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So the American Idol 2012 episode aired on 5/2/12 was so skewed in terms of results that I don't know up from down.

But first, some interesting information from eliminated contender Colton Dixon.
Seems he was warned about being "too Christian".

Now Colton did sing at least one Christian song that I remember off the top of my head.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some kind of shocking story but if so, well it's not.

I don't think it's a good idea to go broadcasting your religion too often and too widely for much of any reason. I would think that a word to the wise would probably have any musical mentor advising an American Idol candidate not to overdue any religious aspect, be it Jewish, Christian or even Muslim.

In fact there was another contender who sang a Christian song, "Go Light Your Candle" so it's not unusual to sing such a tune.

Colton was heavily involved in Tweeting and Facebooking and there was concern about his involvement with his religion in these endeavors. It's not clear what kind of "threat" Colton received except the article states that AI producers only warned him that if he concentrated too much on his religion he wouldn't have a prayer of winning the competition.

Well duh, that's very true, number one, and two, it's not like Dixon was threatened with expulsion or anything.

American Idol is about singing and performing. It's not about religion or even politics. For a contender to delve too much into those sorts of things, at least beyond a casual mention, is just not wise. It's not rocket science.

Next we delve into Randy Jackson's fine fashion.  This week he sports some kind of sea shell "jewelry" that, well, I dunno.

For the performances on the night themed "British Invasion", man I just can't figure those results.

In fairness I must state that Hollie is my favorite this year though I know she shall soon be gone. She's been in the bottom three five times.

I thought, however, that with her rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", a challenging song that she did amazingly well.

Skylar was sent home and she was living also on borrowed time. Again Skylar sang "It Ain't Me" and she knocked it out of the park.

While the beloved Jessica wobbled around the stage on high heels looking like a child wearing her mother's shoes. Jessica sang "Rolling On a River" and attempted to do some kind of dance thing while she wore a ridiculous tight dress way to old for this 16 year old. Jessica also joined Skylar and Hollie in Jackie Wilson's "Your Love Lifted Me" and she was so bad as part of that trio it was painful.

Jessica sang, oddly, "You Are So Beautiful", which is a guy's song. She sounded pretty but there was way too many theatrics in that version and those awful close-ups that showed us Jessica's pores didn't help her much.

But the judges love her, they saved her before she even was done her saving song and they praised her when she didn't deserve it.

I think she's too young and doesn't have near enough stage presence right now to be an American Idol. Skylar sings her heart out and any fool can see she loves to entertain. Jessica always looks like she's in pain.

And Phillip of two names, he was just awful He sang the Zombies song "Time of the Season" and he sounded like a Zombie. He also joined Joshua for "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" and go with me here, Phillip shouldn't oughta be singing ballads.

So left we have Phillip, Jessica, Hollie and Joshua. I like Joshua and would have no problem with him winning this thing. By me Phillip ought to be sent home. He'll have a nice little niche music career, kind of like Daughtry. Jessica should not be the winner of this thing but I suspect she probably will.

I respect the votes of America and so it shall be.

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