TV-Omarosa Fired on Celebrity Apprentice; Trump Parades Trophy Wife

Omarosa gets fired for the crime of not being a celebrity on the "Celebrity Apprentice" episode aired 3/6/08.

And The Donald parades out his third (or is it fourth) trophy wife along with another little Trump critter.

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Omarosa Fired On “Celebrity Apprentice” 3/6/08


Before commentary on the “Celebrity Apprentice” episode aired 3/6/08, it might be time for some speculation on who is going to win this thing.

For it’s obvious that Piers Morgan is being groomed to win although I’m not at all sure how someone “wins” Celebrity Apprentice. Do they get more money for their chosen charity? In Morgan’s case he has chosen a charity that helps children and survivors of individuals hurt while serving in the military. A very, very noble cause and based on this alone I’d like to see Piers win.

Add to that my admiration for this cute little fellow his fine appreciation of the more curvy ladies amongst us. Not to mention that Piers has done a fine job leading his Hydra team for quite a few times by this point in the series and has been a winning Project Manager in every task assigned to him.

We began the show aired 3/6/08 with an introduction of The Donald’s latest trophy wife and she is a beauty. Of course The Donald is quite a fertile fellow and Trump feels required to father at least one child with his beautiful wives. His newest child, a son, is cuter than all get out and why not? He has perfect genes.

Montage Trump's new wife and new baby

Well yes, now that you mention it, mine own granddaughter Kaitlyn Mae is a little beauty too blessed with fine genes. Okay, so maybe only MY genes are the finer ones but they are majorly dominant genes. Kid got her brains and pointy chin from me and that’s all that matters. She looks just like her father but hey, he isn’t a half-bad looking female.


The task for this episode was to choose an artist from a group presented, none of which I have heard of not that I know many artists at any rate. After choosing the artist each team wanted to showcase, the task was to have a viewing and selling as many of that artist’s paintings as possible. The team selling the most paintings would win the task.

One artist's work for Celebrity Apprentice task March 2008

Omarosa immediately volunteered to be the Empresario’s team leader which caused her mortal rival, Piers, to volunteer to lead Hydra. Omarosa mentioned that it was this same task which got her fired during her term on the former, more normal “Apprentice” series.

I’ve noticed that this version of the Apprentice type reality series requires the ability of the various celebrities to raise money.

Yes, a celebrity can phone up all manner of friends and acquaintances and raise money just for the asking. An appearance on a major, prime-time reality series doesn’t hurt either.

And while Omarosa was mighty mean to Piers Morgan in a prior episode, saying nasty, hurtful things about his children and family, Piers was quite acidic toward Omarosa in this past challenge and perhaps because the vast majority of us, including myself, are NOT vaunted celebrities, I felt a little pity for Omarosa. Piers kept pointing out that Omarosa couldn’t bring in the big money like a “real” celebrity, such as himself I must deduce. You can believe that Omarosa’s friends didn’t have the kind of money to buy those high-priced paintings and hey, if I had that kind of money to throw around I STILL wouldn’t waste it on what was essentially cartoons or pictorial optical illusions. Besides Steve Baldwin of Baldwin family fame didn’t bring in one dime while Omarosa managed to sell one painting.

The result was a rout. Team Empresario sold about $7500 worth of paintings while the Hydra team went up over $150,000.

Donald Trump had no choice but to fire the Empresario team’s project manager, who would be Omarosa.

Omarosa discusses art gallery task before being fired

There are now only five celebrity apprentices left. They’ve all done a pretty good job. I’d like to see slit-eyed Stephen Baldwin get fired next because…well I can’t stand that family that’s why.

“Celebrity Apprentice” 2008 Contenders
Carol Alt-model/actress
Jennie Finch-olympic medalist softballsent home 1/24/08
Gene Simmons from Kiss-sent home 1/17/08
Lennox Lewis-boxer
Marilu Henner-actress-sent home 2/21/08
Nadia Comaneci-olympic star gymnast-sent home 1/10/08
Nely Galen-Latina TV producer-sent home 2/7/08
Omarosa-former apprentice-sent home 3/6/08
Piers Morgan-Americas Got Talent
Stephen Baldwin-actor of Baldwin family
Tiffany Fallon-playmate of year-SENT HOME PREMIERE NIGHT 1/3/08
Tito Ortez-sent home 2/28/08
Trace Adkins-country star
Vincent Pastore-star of sopranos-sent home for Croc challenge 1/28/08

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