars”-Is Sara Gone?; True Crime-Karr, Edington, Duke Update, and Michelle Gardner-Quinn; Political Tidbits-Why Is This Blog Banned? A Pic of Barney Frank You Won’t Believe; That Delaware AG Race Heats Up-Beau, Son of Joe, Might Win This Thing; Pop Culture-A Video of a Very Drunk Dubya, Barkin Sells Jewelry, Baldwin Shows His Stuff.
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Cartoon of the Week
NO CANDY Haloween cartoon

Quote(s) of the Week
Quote on Courage

  • Monday 10/16/06

    Five have been eliminated in ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" and there's some intrigue with the status of contestant Sara Evans.

    Is she really going to quit?

    And in memory of a special dachshund, Cleetus. He is no more but we loved him while we had him.
    Fifth Elimination HERE

  • Tuesday 10/17/06

    Time for some True Crime. We have a woman who used her baby as a weapon, a Duke update, some comments about Jonathan Edington who killed his neighbor for allegedly molesting his toddler.

    Then there's the murdering soldier, Martinez, and he's facing life.

    Oh and the lovely John Karr, ersatz murderer of Jonbenet Ramsey, is grabbing his fifteen minutes before he molests again.

    Some bodies are being exhumed for that murder of the Nevada Controller. He killed her; did he also kill her husband?

    Finally, that Vermont missing coed found. A creep lent her his cell phone then murdered her.

    True Crime Update 10/17/06


    Week Ending 10/15/06

    This Week- ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” continues and Jerry Springer hangs on; True Crime-How the Amish’s “forgiveness” of the heinous crime thrust upon them might hurt them more than help; Political Tidbits-Mark Foley-an analysis of those IM’s-this post is X-RATED; Cooking-two great easy-to-make desserts; Katrina-Louisiana corruption continues and where are the people? Pop Culture-Steve Irwin’s family cashing in big on his death.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Halloween cartoon

    Cartoon of the Week
    Dog with MEOW tones on cell phone

    Quote(s) of the Week

    Willie Nelson's public statement regarding being caught with a bag of Marijuana earlier:

    *"It's a good thing I had a bag of Marijuana instead of a bag of spinach, or I'd be dead by now."*

  • Monday 10/9/06

    Three have been eliminated from this year's ABC's "Dancing With the Stars".

    America's beloved contender for this year, talk schlockmeister Jerry Springer, survived through the Waltz round. Which he wanted to learn to dance at his upcoming daughter's wedding.

    The American public is finally honing in on this reality series, proving, once again, that American woman want to dance!

    "Dancing With the Stars" Review HERE

  • Tuesday 10/10/06

    It's a True Crime post and there's been a rash of school shootings, some especially heinous.

    The vicious attack on Amish school girls this past week is a real heart-breaker. The big news is that the Amish are going to forgive. I consider the extreme pacifism of this religious sect to be a danger to them way more than a more aggressive defense would serve them.

    Also, Jonbenet's John Karr is free and already in trouble as I predicted. Thank you John Ramsey.

    An update on the Groene murders, Massachusetts' Entwistle tries a cute trick, Melinda Duckett was a nut and Florida authorities missed almost grievously.

    Finally, who the heck is the father of Anna Nicole's baby and why do I care?

    True Crime Update 10/10/06

  • Wednesday 10/11/06

    Mark Foley, Florida's representative is under a media frenzy and the news on this odd case.

    WARNING-I have dissected those IM's from Foley to the 18 YEAR OLD PAGE. This post is sexually explicit but I believe I made my case. If I'm right, Foley is the bigger victim in this mess.

    Also, Air America's former honchos stole from the blind, lame and poor. Let us not let this event pass under the radar.

    That Minuteman protest and the planned Colorado skyway, proof that we don't mess up ALL memorials in this country. Only the ones memorializing victims of the 9-11 attack seem to get screwed up. Why is this?

    Political Tidbits 10/11/06

  • Thursday 10/12/06

    Here's a cooking post and two good dessert "recipes". Okay, so one is home-made from a packaged cake mix but it's a good finished product. And a Pilsbury dessert product way better than I could ever make from scratch.

