True Crime-Peterson,MCCann Updates; a Fine Fellow Sexually Assaults Women As They Are Being Transported in an Ambulance

Time for a Christmas season True Crime post and we've got some winners.

A D.C. public servant buys lots of handbags courtesy of citizens' property tax refunds.

We've got an update on the McCann story and the Drew Peterson case goes to a grand jury.

A Muslim girl is strangled by her father for not wearing a burka...this the fine religion of peace.

There's an arrest for the Malibu fires, a nut criminal flees through a car wash, and speaking of Muslims, Mark Steyn is arrested for writing bad about them, God forbid such a thing.

And a fine man sexually assaults women as they are being transported in an ambulance. His mother must be so proud of him and his creativity in getting dates.

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Private Detective Hired By McCanns Vows to Bring Maddie Home Alive

Until this little tidbit passed by my eyeballs I’d been mostly on the fence as regards the fate of pretty 3-year-old Madeleine McCann. At first, of course, I was horrified that the child had been evidently abducted from her room while her parents were dining at a nearby restaurant. All this at a popular resort in Portugal where Maddie’s family was on vacation.

From the DailyMail.UK:
Madeleine McCann is alive and could be home with her parents by Christmas, the private investigator hunting for her declared yesterday.

Francisco Marco made a series of astonishing claims, saying he even knew who snatched the missing four-year- old and is close to reuniting her with Kate and Gerry McCann.

Maddie McCann for 12.18.07

The director general of Metodo 3, the private detective firm hired by the McCanns, confidently predicted Madeleine would be rescued from her kidnappers in North Africa or the Iberian Peninsula.

As is my wont as a maven of True Crime I followed this story. I tended to liken it to the Natalee Holloway story; a foreigner is abducted and the local police force was not up to the task of solving the crime. Very early on there had been suspicions cast upon a local suspect who was believed to have been Maddie’s abductor.

The McCanns dutifully kept their daughter’s face in the news. At one point the couple even journeyed to Italy to receive the blessings of the pope.

Then a joint investigative police force of both Portugal and England let drop the news that it was likely that the McCanns themselves who might have brought harm to Maddie.

Since there’s been much speculation re the possibility that Maddie’s mother might have inadvertently given the child too much sedative that she and her husband could dine out in peace. Once Maddie was discovered dead many arrangements were made to cover her death as being an abduction by strangers unknown and some way, some how, the McCanns managed to get Maddie’s body out for disposal. Or so the speculation goes.

Now we have this detective, admittedly hired by the McCanns, insisting that Madeleine is alive, an assertion also made by the McCanns, and claiming that his agency will find the child alive and return her to her parents.

This is quite enough. I’ve no doubt at all that the McCanns accidentally caused their daughter’s death and all this show with popes and detective agencies is a cover up.

First, Maddie was left alone with her younger twin siblings. If I’m going to kidnap a child I hardly think I’d be breaking in to somehow scarf up a child with two young noisy toddlers in the room. Second, if Maddie is indeed alive, as this detective is saying-persuaded no doubt from McCann funds, said funds received from many well-meaning contributors- than I am to understand that she was, boom, abducted, not for murder but to become a plaything or some such somewhere on this planet? I’m more apt to believe Maddie was kidnapped for more nefarious purposes than this sorry story the McCanns insist on foisting upon us. There were plenty of other children at that resort yet only Madeleine was kidnapped to be sold into white slavery?

Finally, it was the British police as much as the Portugal police that were casting aspersions upon the McCanns. The British police were invited to join in on the investigation as the McCanns are British citizens. If the McCanns were believed to be even the slightest bit innocent I would expect the police of their homeland to be the biggest champions of their innocence.

I’ve had enough of this McCann story. That pope tidbit was very clever. There’ve also been sightings of Madeleine, in error, and other planted tidbits about this story that would try to cast doubt AWAY from the McCanns.

