2006 Year in Review-Political Tidbits-Obama, Tookie Williams, Fake AP Pics…MORE

2006 year end

We're going to review the year 2006 in Political Tidbits and we've covered most everything.

We begin with the new Jesus Christ, Superstar-Barack Obama. Let us not forget poor Mark Foley who got run out of town and office when he committed no crime.

Remember those fake Mideast pics? Oh, and Tookie Williams...he's dead now.

Also, it was covered on this Blog back when it happened but the trial is coming up soon. I speak of the travesty of Haditha.

All this and more in this Blog post which covers the entire year in politics.

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Classic Quotes by Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) British statesman and author,
A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy.
A consistent soul believes in destiny, a capricious one in chance.
A great city, whose image dwells in the memory of man, is the type of some great idea. Rome represents conquest; Faith hovers over the towers of Jerusalem; and Athens embodies the pre-eminent quality of the antique world, Art.
A majority is always better than the best repartee.
A man may speak very well in the House of Commons, and fail very completely in the House of Lords. There are two distinct styles requisite: I intend, in the course of my career, if I have time, to give a specimen of both.
A precedent embalms a principle.
A sophistical rhetorician, inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity.
Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.

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What was the origin of the hand signals used in baseball today?

In the early 1900s, the New York Giants baseball team had a pitcher named Luther H. Taylor. He was a deaf mute who was, in an era of insensitivity, nicknamed "Dummy." Taylor lost a lot of games due to his inability to communicate with his teammates.

John McGraw, the manager of the Giants, was under enormous pressure from the team's owner, the fans and the sportswriters to trade Taylor. Instead, McGraw (who seems to have been a Giant of a man) required the entire Giant team to learn American Sign Language. Once that was accomplished, McGraw used hand signals to lead his team.

That's the origin of the hand signals that are used in baseball today.

Political Tidbits

More Political Tidbits HERE

  • Political Tidbits-A Walmart Rant for the Ages, That Nutty "Iraq Study Group"

  • Some Political Tidbits and let's talk about that so-called "Iraq Study Group". Is it a political ploy or for real?

    Iraqi study group political cartoon

    While on the subject, let's check in on what the Iraqs think. Oh, and the Iranian President writes Americans a personal letter, snort.

    Mental patient threatens to castrate President Bush and what's John McCain doing at a Governor's conference?>

    More on those airplane Imams and hey, exactly how many protesters were there in Beirut?

    Finally, mine own fine rant on Walmart and the nuts who hate this very sucessful business. From a dedicated Walmart shopper, who would be me.
  • POLITICAL TIDBITS-Barak Obama-Editorial on the ONE Thing That Will Bring Him Down

  • Some Political Tidbits and this week, what with the politicos busy awarding committee memberships to their friends, we've got a few lighthearted notes on the political scene.

    Which is not to discount my very serious discussion of superstar Barak Obama and the one thing that will surely shoot him dead as to his political future.

    Updates on the Iraq Surrender Group, and Ted Kennedy's bash for Hillary and Obama. Heh.

    And the four ladies in red who shook D.C. gossip mavens to their core.
  • POLITICAL TIDBITS-Barack's Big Ears-He's "Sensitive" About Them

  • Time for some Political Tidbits and we can't resist the Barack Obama story about those big ears. He doesn't want the press talking about his big ears. Which means it will be all I must talk about up until he is elected President.

    Got some scams involving politicians, now a NY Senator who stole charity money can you believe? And famous skid row has a neat little food stamps scam going on, God Bless Us Taxpayers who pay for this.

    An update on Tim Johnson and his stroke implications and a political cartoon bound to make you smile.

    Bah, humbug.
  • Political Tidbits-Bush Girls Robbed and Secretary of Ed Goes on Jeopardy

  • A few Political Tidbits this week.

    Last week the International Red Cross released a plethora of records from the Nazi era. Why now?

    The Bush girls are crime victims, the real reason Repubs lost the Senate, a Mayor of a city with strict gun laws caught with an illegal gun.

