True Crime Update Dates 2/7/08

In this True Crime post we’ve got more on the fine Joran Van Der Sloot including more indications that Joran’s fine father helped dispose of Natalee’s body and some eyebrow-raising clues that the Aruban cops may have heard a true confession very early on in this case. So why wasn’t Joran arrested then?

Also, the female whose body parts were found strewn along a PA highway identified. Some Saudi info with shocking details of an arrest of a Saudi female for a “crime” that boggles the mind.

Finally, a story about a nude martial arts guy that will make you smirk and scratch your head and a suicide gone awry that really makes no sense. The trial of Bobby Cutts goes on.

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Bobby Cutts Trial Ongoing

Bobby Cutts is a fine man, a police officer who loves to impregnate women in his life and, in fact, likes to have at least two women, if not more,around at all times.

Jessie Davis was a pretty young woman, a bit naïve and evidently was in love with Bobby Cutts as she has one son with Cutts and was pregnant with his daughter when Cutts decided, one could surmise, that he had enough.

Cutts already had one wife with whom he lived and had a child. There was another woman out there who had a child with Cutts but I don’t think they were married. Cutts’ paycheck had many deductions for child support not that birth control wouldn’t be cheaper.

I haven’t heard what Cutts’ defense plans for their guy as I think Cutts admitted to the murder.

Perhaps insanity or some such?

We’ll be keeping an eye on.

Montage of Jessie Davis and Bobby Cutts
Canton - The second witness at the aggravated murder trial of former Canton cop Bobby Cutts Jr. was Audrey Davis, 20, of Akron. She is the sister of Jessie Davis, who was killed last summer.

Weirdest “Crime” of the Week

This case is bizarre on so many levels. First, the story as reported on the link, is so brief as to be laughable.

But before this…the guy tried to commit suicide and his name is KEVORKIAN?

Tell me that ain’t a hoot.

SAN DIEGO -- Homicide detectives are investigating the bizarre death of a San Diego man after his suicide attempt turned into a fight with his girlfriend.

According to police, Sevan Kevorkian's girlfriend found him hanging from a closet rod in his apartment on Hamilton Street in North Park last Saturday. Investigators said that after she cut him down and revived him, Kevorkian, 36, started pulling her around the room by her hair.

The story goes on to report that some folks were pulling up in a car, heard the altercation between those two, and the guy in the car put Kevorkian in a “carotid restraint”, sometimes called a sleeper hold.

Later on that night Kevorkian died at a hospital.

Now why did this fellow die? Did he die from his earlier suicide attempt or that carotid restraint? God knows Sevan recovered enough from his earlier suicide attempt to go pulling his girlfriend around by the hair.

So did the alleged Good Samaritan’s sleeper hold kill Sevan? According to the article, the Samaritan was questioned and released.

Hey, when your name is Kevorkian, suicide is your game, damn those who would try to stop it.

Joran Van Der Sloot Update

I was in a joyously delirious state of schadenfreud after the capture of the fine Joran’s “confession” on videotape that I covered that story and added some of my own opinions on the first True Crime post earlier this week.

Now I had a montage of Joran pics, below, and a few additional comments on this most intriguing event in the annals of True Crime.

Montage of Joran's confession

Greta Van Sustern of Fox News has been covering this story since it happened in May of 2005. Recently she’s had folks on anew and gotten some more info on the matter.

Joran has managed to get away with his little murder and NOW, heh, NOW folks, well I don’t expect those Aruban Keystone Kops will do anything to this very fine young Aruban citizen for whom they must be just so damn proud. But Joran has been firmly discredited as the thug, creep and denizen from under the rocks that he is. Like OJ before him, Joran may walk away but hey, Urine, the world has your number.

Some things this fine, fine young man revealed on the tape: he didn’t lose a minute’s sleep over what happened to Natalee. He wasn’t even sure if Natalee was dead when he had his “friend” take her out in the boat and throw her overboard. He expected lots and lots of money from the Aruban government in the future as a result of his pain and grief from their treatment of him as a suspect, how dare they.

Greta’s had more this week and one major revelation is intriguing.

For it would seem that Natalee’s stepfather was asked, over and over by the Aruban police, if Natalee had a history of either epilepsy or seizures.

The very fine Joran, whose parents must be so damn proud of their boy, said on that infamous videotape that Natalee began shaking…shaking. He even physically imitated how Natalee began the uncontrollable shaking for the camera…that was so cool, this fine young man, who didn’t lose a minute’s sleep over the young lady’s life he destroyed.

So why were the Aruban cops constantly asking Natalee’s parents about a possible history of epilepsy or seizures? Could Joran possibly have CONFESSED?

Because no way, just no way, was that bit about the shaking fake. We are a country full of jurists here in America. We are asked from time to time to judge the guilt or innocence of others and often based solely on what they say and how they act. There’s no way that Joran Van Der Sloot made up that story about the shaking. The fine boy even did a little imitation of what was probably the beginning of Natalee’s death throes. The fine boy even said he was disappointed because he was hoping for a blow job but the bitch up and died on him.

