True Crime-A Cult Update-the FLDS Stepford Wives Return Home; Couple Kills Baby by Denial of Fluids

Here's a True Crime post and we've got updates on that FLDS cult plus more confusion. The women go home to their beloved, fine husbands and lie and evade for the reporters.

Plus some very mean significant others to include a fellow who locked his new bride in a dog cage, a boyfriend who slipped his pregnant girlfriend an abortion pill and an angry ex-boyfriend who totally trashed his ex's house. With pics of his damage, of course.

Finally, Drew Peterson's stepbrother...does he know where Stacey is? And a thief who stole the guy's car than ran over him and a group who killed the homeless for their life insurance.

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Fine Pair Deny Toddler Fluids; Cause Child’s Death

If ever a story were full of questions it is this one. Beginning with the tidbit in the story linked below that this poor child’s mother, Sarah Hicks, dropped her boy off with this brave sibling duo for only day but she got waylaid and had to leave the boy there for two weeks.

No explanation as to why the mother had to leave the child for two weeks is provided.

There’s also no explanation as to why the boy’s mother left her baby with this fine pair, who methodically denied the boy any fluids as “punishment” but no mention what the punishment was for or even who the hell was being punished.

A case cannot even be made that this pair merely neglected their charge. Oh no. For these two fine folk deliberately laced glasses with hot sauce so the child couldn’t drink from them. Again, the logistics of this feat are not explained.

From Courant.com:
Patterson siblings killed toddler
HAMDEN - A brother and sister in charge of caring for a friend's toddler in February deprived the boy of fluids for seven days causing him to die of dehydration, police said.

The death of 23-month-old Amari Jackson has been ruled a homicide by the medical examiner.

This pair are charged with homicide. May Jesus hold the innocent baby who suffered so at the evil and neglect of so many in His loving arms.

Courageous Man Tries to Abort His Unborn Baby

This has to be the third or fourth incident like this I’ve come across in the past few months.

A female gets pregnant, not that there aren’t many easily obtainable forms of birth control including little patches one need only wear once a month. Thus I am always suspicious of females getting pregnant by “accident” although I know it happens. It shouldn’t though.

At any rate, the boyfriend or husband is not happy about the pregnancy and slips the accidentally pregnant female an “abortion” pill. In this case the young girl was slipped a cow hormone meant to cause miscarriages in cows. In other cases I’ve read about, it was a genuine so-called “abortion” pill meant for human use.

From the Altoona Mirror.com:
WILLIAMSBURG — State police are investigating an assault on an unborn child after a pregnant teenage girl allegedly was slipped a cow hormone intended to abort the fetus.

State police at Hollidaysburg and Williamsburg police are investigating an allegation that known suspects put ProstaMate in the 17-year-old’s drink.

Police said ProstaMate is a liquid farmers use to bring cows into heat or to abort a calf.

This is another odd case as reported in the story linked above. First, the story reports that “suspectS” are involved in the dastardly deed of slipping this young girl a cow hormone. Also, the girl was later tipped off to the hormone put into her Gatorade, again, indicating multiple people involved in this thing.

It will be interesting to see how this crime is prosecuted. Will it be “attempted murder”, as it should be? Or what with so little value placed on the unborn in this society, will it be a misdemeanor?
The Saga of the FLDS Cult Gets Murkier

  • These people have a crematorium on site and snitches end up inside, burnt to dust with DNA destroyed.

  • Many of the children taken from this raid had current and prior broken bones.

  • A bed is located in the church where virgins are “initiated” at the command of the cult leader. Human hairs were found on this bed.

  • This cult keeps no record of births and newborn infants are removed from the care of their birth mothers and given to someone else at the whim of the cult leader.

  • Millions in taxpayer welfare money pour into this compound as the cult “feeds from the beast”.

  • Male members can have their entire families, including all of their wives, removed from them and assigned to another male, again on order from the cult leader.

  • Young males are banned from living within the cult as soon as they turn into young adolescents for fear of competition of the young females from the older perverts.

    Above are just a few of the stories abounding across the fruited plains and the wild and wooly Internet as concerns the Texas raid on that FLDS cult. I have no idea which allegation is true, if any.

    Late last week news of an arrest of a serial 911 phone caller stirred up a stew of intrigue. Could THIS be the caller who phoned Texas authorities complaining of broken ribs and forced early “marriage” by her abusive husband?

    From Deseret News.comL
    Swinton FLDS charged with call
    Police in Colorado Springs have arrested a woman for investigation of making a false report to authorities that may be connected to the Fundamentalist LDS Church's raid on the YFZ Ranch in Texas.

    The woman allegedly has a history of making calls while pretending to be a young girl.

    Rozita Swinton, 33, was arrested on a warrant charging her with false reporting
    Now it’s being said that this Swinton woman was NOT the original caller seeking help from an abusive life, that Texas authorities have a solid cell phone record of who made that call, that she has not, this mysterious “Sarah”, yet been found. Fears are that Sarah is in that crematorium. Or so goes the scuttlebutt.

