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This Week- American Idol 2007 Begins-this week-Minneapolis and Seattle; TRUE CRIME-She ingested too much water and died-will this radio stunt turn into a true crime? POLITICAL TIDBITS-Obama’s problem and it’s worse than his middle name and worse than being a known terrorist; Kaitlyn Mae-She’s a Pinball Wizard; Movie Review-“Brokeback Mountain”; POP CULTURE-Her boobs are certified as the largest in the world, but are they real?
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Cartoon of the Week
Chicken with fake breasts and legs?

Joke of the Week
For centuries, Hindu women have worn a spot on their foreheads. We have always naively thought that it had something to do with their religion. The Indian Embassy in Washington , DC has recently revealed the true story:

When a Hindu woman gets married, she brings a dowry into the union. On her wedding night, the husband scratches off the spot to see whether he has won a convenience store, a gas station, a doughnut shop, or a motel in the United States . If not, he must take a job in India answering telephones giving technical advice.

  • Monday 1/22/07
    Time to catch up on those ongoing TV Reality shows.

    We speak, most specifically, of American Idol 2007, which premiered last week in Seattle and Minneapolis. Some notes on those we'll be seeing more of, some weird entrants and pics you'll not see anywhere else on the Internet unless they copy mine.

    And an update on the Apprentice LA. A hoot of a swimsuit design task and a would-be apprentice who designed, we're not making this up, a flowery pink swim suit for MEN.

    Also with unique pics.
    American Idol/Apprentice 1/22/07

  • Tuesday 1/23/07
    Here's a True Crime date and a hoot. The psychic promised to find Hornbeck's body because she swore he was dead. Only it would cost a few bucks…..

    Pregnant teens attack their group home leader, a fine group of guys try to enroll a sex offender in a school and a weird youngster stabs a schoolmate in cold blood.

    Will that radio show with the water ingestion stunt become a True Crime? Someone died from it.

    Finally, getting to the bottom of the tale of those border agents.

  • Wednesday 1/24/07
    Some Political Tidbits and some new thoughts on Obama. I thought his middle name would be his downfall but now I discover something even more sinister about the man, something worst than being a terrorist.

    Also, what's this petition to "relieve Valerie Plame" all about? The Matthews and Fund flap, and heh, the Muslims are all upset about the TV series "24".

    Seems the show identified Muslims as terrorists. Who would imagine such a thing?

    Finally, some quick and dirty thoughts on last night's SOTU address.

    Political Tidbits 1/24/07

  • Thursday 1/25/07
    Kaitlyn came to visit in early January of this year and Mom-Mom discovers something intriguing and enchanting about the child.

    She's 3 years old but already a Pinball Wizard, just like me! Is it heredity, environment, what? Because she'd never before laid her little eyeballs on a pinball machine.

    And a review of "Brokeback Mountain", yes, I watched it and unlike other reviewers, this heterosexual female noticed something not written about in the many reviews of the movie I've read.

  • Friday 1/26/07
    Time for some Pop Culture and first, is this child of the jungle, as alleged, legit?

    We've also got the winner of the Guiness record for big boobs, yes with a pic. Are they real?

    The steepest street in the world, some blind items, and a way cool Archies' song/video.
    Pop Culture Update 1/26/07

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    W/E 1/20/07

    This Week- TV Reviews : “Apprentice LA”; “Grease-You’re the One That I Want”; and the 2007 “People’s Choice” Awards. TRUE CRIME-Two Boys Found; Many Changes in Duke Rape Investigation; POLITICAL TIDBITS-Why Not Samoa for Minimum Wage? Katrina Update-“Anchor Baby Boom” in New Orleans; Guest-Surgery and Computers; POP CULTURE-NASCAR Great Dies
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    Cartoon of the Week
    Diet Cartoon

    Quote(s) of the Week
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live
    long enough to make them all yourself.
    -- Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Monday 1/15/07

    We've got three reviews of TV shows that premiered this past week.

    First, this "Grease" thing, can this rival to American Idol get any traction?

    And than there's The Donald's "Apprentice LA". With his feud with Rosie adding fuel, can Trump's series survive? Also, how Ivanka impresses.

    Finally, those "People Choice" awards...I simply do not believe they chose Ellen over Oprah as fave talk show host.

    Pics of all the above you'll not find anywhere else.


  • Tuesday 1/16/07

    Time for some up-to-date True Crime. This week, it's all about those missing boys, now found. One was missing for four years, the other a week.

    Oh, and there's so much new info on that Duke rape case we're dizzy with it all.

    Update on the Atlantic City prostitute murders, a building superintendent who joined in on the rape, those New Orleans' cops and the bridge murders, and yes, it's early yet as reported, but a father really did decapitate his young daughter.

    True Crime Update 1/16/07

  • Wednesday 1/17/07

    Congress is back in session and the Political Tidbits are over-flowing.

    First, I am just so glad that Moonbat Babs Boxer said what she said to Condi Rice. Because I've been saying the same thing for years about homosexuals but NOW, thank God, I can state the truth right out loud. Just like Babs did.

    There's a new political consultant on Fox and I've got a picture of me and Kaitlyn with her. This when she was a nobody from the swamps of Delaware.

    How about the Dems taking off for football and go on, why isn't Samoa subject to that new and vaunted minimum wage? Could it be about Pelosi and StarKist tuna?

    Political Tidbits 1/17/07

  • Thursday 1/18/07

    We've got a Katrina update. Since this hurricane I've been tracking all the politics of the storm and now the wobbly recovery of that hapless city.

    There's a baby boom because of Katrina although it's mostly "anchor babies".

    Guest Writer Michelle tells of recovering from surgery and computers that act up when you most need them.