Yes, he even called that poor dead girl both a “bitch” and a “whore”. Now would an innocent man do this? Would an innocent fellow, caught up in the maelstrom of a death like this go to great lengths to speak nothing but good about the young woman that he told the whole world was alive and well last time he saw her? Shouldn’t he be singing her praises and describing her with a sentimental

Greta also interviewed this “Daury” fellow who Joran alleged took Natalee’s body out to sea for him. Daury was not even in Aruba when Natalee was killed, number one. Number two, what the whole world knows but won’t say, although I will, is that the very, very fine father-of-the-year, Paulus Joran Van Der Sloot, was the fellow who likely found a boat somewhere and dumped Natalee’s body.

Joran said on the tape that his boat friend, who he alleged to be his friend Daury, told Joran to go to school the next day as if nothing happened.

This Daury fellow, who I saw interviewed by Greta with my own lying eyes, said he was furious at Joran for mentioning his name. According to Daury, Joran asked for forgiveness and said he had to name someone and goodness even Joran has enough decency in him not to mention his fine father, so Joran up and spit out the name of Daury.

Come on, what friend comes out in mid of night to take a body and dump it into the ocean for another friend, and casually suggest that Joran get some sleep and go to school the next day? Damn if that don’t sound more like a parent to me.


Well this is a candidate for father-of-the-year, Paulus Van Der Sloot. Fine, fine Dad, disposes of the dead bodies of his fine son’s female friends that his son should lose no sleep and go to school the next day.

The prevailing opinion is that Joran spiked Natalee’s drink with a date rape drug. Joran DID bring Natalee the drinks, hey Joran admitted this back when he was lying and fooling everyone.

And healthy 18 year old women do not just up and die for no discernible reason. Of course, thanks to the Father-of-the-Year, Paulus, Natalee’s body has long ago likely been devoured by sharks and toxicology testing will never happen to prove the truth.

Don’t forget yon readers. Joran Van Der Sloot likely drugged Natalee Holloway. I think he probably got the drug from the Cowpile brothers as those two are involved in this thing. Look for more to come out on them. Goodness knows with this videotape, who knows, justice might finally come for Natalee.

Most important, it’s very suspect that the Aruban cops knew something about convulsions and seizures.

Think of that next time you are planning a vacation abroad.

For a few bucks, some fine Aruban could murder you too with no impunity.

Update on Lane Bryant Murders

I thought there was more to this story then a robbery gone awry. In order to get money from the cash register one only has to hold a gun in front of a cashier’s face and demand money. Duct-taping five women with duct tape the perp bought with him I might add, is a bit of an overkill for a robbery.

From Chicago Tribune:
The killer of five women at a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park made sexual advances on at least one of the victims before the slayings and may have targeted a women's shop to avoid confrontation with men, a source said Monday.

With the suggestion of a possible sexual assault it could be this crime was committed by some creep who planned this whole thing.

And go with me, there are few men in a Lane Bryant store.

Fine Saudi Muslim Males Protect Their Women Yet Again

The Muslim world will enjoy freedom, prosperity and happiness once the cowardly Muslim men protect their women and when the Muslims love their children more than they hate the Israelis.

Now we have a woman detained and, GET THIS, STRIP SEARCHED, for the crime of having a coffee with a man in a Starbucks.

RIYADH (AFP) - A businesswoman was detained and strip-searched by Saudi Arabia's religious police for sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop with an unrelated man, taboo in the country, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

So women in Saudi Arabia, who can’t drive and are so restricted as to be laughable, not that this country’s National Organization of Women raise the issue with the U.N. or anything, are somehow protected and cherished by fine Islamic law which requires burquas and public appearances only when accompanied by a related male.

But when they arrest the female for breaking the law, they STRIP SEARCH her? Gotta love these hypocrites.

pic of Saudi starbucks

For a fine story on more Saudi love and protection of their women, READ THIS.

Nude Martial Arts Guy Fights Police; Had to Use Numchucks

Well this is just the most laughable True Crime tale of the week.

An angry naked martial arts expert took on four policemen in a street fight, wresting one of their batons away and withstanding two Taserings before being finally subdued, in New York state on Sunday.

Woman Whose Body Parts Found Along PA Interstate Identified

I’d covered this story earlier in the month.

Deanna Null is described as a “transient”. Whatever her story, she deserved better than being cut up and tossed over the highway as if a side of cow.


deanna null severed body
SWIFTWATER, Pa. — A severed head and other dismembered remains found stuffed in trashed bags and scattered along Pocono Mountain highways have been identified as those of a missing woman, state police said Monday.

Deanna Maria Null, 36, was reported missing by her family after authorities circulated a description of the victim. She was identified using dental records.

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