True Crime-OJ Update, An Unusual Prosecution of ID Theft

That horrific thrill murder involving beheadings and teens.

An ID theft you won’t believe and a woman raped while sleepwalking.

If you don't think True Crime can be funny, click in for this post.


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Adolescents Behead Man in What is Called “Thrill Kill”

DETROIT — Two teens have been charged in the brutal decapitation death of a registered sex offender in Michigan whose headless body was left to burn in a subdivision in what prosecutors are calling a "thrill kill."

There are so many confusing things about this story it’s hard to know where to begin.

daniel sorenson suspects

Daniel Sorenson

Let’s begin with the headline of the above link. Teens Arrested in ‘Thrill Kill’ Death of Decapitated Sex Offender.

The fact that the victim was a sex offender being part of the headline might tend to make one think that the murder was all about that. It was not, at least based on what the article states.

Daniel Sorenson was on the sex offender registry for having sex with a 14 year old when he was 17 years old. Daniel was 26 years old when these creeps methodically murdered him. So that sex offender thing in the headline just confuses the reader and the narrative, indeed, denies that long ago sex crime had nothing to do with the crime.

Not that I would dare to criticize the vaunted journalists who needlessly do such damning things.

The next confusing thing is again included in the story, this time in the narrative. For the two young men charged with the crime went to great lengths to a)lure Sorenson to the garage of one of the perps and b)their method of murdering the guy was well-planned. These circumstances make the murder seem pre-planned, hardly an impulsive thrill kill.

Moving on to more confusing things is that the school that the perps attended had crisis counselors on hand. Crisis counselors nowadays come to schools to help students get through some trauma or another that we had to handle in our day with tears and hugs amongst each other. Only here’s the rub: these crisis counselors were there to help the accused MURDERER’S school mates get through the crisis.

Say what? Is there some kind of crisis counselor union out there that is drumming up new business and now school kids need their aid and comfort when a school mate is charged with a crime?

This is a particularly gruesome crime for as I mentioned above, the perps had a tarp on the garage floor to wrap up Sorenson’s body, they sawed off his head after stabbing him to death, plans were made to clean up the blood and crime scene. And again, the story mentioned that Sorenson was “lured” to the garage of one of the perp’s grandfather.

This was a planned murder it is obvious to conclude but for what motive it is unclear. Those guys didn’t just pick some fellow at random and murder him so horrifically is what I’m saying here. Thus I’m not sure calling this a “thrill kill”, although this term was applied by the police, isn’t misleading.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled on 11/19 and we’ll be paying attention.

A True Crime Joke

Yes, it’s dumb. But funny in a fashion.


Two police officers respond to a crime scene behind a grocery store. The homicide detective is already there.
"What happened?" asks the first officer.

"Male, about twenty-five, covered in Raisin Bran and dead as a doornail"

"Good grief," says the second officer. "Didn't we have one covered in Frosted Flakes yesterday? And Captain Crunch last week?"

"You're right. I'm afraid," said the detective as he took a drag from his cigar,
"this is the work of a cereal killer."

Okay, How About this?

A True Crime Cartoon.

true crime cartoon

Five Years for ID Theft

We hear about ID theft so often these days but here’s a case that was so brazen it positively boggles the mind.

From the Washington Post:
The woman who took a stranger's driver's license and used it to buy a $419,000 townhouse in Fairfax County last year was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday.

First, the perp is a woman whose name is Cabrera-Rivera. Nowhere in the article does it indicate whether the fine Mrs. Cabrera-Rivera is an illegal alien but this scam was done by Cabrera-Rivera and her brother. He fled to Bolivia before he could be arrested. Cabrera-Rivera showed up to the bank for final signatures to the second mortgage with her husband posing as Jose Lara, the victim who was supposed to be buying this house. So the brother flees to Bolivia so I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that this is an illegal alien scam.

