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Week Ending 12/2/2006

This Week-John Ramsey “tries” to Explain John Mark Karr; True Crime-How Might Warren Jeffs Affect the 2008 Presidential Race? Political Tidbits-Secretary of Ed Goes on Jeopardy. How Did She Do? Katrina-That Couple Who Sold Their Donated House…How Ungracious Is This? Pop Culture-Father of Child Madonna Adopted Remarries.
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  • Monday 11/27/06

    Time for a few TV Tidbits.

    First, an old-age rant about those American Music Awards. If this is the best in music America has to offer I must thank the Lord I was born in the 50's.

    Next, a summary of that "48 Hours" Tribute to John and Patsy Ramsey.

    Indeed, the stupidity to defend these killing parents continues and I am amazed at those who continue to carry John Ramsey's water.

    Some startling revelations on that pervert Geek John Mark Karr and the silly reason they thought he killed Jonbenet. Some serious lies were spread about this guy.

    CLICK HERE- 11/27/06

  • Tuesday 11/28/06

    The holiday season arrives but True Crime continues.

    You will never believe the story of this couple and a motel room. Also, bodies found in Atlantic City drainage ditch.

    Lots of drownings, but were they accidents?

    Covering pervert polygamist Warren Jeffs and wondering how his trial might affect a major upcoming presidential candidate.

    A Clinton neighbor's wife dies under strange circumstances and this fellow argues that because the deer was dead when he made love to it that he is not technically guilty of animal cruelty.

    True Crime Update 11/28/06 HERE

  • Wednesday 11/29/06

    A few Political Tidbits this week.

    Last week the International Red Cross released a plethora of records from the Nazi era. Why now?

    The Bush girls are crime victims, the real reason Repubs lost the Senate, a Mayor of a city with strict gun laws caught with an illegal gun.

    You'll never believe this video with an MSM babe comparing those Islam praying-on-the-airplane Imams to Rosa Parks!

    Finally, the Secretary of Education goes on Jeopardy. So how does she do?

    Political Tidbits 11/29/06

  • Thursday 11/30/06

    It's time to catch up on the Katrina aftermath.

    How about that lovely couple who sold the donated house given to them by a kind church? Sold it at a handsome profit, in fact.

    They defend themselves by standing on the strict technality of law but those of us with common sense out here in la-la land know greed and ungraciousness when we see it.

    Also, suicide notes leads to dismembered body as violence escalates in New Orleans' French quarter. Some serious shooting going on there as well.

    KATRINA POST HERE 11/30/06

  • Friday

    Some Pop Culture News and amusements.

    A swan falls in love with a boat but there's a good reason why.

    The father of that boy Madonna adopted gets re-married and Michael Richards hires a PR firm to undo his damage. We also have a video of yet another time Richards went on a racist rant.

    Junk food and children and the newest war-the phone companies across the land take on the cable companies.

    Comcast declares Jihad on Verizon.

    Pop Culture Update 12/1/06

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    November 2006
    Week Ending 11/25/06

    This Week- The MEN of “Desperate Housewives”; True Crime-Trenton Duckett alive? OJ?; Political Tidbits-Kerry and Edwards Both in Trouble; Happy Thanksgiving! Some Smiles for Turkey Day; Pop Culture-the Rachel Ray Scandal.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    A Possum Sneezes

    Quote(s) of the Week
    Definition of success/failure by Churchill

  • Monday 11/20/06

    As promised, we meet the MEN of "Desperate Housewives". They're handsome, ugly, weird and unfaithful. All are as important to the plot as the women.

    Also, winner of 2006 "Dancing With the Stars"

  • Tuesday 11/21/06

    Time for a True Crime Update and we've some new crimes and updates to old ones.

    Jonathan Luna, a Baltimore prosecutor, was found dead in a Pennsylvania pond. His body was riddle with knife wounds. Was it a suicide?

    And could Trenton Duckett still be alive?

    A severely handicapped girl, confined to a nursing home, ends up pregnant. How? Another man found guilty of abusing his daughter, only she's not his daughter?

    Anna Nicole's problems continues and what's going on in the Winkler case?

    A fine Foolish Felon rounds up the week's entry.
    True Crime Update 11/21/06

  • Wednesday 11/22/06

    Some Political Tidbits and there's some good ones.