The McCanns have made quite a bit of money from contributions of those who want Madeleine found. Just the fact that they’re wasting the money on detectives who will say anything is enough to make me pay the McCanns and their spin machine no more mind.
Her family was on holiday at an exclusive Portuguese resort. Madeleine McCann's parents were both physicians and in addition, they have two twins younger than Madeleine.

While Maddie's parents dined out at a nearby resort restaurant, with children believed to be soundly asleep, Madeleine McCann somehow disappeared. She was discovered missing upon a routine check of the McCann suite by her parents.

It took a few months but eventually the suspicion that Madeleine's parents might have had something to do with her disappearance was leaked by both the Portuguese and British police.

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Saudi Rape Victim “Pardoned”

This case was covered on this Blog HERE, and covered very well I might add.

For goodness knows Saudi Arabia is one fine place for women to live. They can’t drive, they can’t vote, they can’t show their burka’ed face in public without being accompanied by a male, either a brother or a father. This case of a Saudi woman who was raped by a fine gang of seven Muslim males resulted in more fine treatment for Saudi women in that the RAPE VICTIM was sentenced to jail and 200 lashes for the crime of being out in public with a male not her brother or father!

Not that this country’s own female rights organization- the National Organization of Women, Lesbians and Gals- got up off their butts and did THEIR job. For if a female anywhere on this planet being sentenced to lashes for the crime of being gang-raped isn’t a feminine cause, then there is no such thing. This humble Blogger did more to champion this young Saudi woman’s cause than the National Organization of Gals but hey, it wasn’t about lesbian rights after all.

Now King Abdullah has pardoned the rape victim, God bless this descendent of a camel’s pointy head.

From Breitbart.com:
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - Saudi Arabia's al-Jazira newspaper says King Abdullah pardons female rape victim sentenced to receive 200 lashes.

You know who was likely as much responsible for getting this poor woman released from jail as anyone? And who will probably never get credit for it?

George W. Bush.

Our current president is not a man known for his glibness of tongue. But I heard him comment on this case and President Bush’s comments came straight from his heart. Bush queried himself as to how he would feel if it was his daughters in the predicament of this young Saudi woman. This public muse made me realize that Bush did, indeed, have two daughters and think what you will of the man’s politics, a father with daughters would no doubt be touched deeply by the plight of a woman who suffered a horrific gang rape then was sentenced to lashes by her own government. Bush did then comment that he’d be distraught enough for his daughters’ suffering had they been raped, but would again be outraged at the abandonment by their own government in view of how the fine Saudi justice system handled this female victim.

I suspect that Bush personally called King Abdullah and based on his public musings, I suspect that this President of the United States threw down the gauntlet and demanded that the Saudi rape victim be set free.

Just a hunch. I have no proof. But Bush’s public comments were, I thought, very personal and very telling.

Sometimes you just gotta take a stand.

By the way, where was our National Organization of Gals on this matter?

D.C. Bureaucrats Rake In the Dough

Heh. A group of five fine public servants in Washington D.C. managed to embezzle some TWENTY MILLION dollars from that city’s government.

Investigators found millions of dollars worth of designer handbags and clothes in the ringleader’s home. This embezzlement went on for seven years. What intrigues me about this case is that I once upon a time was Controller of a hospital in which the same sort of embezzlement was going on…EXACTLY the same.

But I was not, ahem, a vaunted public servant like the head of D.C.’s fiscal affairs was alleged to be that this theft went on right under his nose. I was a private citizen and I had to do my damn job.

From Yahoo.com:
…snip… Those are among the items the FBI found at the Washington home of Harriette Walters, who until recently was an $81,000-a-year city tax official.

Her salary was a pittance compared with the tens of millions of dollars prosecutors say she and at least five others stole in what may be the biggest embezzlement case in the city's history.

The hospital where I worked, and DISCOVERED this theft my own self as was my job, was a little medical center in Baltimore known as Liberty Medical Center. This place is no longer in business as well it shouldn’t be. It was a waste of taxpayer dollars.