    You'll never believe this video with an MSM babe comparing those Islam praying-on-the-airplane Imams to Rosa Parks!

    Airplane Imams

    Finally, the Secretary of Education goes on Jeopardy. So how does she do?

  • Political Tidbits-Both 2004 Dem Party Pres and VP candidates in the News-Big Time

  • Some Political Tidbits and there's some good ones.

    Poor Foley, hasn't he suffered enough? Now he's being investigated.

    John Kerry banished from the picture and John Edwards bashes Walmart one day than begs from them the next.

    You'll never believe this video. A plot to kill the Supreme court and Gay Penguins?

  • Political Tidbits-A Midterm 2006 Rant and the Strangest Victor of All

  • Time for some Political Tidbits and of course we have an midterm election 2006 rant.

    Also, Rosie on terror, Maher "outs" major Republican, Haggard's REAL problem, Rush Limbaugh's "confession", and a winner in this year's midterms that is bound to shock.

  • Political Tidbits-JFK the Idiot; Landmark Decision on Dick Cheney Case

  • Some mighty Political Tidbits this week, featuring, of course, the haughty John Kerry and his lambasting of our American soldiers. Our soldiers have more integrity and decency in their little fingers than this blow-hard has in his entire blue-blooded body.

    How about those Halloween costumes? He dresses as a suicide bomber and the President of a mighty university poses for a pic with him! And Osama Bin Laden?

    Landmark decision last week on visitors to Dick Cheney's office, justice in Saudi Arabia, and a link to the most heart-warming pictures taken by a soldier in Iraq.

  • Political Tidbits-An American Al-Queda, Barney Frank and His "Boys", Why Is This Blog Banned?

  • Some most amazing Political Tidbits, many of them about nuts and kooks.

    Like Ted Turner, who can't decide which side he's on. Then there's the American Al-Queda going up for treason, heh.

    Also, why is my Blog banned by the Department of Interior.

    Tune in for an incredible pic of Massachusetts' congress critter Barney Frank and wait till you see how he treats his Pages.

    Some videos of a new anti-Clinton ad and one on airport security that will amuse.

    Finally, a teacher lambasted for using common sense and a trashcan as a toilet.

  • Foley, Foley, Foley

  • Tom Foley-Republican pervertGetting close to those November elections and the political arena is heating up.

    Beginning with Florida's Foley, those emails and damning instant messages.

    On to the NIE report that has the Dems shaking their cowardly fingers although the thing says essentially nothing.

    Oh, and the complete transcript of the ABSCAM Murtha video is released and tune in for a blessed rant on this creep.

    Finally, UN worker falls into nuclear tank, that Arizona 911 memorial from hell and how John McCain blabbed security secrets on national TV.

  • More Foley

  • Mark Foley, Florida's representative is under a media frenzy and the news on this odd case.

    WARNING-I have dissected those IM's from Foley to the 18 YEAR OLD PAGE. This post is sexually explicit but I believe I made my case. If I'm right, Foley is the bigger victim in this mess.

    Also, Air America's former honchos stole from the blind, lame and poor. Let us not let this event pass under the radar.

    That Minuteman protest and the planned Colorado skyway, proof that we don't mess up ALL memorials in this country. Only the ones memorializing victims of the 9-11 attack seem to get screwed up. Why is this?


  • Cold Cash and Hezbollah

  • Some neat Political Tidbits including another country heard from in the form of Senator Bird from West Virginia and his blatant opportunism to get yet more pork on the fear of terrorism.

    Also, how is Hezbollah REALLY winning their little battle. Hint, cold cash.

    Send the ACLU a Christmas card. They'll be flabberghasted and we can overwhelm them with snail mail.

    A Katrina rescuer gets sued for thanks, more on Boston's Big Dig, Hollywood gets a clue.

    And lots on the left's war on Walmart.

  • John Kerry Gets Some Ketchup. Heh.

  • Here's some Political Tidbits and we've got a hilarious one about ketchup and a very poor turnout for a speech by John Kerry.