    Also, time for a Katrina update. Now New Orleans Mayor Ray Naginhead endorses corrupt LA congress critter Jefferson. Also, people aren't returning to New Orleans and I must wonder why. Maybe they're sick of the constant corruption too?

    Cooking and Katrina HERE

  • Friday 10/13/06

    Checking in on the Pop Culture front and we have a video. It is of a rather inept model who falls down twice.

    Also, correction to a Denzel Washington story posted wrong on this Blog. Oh, and the Crocodile man, Steve Irwin, has a family cashing in big time on his death. Not that there's anything wrong with this, but let's get the truth out there.

    Yves St. Laurent passes out, names of celebs before they became famous and a new soft drink that might be downright dangerous.

    Finally, a Muslim man married over 200 times! Check in to see how easy it is for Muslim men to divorce their wives.

    Pop Culture Update 10/13/06

    Week Ending 10/7/06

    This Week- Reviews: Finale “Celebrity Duets”; 3rd Round “Dancing With the Stars; True Crime-That Awful Colorado School Shooting; Political Tidbits-Foley of Florida-What a Creep; The Autumn Gardens and Kaitlyn’s Challenge to the Ocean; Pop Culture-You’ll Never Believe This Coke Ad-Hint, There’s a Sex Act Embedded In the Image.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    On schizophrenia

    Quote(s) of the Week

    "The belief that we can impress the enemy with our magnanimity is an idea that just won't die. . . . But being nice to enemies is an idea that has never worked, no matter how many times liberals make us do it. It didn't work with the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, Hitler or the North Vietnamese -- enemies notable for being more civilized than the Islamic savages we are at war with today."

    - Columnist Ann Coulter

  • Monday 10/2/06
    No, the sexy lady didn't win Fox's "Celebrity Duets". Instead a dark horse came from behind and won the prize.

    Also, the worst dancer finally eliminated in the third round of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars". We've got pics of the sexiest outfit of the evening and tongue-in-cheek reviews of the dance performances.

    REVIEWS To Be Posted 10/2/06

  • Tuesday 10/3/06
    Time for a True Crime update and we've some news on old crimes and some heinous new ones.

    First, that Colorado shooter who killed himself but not before leaving behind as his earthly legacy some creepy behavior, one dead innocent girl, and a bunch of school kids marked for life.

    So who is the father of Anna Nicole's baby? Cause I've seen two guys who claim to be and now I'm confused.

    We've got updates on the Horowitz murder-the Goth teen criminal gets life.

    More on Melinda Duckett who killed herself but left no indication of where her son's body might lie.

    And that Tunstall murder, a baby ripped from its mother's womb, three dead innocents and the pathetic life leading up to this horrific ending.
    True Crime Update 10/3/06

  • Wednesday 10/4/06
    Getting close to those November elections and the political arena is heating up.

    Beginning with Florida's Foley, those emails and damning instant messages.

    On to the NIE report that has the Dems shaking their cowardly fingers although the thing says essentially nothing.

    Oh, and the complete transcript of the ABSCAM Murtha video is released and tune in for a blessed rant on this creep.

    Finally, UN worker falls into nuclear tank, that Arizona 911 memorial from hell and how John McCain blabbed security secrets on national TV.

    Political Tidbits 10/4/06

  • Thursday 10/5/06
    Got a Fall 2006 garden update here and yes, he have mums.

    Also, Kaitlyn Mae goes to the ocean and issues that body of water a challenge it couldn't resist.

    Kaitlyn/Gardens HERE

  • Friday 10/6/06
    Lots of just plain strange and/or intriguing items in this week's Pop Culture Update.

    I never heard of this infamous Coke ad but darn if there isn't a very x-rated picture in it and yes we've got the pic.

    A girl with glass emerging from her forehead? How about the world's smallest cheeseburger? Cuter than all get-out.

    Some blind item fun, a Madonna update and, we're not making this up, a fellow who has "suffered" for ten years in a state of arousal reserved for those Viagara users that shouldn't exceed four hours.
    Pop Culture Update 10/6/06

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