I was hired to be the hospital’s Director of Accounting and if one is doing their job, this sort of theft should be discovered. Like balancing a checking account, heh, rule number one…this alone will find 90% of any theft.

The scam going on at the hospital was the same as these D.C. bureaucrats dreamed up above. Several of my employees were issuing patient refund checks. At times, rarely but it happened, at times a patient would check into the hospital and wouldn’t have insurance information. The patient might pay for medical services via credit card or check. Later the insurance information would be provided, a claim would be made, an insurance check would be received, a refund check would be issued to the patient who originally paid the bill with his or her own funds.

Such refund checks are a weakness of any system. At the time of MY little scam, the theft transcended two departments…the patient accounting department which I was not in charge of, and the accounts payable department, which I WAS in charge of.

It was my job to go through ALL checks issued by Accounts Payable. I was only on the job about a month when I noticed a large number of checks being issued for…ahem, “patient refunds”.

Common sense, folks. How often did a patient get a refund? We had more problems with people NOT PAYING their bill then these vast sums being issued for overpayments. It took a while but I knew right away that money was being stolen. We actually had the Baltimore police department help us set up a sting and we caught them all. They had stolen almost a million bucks before I was hired and did my job.

Now I must ask…twenty million bucks for “property tax refunds”? Come on! How many people overpay their damn property tax? I’m sure it happens ever now and again but hey, for seven years these folks had a great thing going and somebody, somewhere surely wasn’t doing their job.

Not to mention that some of these refunds were in outrageous amounts payable to strange payees. One check was for over $300,000 payable to Nieman-Marcus!


Besides these fine thieves, will anybody else’s head fall over this? For sure in the private sector the person who failed to find all this would be fired toot de sweet.

His Mother Must Be So Proud of Him

Here’s a fine fellow who must have trouble getting a date. Strange as he’s such a looker. Lannie Haszard is his name and he is charged with what has to be the most heinous of sexual assaults.

For the fine Mr. Haszard assaults female who are on the way to the hospital in an ambulance!

Like I say, his mother must be so proud of her son.

From KATU.com:
PORTLAND, Ore. - A Portland paramedic was arrested Monday on sex abuse charges after allegedly assaulting a patient during a ride to the hospital over the weekend.

Hazard sexually assaults women in ambulance fine fellow

Police are concerned because the paramedic, Lannie L. Haszard, was at the center of a similar investigation last spring. But authorities didn't have enough evidence to bring charges in that case.

Haszard, 61, of Vancouver, is facing two counts of first-degree sex abuse.

Five Arrested for Malibu Fires

We watched the wild fires rage in California recently. Now investigators are honing in on those responsible. The five arrested below didn’t deliberately set the fire that burned in Malibu. They were just partying and didn’t mind normal fire safety precautions.

From the Huffingtonpost.com:
LOS ANGELES — Authorities arrested five men Thursday on allegations they caused a fire that destroyed more than 50 homes and caused over $100 million in losses in Malibu.

Investigators used surveillance video, receipts and food wrappers to track down the men who were believed to have been at the cave where the fire started, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said.

Drew Peterson-Son Called Before Grand Jury; Drew Denied His Stuff Back

It would seem that Illinois authorities are busy trying to find the goods on their fine comrade, Drew Peterson.

Drew has two wives missing under mysterious circumstances. One wife was found dead in a dried bathtub with a big gash in her head. Drew’s police investigator friends declared that death an accident, such fine investigators.

Now a grand jury has evidently been convened to investigate the death of Kathleen Savio. Not that maybe her death shouldn’t have been investigated when it happened. Now that the fine Drew has another missing wife, well this suspect investigation is…well, suspect.

From the Chicago Tribune:
One of Drew Peterson's adult sons appeared Thursday before a Will County special grand jury investigating the disappearance of Peterson's fourth wife and the mysterious drowning of his third wife, but declined afterward to discuss the case.

Stephen Peterson, 28, an Oak Brook police officer, arrived in uniform Thursday morning at the Will County Court Building Annex, where the grand jury meets. About three hours later, he left the building and drove off in his marked squad car.

