True Crime Update 2/21/08

Time for a True Crime update.

Lionel Tate, who committed his first murder at age 11 or thereabouts, finally locked up where he belongs. History and pics of this bad news from birth.

And we've a couple of fine fellows today. One stabbed a woman and raped her while she lay dying. The other forced his daughter to help him get rid of her mother's headless body.

And let's talk about that tragedy in Maryland, where the folks drag race on public roads and now eight people are dead.

Quote of the Day

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Lionel Tate-Back in Jail for Ten Years; Killed 6-Year Old When He Was 12

The story of this young man, a tragedy waiting to happen every free day he walked the streets, was covered on this Blog HERE HERE and AND HERE.

Tiffany Eunick was only 6-years-old when the 12-year-old fine Lionel killed the child, allegedly during a pretend-wrestling match.

Since this fellow, whose mother must be so proud of him, was so young, Lionel was given a chance to start his life anew and even though Tiffany Eunick would never grow up, graduate from high school, get married or have children, what did the fine Lionel do within but a year from his release from jail for her murder, a very, very questionable death but for which Lionel got the benefit of the doubt?

This very intelligent fellow went out and robbed a pizza man.

Since Lionel was so young and Tiffany’s death so questionable, I have no problem with the state giving him the benefit of the doubt. But that young girl’s death, allegedly caused by a “wrestling hold”, was dark, very dark. Still and so, we try not to lock up children in this country; we try to give them every opportunity to make amends, to have a productive life.

But Lionel robbed a freaking pizza delivery man and there’s all sorts of aspersions about how young Tate spent his days after release from jail for the death of Tiffany Eunick.

By me Lionel blew his chance at redeeming his life as soon as he pointed a gun at a pizza deliverer’s head and robbed him. What, you don’t think Lionel capable of pulling that trigger?

It was armed robbery folks, and the stupidity of this action illustrates too well Lionel’s propensity for violence.

Tate got sentenced to ten years for the robbery and has now received additional time for his parole violation.

Lionel Tate bad news, going back to jail

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (AP) -- The man whose killing of a 6-year-old girl once made him the youngest person in modern U.S. history sentenced to life in prison accepted a plea deal Tuesday in a robbery that occurred while he was free on probation.

Lionel is due to be released in 2031 but not to worry, folks. Lionel’s proud defense lawyer, Jim Lewis, says he will continue to press for Lionel’s release after ten years.

So we have a few years until this nut is back on the streets. Let’s hope when Lionel then wants to commit crime anew that he goes after this Jim Lewis’ family and not ours.

More Fine Muslim Justice

Evidently dogs are “impure” per the Koran.

Tehran, 19 Feb.(AKI) - A 70-year-old man has been sentenced by an Iranian judge to four months in jail and 30 lashes for going out on the street with his dog.

Like why couldn’t these folks get involved with improving their economy, raising the standard of living for its citizenry, which despises these nasty religious Mullahs, by the way?

Instead they are all busy arresting people for walking their dogs.

And don’t dare mention this idiocy for these people riot over cartoons, for God’s sake.

A British Joran Vandersloot?

In this case, the fine Mark Dixie came upon the unconscious body of Sally Bowman and decided, why not?

At least that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

Mark Dixie, accused of killing Sally Anne Bowman, said he did not realise she was dead until after he had sex with her body, the Old Bailey heard.

Mark Dixie had sex with dying woman

Sally Bowman, raped while dying

He said he became suspicious when the teenager did not react to bites on her face and body.

Except Bowman was dead, stabbed seven times. Poor Mr. Dixie probably got blood all over himself as he attacked this young woman as she lay dying.

Joran first knocked out Natalee before he had sex with her dying body. Joran did a much better job of disposing of his sex partner’s corpse than this fellow.

That Maryland Drag Racing Incident

Darren Bullock, 20, was driving his older brother home from band practice, before 4 am on 2/16/08. Suddenly his car plowed into a crowd of people standing in the street on Maryland’s Route 210.

WALDORF, Md. (AP) — A man who drove his car into a crowd of street-racing fans tried to stop by slamming on the brakes and is traumatized by the tragedy that left eight people dead, his guardian said Tuesday.

Eight people were killed in this incident. Those eight people, and many others, were actually standing IN the street to watch an illegal drag race.

This drag racing thing is a new one on me. I lived in Merryland all my life and, indeed, drove that very street many times, although never at that time of the morning.

This is a new form of entertainment?

Young Bullock’s history is spotty. He was arrested once for driving with a suspended license although the article stipulates it’s not at all clear whether Bullock’s license is still suspended.

There’s some other mishaps as regards Bullock but for all intents and purposes, Bullock was just driving down the road when he suddenly came upon a crowd of people in the road, he tried to stop, and in the melee eight were killed.