    Now official and an undisputed truth in this case of so many rumors and innuendo is the fact that ALL of the children brought in by this raid are to have DNA tests to determine who belongs to who.

    From the LA Times:
    SAN ANGELO, Texas -- More than 400 children taken from a ranch run by a polygamous sect will stay in state custody and be subject to genetic testing, a judge ruled Friday.

    State District Judge Barbara Walther heard 21 hours of testimony over two days before ruling that the children be kept by the state. Individual hearings will be set for the children over the next several weeks.

    Again, as the scuttlebutt goes, Texas authorities are in a tailspin as they try to sort out the children, their mothers, their father. The cult, so it is said, avoids family units with all children born considered part of the greater group.

    Thus that 16 year old girl could well be the mother a three year old and if so, then somebody’s committed some child abuse here. The teenager would have been 12 or 13 when impregnated is what I’m saying here.

    So the solution is to test all of the children via DNA.

    This case is very disturbing on so many levels. Here it’s been almost three weeks and STILL there’s been no arrest. It’s troubling to know that law enforcement can break into a home, even a weird one, remove all of the children, then go on a DNA fishing expedition.

    Yet an ongoing subset of our society seems to allow child abuse and how can we let this go on under our noses? In fact, Texas investigators allegedly have reported that they had a “mole” inside of that cult reporting many cases of questionable abuse. If true, this factoid causes me great concern. Four years and the authorities did not move? Or did they not learn anything of import from this so-called mole until that call came in? And still, WHERE IS SARAH?

    We do know that Warren Jeffs, the former head of this cult and now in jail where he belongs, was found guilty of child abuse in his practice of “marrying” young girls to perverted older men.

    We do know that the women viewed so far in various interviews seem to be calling in from another planet, all of them robotic in their canned responses, their pastel modest dresses, their strange hair. I’ve yet to hear one of these women reveal their age when they married or deny that there are very young pregnant girls in that compound.

    I take the position that this is worth investigating but I stand concerned.

    Today this weird cult. Tomorrow, the Baptists. After that, maybe the Catholics.

    In short, a government raiding homes, removing children, engaging in fishing expeditions for unreported crimes…this is a scary thing.

    Yet to allow an ongoing situation where young adolescent girls’ lives are ruined by a forced sexual relationship with an older male pervert does not a good society make.

    I watch this case closely, chewing my fingernails, and pray that our system of laws can both protect the rights of the innocents and preserve the rights of the free.
    70+ Year Old Women Convicted of Murder of Homeless Men for Life Insurance

    So here’s a True Crime story with plenty of information at the link provided.

    From the Chicago Tribune:
    In a case that drew worldwide attention, a jury has convicted a 77-year-old woman of murder and her 75-year-old co-defendant of conspiracy to commit murder in a chilling slow-motion plot to kill two homeless men for $2.8 million in life insurance.

    These two older babes get it into their head that they will house two homeless men for two years, the time needed to pass before purchase of extravagant life policies can be questioned should a death and payout occur.

    Although I didn’t know this and it’s still not clear from the article above that such an assumption is true. Whatever the case, these two old babes paid for the apartment rent of these two fellows for two years then arranged to have them hit and killed by a car, either by their own driving or someone else involved in the plot.

    This case, oddly, involves and/or casts aspersions on many players, including the daughter of one of the homeless men so ruthlessly killed! Further, it was only by sheer coincidence that the connection of these two homeless men was made. The two detectives investigating what they at first considered a hit and run death, as was the plan I must suppose, chanced to meet one day and each discussed their very similar cases.

    The jury hearing this case found these old babes guilty of the crime. Prosecutors did not go after the death penalty because more than likely these two women will not live a long enough natural life to outlive the many death penalty appeals.

    What a way to spend the twilight of your life, locked away in a prison to eventually die in same. And what a pathetic waste of two men’s lives as pawns for this “Arsenic and Old Lace” duo.
    Abdullah Needs Some Anger Management Courses

    From Freep.com:
    Abdullah trashed girlfriend house
    Cassandra McDonald knew her ex-boyfriend was angry over their breakup. However, she didn't know how angry until a fateful day last May when the 37-year-old Highland Park man ended up doing about $140,000 worth of damage to her Southfield home during an hours-long fit of rage.

    He did it, he said, because of a broken heart.

    So okay. He had a broken heart. He was angry. He lost his temper.

    From the link above…look at the damage this fellow did to his former lady love’s home and belongings:
    Abdullah, who had been a postal worker, dismantled McDonald's furnace, tore out the plumbing in her bathrooms, removed the inner workings of her refrigerator and stove, ripped the doors off her kitchen cabinets, shattered her light fixtures, smashed her mirrors, slashed her upholstered furniture and mattresses, destroyed the electrical box and spread paint on the carpet throughout the house.