    The American Islamofacist is arrested and of course I am thrilled over the Katie Couric debut.

    And what's with Katherine Harris in that Florida race? Is her campaign really as screwed up as the pundits claim?

    Also a look into the liberals' loony list of why the world hates America and the Tony Snow/Dick Gregory flap up.

  • Bush and Lauer-Hint-Bush Wins

  • Keith OlbermannIn Today's Political Tidbits we've got a video of Matt Lauer's interview with Bush . Dubya creams Lauer.

    Also, what's with that missing marine? How about Huffington and her disdain of Iraq's Kurds?

    And an inside scoop on those Baltimo9re pizza parlor Muslims.

  • NJ's Former Governor McGreevy Has a New Book.

  • It's time for some Political Tidbits and first, let us pay attention to New Jersey's "Gay American" Governor McGreevy. For this nice fellow has a book out and it's no mind that he embarrasses his family and insults us, Matt Lauer loves him and Oprah adores him. While he is still a creep who hired his lover to cover NJ homeland security and it's no mind his sexual preferences, this is just plain sleezy.

    Also, come on, Hugo Chavez is really a nut, eh?

    Also, Walmart strikes back in a capitalistic manner that will confound its critics.

    Finally, Bill Clinton loses it re his pathetic 8 year record on fighting terror.

  • Ann Coulter and Chris Matthews

  • Time for some Political Tidbits and hey, there's plenty out there.

    First, some thoughts on Lebanon and the Muslim nut cases.

    Also, I must blush, my own award as Best Poster on FreeRepublic. I also must brag, heh.

    We've got a fine analysis of Ann Coulter's appearance on Chris Matthews' Hardball and some questions about citizen Border Guards known as The Minutemen.
  • The "Big Dig"

  • Check in for some happening Political Tidbits.

    We've got more on Boston's "Big Dig" and the strange "fake but accurate" memo.

    Also, LA's crook Jefferson and the attempts to use the constitution to protect the man.

    Remember Michael Schiavo? The guy who insisted his wife be murdered by starvation? Well, he's another Liberal victim that they love to recruit.

    Update on the Qana farce and Baltimore's mysterious MD4BUSH saga might be way more heinous than it sounds.
  • Lesbian/Gay/Transgender "Rights"

  • Political tidbit time and click in because we've got a real rant about the Lesbian/Gay/Transgender crowd's screed on their "rights".
    dead children exploited

    Also, heh, Reuters. When are they going out of business? Also, Israel and disinformation, Castro, a rally in Baghdad that flew under the rainbow.

    And yet another dictator on this planet might be meeting his maker.
  • Missing Egyptians and Baltimore Pizza Parlors

  • Time for some political tidbits.

    How about those missing Egyptians? Here's tales of Baltimore pizza parlors and how on earth did they get there from Montana?

    Anderson Cooper informs us about stageing of Mideast photos while the AP defends.

    Iran's President starts a Blog of his own and there's still time to enter the Holocaust cartoon contest.

  • Massachusetts Citizens Dying for Poor Voting Choices

  • vanity fair's Plame and Wilson
    Here's some Political Tidbits and allow us to launch into more invective over that waste of an investigation for Joe Wilson and his wife, Natasha Plame.

    Also, Massachusetts voters get what they vote for as tiles from the "Big Dig" kill its citizens and its legislators refuse to allow gay marriage come to a vote.

    Finally, the hapless U.N., some thoughts on Hizbollah and the current Mideast war. Also, a nice letter about our President and some fun with Kim Jong-Il of Korea.

  • Bush Makes the Babies Cry

    Time for some Political Tidbits.

    Let's begin with Dubya. Who, according to Left, made a baby cry, caused protests in Germany even though the man personally gave the PM a massage, and, according to the Dems, caused ALL the problems currently in the Mideast while THEY would have done so much better.

    So why didn't they when they had the chance?

    Also, Hill and Bill spiffing up their D.C. mansion for fundraisers.

