Dancing With the Stars 2012-Final Three to Dance To Victory or Defeat . "Camera Hog" Sent Packing

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Tonight, the day of this Blog post, May 22, the winner of the Dancing With the Stars  mirror ball will be announced.

The field is now down to three: William Levy, Katherine Jenkins, and Donald Driver. Levy is a Latin heartthrob actor, Jenkins is an opera singer, and Driver is a football player. A diverse lot they are and all almost as equally talented.

I am not surprised by the finale status of Jenkins and Levy as they were right from the beginning skilled, almost natural dancers.

I am not too surprised by the appearance of Driver in the finals as one interesting occurrence on DWS is that football players tend to also be very good dancers. I must suppose that the agility required to carry a football, run gingerly among players trying to knock you down, while heading toward the goal at a fast pace, to be the same agility to master the art of the dance.

I was surprised to see Maria Menounos to be gone before Driver. Maria received two perfect scores over the span of this season while Donald received none.

Still and so, in terms of the total overall judge-given scores, Driver is two points ahead of Maria.

The scuttlebutt on the ABC boards seems to target Maria as a bit of a camera hog. I didn't see anything that would cause me to give her that questionable description. Although she DID have a broken foot at one point during this series. I mean dag, a broken foot? How on earth does one dance with a broken foot?

Oh, and she did kind of get all coy about her relationship with her professional partner, Derek Hough.

Now I don't believe for a minute there's anything going on between her and Derek. I'm not at all sure Derek's even into women, frankly. But this sort of thing is something someone wanting to keep their persona front and center would hint at, do it not?

I think Katherine should be the winner of this thing in that ,well, I think she's the best dancer.

Levy is the second best dancer with Driver a close third.

And that is exactly how the total judge-given scores go.

We shall see. It's been a most interesting season on DWS.

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