    Above Blog Post HERE 1/18/07

  • Friday 1/19/07

    Time for a Pop Culture update and we're a little off-the-wall this week.

    First, help name the new and improved "7 Wonders of the World". Also, some neat optical illusion pics, a tribute to a great Nascar racer and a video the older amongst us will remember fondly.

    Remember Dean Martin's famous drunk? Tune in to see a clip of Foster at his prime.

    Pop Culture Update 1/19/07

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    W/E 1/13/07

    This Week- Movie Review-“Little Shop of Horrors”; “The Thing About My Folks”; “Parent Trap”; TRUE Crime-Smith Cruise Ship update and parents of the baby with chewed-off toes; Political Tidbits-That crazy Kerry/Heinz Christmas card; Cooking-Recipe for best cookies ever; Pop Culture-The “Water Bridge” and Couric’s continuing descent as news anchor.

    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    are you too sexy cartoon

    Quote(s) of the Week
    irish toast pic for new year

  • Monday 1/8/07

    It's campy and kookie and I loved the Broadway show. Here's a review of the MOVIE "Little Shop of Horrors".

    The best thing about the movie "The Thing About My Folks" is a certain actor's acting.

    The rest of the film just doesn't make sense.

    And guess what's coming up soon?

    CLICK HERE 1/8/07

  • Tuesday 1/9/07

    A lot of updates on old True Crimes this week.

    First, what happened to those parents who had an animal chew off their baby's toes?

    Also, the Smith cruise ship murder ends with a monetary award.

    A 6 year old dies tragically, at the hands of TWO people so investigators say.

    OJ tries to hide his money and hand to God, a woman is convicted for raping a sleeping man.

    Finally the strange death of that Louisiana Mayor.


  • Wednesday 1/10/07

    It's a new year and new folks are in charge in this week's Political Tidbits.

    So Cindy Sheehan is giving the DEMS a hard time, heh.

    Also, Joe Biden's crazy comments, the Kerry's weird Christmas card and an update on presidential candidate pretty boy, John Edwards.

    Political Tidbits 1/10/07

  • Thursday 1/11/07

    It's winter now and time to do some cooking.

    We finally have the BEST:
    shrimp fettucine
    and pumpkin pie

    Also, a TV review of "The Parent Trap". The premise of this movie re-made from Hayley Mills' 1961 film, is not only unbelievable, it's downright child abuse!

    POST HERE 1/11/07

  • Friday 1/12/07

    Catching up on Pop Culture for the new year, we begin with the first baby born this New Year only NOT…..

    And what’s up with Disney’s Tigger? We’ve got a video of the incident, with some excellent narration that explains what exactly went down.

    Katie Couric continues to tank as CBS anchor and an amazing engineering feat….a WATER BRIDGE!

    Some media nuggets and blind items asked and guessed round out this week's Pop Culture Update.

    Pop Culture Update 1/12/07

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    w/e 1/6/07

    This Week- TV-Review “Identity” and those 2006 Kennedy Center Honors; True Crime-Nifong Bungles On; Political Tidbits-Gerald Ford and a National Sales Tax?; Kaitlyn-A Small Child Brings the Magic Back to Some Heartbroken Females; Movie-Review Katie Holmes’ “First Daughter”; Pop Culture-Bono a Knight?
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    snowman funeral cartoon

    Bizarre January Holidays
    January 1 is Get a Life Day

    January 2 is Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

    January 8 is National Joy Germ Day

    January 16 is Get to Know Your Customers Day

    January 19 is Penguin Awareness Day

    January 21 is Rid The World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day

    January 21 is also Squirrel Appreciation Day

    January 22 is Answer Your Cats Questions Day

    January 27 is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

    January 30 is Inane Answering Message Day

  • Monday 1/1/07
    Here's some TV Tidbits and anyone who remembers the old "What's My Line" quiz show will be familiar with the premise of this quasi-newer version of the game. It's called "IDENTITY" and, well it's not so great.

    Also, a review of last week's Kennedy Center honors with a pic of the deepest cleavage displayed anywhere in the year 2006.

    CLICK HERE 1/1/07

  • Tuesday 1/2/07
    It's time for a True Crime update and there's a few here involving crimes against canines. A black Labrador is shot for reasons unknown and a tiny chihuahua is dragged behind its owner's car, possibly on purpose!

    A former baseball player burns in a fire under suspicious circumstances and plenty of Duke Nifong et al updates.

    We've got a live video of a crime in progress and folks, it's teenagers run amok.

    Some really stupid criminal alerts, a rapist in Houston targets MEN, and New Mexico residents fight back against those who would invade their homes. Three shot in the act so far.

    True Crime Update 1/2/07

  • Wednesday 1/3/07
    Some Political Tidbits here. We've got a pic of Gerald Ford with a few players from the current administration that you'll barely recognize.

    Some inside scoop on that Iraqi Survey Group, an update on the bungled Sandy Berger investigtion and a funny AP "casualty counter" that will make you smirk.

    And you don't think they'll be a national sales tax soon? Think again.

    Political Tidbits 1/3/07

  • Thursday 1/4/07
    Three females in my surround suffered serious man trouble over the holidays. It was three-year-old Kaitlyn who temporarily stopped the heartbreak and taught us all the joy of Christmas through a child's eyes.

    Also, a TV review of "First Daughter", a cotton candy confection of a movie featuring Tom Cruise's new love, Katie Holmes.

    CLICK HERE 1/4/07

  • Friday 1/5/07
    In this first Pop Culture post of 2007 we've got updates on the Rosie/Trump feud and how the Steve Irwin family is cashing in on his untimely death.

    Also, "Atlas Shrugged" a movie? And Michael Jackson sues everybody while the Beach Boys also in some legal jeopardy, some Media Nuggets and hey, Bono a KNIGHT?


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