    Poor Foley, hasn't he suffered enough? Now he's being investigated.

    John Kerry banished from the picture and John Edwards bashes Walmart one day than begs from them the next.

    You'll never believe this video. A plot to kill the Supreme court and Gay Penguins?
    Political Tidbits 11/22/06

  • Thursday 11/23/06

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    The usual tidbits, quotes, pic and link of the day.

    Followed by a bevy of Thanksgiving cartoons bound to bring a smile to a full stomach.

  • Friday 11/24/06

    Time for a dose of Pop Culture.

    The biggest story of the week, Food Network Chef Rachel Ray's husband really into kinky sex.

    Sir Paul McCartney has a bad face day. We've lots of blind items, an update on Katie Holmes' wedding lingerie-heh- and that joke of a Michael Jackson concert.

    Finally, the Borat controversey. He lied and people feel cheated.
    Pop Culture Update 11/24/06

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    Week Ending 11/18/06

    This Week- A Midterm Election 2006 Rant; Ode to “Desperate Housewives”; True Crime-Illegal Alien Hangs Actress While Still Alive; Guest Writer and Fall 2006 Gardens; Pop Culture-Most Dangerous Road, Highest Prices and Tallest Woman-in the World.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    Sniff butt of visiting dog

    Quote(s) of the Week
    Quote John Wooden

  • Monday 11/13/06
    A little bit of this, little bit of that.

    A tribute to our veterans with a picture that will amaze.

    Plus some TV tidbits. It's great, it's zany, it's offbeat, it's funny, it's true life.

    I speak of my new TV fascination…."Desperate Housewives"

    Plus what's with Faith Hill at the 2006 CMA Awards?

    Finally, the new series, "Brothers and Sisters". There's are very distasteful liberal flaws in this series and it could cause it to fail.

    "Desperate Housewives HERE

  • Tuesday 11/14/06
    True Crime Update and this week we've some new crimes along with updates of old ones.

    She was an actress and she was hanged alive. By an illegal alien who feared disclosure!

    A couple of tragic deaths of young mothers, a couple killed for their yacht and yes, he hired a hitman to kill the teenager pregnant with his baby.

    A possible case of intriguing Double Jeopardy and the mission to buy Shasta Groene a home.

    Still we wonder, who is the father of Anna Nicole's baby and some Edington comments.

    True Crime Update 11/14/06

  • Wednesday 11/15/06
    Time for some Political Tidbits and of course we have an midterm election 2006 rant.

    Also, Rosie on terror, Maher "outs" major Republican, Haggard's REAL problem, Rush Limbaugh's "confession", and a winner in this year's midterms that is bound to shock.

    Political Tidbits 11/15/06

  • Thursday 11/16/06

    Guest Writer Michelle honors Tracker who awaits her at Rainbow Bridge.

    And the Fall gardens. The frost came and went and the final pictures are in.

    Fall Gardens/Guest Writer Post HERE

  • Friday 11/17/06
    Time for a Pop Culture Update.

    This week we have lots of weird and intriguing.

    Such as the most dangerous road in the world, food prices you won't believe and the tallest woman in the world.

    There's also Media Nuggets, asked-and-guessed blind items and some bizarre entertainment facts.

    Pop Culture Update 11/17/06

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    Week Ending 11/11/06

    This Week- Kaitlyn Mae’s Many Faces; True Crime-Weird Crimes of Rape; Political Tidbits-John Kerry’s Haughtiness; Book Reviews-“Irresistible Impulse”;”Every Breath You Take”; Pop Culture-Video of President Bush Drunk.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    Sperm not tadpoles but frogs

    Quote(s) of the Week
    shakespeare quote

  • Monday 11/06/06

    Kaitlyn Mae spent Halloween with her Mom-Mom and she was a kitty kat.

    Kaitlyn now has many faces, click in to see a few, including the kitty kat.

    Also, why is Kaitlyn Mae full of bullcrap?

    Also, a Delaware update on an independent running for Senator. The odds are against her but she's got a slew of supporters here in the swamps of Delaware.

    Pic of candidate, Mom-Mom and Kaitlyn included.