    Then came the coup de grĂ¢ce: Abdullah methodically removed one shoe from each of the several dozen pairs McDonald kept in boxes in her closet -- then kidnapped her puppy.

    And they say John McCain has a temper.
    Man’s SUV Runs Over Him

    First thing, this is a Rush Limbaugh story.

    In that, please note, that the reporter, as they are wont to do, refers to the SUV as if it were an entity in and of itself, as if the SUV can choose to run over its owner with no human help.

    From Local12:
    A man purposely run over by his own SUV was in the hospital Tuesday night with a crushed jawbone and two broken legs.

    Police are still trying to find the person who hit him.

    David Cowans of Mt. Airy was run down Monday night at Knowlton and Apple in Northside, and left for dead.

    The story of David Cowans and how he came to be a victim of his own out-of-control SUV is a bit weird.

    For David Cowans was on his way to an AA meeting when he evidently decided to chuck the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and instead go out on a drunk.

    Somehow an African-American ended up driving Cowans’ SUV while Cowans sat in the passenger seat. An altercation ensued and Cowans got out of the passenger seat, went around and punched the driver in the face. At which point the driver ran over Cowans once with the SUV, then backed up and ran over him again! Cowans has crushed legs and a crushed jaw.

    Police are looking for Cowans’ SUV and oddly, Cowans himself has been woefully uncooperative with investigators. He really should have attended that AA meeting.
    Drew Peterson’s Stepbrother Not a Nut

    …or so asserts John Morphey, Tom Morphey’s brother. Tom Morphey is the fellow who alleged that he helped Drew Peterson move a big container on 10/28/07-the night Stacey Peterson disappeared.

    Drew Peterson, he of the great audacity of hope for dead wives, sniffs and calls his stepbrother, which is Morphey’s relationship to Drew, a liar and a nut.

    From the Chicago Tribune:
    Spurred by the most recent national TV appearance in which Drew Peterson sought to discredit a stepbrother who said he and Peterson moved a large container the night Peterson's wife vanished, the man's brother said the public needs to know what's really happening.

    Drew Peterson sniffed to Larry King during a recent interview that he really didn’t want to talk bad about his stepbrother. Then Drew went on to detail Tom’s recent divorce, his drinking problems, his suicidal threats, his bouts of mental illness. In other words, essentially talking bad about his stepbrother, which he told King he did not want to do.

    Morphey not only alleges that he helped Drew move a large container the night Stacey went missing, he also says Drew gave him a cell phone and told him not to answer it. The call came through and indicated it was from “Stacey”. It was evidently Drew’s cell phone and Drew wanted a call recorded from Stacey’s cell phone to his own, as an alibi perhaps.

    It sounds to me like Drew is using the public airwaves to try his stepbrother before a potential jury, to convince the world his stepbrother is an unbelievable liar and a troubled soul that a future jury not believe his testimony.
    Fine Newly Married Groom Locks Bride in Dog’s Cage

    Then he fires a few shots at her for good measure.

    From Fox Cleveland.com:
    Matthew  George locked wife in dog cage
    CANTON, Ohio -- Bond has been set at $5 million for the man who allegedly fired gun shots at his wife after he let her out of a dog cage in which she'd been locked in for a couple of hours. Now he faces a similar fate, only his cage is a jail cell.

    Matthew George, 28, made his first appearance in court Thursday.

    This fine fellow had been arrested once for domestic violence, this when the hapless bride was just his girlfriend. She went on to get the charges reduced against Mr. George that time then, amazingly, she MARRIED this fine man.

    They do have a 15-month old son together.

    Someday that boy will be so proud of his Dad, the man who locked his mother in a dog’s cage for God’s sake.
    FOCUS ON Stacy Peterson

    His third wife died in the bathtub, a healthy woman in a dried tub, her hair covered in blood and bruises covering her body. The Illinois state cops called it an accident! Now Savio's body is due to be exhumed because, as it would turn out, the fine Drew Peterson had yet ANOTHER missing wife! He tells us she phoned him to tell him she's leaving for another man. Yet she left her two young children behind?

    And no one's yet been able to find Drew Peterson's first two wives as of this writing.

    Who's been letting Drew Patterson get away with murder?

    Introduction to the strange case of Drew Peterson's wives.
    Drew Peterson's third wife's body to be exhumed
    Drew Peterson's Third Wife's Death Determined to be Homicide
    Drew Peterson and the Blue Barrel
    Drew Peterson's airplane
    New search warrant for Drew Peterson
    Drew Peterson Can't Get a Date
    Stacy Peterson's steamy sex messages
    Win a date with Drew Peterson
    Drew Peterson on a lie detector in front of the entire world?
    Drew's Second Wife's Death Officially Ruled a Homicide
    Scott Peterson's sons subpoenaed by the Grand Jury
    Revelation of some of Stacey Peterson's last days before her disappearance that MIGHT be a motive for her murder
    Drew Peterson faces delay on return of his guns and Drew laments his sinister image.

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