    Finally, ugly bride rejected and how "selective abortion" is causing a shortage of females.

    Dan Quayle takes on foreign policy expert, John Mellencamp.


  • Tookie Williams and the California Governor

  • Here's some Political Tidbits that will shock and awe you.

    Guess who is running for Governor of California? Think Tookie Williams, he who is now dead.

    Info on pets and hurricanes and some real yuks about Canada and the Islamofacists they adore.

    Oh, and Merryland's laws that you must pray never dome to your state.

  • Thomas Capano and Joe Biden's Kid

  • Tidbits, bits and pieces of life as a political elite and how it affects thou and me.

    We've got a new "parachute" for the military. And how is murderer Thomas Capano connected to Beau Biden, son of Delaware's Joe?

    London Islam protest and scary signs

    Also, McKinney update, turn in your guns and ex-prez Jimmah and dirty money.

  • Nastiness from the Left

  • In this Political Tidbits we have a Mississippi governor hosting an "obesity summit". Plus, the Environmental Protection Agency celebrates "diversity week"...why?

    Plus that lying pic about our marines, the top ten presidential legacies and some nastiness from the left over Ann Coulter and Zarkawi you'll not believe.

  • The Truth on the Haditha "Poet"

  • Time for some Political Tidbits.

    We've got information on Geno's Steaks what demands everyone speak English and the liberals' retribution at such a bizarre notion.

    Some info on last week's Iraq resolution in congress, a Saddam trial update and Haditha's famed "human rights group"...heh.

    Gotta tune in to see the LA Times "big" story on how Bill Clinton will handle the job of First Gentleman.

    Plus McKinney update and some hilarity over Jack Murtha's silly beyond silly "Okinawa" suggestion.

    Finally, a George Dubya affair rumor. Might boost his ratings, who knows?


  • Human Rights for Apes

  • Some Political Tidbits this week which would include a law giving apes all the rights of human beings, we're not making this up.

    A Chernobyl update, the real scoop on Hugo's Venezuela, a has-been reporter demands impeachment hearings.

    Oh, and a state Governor wants to issue a "pre-emptive" disaster declaration. Again, we're not making this up.

  • Congress Gets It Wrong Again

  • Here's some Political Tidbits and there's smiles aplenty.

    Cynthia McKinney throws another hissy fit along with a CNN correspondent.

    Congress wants to re-design what they already re-designed wrong.

    Lots of info on press corps of all kinds and more on the Democratic Culture of Corruption.

    Oh, and an interesting update on that Cleveland election tampering case.

  • A Kennedy Rant

  • Patrick Kennedy

    Here's some Political Tidbits and I apologize in advance about the rant.

    But that Kennedy family, with their cars that do not follow commands, airplanes that don't steer properly in fog, trees that kill on ski slopes...when will we ever have our fill of these people?

    Also, be a millionaire for only ten bucks and check in for Hill and Bill's newest campaign finance crime.

  • Nancy Pelosi Separated At Birth

  • Here's some Political Tidbits.

    Yes, folks, another Kennedy airplane mishap.

    Also Scott Ritter's new book, good news from Iraq, an imprisoned blogger.

    And for giggles and grins, check out who Nancy Pelosi was separated from birth. A real surprise, with pictures that can't be denied.

  • Haditha

  • Here's some very interesting Political Tidbits.

    We've got some scoop on Murtha and what might have happened in Haditha.

    Also, Chelsea chastises her mother, Hillary, the Senate gets snippy, and who's against the border fence.

    Oh, and the Top Five Reasons William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana, had $90,000 worth of cash in his freezer.


  • Suicide Clinics; Hillary's War Chest

  • We're packed for action in this week's Political Tidbit post.

    There's news about a chain of suicide clinics soon to open, an American Senator hires a terrorist and a former reporter under seige by the FBI.

    Plus Tony Snow's "maybe" new job, Hillary's scary war chest and an update on Chernobyl.

    Plus some political cartoons for giggles.