    Kaitlyn Mae and Christine O'Donnell

  • Tuesday 11/07/06

    Some True Crime and we have two most unusual crimes of rape. One takes some insight to figure out, the other involves a false rape accusation. Yet another charge of rape, this time as dealt with by the Muslims of the world. HINT-the WOMAN gets punished.

    Also, how about Haggard? If hypocrisy were a crime he'd get the death penalty.

    Info on that California arsonist, and a dog gets shot but no one knows why.

    Finally, the crime was giving the President the finger. Should this school bus driver be fired for this form of free speech?

    True Crime Update 11/7/06

  • Wednesday 11/08/06

    Some mighty Political Tidbits this week, featuring, of course, the haughty John Kerry and his lambasting of our American soldiers. Our soldiers have more integrity and decency in their little fingers than this blow-hard has in his entire blue-blooded body.

    How about those Halloween costumes? He dresses as a suicide bomber and the President of a mighty university poses for a pic with him! And Osama Bin Laden?

    Landmark decision last week on visitors to Dick Cheney's office, justice in Saudi Arabia, and a link to the most heart-warming pictures taken by a soldier in Iraq.

    Political Tidbits 11/08/06

  • Thursday 11/09/06

    Two True Crime Book Reviews as the library beckoned.

    One involves a wealthy Brit who murdered and beheaded his American wife.

    The other is an Ann Rule novel, "Every Breath You Take".

    Book Reviews HERE

  • Friday 11/10/06

    In this Pop Culture update we've got two Presidents partying. An actual video of Dubya, drunk and the Bill Clinton bday party which never ends.

    Naomi Campbell in trouble again, Madonna adopts a child, Ellen Barken cries a river, and McCartney's divorce papers.

    You will never believe this guy's resume.

    How Canada Dry got its name, blind items and media nuggets.

    Pop Culture Update 11/10/06

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    Week Ending 11/4/06

    This Week- Five left on ABC’s “Dancing With Stars”-Predictions and Dance Reviews; True Crime-He stabbed his neighbor to death based on his two-year-old’s accusation of molestation. Now cops say the child was NOT molested; Political Tidbits-A Barney Frank pic with a Congressional Page you’ll not see in the Lamestream media; A Delaware election update-Beau Biden, son of Joe, falling behind. And an independent candidate for senator that surprises to no end.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    Give the Candy-Halloween cartoon

    Quote(s) of the Week
    Quote on Beauty

  • Monday 10/30/06

    It's down to five on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" 2006.

    Finally Jerry Springer gets the boot.

    Predictions and reviews.

    Some Halloween fun at the intro.


  • Tuesday 10/31/06

    Time for some True Crime.

    We begin with some very intriguing updates on the Edington murder. Jonathan Edington stabbed his neighbor to death over allegations of molestation by his 2 year old.

    The police say the baby was NOT molested. So what's going to happen to Edington? And why might the police be misleading us?

    Also, updates on that female soldier who went missing in the Ukraine, notes on "Dog" Chapman, a woman kills her baby while it's in her belly, and the Jerry Hobbs trial begins. Hobbs killed his daughter and her friend. Why should his confession be disallowed?

    Some interesting info on why Muslims rape their women and's the WOMAN's fault! Also, enslaved ten year old and a True Crime involving circumcision? Well the case DID go to court.

    A sad story of a quadriplegic woman as she testifies against her husband who made her that way and finally, why does this burglar have his pants down around his ankles?

    True Crime Update

  • Wednesday 11/1/06

    Some most amazing Political Tidbits, many of them about nuts and kooks.

    Like Ted Turner, who can't decide which side he's on. Then there's the American Al-Queda going up for treason, heh.

    Also, why is my Blog banned by the Department of Interior.

    Tune in for an incredible pic of Massachusetts' congress critter Barney Frank and wait till you see how he treats his Pages.

    Some videos of a new anti-Clinton ad and one on airport security that will amuse.

    Finally, a teacher lambasted for using common sense and a trashcan as a toilet.

    Political Tidbits 11/1/06

  • Thursday 11/2/06

    The Delaware races are heating up and Beau Biden, son of a senator with little prosecutorial experience expects to take over in his father's footsteps, heaven help Delaware.

    And guest writer Michelle regales us with tales of anemones, snails and aquariums.

    BLOG POST HERE 11/2/06

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