It would also seem that the fine Drew Peterson wants his stuff back.

There’s no reason why a man can’t kill a couple of wives without all the bother of having police take his stuff for the investigation. Why shouldn’t Drew get all in a snit about the police taking away his eleven guns? He’s quite used to the Illinois police doing his bidding. What a shame that now, with public scrutiny, Drew doesn’t just get his way as he is used to.

From St. Louis Today:
JOLIET, Ill. -- A judge is denying a former Bolingbrook police officer's request to have items including 11 guns and two cars returned after they were seized during the search for his missing wife.

Drew Peterson's lawyers had hoped a judge would rule in his favor Monday. But the request was denied.

The weapons and cars were among a series of items that were taken by investigators searching for 23-year-old Stacy Peterson who vanished in late October.

FOCUS ON Stacy Peterson
His third wife died in the bathtub, a healthy woman in a dried tub, her hair covered in blood and bruises covering her body. The Illinois state cops called it an accident! Now Savio's body is due to be exhumed because, as it would turn out, the fine Drew Peterson had yet ANOTHER missing wife! He tells us she phoned him to tell him she's leaving for another man. Yet she left her two young children behind?

And no one's yet been able to find Drew Peterson's first two wives as of this writing.

Who's been letting Drew Patterson get away with murder?

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Speaking of the Fine Muslim Male

Not only does the fine and wonderful Islamic culture isolate and mistreat women such as in Saudi Arabia, it’s considered a badge of honor for fathers to kill their daughters should they refuse to wear a burka.

16 year old Aqsa Parvez just wanted to be a happy adolescent. She did not want to wear what she considered a confining Muslim headgear.

Her 57 year old father strangled the girl to death with his bare hands. His mother must be so proud of him.

Such a fine Muslim male.

From The Star.com:
Aqsa Parvez, wouldn't wear a burka, killed by father

A day they expected to include waves of grief ebbed back into bitterness and anger for the friends and peers of Aqsa Parvez as they realized they'd been excluded from her funeral.

This crime is Canada’s problem. For while the Muslims should be allowed to live in their adopted country in peace and enjoy their religious freedom, Muslims do NOT get to kill whatever female in their surround that outrages them.

It will interesting to see how Canada, known far and wide for its liberalism, handles this tricky case.

Let’s see if Canada’s Prime Minister has the courage to speak out about the murder of this young woman who should be alive and laughing with her friends today, like our President Bush did.

More Canadian Muslim Outrage

Mark Steyn is one of my very favorite writers in all the world and is one of the few who write as well, if not better, than The Wise I.

But Steyn evidently wrote a book criticizing the Islamofacists and hey, can’t do that.

These people should be allowed to gang rape women, murder them, riot in the streets over cartoons for God’s sake…and most important, ONE SHOULD NOT WRITE A BAD WORD ABOUT THEM!

From the NY Post.com:
December 16, 2007 -- Celebrated author Mark Steyn has been summoned to appear before two Canadian judicial panels on charges linked to his book “America Alone."

The book, a No. 1 bestseller in Canada, argues that Western nations are succumbing to an Islamist imperialist threat. The fact that charges based on it are proceeding apace proves his point.

Man Goes Through Car Wash During Chase by Police

You can't make this shit up

I mean what with all the car chase videos so popular on the cable news networks, damn it would be nice if they’d capture a chase like this one.

From WCCO.com:
A Fond du Lac man didn't make a clean getaway, despite driving his auto through a car wash early Sunday while fleeing an officer.

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Department said a reserve officer stopped the driver in the city of Fond du Lac on suspicion of drunken driving. However, they said the driver went through a car wash at a gas station, then sped away after exiting the cash wash, nearly striking a Fond du Lac Police Department officer who had stopped to help.

Below is a video I found that shows another car, NOT RELATED TO INCIDENT DETAILED ABOVE, going through a car wash. Seems the driver didn’t have his glasses on that day.

What a hoot!

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