Cabrera-Rivera stole the victim’s driver’s license and used that document to purchase a house in the victim’s, Jose Lara’s, name. She not only purchased an almost $400,000 house in the victim’s name, she took out a second mortgage on that same house.

A key factor in this case is there is hiding in the shadows somewhere a mortgage broker who arranged all of these transactions. Investigators tried to implicate the mortgage broker by arranging a sting but it was unsuccessful. The mortgage broker is un-named in the article but there is no way this person wasn’t in on the scam.

Rudy’s Friend Quite the Cop

I’ve been on a rant of late about this fine Drew Peterson of Illinois and how it appears that his position of cop on a local yokel Illinois police force might have protected him from murder charges in the death of his third wife.

But Rudy Giuliani’s friend, former NY Chief of Police Bernie Kerik, has quite the suspicious record.

Ridy G and Bernie Kerek
Allegedly traded $165,000 worth of renovations on his house from a contractor who wanted a license from the city.
– Quit his post training a new Iraqi police force in 2003 after just four months on the job, telling reporters “he needed a vacation.” [Washington Post]
– Used the apartment donated for weary Ground Zero rescue workers into his own personal love nest to use with his mistress. [NY Times]
– Was named in a civil suit in 1999 as “the architect of a system to force prison guards to work for Republicans in their off-hours.” [Newsweek]
– Had mob ties that include the best man in his wedding, Lawrence Ray, who was indicted in 2000 along with other organized crime figures in a scheme to manipulate the stock market. [Washington Post]
– Is now being sued for stiffing the law firm that kept him out of jail for more than $200,000. [NY Daily News]

What’s going on in this country that the police no longer are held to the same rules as the rest of us schlubs?

Did Sleep Walking Woman Consent to Sex?

Just when you’ve heard the weird along comes a story even weirder.

A 23-year old woman had a prior sleepwalking condition and was on prescription medication that aggravates the problem. Somehow the woman ended up sleepwalking on an Interstate and the perp, a homeless fellow who is HIV positive, raped her.

CINCINNATI -- A lawyer for the man accused of raping a University of Cincinnati student said the encounter could have been consensual because the woman has a history of sleepwalking.

Well the CHARGE is rape for the attorney of the homeless guy declares that the sex could have been consensual. The woman was still asleep when police arrived on the scene after being alerted by passing motorists who saw Dexter Ford on top of the woman near a White Castle restaurant.

It is hard to believe that this young woman didn’t lust after this homeless man so much that she met him on the Interstate and had sex with him by a White Castle restaurant in the middle of the night. Plenty of women choose sexual encounters of this sort.

Lawyers. Gotta love ‘em.

Kucinich’s Quest to Impeach Dick Cheney

I covered this story of Republicans in the House growing some gonads HERE.

So we end with a funny political cartoon drawn by a normally very liberal political cartoonist. It’s what happens when the inmates take over the asylum.

poli cartoon with dennis kucinich as ET

Assuming a wife who admitted shooting her sleeping husband than leaving him to die alone as a bullet in his back denies him movement to a phone for help can be believed, does a fellow who is a bit on the testy side with his wife and asks her to wear wigs and platform heels during sex deserve to die when this wife decides?

Matthew Winkler's three daughters are forever denied a father. Mary Winkler admits she shot him. Soon Mary Winkler might be a free woman. Soon Mary Winkler might get her daughters back.

It's a jury's verdict as bad as the OJ verdict

Matthew Winkler was murdered on 3/22/2006. In this first post on the crime we ask her motive and speculate on Mary Winkler's actions.

The world learns how horrifically the sleeping Matthew Winkler lost his life. This is the first post to note these details.

It's six months after Matthew Winkler's murder. The defense spin begins. We note it all in this post.

It's April of 2007 and Mary Winkler's trial begins. Details in this post.


In this post we rant over the small amount of time Mary Winkler might serve for her crime.

A post with even more on that terrible Winkler verdict.

Here's a post with a video of jurors from the Winkler jury. They seem like nice people but as I note on the post, there's flaws in their logic.

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