  • Those Brave French

  • In this week's Political Tidbits we've got news flying above and below the radar.

    There's Seymour Hersh and his non-news article quoting the voices in his head. There's an Iraqi propaganda photographer now in U.S. custody.

    From below the radar we've got, finally, a new Baltimore newspaper, Babs psycho-elaminating President Bush and the fallacy of her analysis.

    Oh, the French ALMOST grew a spine last week.

  • Those Armchair Generals

  • Rumsfeld Knifed by Former Generals Cartoon

    Here's a special "Political Tidbits" post about those armchair generals.

    For all is not as it would appear on the surface.

    A lesson in common sense and the baggage so many of them carry.

  • Immigration and the Harmony Database

  • Immigration, immigration, immigration.

    Plus this Blog gets some notoriety.

    And of course, the Valerie Plame story continues but now we know who the REAL target is. Don't know? Tune in. The answer provided.

  • The NY Times Lies Again

  • Some great Political Tidbits this week.

    A Democrat found guilty for illegal activities but you won't read it in the lamestream.

    Image hosted by

    And the NY Times! Lies, lies, lies.

    Also, Rumsfeld's op-ed and the Democratic hilarious reaction to Feingold's censure motion.

  • Universities and the Military

  • It's the weekly Political Tidbits and there's some items really flying below the radar.

    To include a possible Daschle run for president, the death of the lovely Milosevec, the old AND new Secretary of the Interior.

    Oh, and the Military wins one at the Supremes.

  • Connection-CBS and AP

  • Tune in for some Political Tidbits. This week we have a joke on the famous Dave Gregory of Cheney shooting fame.

    A must-see, the connection between CBS and the AP of recent Katrina "secret tapes" discovered by a simple Google search.

    Oh, and Newt for Prez?``

  • Those Wealthy Iranian Mullahs

  • Time for some Political Tidbits.

    Ever wonder how much money Iranian Mullahs have? And maybe that's why they don't want democracy?

    Intrigue in Maryland-what's with the Willie Don Schaefer flap and an inside scoop provided by me.

    Also, Swann, McCain, Milbank, much more.


  • Time for some juicy Political Tidbits. With fine commentary from my own wise self.

    We've got that crazy Colorado teacher who hates America and teaches kids to do the same.

    There's Chavez and Condi, what's new with the Supremes and London Mayor Livingstone inciting riots.


  • Tim Russert and Nepotism

  • Here's some Political Tidbits. We've got more Galloway insanity.

    Plus the scoop on the catfight about Meet the Presses' Tim Russert and his smarmy promotion of nepotism.
  • Iran President Almost Assassinated

  • Here's some Political Tidbits.

    Iran's President almost assassinated. Cindy Sheehan for Senate; web site info here. Google refuses to cooperate to protect the children.

    And is Harry Reid really going down?
  • The "Seething Muslims"

  • Image hosted by

    Here's some Political Tidbits.

    Including extensive coverage of Coretta's funeral which was attended by our future president, as Bill Clinton sees it.

    Also, why is Scooter's trial not until next year? Have they found what happened to Saddam's weapons of mass destruction?

    And those seething Muslims. With a cartoon that caused them to seethe and a cartoon that caused Americans to seeth.
  • Those Katrina Hearings

  • Time for some Political Tidbits.

    This week, the House of Lords' Katrina hearings, that shooting by Dick Cheney and the many ways the state of Maryland intends to forever continue the voter fraud for which the state is famous.
  • Bolton and the U.N.

  • Here's some Political Tidbits from this week just passed.

    Bolton takes on the U.N.

    The scuttlebutt on Tom Delay's replacement.

    Bill Clinton continues his quest for Secretariat of the U.N.

    And, of course, the Political Idiot of the Week.

  • Hillary and Teddy

  • Here's some Political Tidbits.

    Plenty of Ted Kennedy hypocrisy, Hillary's speech, Kofi's backstabbing, both political parties scramble to clean up after Abramoff.

    Oh, and this week's Political Idiot of the Week.


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