Well hey, standing in the middle of a highway which allows speeds of 55 mph is never a good idea. I don’t care how many stunning drag strip races we may see.

The fellows allegedly engaging in the drag race have not, as of this writing, been found.

Another Female Teacher Uses Students for Sexual Gratification

A Granby High School teacher accused of sending improper photos of herself to students via cell phone has been arrested.

Sizow sends bad pics of self to students

Natasha L. Sizow, 24, of Alton Drive in Virginia Beach was charged with two counts each of indecent liberties and use of a communications device to facilitate crimes against children, according to police and court records. She turned herself in Tuesday night, said Officer Chris Amos, police spokesman.

This woman, a teacher of our children mind you, sends pictures of herself “in various stages of undress” to their cell phones.

I’m still waiting for the mighty teachers’ unions to take a strong stand on this.

Grandma of the Year

What possible reason would anyone have to beat a TWO YEAR OLD like this?

A local woman is accused of beating her young grandson so badly he lost consciousness, police said.

According to police, Delores Henderson, 55, was walking down the street, hitting the two-year-old in the stroller and slamming it into the curb.

The poor toddler was beaten so bad he lost consciousness. Thank God this was in full view of the public and this bitch got caught and thrown in jail.

Maybe someone ought to slap her around like she did that baby.

And Now…Father of the Year


Hawkins made daughter despose of mother's headless body

A 12-year-old girl told police her father, James Hawkins, forced her to help dump her mother's body in DeSoto County in Tennessee. Hawkins is charged with killing and dismembering Charlene Gaither, MyFOXMemphis reports.

The fine Mr. Hawkins alleges he didn’t kill his wife but he was with her when she died.

Was he with her when her head somehow got separated from her dead body?

Second Burned Child Dies From Injuries

The death of the first child from burns inflicted by his father was reported on this Blog HERE.

Such a fine fellow, Mr. Patel. He took his two innocent sons into the shower, doused them with gasoline and set them afire.

Both these young boys have now succumbed to their burns. Since November these children struggled to live. May Jesus hold these innocents in His loving arms and grant them a pain free life in heaven.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Prosecutors will seek an additional murder charge against a Glendale Heights man accused of setting his two sons on fire after the death this week of the second boy, DuPage County State's Atty. Joseph Birkett said Wednesday.

Vishv Patel, 7, who had been hospitalized in the burn unit of Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood since Nov. 18, was pronounced dead shortly before 11 p.m. Tuesday in the hospital, the Cook County medical examiner's office said. His brother, Om Patel, 4, died in Loyola on Jan. 17.

Bizarre Headlines

Ending with a bit of a smile.

You can't make this shit up


+-------------- Bizarre Newspaper Headlines ---------------+

STRIP CLUBS SHOCK - Magistrates May Act On Indecent Shows (Daily Mirror).

AUDIENCE TRIED TO SPOIL PLAY - But St. Chad's Players Succeeded (Sunderland Echo).

A FARMER'S WIFE IS BEST SHOT (Glasgow Evening Citizen).

NUDIST NABBED - Unclothed Man Who Admits Brandishing Pistol Is Charged With Carrying Concealed Weapon (Providence Journal).


PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM - Special Committee To Sit On Bed Bug(Liverpool Echo).


UNDERTAKER'S FAILURE - Let Down By Customers (Yorkshire paper).

CHANNEL SWIM ATTEMPT - Boston Girl's Arrival in Liverpool(Liverpool Echo).



FOCUS ON Natalee Holloway
In May of 2005, Natalee Holloway, a recent graduate just barely of age, joined some of her school mates on a much-anticipated graduation trip to the island paradise of Aruba.

Came the time to fly back home, Natalee was nowhere to be found.

The last time Natalee was seen she was leaving with three locals, one Deepak Kalpoe and his brother Satish. Also along was Joran Vandersloot, a local kid known to frequent Aruba's night spots trolling for pretty American girls.

For two and a half year the Aruban and Dutch investigators fooled around with this case, "arresting" many suspects, including those three Aruban brats, then letting them go.

Suddenly, in November of 2007 Joran and the Kalpoe brothers are arrested. An announcement by Aruban authorities came with news of the arrests that "new and incriminating" evidence had been found.

Will justice ever come for Natalee Holloway?

Below a list of links of stories on this Blog since Natalee first went missing.

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New "arrests" made on Holloway case
Natalee's parents file lawsuit against Vandersloots
John Ramsey and Natalee Holloway's Mom
Three Suspects Re-Arrested -November 07
Joran Released from Jail
AGAIN, Joran allegedly confesses on video

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